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VINE VOICEon June 28, 2010
A lot of the reviews posted from this album thus far on Amazon seem to be from fans of Sia - which is fine, but my review is from the perspective of someone who has just come upon Sia so may be a bit different. The single "Clap Your Hands" is what attracted me to Sia. The song and the video that followed definitely felt offbeat and fresh, two things that do not tend to get a lot of attention in the U.S. market these days. I decided to give the entire album a chance and am on the fence about it. 'We Are Born' seems to be a concept album - just by the artwork alone you get the sense of Sia and her music being a bit playful, fun and child-like. 'We Are Born' feels like an album that musically explores the innocence, fun and freedom that comes with childhood and the burden, heartbreak and angst that comes with getting older and dealing with changing relationships.

The Good: The 'child' part of the album, being mostly the first half, is exceptionally good and fun. These tracks are spontaneous, fun and straight-up dance inspiring. "The Fight" sets up this inner conflict between the kid and adult that we'll deal with the whole album; "Clap Your Hands" is all about having fun and letting go; "Stop Trying" is another of the albums' best tracks, with kids in the background singing "we are you!" as if to aid in the rebellion of getting older and letting life and troubles get the best of you. There are other uptempo tracks including "Bring the Night" that make the album stand out as being creative and unique.

The Bad: The so-called "down-tempo" tracks aren't necessarily bad but to me don't go well with the tracks mentioned above. These tracks feel like the 'adult' tracks, showing off a more mature sound and dealing with grown-up issues like heartbreak, relationships gone sour and life getting a bit more complicated with age. "Be Good To Me" is a sultry song where Sia pleads with her lover to stand by her and how she'll be dedicated to him for doing so; "You've Changed" has Sia commenting on how a man she's known since childhood has actually gotten better with age; "Big Girl Little Girl" has the carefree 'fun' persona that was present in the dance tracks lecturing the older, burdened adult on the down-tempo tracks that she shouldn't let life get her down. The down-tempo tracks felt a bit jarring considering they follow a slew of great dance and party numbers that are optimistic, happy and celebratory. How the album ends, with these two different sides of Sia trying to find common ground brings down the album a bit, making it something of a psycho-analytic musical journey. The last track, a cover of Madonna's "Oh Father", makes you wonder if it was just a cover thrown in to strike up interest or if, in the story arc being told through the music, if Sia's relationship woes she sings of stems from issues between father and daughter.

In all, it's an okay album. As a new Sia fan, I can't compare it to her past works. I really enjoyed the dance/uptempo tracks because they felt carefree, fun, inspired and unlike anything considered "in" or "popular" in the U.S. market today. These tracks make Sia and her music very appealing. The down-tempo tracks with her lamenting about her relationship issues, however, feel a bit less inspired, overdone, and unexceptional. I'd get the upbeat tracks and consider skipping some of the slower numbers from this release.

Listen to These: "Stop Trying", "Clap Your Hands", "Bring Night", "Oh Father"
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on August 6, 2010
So I've been a fan of Sia for a few years and have most of her material, which so far has been impressive. However, We Are Born is quite a change from her older stuff. Most notable is the electro dance driven, noisy, overproduced sound. Aside from the two "I'm In Here" versions, I find this album hard to listen to, as it is less cerebral and seems geared to a jumpy teenager fanbase. I still enjoy Sia, but this inconsistent release ranks far below her other material in substance.
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on June 23, 2010
Sia's "We Are Born" was by far my most anticipated release of 2010. With the release date pushed back at least twice (that I can remember) I was beginning to wonder if 'We Are Born' ever would be. The wait has been torture, particularly since her live tour wound up preceding the release.

It was certainly worth the wait!

This record is in general more upbeat, a contrast to previous works which were generally described as 'down-tempo' by most. While it might be a bit more pop than you're used to, the songs are by no means saccharin - however it IS impossible not to sing along! I go to bed humming one track and wake up the next morning finishing it the rest of the way through. There's still a couple of slower tracks if you feel you're in shock ('Be Good To Me', 'I'm In Here') and even a very nice cover of Madonna's 'Oh Father.' But even in a raucous song like 'Bring Night' Sia's gorgeous voice is unhidden in the mix and draws you right in.

We Are Born (titled as such from taking the first 3 words of the first track) might have been a bit late out of the gate, but it's the best present you can get yourself -- just in time for summer!
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on June 27, 2010
Sia's "We are Born" is one of 2010's best releases. While some argue that this one of her more pop-y releases, far afield from her indie hit "Breathe Me" and 2008's Some People Have Real Problems (Dig) (Ocrd). It's a darker album, it's got dysfunctional relationship themes, yet, paradoxically, it's incredibly joyful and life-affirming. Sia has stayed true to herself. She even covers Madonna's "Oh Father." She collaborates with her girlfriend, JD Samson of Le Tigre (Feminist Sweepstakes)

"We are Born" opens with the powerful anthem "The Fight." "Clap Your Hands" is the album's signature piece. "Stop Trying" implores a loved one to stop changing to impress others. "You've changed" is about changing for the better. In a sense, the album is a dialogue. "Be good to me" and "Hurting Me Now" are begging for the partner's respect. "Hurting Me Now" has the pained lyrics of "you're hurting me now/and you don't notice." "I'm in here"--both the electronic and acoustic versions--is a powerful, lonely ballad ("can you hear me call?") "Cloud" speaks of being a dark cloud. "The Codependent" and "Never Gonna Leave Me" have similar themes of the fear of abandonment and rejection.

