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on November 1, 2013
I bought 4 of these light switches about a month after they were released. I had been adding motion detector lights, dusk-to-dawn lights, etc., to both improve energy efficiency and safety in my house. My purchase was designed to move further toward both of these issues, along with a new Kwikset lock and some security cameras.

Installation was relatively simple, even for someone who is not an electrician. As long as you have the proper wires and follow instructions, as other reviewers have mentioned, installation should not be too difficult (check before ordering though). Connecting to the WiFi was also not difficult for me. I have a Linksys router in the basement with a Linksys range extender upstairs and WeMo did not have any problems connecting when I followed instructions. The initial firmware update took quite a long time and the initial iPhone app version that I downloaded was *very* slow to detect the switches each time I loaded the app, but they seem to have fixed the latter issue.

Once it was all setup, I LOVED it. I used IFTTT to automatically make sure lights were turned off at night and on in the morning, among other things. I really like the look of them and changed out many of my fan switches and other switches to the decorator-style to make it look even nicer. Really, really like the look of them, although I could see it not fitting as well in certain instances (I am definitely not an interior decorator). I do wish that these would work with 3-way lights (where you have two light switches that control the same light) or as dimmers, but unfortunately they don't.

Here's the problem: two days ago, the power to the router went out for about 30 seconds, then turned back on. The internet and WiFi loaded fine and all of my devices worked fine - except two of the 4 light switches could no longer connect to WiFi! They would both just blink orange non-stop. I tried all of their support instructions on their website, which was minimal, and included resetting and restarting the device. Of course, now one of the switches started blinking green and I could no longer even turn the lights on manually. So I caved and called their support number (difficult to find, but calling the corporate headquarters 800-number routed me to support).

Here is where it got really frustrating because, among other things, the person on the line spoke very poor English. It took about 35 minutes to get through the initial questions around model number, what lights were blinking, when I purchased the product, etc. In between each question, she would tell me to "hold on a second" and mute her line, before often (at least 10 times, no exaggeration) returning and asking me a question I had already answered. Multiple times, she forgot to mute her line and I heard her joking with her friends. But, OK, I only hold Belkin partially accountable for that. After over an hour, and having me try everything I already tried, she finally said she would send me a new one. For now, I have two switches that cannot connect to WiFi and one that cannot even turn the lights on.

It is simply not worth all of this hassle just to be able to remotely turn some lights on and off. To make it worse: they only provide (poor) customer service for free for 90 days! After that, you have to pay to talk to someone. Luckily (unluckily?), mine broke after 60 days so I could get someone on the phone.

I really wanted to like the product, and I would have if there was some quality control or better customer support, but unfortunately for me it didn't work out.
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on July 1, 2015
I purchased this item and attached it to a heater. It worked for a couple of nights until one evening it caught fire. Smoked up the entire room. Luckily I was home and able extinguish the fire but had to replace the outlet and fix the drywall. If I used it when I was away it could have been catastrophic.
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on August 3, 2013
Installed the Wemo Light Switch easily enough. As other reviewers have stated, a neutral wire is required. Also, the size of the front of the switch is the same as your regular Leviton switches, so if you are replacing one of those your face plates (including a double face plate for 2 different switches which is what I have), it will fit. The rear of the switch, is definitely bigger than the rear of a normal light switch so it does make a tight fit inside the wall box. Overall, I think it is a decent device but Belkin has some updating to do, per the rest of my review.

* Design looks good
* When light switch is on, there is small power light to show it is "on"
* Once it is connected to your network, the remote access via the App is a nice feature

* When connecting to your wi-fi router, you cannot have any special characters (like: !?*&) or any spaces, in your typically already set up router password; Example: your password cannot be "john doe" and instead has to be "johndoe" without a space. If you have these, it will not connect to your router!!! Belkin needs a firmware / App update to fix this ASAP.
* When you are loading a rule to your Wemo Switch, let the App completely finish before doing anything. This means waiting...don't try and rush anything because you can bork your device. My first Wemo light switch died because of this (after just 1 day of use!), as I tried to change its name from "Wemo Light Switch" to something like "Porch Light" and it did not load right, and killed the switch where I could not access it at all from the App (after 4 + hours of troubleshooting, resetting, restarting, re-installing the App, etc.); ultimately I had to just replace it with a new Wemo light switch that is working for now.
* Timer based rules do not always work; Example - I tried to create a rule where the switch turns on at 8:30 p.m. and turns off at 2:30 a.m. Saved the rule and the rule loaded to the device. After saving, etc., the rule mistakenly says to turn off at 2:30 p.m. = it got the a.m. and p.m. reversed for the turn off setting. Tried this several times and it would not save correctly, no matter what. Instead I am just using the "sunset" to "sunrise" settings which did save correctly. Again, a future firmware update should fix this.
* On Android, the WeMo App is slow, very slow (even if on a strong wi-fi or on a strong LTE signal which I have). The Android WeMo "Beta" App has the same exact functionality, but it is a little bit faster. So if you are on Android, use the "Beta" App.
* Belkin needs to allow a computer browser interface, not just by an IOS or Android App. I am comparing this to my Nest thermostat, which does have a computer browser interface plus an App, and is generally a much more polished device.

