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on July 2, 2013
First of all, I commend this author for writing this book. People who had any connection in some way with 9/11 will respect this book for the fine story it tells about people then and a few years after that.

This book is fantastic! For some September 11th brought a more intense love of this great country because when you come close to loosing something, you tend to value it more. For others, it brought them closer to their God. I live in New Jersey, right across from where the Twin Towers USED to be.

The author has had the courage to write this story as he sees it. The story may not be considered 'politically correct' but being politically correct simply means you don't tell the truth. It is long past time this country started being honest about what is going on in this world. We can grow stronger in truth but not with evasions.

One reviewer used the term 'Christian fiction". I really take offense to that. There is no fiction when people believe in God and/or pray to Him for help through situations, especially when getting assaulted by a terrorist. For Christians, God gives us strength. Same as Jehovah gives Jews strength.

As for comments this book is anti-Islam, this is just not true. This book speaks out against Radical Islam which are those who follow Mohammed and his supposed interpretation of the Koran. Radical Islam is different from Islam. People who do not understand this need to do their homework.

The story is well written and it combines some fiction with actual world events. The characters are written with how people would be in this story if the events happened. The attributes the author has given these characters are true to form for how people were after 9/11. Author has told no lies about world events. People just have to read this book with clear vision and not the rose colored glasses some people like to wear.

The characters in this book are well written. They are defined with a slant to what 9/11 did to them, and what being terrorized by a radical Muslim does to them and makes them feel like. In this context, the characters of this book are right on target.

I have been more harsh with this review than any I can remember in a long time. Some people who review book just anger me. They do so with no actual knowledge of what they write. This is not fair to the author, or the subject matter.

I recommend this book highly. I recommend it for all age levels.
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on May 18, 2014
Mr. Coryell has written a book for the rest of us. By that I mean those of us to are so often excoriated by the lame-stream media as radical, right-wingers who are not eager to join the "it takes a village" crowd to surrender our freedoms to the Socialist agenda being foisted on the country. So from that you can get my drift and know that this book will be enjoyable to lived next door Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best families in our youth. Yes, they really existed, I grew up around many like them. Also check out Mr. Coryell's other books like Blood In the Street.
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on May 9, 2013
The book talks about a possible aftermath of 9-11. It incorporates all aspects of human emotions and relationships, and very obviously, the author's beliefs in God and the right to defend one's self, family, and country.

The author has a no-holds barred style in writing - every detail is written, nothing is held back for the reader. This really does not matter because he was still able to maintain some element of suspense, introduce and develop his characters beutifully and realistically. Moreover, the theme of the story is much too serious for the writing style to affect one's immersion in the story.

The author's got other books to his name, and I would be very interested to read them.
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on November 26, 2011
In "We Hold These Truths" Skip Coryell examines some big what ifs. First, what if following 911 a second even bigger attack had happened. Second, what if one of these bands of terrorists found themselves in a small town, on main street USA. In short, this book brings terrorism home to the heartland. Coryell leavens what is otherwise a heavy subject with his unique humor.

In this book a terrorist finds himself dealing with small town America in the aptly named Friedham Ridge, Michigan. Unlike large cities, the people of Friedham Ridge are a more independent and self sufficient sort. Preparation is part of their upbringing and when a nuclear explosion renders them out of reach of the protection of federal and state officials it is up to them to block the escape of a very dangerous man.

"We Hold These Truths" takes you on trip that will entertain you while it makes you think. Told in his special way Coryell spins a tale that is as fun as it is frightening.

