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on August 7, 2013
I was using my iphone in my lifeproof case to listen to music in the shower, but needless to say the volume and acoustics were lacking. This lil thing is GREAT for playing music from my iphone while its charging in the other room, while still allowing me to skip songs and control the volume from inside the shower. I'm happy with sound quality, volume and battery life. The suction cups actually work well, too. I haven't had the nerve to answer any calls in the shower yet...so I can't speak on that function :) My only suggestion is that is should let me record my singing in the shower to my voice memos...maybe.
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on February 27, 2014
I received this speaker yesterday. It is exactly as pictured. For the price, I was not expecting great quality sound. I just wanted something that would allow me to stream music wirelessly from my phone (Android) into my shower. It does that. It does that very well. What I did not expect was good bass. My expectations on that are correct. There is no bass to speak of. There is no adjustment to make it any better. (I didn't expect there would be). But again, for the money, twenty-five bucks, I didn't expect good bass.

The speaker came with a VERY small instruction book and a USB charging cable. As soon as I unpacked it, I plugged it in to make sure it was fully charged before I started to use it. I followed the instructions to charge it and in less than one minute after I plugged it in it was fully charge - so I guess it comes charged from the factory.

A WORD OF WARNING HERE: When I went to remove the charging cable from the speaker, I inadvertently grabbed the charging port cover along with the cable and pulled. Of course the charging cable came out, but I also ripped off the port cover! So be VERY careful when you remove the cable so you don't rip the cover off!! I can still fit the cover back on the port, but it is no longer tethered to the device. The tethering is an incredibly tiny thin piece of rubber. It's not really surprising it came off so easily.

Using the provided directions, I paired the device with my phone in under 30 seconds.

REMEMBER: As mentioned in the included instructions, to turn this unit on/off, you must HOLD the power button down for 6-8 seconds. It will make a series of low to high "blooping" sounds as it turns on, and those same "blooping" sounds as it turns off but in reverse - high to low. You should turn the speaker off anytime it is not in use. Otherwise, the battery will wear out because it is always broadcasting itself trying to find a Bluetooth device to pair to.

I first streamed some music after I paired it in my kitchen. It worked just as suspected. After pairing, I didn't even have to do anything else to my Android phone to start the music playing. I simply hit the Play/Pause button on the speaker, and the phone automatically fired up the Music app and started playing the playlist I had last been playing. I could then pause, skip back and skip forward to different songs on my playlist using the corresponding buttons on the speaker by giving them a quick press.

A WORD ABOUT VOLUME: In other reviews I've read, some people have complained about the volume being too soft with no way to adjust it. They are simply not setting it up correctly. FIRST: After you start to stream music to the speaker, use the volume control on your Phone (or whatever device you've paired with) all the way up (or almost all the way). SECOND: While there are no dedicated volume controls on the speaker, you can use the Skip Back & Skip Forward buttons to control the volume. Instead of pressing and releasing them quickly (as you do to skip songs), you need to HOLD the button down. It is not the best way to do this, but it does work. Just press and hold either the Back button (for volume down) or Next button (for volume up) until the speaker is at the volume you want. It gets VERY loud! Plenty loud to be heard over the running shower water. I did use it in the shower this morning, so I know it gets loud enough. I didn't have it anywhere near it's loudest and it was perfect.

I have not taken a call with this, or used any other music app (like Pandora) besides the standard music app yet. So I can't comment on those functions. Perhaps I will try Pandora tomorrow morning and update my review then.

Overall, I would recommend this to people as long as they are not expecting great sound. Again, for the money, it's a quick and cheap way to get music into your shower.

*** UPDATE 3/14/2014: I've been using this speaker daily since 2/27/2014. I make sure to turn it off as soon as I am done streaming music to save battery. I have not had to charge it again yet! Still having taken a phone call with it, but I did find out if you press the phone button (when there is not a call coming in), it will start a phone call with your last dialed number. (Or at least, this is the behavior on my Android phone).

*** UPDATE 3/27/2014: The unit has now fallen off the wall a couple times and suffered no visible or operational damage. I also have yet to have to charge it for the 2nd time. I'm amazed that I've given it almost daily use for a month now and not had to recharge it. Loving this little thing!
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on February 1, 2014
I really wanted a decent speaker for my shower for music and podcasts. Like many, I typically just load something up (again, music or podcasts), set the phone on the counter or toilet next to the shower, and doing that is okay at best, but I wanted something that I could hear better. The reviews for this were pretty decent, and the price was right in that even if it didn't work that well, it was not like I was out too much money. When it arrived, I was happy that it was even smaller than I thought it would be, in good packaging, and even though the instructions are the typical 'broken English' stuff you get from some overseas items, it all made sense.