Conclusion - for now it's just a decent device. Even though it is not the first in the Wemo line, I would consider it a first generation device. I would rate it 2.5 stars for now, and if my second switch does not fail then maybe 3.5 stars. If Belkin improves firmware and the App, then it has the potential to be a 4+ star device but it is not there yet.

See, [...] for a Wemo community forum where you can see a wide variety of issues for troubleshooting this and other Wemo devices.
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on October 10, 2013
I needed a switch that would control my outdoor porch and landscaping lights which are operated by two separate switches inside the house. Specifically, I wanted the lights to come on at dusk, but only stay on for a set number of hours. In theory, this device will do that. It tracks the time of dawn/dusk in your area via it's internet connection and will adjust accordingly. Thus I bought two of these switches. Like many in this category (programmable switches) the switch itself is a bulky device and, while the installation was fairly straight forward in terms of wiring etc, it took a significant amount of time getting the two switches to fit into the box with all of the other wiring and the two other switches that were there (it's a "4 gang" box).

Once installed, the two switches were found quickly by my Android phone and initial setup was straight forward, per the instructions. It took a few resets that were not expected, but overall setup was about 20 min. Both switches worked as expected the first day. The next day, the first time I opened the WEMO app on my phone, I was notified that a firmware update was needed for the switches (not any update to the app). I did not do it right off the bat, but soon realized that this firmware update screen was going to be there each and every time I opened the app until the update had been done. With electronic devices, a firmware update is not an unreasonable or unexpected eventuality, so I went ahead with it.

Both devices failed after the "update." The lights would only flicker on then off if the switch was manually pressed and neither could not be actuated via the app (if the app could even see the switches, which, at this point, was intermittent). In addition, every three to five minutes, the lights the switches were connected to would spontaneously "flicker" on for a second then go off. I tried all of the restarting/resetting options on the Belkin website (none made any difference) and cycled the power at the breaker box. . .all to no avail.

I was leaving town, so I switched the power off at the breaker for two days (to prevent the lights from intermittently flickering day and night while we were gone). When I turned the power back on upon our return, both switches reverted to normal function and would work by either manually pressing the switches or by using the Android app. Approximately two to three hours later though (and without any further intervention from me), I noticed that the lights were off when they should have been on), but flickering again. . .same problem as before. I repeated this cycle of cutting the power at the breaker box for two days and had the same results when powered back on.

The support experience with Belkin was an abysmal and highly frustrating few hours of my life. Suffice it to say that the website where the "premium support" phone number is supposed to be listed was a broken link. I finally found a different number (through an obscure link on the site). I was able to reach a person but, after 10 minutes of them "verifying my phone number" etc, I was told they don't handle the WEMO devices (despite the fact that the page that had the number I was calling had pictures of all of the wemo devices on it). The person actually gave me a different number to call (instead of transferring me) and told me I'd have to call that number and queue up again. I called that number, using the options he told me and got only a loud tone (no answer, no recording, no human). I tried several times, all with the same result and even stayed on the line for several minutes to see if anything would happen (nothing did). I called the number back and tried different options, this resulted in me being hung up on by the surly woman who answered the phone. I finally called back one last time and actually got the first guy I had spoken to again. I told him what had happened since I had spoken to him last. At this point, he kind of switched gears and began trying to be helpful to me. However, the end of the story is that, as best they could tell, the firmware update had ruined my devices. The technician actually suggested that I only do firmware updates via a hardwire and not using wifi. . .though this is common sense, this is a ridiculous assertion with this particular product as it is a light switch with no traditional input/output options for connection to a computer or router such as USB, LAN, etc. They'd send me replacements, but I WOULD still have to call the WEMO people, go through all of this again, then receive new devices and physically reinstall them. And, for what? To have another firmware update ruin those devices? Not to mention the fact that the number to the WEMO folks results in a loud tone with no human answering. No thanks. I cut my losses and returned the devices.

