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on February 14, 2014
I installed my strips as accent lighting for my newly remodeled deck, tucking them under the hand rail, oriented downward. Turned out pretty sweet and only cost me about $60 to do my entire deck with stairs!

You'll have to get a Power Supply Driver Transformer, which you can also find on amazon for pretty cheap (I used "Ledwholesalers 30 Watt LED Power Supply Driver Transformer 120 to 12V" and it works fine). You may also want to get some strip-to-strip connectors if you want to make turns with the strips ("LED PCB Connector- 2 Conductor, 4pcs, Strip to Strip, Any Angle"). These help quite a bit if you're not especially electrically savvy. (Note: If you use these connectors with the waterproof strip, you'll have to peel back a bit of the silicone waterproofing to expose the strip in order to get them to go into the connector)

One thing I did to "stop" the strip at one spot and then "continue" them at a spot a bit further away was to cut a connector right in the middle of the wire, then splice the exposed part of the wire with some cheap "doorbell wire" I found at Home Depot. Then you can run the doorbell wire to your next start point and splice the other half of the connector in order to start your next strip. (Hard to explain with words, but it works well)
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on November 20, 2013
Great LED light strip for under truck bed lids. I have these mounted under my bed rails and they light up the entire bed area. These are easy to cut and modify to your needs.
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on October 9, 2013
Works well, but too blue for my liking. The LEDs are a cool white which makes them very blue. They need to offer a warm white version.
Some technical info that is missing from Amazon:
1. There is no data sheet or technical information included with the purchase.
2. Each group of 3 LEDs draws 17 ma (.017 amps) of current at 12 VDC. The circuit is 3 LEDs and 150 ohm resistor in series.
3. The total string of 300 LEDs draws 1.7 amps of current at 12 VDC.
4. The power supply must be DC - not AC. To operate on 12 VAC, a full wave diode bridge must be used.
5. The LEDs can be operated at a lower (7.5 VDC min) or higher voltage (14.6 v) for dimmer or brighter light output.
6. The LED strip can be operated at a higher voltage for a much brighter output, but it must be a very short duration (1 sec max)
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on July 11, 2012
We bought 5 of these to light up the inside of a canopy. One was bright enough, two made it great three was so bright we also bought a dimmer. having all 5 looks fantastic. We actually bought two dimmers so we can put one on the sign outside our booth, and have different intensities for each strip. They work great!

They are actually pretty well built. There is a weak spot at the point where the wires go into the waterproofed section with the LED's inside, and the brace they have there fell off as soon as it was bent a little bit. But it still feels really solid and I'm not worried about it coming apart.

They are also SUPER SUPER flexible. I can fit right into the corner of the canopy and make a 90 degree turn with the radius about the same as a nickle. not a true "Corner" but that's pretty close!

Each LED gives off the same tone of light, I was worried about them looking different, but even across all 5 strands each light is the same color. Very consistent.

My only real gripe with them is that the end is sealed. You cannot connect multiple strands end-to-end. I ended up building a "spider web" of wiring to get the lights where I needed them, and it worked out okay. But it would have been much easier if they could daisy chain together. (Although that would probably defeat the "waterproof" so maybe that's why it was done that way?)

I used a portable car starter with a "cigarette lighter" plug to power them, it's rated at 400 watts, but even with 5 strings we don't reach 125 watts. Battery lasts 7 1/2 hours or so before lights get noticeably Dimmer, so they aren't pulling more wattage than they specify.
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on September 30, 2013
Ran this strip across the beam on my garage ceiling and wired the transformer to a motion detecting outlet switch. Now when I go to get something in the garage, or come home in the car, I get a nice even light across the whole garage. It's plenty of light to keep me from tripping and so that I can find the tool I'm after, and then the motion detecting outlet shuts the light off after a few minutes of no motion. Perfect!
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on November 28, 2013
Documentation was pretty bad, but it's actually pretty self explanatory for anyone who understands a basic circuit. Don't forget to buy the power supply. I used the Ledwholesalers 30 Watt LED Power Suppply Driver Transformer 120 to 12v and it worked like a charm.
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on July 2, 2013
So, I just wired up about 45ft of this LED strip under the handrail of my new deck. It is even better than I imagined. I purchased a waterproof low-voltage AC adapter, wired it to a dimmer switch (which came with a remote control), and ran all around my huge deck. So far, the LEDs are holding up great. They are all the same color, adhesive is 3M, heck even the LED rubber is sticky. These things will stick to almost anything. Stuck right to my wood railing!