I want to say this: it does work. It charges correctly, turns on correctly, turns off correctly, connects to your device easily and rapidly, and sound does come out of it.

So what's the bad? The sound is rather awful. The speaker is on the back of the device, so if you suction cup it to your wall in the shower (side note: the suction cup is awful, and I absolutely cannot get it to stay on the wall more than 30 seconds or so. I have to set it on the ledge I have in the shower), the sound is directed down at the cup and wall. I cannot stress enough that I can absolutely hear the audio better from the phone just sitting on the counter outside of the shower versus this actually being in the shower.

I used it for a week, trying a variety of music and podcasts, but it never once sounded good. I could possibly see it for use if you are taking a bath, but if so, you may as well just keep your device close by.

Again, everything does in fact work: audio comes out, all the buttons work as expected (though no volume buttons are on it), but I can promise you that if you intend to use this while showering, you are going to be disappointed.
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on December 6, 2013
I was skeptical before buying it - but for the price and size, it's great!
Of course, no HiFi, but decent (very decent) sound! nice feeling rubber, buttons a bit flaky but not bothersome. Does not use a standard USB cable, so one more cable to carry around if you travel, but it's small. IT's really nice, I recommend it!
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on February 19, 2014
As the title implies, I was sent the correct color, and the product bares the name of the company advertised, FreshETech. The item arrived on time, per my Prime 2 day shipping, and is more or less as described. I'm less than impressed with this item because it's just not that loud. I can achieve a fuller sound by simply placing my iPhone on the shelf next to the shower, and playing music through the internal phone speaker. It does accept phone calls in the shower as advertised, and I've so far paired it with two devices, successfully. I haven't been able to get it to read my text messages, but I may just need to spend more time reading the manual to figure that out. Another thing that doesn't work for me is the suction cup. I know a lot of reviewers have said the suction power is very impressive, but in my case, the device is constantly falling off the shower wall. I have a tiled shower, so it seems like an ideal surface to suction to. I have owned this speaker for maybe a week, and it's already fallen 3-4 times. I'm concerned that the speaker will either end up damaged, as a result of the falls, or maybe even electrocute me, if it falls into standing shower water....? All in all, the speaker is just so-so.
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on February 24, 2014
I just received this little thing and its pretty solid doesn't feel cheap so once I connected it to my blue tooth at first I was like please don't tell me that's all the sound that comes out of this but I was very wrong once I held down the skip song button I was shocked that this little thing could produce that much sound put it in the shower and I was still in all at the quality of sound definitely worth buying.
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on May 9, 2014
This little guy is a good add-on to my shower time. It has some good and some bad things
I get to forward, pause and play my tunes.
The battery last for a very long time (if you know how to use it)

Battery does not last—What I mean is that you have to manually turn the unit off to preserve the power. If you do so the battery can easily last for up to a month
The volume is not the best, and yes sometimes the phone is louder than it but hey I place it right at my head level and is good enough.

For the price, I think this is a great buy. Get it and use it. discard it and get another one :)
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on September 16, 2014
It's a good product but it's just hardly loud at all. You can barely hear it over the sound of the shower. It depends on the audio source. Usually if you're playing high quality MP3s and not streaming, it's good enough. But if you're streaming any audio, such as Pandora or a Podcast, it's just too quite to be able to enjoy.

I will say the build quality is great. The battery life is awesome. But it's just too quiet. :(
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on February 7, 2014
Unexpected good quality sound when stuck to the shower door. Seems to help the base notes. Works well so far except don't pair it to two phones in the vicinity. My wife's phone was the first to pair with it. If she is in the house when I turn it on, it pairs with hers even though mine is closer. I have to get out of the shower and turn off Bluetooth on her phone to use it. Not a fault of the product, just the way Bluetooth works.
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on October 7, 2014
Was great for 1 month. Then it stopped working and what perfect timing for NOT being able to return it. Sound was pretty descent. I'm sure if it was suctioned to the glass door, it was get more amped via the glass. Would give it 4-5 stars if it was still working. So, if you want temporary tunes in the shower for a month, this is a perfect product for you. I was pleased in the product itself, but am very disappointed in how long it worked.
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