If and when these devices (or devices such as these) fully mature and they are able to function as advertised, they will be a truly great home automation device. These belkin light switches are NOT ready for prime time. And, for my part, I'll be looking to a different manufacturer for any future such products as Belkin, in my experience, are willing to push inferior products to the market and are ENTIRELY unable to support them.
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on December 16, 2014
Crazy permissions for Android app (you must give it permissions to let it invade your privacy). Oh and good luck in trying to contact Belkin support.
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on October 15, 2014
Awesome Product ! works so well and looks really clean. I actually installed two of the light switches in a 2 gang outlet I attached a pic. To do this you kinda need to be handy and have a good idea on how electrical works. I am no electrician and was able to figure it out. I have used Belkin Products for years they have great quality control and the product shows !! I wish that they allowed dimming but you cant have it all I guess
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on March 10, 2014
The WeMo Light Switch has worked great for me. I replaced the switch that powers our outdoor lights and it has worked flawlessly, turning on the light at sunset and off at sunrise. That is, until Daylight Savings Time hit on Sunday.

Last night (Sunday, March 9, 2014), the lights turned on at the EST time. Tonight (Monday, March 10, 2014), they did not turn on at all. I contacted Belkin support on Twitter (@BelkinCares) and they DM'd me, telling me that I had to reset my light switch and two switches, pretty much reinstalling them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I found it painfully ironic that on the Belkin's product page([...]), it says "The WeMo App automatically adjusts for daylight savings." Yeah, right.

When this works, it's awesome. When things aren't right, things go horribly wrong.

UPDATE 04/02/2014

I am fed up with this product and the other WeMo products I have purchased (2 switches, a camera, and a motion sensor) and have downgraded my review accordingly. It has been nearly a month since DST arrived and the light switch that is supposed to turn on at sunset turns on at different times each night. I have reset (in effect reinstalled) and redone my rules more times than I can count and this still doesn't work. Numerous emails to Belkin support have proved to be fruitless and I am stuck with these things. DO NOT BUY UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THIS HAS BEEN FIXED!

UPDATE 10/31/2014

I don't know what else I can say about this product. I gave the rules another chance, selecting outdoor lights to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. I wish I could attach the screenshot, because the WeMo app was telling me that in Tampa Bay, Florida, the sun sets at almost 11pm and rises at about 3:30am. What I try to put my location in, it doesn't find anything, no matter what city I type in. So I am left with having to update my rules and the sunset and sunrise times move. THIS IS A TERRIBLE USER EXPERIENCE, BELKIN! They keep releasing software and firmware updates that just keep making things worse.

UPDATE 03/08/2015

I have had it with WeMo switches and will be looking for another solution. ONCE AGAIN daylight savings has come and the switches I have are FREAKING out. Even though we have the switches that are hooked up to lights going off at 9:15pm, one of them just decides to come on around midnight. So I have to get up, get my phone and turn it off. Belkin is INCOMPETENT.
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on March 15, 2015
A fun little gadget. It it is very convenient (when it works).

My biggest complaint is that there is no on/off widget with the app. You have to open the app, wait for it to connect, then to detect the switch before you can turn it off or on, and sometimes it fails to detect it.

Overall I still like it. The ability to turn my light off or on from pretty much anywhere is nice.

I would not suggest using it with a computer, or anything that could be damaged by losing power. I have had it just decide to turn off for a few seconds, then back on.
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on July 23, 2014
I am not an electrician or a experienced handy man. This was my 1st electrical home improvement project. This device is a wi-fi enabled light control switch that you can turn on/off your light with either an Android app or IPhone app. We have both and they both work perfectly! Installation was easy. All you need is a screw driver and a voltage tester to make sure the circuit breaker is completely turned off. Very important otherwise you will get shocked. This will only work with single pole light switch meaning if there are two switches that turn on the same light this won't work like stairway lights. Once installed setup on the app is simple. Also, with this switch you can still turn the lights on/off manually by pressing on the switch panel. Highly recommended.
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on June 22, 2015
I purchased a number of these to use with Amazon Echo. It works perfectly. I am able to say Alexa, turn on kitchen lights... and boom they turn on.

In respect to the WeeMoo switches they are very easy to install... just follow the instructions or reference the Youtube video on Belkins channel.

I had some of the older style belkin weemoo plug in switches that would sometimes drop connection to wifi. I am pleased to report these new switches do not (at least for me) suffer from this issue.
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