I will be ordering these lights, along with the transformer, quick connectors, and dimmer pack for future installations in my home. I ordered over 60ft of LEDs, 2 dimmer packs, 2 transformers, 4-pack of quick connectors, and silicone mounts all for under $60. You can't beat that!!!!
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on April 19, 2015
I have yet to use them for any projects yet, however I did hook them up to a battery and had vary nice results. I just used a 9v I had laying around to test them and they were bright so I'm sure they will be ever brighter on a 12v.
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on February 2, 2014
First, these took about 2 months to arrive from China. What's up with that? Second, the "3M" adhesive backing was either a 3M knock-off, or it became highly degraded at some point. When the package finally arrived, upon peeling back the release liner (the paper part you pull off to expose the adhesive), all of the adhesive pulled away from the back of the light strip and stuck to the release liner. We had to use my own actual 3M double-sided tape to use the lights as I had planned.

If I had looked more carefully to see where the product was coming from, I would have purchased from inside the US. Although the item would still probably have been made in China, like everything else these days, it would be much easier to deal with a US seller for refund and return shipping. A word to the wise. Made in China, sold from China = Bad. Made in China, sold from US = Better.

Otherwise, this is a pretty good product. The strip is encased in silicone (I am pretty sure). The back side is flat (where the crappy adhesive is) while the front side is domed or cylindrical. The pattern of LEDs and gold contacts repeats every 3 inches (75 mm) or so. The strip can be cut at any gold contact, as many times as desired. Each cut then requires you to get 12 VDC power to the new segment.

To use the associated push-on connector (different manufacturer and seller) to connect one segment to the next,

you have to use a safety razor to remove the silicone dome down to the gold contacts, back about 0.25 inch (6.5 mm), being careful not to damage the contacts or backing.

It is not possible (without cutting the strip) to make a right-angle bend and still have the adhesive back side remain in the same plane for both segments. You can cut the strip at the nearest gold tabs (leave some gold on both sides) and then solder two short connector wires to make the bend. If using outdoors, I would suggest encasing all of that in silicone caulking.

For outside (not outdoor - outside) corners, like when you have the lights facing you on a wall and want to make them bend around an outside corner to continue on the new wall, still facing you: The silicone, while flexible, is too stiff to make such a sharp bend and remain with its back in contact right up to the bend, through the bend, and around the bend. For this case I would recommend cutting partially into the silicone from the top/front enough to allow the bend. I did not try this, and it might cause the flexible printed circuit board (PCB) backing to crack. No guarantees.

For inside corners, see my comments above, but in addition: In this case, it might not matter too much if the light strip makes a curved corner (you can get about a 0.5-inch (13-mm) radius of curvature) tucked into a square corner. This would require no cutting and splicing.
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on January 5, 2015
I received these today and installed them. The application is to light up a media closet I built to store our music and movies. I wanted the closet well light so we can read the titles.

Installation took all of 5 minutes. I peeled the backing off and stuck the light tape to the wall. Connected the power supply with crimp caps and plugged it in. The closet lit up perfectly. As some have mentioned, these have a blue daylight type tint. But that is fine for this application. I wanted it bright.

If they hold up, I will be 100% happy with this purchase. Picture attached of my media closet with the lights installed on the front wall next to door frame. No flash or other lighting; this is all from the LED tape.

I am very happy with this purchase.
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