Customer Reviews: Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, WP-900
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on July 25, 2013
No complaints. This was easy to set up and start using. It does take a little while to get used to using the water flosser if you haven't used one before, and honestly, it's easy to get the whole bathroom wet with this thing. The instructions say to "just let the water flow freely out of your mouth," but when I try that, some water tends to stream down the handle and onto my hand and then down my arm and often down my leg. Maybe I'm not doing it right. In any case, it will get your teeth and gums clean and the brush is excellent, too. The travel case is nice and the battery will last a coupe of weeks. Great for all but the longest trips away from home.

For the money, this was a great deal.


I just want to add that now that I've had this a while, I find it almost indispensable. I have noticed now that beyond the routine morning/night use, I find myself constantly using this for a quick but thorough rinse after meals, snacks or coffee. There's no better way for getting pieces of a salad, or nuts or other little items that get easily wedged in your mouth. Just a great, quick cleaning feel.

Also, I've gotten better about not spraying the whole bathroom, You do have a pause button on the handle, but you need to press it firmly to suppress the water flow, otherwise, it will leak.

One other note, I've seen some reviews have mentioned that the reservoir runs out too quickly. I have not noticed that issue at all, for what it's worth.

Anyway, great product and I'm very glad I bought it.
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on March 3, 2014
After many years of manual brushing, I took the chance on one of those rotary pulsating brushes, Oral B to B exact. That was my first venture in powered tooth brushing and not my last. That brush lasted about three years; twelve brush heads and around $120 later, I went into the ultra-sonic field of brushing. Sonicare was the best brush experience I had to date in my middle aged life. That brush too lasted around 3 and even possibly 4 years. Although the replacement brush heads were much more costly than the Oral B ones, and ultamitly the replacement cost of the brush heads is what drove me back to purchase another Oral B rotary type tooth brush.
Let me say neither of my first two electronic tooth brushes ever quit, or even slow down. It simply got to the point of replacement heads cost total, matched the total cost of the tooth brush when purchased.
Well I went back to the Oral B simply because I could not bring myself to justify the Sonicare price + the brush head price.
This time, my Oral B stuck around for 6 months. I simply never felt the same "clean" feeling on my teeth as I did with the Sonicare.
Now here is the Waterpik flosser and sonic tooth brush.
In short, I have owned this for 3 months and I will never go back to either Oral B or Sonicare. The cost for this unit complete is on par with a mid line Sonicare and the Oral B. However, you also get the water flosser and five floss heads.
Top that with the sonic toothbrush, and 2 brush heads, and you have the perfect combo for a healthy mouth.
The only thing I can report that may push some away from purchasing this is the sonic brush has two speeds.
I feel the low is too slow and the high is a bit too fast. However I also feel it does a fantastic job and in my opinion, beats out Sonicare in the tooth cleaning department.
If you have never used a sonic toothbrush, this combo is your chance. Use the low and you are good to go. Then when you are ready, brush on high and you will feel your teeth gleaming.
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on October 12, 2012
This appliance has everything. There is an electric toothbrush. Two double speed heads are always fully charged. It has multiple pics for caring for your gums, fighting plaque and just feeling really orally fresh and clean. The pause button is particularly useful unless you enjoy an unexpected bast of streaming water shooting up your nostril. Hey, a neti!

The pics are easy to put onto the pic-head and to remove.. The clear plastic reservoir makes it easy to track how much water is left during your cleansing routine. It does seem to run out of water quickly.

I wish I had had this years ago. My dentist has smiled after my routine visits ever since I acquired this Waterpik.
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I've owned a Waterpik water flosser since 2006. I purchased my first one from the oral surgeon who recommended I use it for general oral hygiene and specifically because I had large gum pockets around some of my molars. That first one was a Model WP-100, and it lasted six years. It worked quite well until it finally wore out, and I only had to purchase 2-3 replacement Jet Tips for it in all that time. The recommended replacement interval for these Jet Tips is 6 months, but I don't replace them if they are still working--the point at which the Jet Tip needs to be replaced is when water dribbles through it instead of in a strong, steady stream, or it won't stay seated in place in the Waterpik handle.

The second Waterpik I purchased in 2012 was a Model WP-60W. I got it at a local Walgreens drugstore. This model was a problem from the start, because the reservoir was constantly leaking water. I know now, from reading today the excellent manual that comes with this Model WP-900, that my Model WP-60W had a defective reservoir valve and the warranty would have covered replacing it. The problem was, I did return it to Walgreens and exchanged it for another WP-60W, but that one leaked, too, and I didn't feel like going through the hassle of another return, so I kept the replacement Model WP-60W and have been unhappy with its leaking for the past 2.5 years. Since I had purchased my first two Waterpiks locally, and I had not gone online to research Waterpik when I did so, I wrongly assumed when I bought the Model WP-60W that somehow Waterpik had changed the design of their machine and messed up a good thing.

