Customer Reviews: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Third Edition: Change Your Life Forever
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Customer Reviews

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on October 23, 2013
Excellent! This is a great book to get the motivational juices flowing. What I love about this book is that each chapter is dedicated to a very useful tip to help get us motivated. These chapters are not lengthy and there is a very personal flavour to them from the author which makes them feel very real and this helps the reader relate to it. After reading only the first few chapters I thought to myself that this book I'm going to re-read through again once I finish it and start a notebook writing up these little tips and monitoring my own progress. I felt re-energised and very motivated and found myself actually passing on these little gems in conversation to people wanting to share with them my excitement.
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on October 15, 2013
Steve Chandler is the best motivational writer I've read. Extremely readable with humor and a non-traditional approach which includes a whiff of mindfulness practice, the combination of this little book, a compilation of ideas and techniques, and his newer book "Time Warrior" will have you re-thinking your entire approach to self-motivation and self discipline.
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on March 28, 2013
Great format. Small chapters with helpful info, more than just the "believe in yourself" or "visualize your goals" I have already started making some of the recommend changes. I am going to let my teenager read it when I am done. Good info for any age or life stage.
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on August 15, 2013
This book is flat out amazing, not only does it teach you ways to keep your head up during rought times it also puts things in perspective in a very unique way. I felt i needed to do this review just to show the appreciation for Steve Chandler in how he's helped me with his writings.
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on June 24, 2016
 “Aristotle also knew how to create a self through movement.

He once said this: “Whatever we learn to do, we learn by actually doing it; men come to be builders, for instance, by building, and harp players by playing the harp. In the same way, by doing just acts we come to be just: By doing self controlled acts, we come to be self-controlled; and by doing brave acts, we become brave.”

This book contains 100 moves you can make...”

“If something is worrying you, always do something about it. It doesn’t have to be the big thing that will make it disappear. It can be any small thing. But the positive effect it will have on you will be enormous.”

~ Steve Chandler from 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself.

I’m not sure how I found this book but I’m glad I did!

Steve Chandler’s awesome and this book kinda reminds me of my book! One quick, inspiring, Big Idea after another that helps us get our practical wisdom on and go out and rock it.

Let’s jump into some of the Big Ideas:

1. Where’s Your Focus? - Put it on full engagement.
2. Intention Deficit Disorder - You got it?
3. Purpose - The anti-depressant.
4. Creation vs. Reaction - Same letters, different mojo.
5. Courage - Comes from doing.

If you’re like me, you’ll find that feelings do, in fact, follow behavior! :)

More goodness— including PhilosophersNotes on 300+ books in our ​*OPTIMIZE*​ membership program. Find out more at brianjohnson . me.
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on November 29, 2014
Steve Chandler's book is written in a friendly, conversational style and contains tons of useful ideas and information you can apply right away. Mr. Chandler is a unique voice in the personal development field and he offers wonderful real world stories to illustrate his points. His story about author Anthony Burgess is particularly inspiring.
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on October 2, 2013
This the best book I have read in a while. It is book that keep you wanting
More each day. So many great tools to help you with your life now and in future. I think this should a must or require read for all walk life . Ken Price. Atlanta ga
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on December 23, 2012
I'm an avid self-development reader and rarely do I find such refreshing viewpoints... This book is broken down into quick and easily digestible snippets. Buy this book!
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on April 15, 2013
I edited my review in part because when Amazon put it on the web they ADDED, for some strange reason, the "five characters,(the and sign, the pound sign, the numerals 3 and 4, and the semicolon, that when I try to preview what I wrote only appear as quotation marks" over and over again, many times throughout my review! What is up with this?!?

I was frustrated by the author's writing style and choice of wording. He seemed to me to be de-powering ideas (that I had read before and that I knew had significant impact). His attempts to explain these ideas would lose me in his often awkward wording. He would draw some aspects out that had little value and leave out important aspects of the same technique. Often the same idea was restated in several entries.