Sia is still as creative and powerful a diva as ever. So what that due to the poor economy she has composed 3 songs for Christina Aguilera's BIONIC - DELUXE (Explicit) and has a song on the sparkly vegetarian vampire romance The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack. Sia's music is as fresh and amazing as ever! Clap your hands!
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on September 20, 2011
I first came across Sia when my husband told me about her song "Buttons." He really liked that song and wanted to pick up her previous album. It turns out I ended up becoming a fan of hers more than my husvand after hearing "Some People Have Real Problems." I picked up her album "We Are Born" and was not disappointed in the least. She has many catchy songs like "Clap Your Hands," "You've Changed," and and "Be Good To Me." The songs stick with you and energetic to follow along with when taking a road trip. Her cover of Madonna's "Oh Father," from "Like A Prayer," is another gem on this album. I highly recommend this album if you are looking for something different in a good way. Seeing her live will make you love the album more. Sia has a friendly, outgoing presence on stage and you can tell she loves what she does.
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on September 17, 2010
I've waited awhile to post this review, since I have been a fan for years and this album immediately hit me as wrong when I purchased it as a pre order. Way too pop.. I thought Sia was "above" this, but I hesitated and let it sit for a bit and then would listen again... Same conclusion. Not trying to be a hater as I can appreciate musicians trying different stuff and pushing new boundaries, but this is just going into a more pop oriented direction and is not my cup of tea. I look forward to Sia's next!
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on September 15, 2012
I bought this CD honestly because I was looking for something new and it caught my eye. Well, I had it for 2 years before I ever listened to it but when I heard her singing on Flo Rida's "Wild Ones" I thought "WOW HER VOICE IS AMAZING", So i dug this CD out and played it all the way through in my car on the way home and FELL IN LOVE. You'll be surprised by how catchy her songs are and how crisp and strong her voice is. I like it so much that I am definitely going to buy more of her music.
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on July 4, 2010
This album's sound is not at all like her previous offerings. Saccharine atmospheres/beats along with hooks seemingly geared towards appealing to the lowest common denominator dominate throughout this album. On the one hand, I would rather have Sia - a very talented artist who has both vocal chops and artistic credibility - to be singing the requisite new dance tunes which always crop up around summer. However, I was hoping she could bring a bit more to the table. If you listen carefully her lyrics are still clever and interesting, if somewhat obscured by the halogen synths and disco beats. Coming off of her hyper-produced last album, We Are Born's sound is just as produced, but in a more dance-pop fashion. You're not going to find Breathe Me Part 2 on this record nor anything that touches her earlier collaborations with Zero 7, so be forewarned. That said, if you're interested in dance-pop that has a bit more depth than most of the stuff out there, then give We Are Born a shot. I'll still be listening to Colour the Small One and Lady Croissant.
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on March 6, 2011
Sia is funky and energized but this CD is a little different from her earlier releases. I'm glad she changed it up but "Some People Have Real Problems" will probably always be my favorite! This album has a poppy feel but still stands apart from main stream pop music in the U.S. You will want to dance through most of the CD and then there are the few beautiful slow songs towards the end.
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I've been a long time Sia fan, mesmerized by her ballads "Breathe Me" and "Blow it all Away" from her early albums, and wowed by every song on her last masterpiece Some People Have Real Problems (Dig) (Ocrd). We Are Born succeeds in every way I hoped for, despite having a largely different feel from her past work.

It may surprise you, but there aren't really any ballads on this album. That's not to say Sia has moved on to dance music, the songs here are still chil-laxing, smooth, and a vocal showcase. Instead of putting you to sleep, though, you'll be tapping your toes and inspired by Sia's gorgeous voice and artistic interpretation of pop music.

As far as highlights go, I honestly love EVERY song on this CD (Very hard to say these days). If I was Forced to pick favorites, "Big Girl Little Girl" "Clap Your Hands" "Stop Trying" and "You've Changed" have been on repeat since I got the album, but I never skip any song.

Overall if you're an old-timer Sia fan and are unsure about her new genre, don't worry, she's better than ever and a glorious breath of fresh air compared to the terrible mainstream music of today. Also, if you've just discovered Sia and would like to hear more stuff by her you HAVE to listen to "Breathe Me" and "Blow it all Away" they are the most gorgeous ballads I've ever heard
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