Thanks to the wonders of Amazon, I discovered just this week, when I was looking to replace my Model WP-60W, because I just could not stand its leaking another day, that the reason my second Waterpik was so bad was that I had purchased a bottom-of-the-line model, of far lower quality than my first Waterpik, the Model WP-100, and I learned the different model numbers by looking at the pictures of the various models sold by Waterpik on Amazon.

I was also due to replace my electric toothbrush, and I was fascinated by the information I read about the Waterpik Sonic toothbrush. Waterpik's ad copy on their website and on Amazon claims that the Sonic is much better than the Philips Sonicare, which is the brand I have used for over a decade in the Essence series. I had been fairly satisfied with the Sonicare, but mainly because it was the only brand I have ever used, so I hadn't compared it with anything else.

I decided I would very much like to try the Sonic, but I noted that the price for the Sonic and a Waterpik higher quality water flosser model, when sold separately, would amount to about $170--a pretty steep cost and out of my budget.

Then I ran across this model, the WP-900, at a terrific two-for-one price, offering a top-of-the-line Waterpik water flosser plus the Sonic electric toothbrush, and sold by a merchant here on Amazon for a price below retail. I snapped it up.

It arrived today, and I am extremely impressed. Here are the things I like:

1. The product is well packed, such that the flosser and toothbrush are well protected, but everything was easily opened--no clamshell horror packing.
2. The manual and quick-start guides are well written and well illustrated, and in print large enough that it is actually readable.
3. The product is simple to assemble, and the head of the Sonic toothbrush pops off (just pull it off, like taking a cork out of bottle, in an upward motion), compared to having to screw on and off the head of the Sonicare electric toothbrush. The brush head of the Sonicare also gets really sloppy and the inside of the handle has a well which gets very wet and has to be, with great difficulty, scrubbed out to remove mold buildup. There is no such problem with the handle of the Sonic. There is no well in the handle for water to get into.
4. The Sonic toothbrush's rechargeable battery arrived 1/3 charged, which was enough to immediately use it. It also re-charges much faster than the Sonicare. It has indicator lights to tell you how charged the battery is, whether 1/3, 2/3 or completely charged, which the Sonicare does not have and which I love.
5. The Sonic toothbrush has two speeds, which the Sonicare does not have. This is a terrific perk.
6. The brush of the Sonic toothbrush is smaller than the Sonicare, and the feel of the brush, including its size, shape and the vibration of its movement, is exponentially more pleasant and effective to use than the Sonicare.
7. This model of the Waterpik is like an expensive sports car beside a jalopy in comparison to the bottom-of-the-line Model WP-60W, and the WP-100 is like a mid-priced sedan in compared to the WP-900. I love the design of the separate, lidded compartments for the water reservoir and one that holds the water-flosser heads and the head of the Sonic toothbrush. The water reservoir comes off easily and fits in place easily, with zero leaking from its valve--what a relief!
8. The pause buttons on the Waterpik water flosser and the Sonic electric toothbrush both work much better than those on the Model WP-60W Waterpik and the Sonicare electric toothbrush.
9. The price of the replacement brush heads for the Sonic are about 1/4 the cost of the replacement heads for my Sonicare--which is a huge savings over the life of an electric toothbrush.
10. The insertion fittings of the Jet Tips of the WP-900 water flosser, compared to those of the Jet Tips for the cheaper WP-60W, are much higher quality, which means that the Jet Tips leak less and last longer.
11. This product has a two-year warranty for defects in its construction, and a problem like a defective reservoir valve can be solved at home, by getting a replacement part.

All in all, I am in heaven with the great quality of this product. It works so much more effectively than what I've been struggling with previously, that I am able to do my dental care in literally half the time it took me with my Sonicare and Model WP-60W Waterpik.

I could not be more satisfied with this product, and I recommend it without reservation.
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on January 30, 2013
i'm horrible with flossing, even without braces and i knew i really needed to with them so i gave in and bought this guy. i love it. i brush my teeth and follow up with the waterpik and it still finds stuff (tmi?). it works great. i'd recommend to anyone.
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on July 28, 2015
I had an earlier model that did not include the toothbrush. I like the convenience of having one less thing on my counter. It's attractive but I have three concerns that equaled only four stars. The flosser is easily knocked off its holder which was not a problem with the earlier model. Also, the brush is too soft, for me; I'd like a 'medium' brush and am trying to find one. Finally I haven't been able to find ANY brush refills at Target or Walmart which I don't like. Guess I'll have to try online. Overall it's a nice product and works well except for problems noted.
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on May 10, 2013
My teeth feel so much cleaner since purchasing this product. I had a Sonicare toothbrush before with all the bells and whistles, and the Waterpik Total Care product is much better. It allows me to better control the tarter I am prone to. For travelers, you may want to purchase the water pick and tooth brush separately, since the combined unit is rather large. Waterpik does not even sell the charger separately, which is something my Sonicare product included. I called customer service with this suggestions, which I hope they take under advisement.