My rating was between 2 and 3 stars, and I am giving it a 3 because I tend to feel bad when I give a negative review. I am doing the review in spite of not liking to say negative things, because I feel I was mislead by all the 5 stars his other books had gotten. I want to help even out the ratings.

Lately a lot of the reviews that I have used to pick my purchases have been way too enthusiastically positive, and so instead of being helpful to me, now make me worry that I can't trust the reviews.

I was looking for a boiled down list of the BEST suggestions on how to motivate myself. From all of the reviews, that is what this book seemed to be. I almost got them all, but then remembered all the duds I had gotten because of the glowing reviews, and decided to just try one by this author and see.

Good thing I waited. When I looked at the title again, it DIDN'T say BEST, just 100 ways. So I guess that is my fault. One of the authors ways to solve problems is to brainstorm, where he tells you to put down anything you can think of good or bad, helpful or not, realistic or not. It seems to me that is how he came up with HIS "ways".

I thought most of his suggestions were just so-so. Lots of: this is what happened to my people I know... Even ideas that I knew were good from reading books by the authors he was citing, his rewording of the ideas, just made it slow, and a lot less powerful.

An example of a poor suggestion is "Get your stars out" which then for two pages basically says everybody has some greatness in them, instead of suppressing it, express it. Now, if he has just said that, it would have been an OK suggestion; but instead he took two pages to say it.

He is open about some his own personal problems in the book, and hints at others, which give some legitimacy to his purpose in writing the book. From what he says of his life he seems to have had an exciting and full one, and you begin to wonder just what did happen to him in his past that would make him so unhappy with such a important life.

It does get a tad old as he tells you all the important people he has met, talked to, worked with. I don't know why this bothered me; it has never bothered me when others do it, there just was a LOT of it. In fact his quotes from other authors are one of the better parts of his book, though there are not very many.

An example of a good suggestion, and I stretched to make the suggestions good... I outlined, I dissected, I picked and drew out the ideas to find some meat... Was #30 He said rituals were short-cuts to motivation. That is a novel idea, that is a good idea... He said doing something is what leads to doing to something;..yes, I can see him building on the idea..this makes me hope this will be a good suggestion. Then he dithers off into side tracks that really don't help his point and I begin to think oh no, another so so suggestion. BUT he picks up the ball again and writes essentially that rituals help you override your habitual hesitation by getting you going before you can think about starting or not starting. BINGO, a good suggestion.

Roughly, I would say about 10% of the ideas are fairly good, 10% fair, 60% so so, and the rest restatements or just poor.

I will say for the book, he has a put a bibliography in the back of the book; which I think is good, because I will look THOSE authors up and see if I can get more help from them. AND he has put an index at the end of the book, and does a good job of listing ideas and topics that were in the book.

I might buy (in an impulse buy) another 100 "suggestions" book, mainly because the "ways" are so short that they are the perfect amount of time to read something while you are in the bathroom.

May 2013 I am editing my review for the THIRD time! This is really bothering me that I can't let this review go. I feel guilty for not giving this book a better rating...and this is why. At the end of the book the author says if you say the suggestions are good but don't do anything for you, it is because you aren't doing anything for yourself. That you can't just read suggestions to motivate yourself, you HAVE to DO the suggestions, and once you do them long enough, and hard enough many things will actually help you. The book suggests that the real value of the book shows up after you have read it a few times or perhaps I didn't read it enough. I did outline it, make notes in the margins, rewrite the headings... So now I am saying, that while I do think the book was just a 3, an OK; maybe on my third reading it might be a 4, and maybe it will be a 4 stars for you right off the bat. After all this guy had a ton of problems he says and he seems to feel he is much more centered and successful because of these techniques... NOW, will my conscience please shut up?
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on June 10, 2013
I listened to the audio edition.What he said was not bad all.I should know having read over 5000 books and audios on self development and having paid over $500.000 for self development.(Thank you for asking but I still have not developed myself at 58)
What really got my hair standing up was him bragging about his creepy voice.I had to throw up on this phoniness trying to play some Jedda master.
I have no problem with the content though.Just get someone else to read it.
Content good.Just get the book version.
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