J. Keith Jones
In Due Time
Boys of Diamond Hill: The Lives and Civil War Letters of the Boyd Family of Abbeville County, South Carolina
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on May 4, 2013
I own and like shooting guns. I don't hunt. Unfortunately, with the price of ammo I can't shoot as often as I'd like and as scarce as ammo is I'm pretty much holding onto what I've got. I just pray that the government never tries to take our guns away or we may find ourselves in some pretty deep stuff. I would really like to see this book made into a movie, it might open some eyes. If you believe in the Second Amendment YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK. If you don't own guns or don't like guns you should read it anyway. You might change your mind.
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on January 9, 2013
I read Church and State and really enjoyed that book and this one did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the story is not as far-fetched as I would wish. The threat of terrorism on a grand scale is only too real. I liked all the characters and the wholesomeness of the main characters friendship that turns to love. That is a rarity in today's stories. Some reviewers were put off by the Christian references, but I think it is refreshing. I highly recommend this book. Thanks Skip!
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on October 6, 2006
As the book "We Hold These Truths" opens up with painful reminders of 9/11 and all those dark images that most all of us watched unfolding on TV. Author and second amendment rights advocate, Skip Coryell, brings us into the unsafe world that terrorism has given us today. This time the action is right back on American soil again; and it is going to take a group of rednecks from Freidham Ridge to try and save civilization from a nuclear crisis.

The basic premise of this thriller novel deals with how the local people try to prevent and stop the terrorists from detonating a suit case bomb. The detailed action and the subplots, along with a load of interesting characters, all unfolds to make for an insightful look at some of our basic America roots and traditions; one of those being the right to bear arms and to defend our communities and families. This book deals with the dangerous and fatal clash of two cultures: Middle East muslin terrorists with nuclear bombs versus Midwest redneck with their hunting rifles.

A terrorist sleeper cell is infiltrated by a FBI agent Richard Resnik. He is unable to stop them. He chases them across Michigan. The terrorist have two nuclear suit case bombs and have big dreams and intentions of blowing up Chicago, if they have their way. Resnik needs all the help he can muster even if that means using and depending on a drunken crop duster pilot named Spunky and a group of rednecks who are willing to help.

One would hope(and pray) that this was a far out fantasy plot by the author- however, actual plans by real terrorists all around the world, playout this possible scenario in their minds all the time. The reality is much worse. There are many groups out there right now with the desire to blow up as much of western civilization with atomic bombs as possible. If they were able to arm themselves with nuclear weapons they would and could carry those plans out. That is what makes reading Coryell's book so emotionally uncomfortable and frightful. His story may be fiction but the premise of what these terrorists want to do to all of us is not a fantasy but reality! It makes reading the book an eye opener.

Coryell delivers an action adventure thriller that will keep you on the edge emotionally and glued to the book pages until you have finally finished reading it. The ending is satisfying and the book is entertaining even if the plot is out right frightening. A good book to buy and read!
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on November 4, 2011
This book is destined for my Kindle Favorites collection. I like the small-town flavor, the interesting characters and relationships, the "we can make a difference" attitudes. I happen to be learning about guns and self-defense at the moment, so that portion of the story was very relevant to me. I also like the point that God is involved in life, whether we can see that at the time or not. My favorite part, though, is the struggle for balance between "Love your enemy, since God loves him" vs "Evil must be stopped at any cost". That is VERY relevant in today's world!
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on June 23, 2012
Absolutely EXCELLENT!! Well developed characters and a plot that kept me turning the pages and staying awake to finish this read. Very much a reflection of the America most of us in mid-America miss and want to return. The terrorists were portrayed in a realistic and easily "hate-able" way that would enrage most weepy Liberals, but which is balm to the "heart" of America.
I can't wait to read more from this author!!
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VINE VOICEon December 5, 2011
Absolutely one of the worse books I've ever had the displeasure to read. The evangelical Christian tripe is just offensive and way over done. Do these fundamentalist really believe that they have no responsibility for their own lives, that's it's all in God's hands?

Beyond the overdone religious overtones, it's a very poorly written book. It has the worse formatting of any Kindle book I've ever read. Although a few formatting issues don't bother me, they exist on almost every page - type style changes randomly and for no discernible reason. This is truly just an awful book and either all the rave reviews are written by similarly misguided fundamentalist and will give any book that mentions God and Jesus Christ five stars, or the author has enough friends that are Amazon members to get those five star ratings.

Even though it is free, don't waste your precious time even trying to read this book.
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