UPDATE: Over 6 months later I still love the product. Best checkup ever at the dentist. I used to have my teeth cleaned every 3-months to control the tarter. Lost insurance so waited 1-year--less tarter than I used to have at my 3-month cleanings. I JUST WISH that replacement toothbrush heads were available in brick and mortar stores or that they were available with free shipping. They are expensive and hard to find. No problem finding the water tip replacements, just the brush replacements.
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on September 24, 2015
This is an excellent all-in-one dental hygiene solution, at a price comparable to a premium electric toothbrush. I purchased this unit to replace a dying Sonicare toothbrush, and I've been very happy with both the water pick, and the electric toothbrush.

The water pick includes a variety of heads; I've only used the 'orthodontic' tip at this point, but it's worked well for me, and seems more effective than flossing. I have the water pick cranked up to full power; it's a little noisy at this rate, but not unbearably so. The water reservoir is plenty large - even at full blast, I still get about a minute and a half of continuous use out of a full tank.

The toothbrush has a touch-sensitive switch and two power levels; one touch turns the brush on set to low power. A second touch changes to the higher power setting, and a third turns it off. The unit pauses for a split second at 30-second intervals, which is a nice way to keep track of how long you've brushed. It also includes a charge indicator, which my old Sonicare didn't have. While in use, the brush is a little noisier than my Sonicare, but like the water pump, it's not unbearably loud.

To the left of the water tank is a small covered section to hold the extra tips and brush head; a nice touch, as I'd misplace all of the other accessories without it.

I'm quite happy with my purchase - this is an excellent price for two quality devices - it also saves counter space and outlets in my bathroom!
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on January 7, 2014
went to dentist. wife was told she needed a sonic toothbrush. I was told I needed a water flosser. Both technician and dentist recommended waterpik. this unit meets both needs. it is pretty well constructed and sensibly designed. storage space for brushes and flosser, long cord but excess can be stored in the base. simple to operate. Only one thing to be careful of. If flosser head is not inserted fully into the handle before turning it on, water squirts all over and runs down your arm. Not a problem for a normal person setting it up for themselves. But, if you have a wife with a perverse sense of humour who under the guise of being helpful sets up your toothbrush, puts toothpaste on it, but then doesn't insert the flosser completely, watch out. I was a sceptic about this kind of thing, but my gums are healthier, my teeth whiter and my mouth feels really refreshed when done using it.
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on January 13, 2015
Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush (WP-900)
I am in awe. Lets go per degrees. I read all negative reviews before i bought this water flosser. I decided that since the producer offers such great warranty it was worth the risk to get a defective piece. I have been using this machine for 4 days now and so far so good. Every component works fine. I got 2 general use picks and no tongue piece but i dont really care, i rather use the old school toothbrush on the tongue anyways.
I have a severe bone loss and gum disease. So bad every brush was a blood bath, flossing a terrible painful chore, i couldnt eat an apple without bleeding. Hence why i bought this machine on the verge of desperation. I debated if buying the pick only or the brush combo. I dont like electric toothbrushes. My husband does so I bought the combo. I noticed how the combo has a separate tank and a separate compartment where to store the picks, while the waterpick only has a compartment on the lid of the tank for those.. not funny i opted for the combo JUST for that reason.
Reading reviews from others i can clarify few little things:
- i was expecting some huge monster but it is quite compact and will fit in any standard shelf (NOT the med cabinet tho)
- i found easier to use a cup to fill the reservoir.
- i plug the machine when i use it and unplug it when i dont so that the toothbrush wont get an overcharge. People complained their toothbrush died after a month or 2 but come on use common sense. Anything left on a charger for too long when the battery is charged will fuse the battery. Yes they could have made 2 separate components to charge the toothbrush and the machine but then wouldnt be $60 but WAY more.
- sound: yes a bit loud but not a jackhammer as described, sheesh people are SO sensitive
- to avoid calcium deposits after every use i pull out the tank, rinse it and set it down on a microfiber cloth to air dry. Didnt have a leack of ONE drop
- to avoid some of the river flooding crazy out of your month, when doing the front part, push from behind your tongue gently on the back of the teeth, that will avoid drowning and the water is less likely to sprinkle against the mirror if you open a bit your mouth to see what you are doing in the mirror
- Toothbrush speaking husband says is great works just fine for him. You still have to move the head up and down left and right cause it doesnt rotate, but that is the good of it because the vibration and manual work takes care of the nastiest stains (ie coffee he drinks by the gallon)

All i can tell is i am really in awe from this machine. The first time i used it i spit blood all over. The second time one tooth bled. Third time on nada not a drop of blood. Today on my 4th day i ATE an apple with my teeth with no bleeding at all no pain either.. I dont remember when was last time i did it, i used to cut the apple with a knife and chew it with my back teeth. The clinging pain is gone. I dont feel like the heart beating in my gums anymore. I got rid of 90% of the tartar rings already. And the stains are mostly gone (not even the dentist cleaning was able in one time to get rid of those stains in 2 teeth. This machine almost erased one and halved the color on the other).

IF you have gums disease you MUST get this thing.

I will update if i have mechanical issues in the next future and how it solved.
But seriously.. risk totally worth it
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