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on April 27, 2008
I got this book on the advice of a very good friend o mine who knows that I am interested in the subject of self-improvement and taking care of your body and soul. In a sense this volume reminds me of my favorite book in this category titled Can We Lve 150. I like both books for the comprehensive approach to taking care of oneself. Instead of focusing on now so popular dieting program, the authors apply a much broader approach where taking care of one's mind and spirit is as much important as taking care of one's body and its physiological needs. Although I find Can We Lve 150 a superior book to "Wear Your Life Well" I still found here a few chapters that were not tackled by the other author. Specifically I found very helpful the chapter about self-sabotage as well as the chapter about sex. Actually these two chapters are the main reason I liked the book, as a lot of other stuff wasn't a new discovery for me, although it might be the case for some other readers. I think this book is definitely worth your time and money but I subtract one star for the lack of originality.
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on April 24, 2008
I have to admit that I was looking forward to this book because it was aimed at people looking to improve their health at mid-life. Entering my mid-forties and definitely focused on improving my health and lifestyle, this was exactly what I was ready for. I read Wear Your Life Well from cover to cover ready for anything new or exciting and different.

I didn't find anything new, but Marilu Henner and her brother/co-author, Lorin Henner did present things in a unique style. And she is full of an energy and excitement that is evident in her anecdotes about her life and work, which she provides in abundance to make her points.

That said, the program itself, not really a program, but rather, many separate ideas brought together for the purpose of her book, has some definite value for people starting out on the journey of improving their health and well-being. Marilu gives some truly inspirational points. My favorite includes her tip on how she overcame self-sabotage. After many years of struggle with this myself, she speaks truth when she says "You have to fall in love with something bigger than your cravings." (p. 47) This is the recap of her expansion on the point which is found on page 45.

I know that she has experience fighting in front of Congress for better guidelines regarding food and water, but I feel some of the things she wrote should have been backed up by reference points of studies where she learned some of her statistics. For example, she writes at the top of page 60 about alcohol reduction for women because of it increasing their risk of breast cancer. Where do these facts come from?

There were a lot of chapters I loved. I loved the chapter on stress. I don't think enough people take de-stressing seriously enough when trying to improve their health. I loved the chapter about sex. I think the best line in the book is buried on page 197 and if women would remember that line, it would help them all feel so much better. There was genius hidden in the Teflon chapter. But I'd suggest that a different comparison be chosen in talking about Use it or lose it than vaccinations. I thought the relevance was hard to reach there, but worse, bringing the Native Americans into the discussion is a dangerous thing. It is a true hot button. There are a lot of very mixed feelings about that particular issue and you could alienate readers without anyone knowing why based on one small paragraph. But by all means, get them moving with something people love and make it easy! And use the brain every day! So many pearls in that chapter.

I wasn't sure at first if it was a good thing I was also reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle at the same time I was reading and reviewing this book. But I have decided finally that it was helpful (and helped me put this book in a positive light). It certainly made me look at Ms. Henner's book from a different place. It helped me understand her Role Playing section and understand the whole concept of Wearing Life from a totally different point of view. I started out wondering if this wasn't just a very phony way to live life and then in further review, realized that by trying on these different roles and being the "observer" and watching to see how these roles feel rather than just identifying with the roles, a person can shed the unhealthy habits and try out far healthier lifestyles in their new characters. People have to live and get out of bed and put on some sort of role to go about the day, it may as well be a healthy one!

Wear Your Life Well is a book full of information on getting healthy and doing things for yourself inside and out to live the life you really want. And I think that would have made a far better subtitle than How to Use What Have to Get What You Want. The subtitle was a huge turnoff from the book to me. Had I picked it up off the shelf of the bookstore or library and read that I wouldn't have purchased it based on that. It sounds like some truly selfish ego-centric life plan. Looking at the photo of Marilu on the cover is a bit of a poor representation of what you'll find inside, as well. That tells me it is a book very focused on looks. Packaging of the outer you is certainly part of the overall program, but not even a significant part.
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on April 13, 2008
I picked this book up a couple of days ago and couldn't put it down until I'd pretty near finished. And that was just the first read - I can tell I'll be picking this book up regularly for years to come, it's so full of "whole life" wisdom. Being healthy is so much more than eating well and exercizing (although you can't be healthy without that!), it's about getting your relationships, job, and your whole environment healthy, and that's what I *love* about Marilu's message in this (and all her other) books. I will be recommending this book to everyone I know!!
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HALL OF FAMEon August 21, 2009
Marilu Henner's book was one given to me by someone concerned about my total health and beauty--not just the surface, what one sees from outside, but the inner light that glows from within. My friend pointed out that, although Henner, a former actress and TV star, had written many successful volumes about total health and beauty, the new one hadn't done well in the bookstores and was already remaindered. I can see that there certainly anywhere near the number of reviews for this book that Henner's previous books mustered, even on Amazon. Check it out, maybe people are tired of her message. Well, they shouldn't be! She has a lot to offer the restless seeker.

One of her main tenets is similar to advice my uncle Bill used to give me, when he said that if you smile often, you'll feel yourself growing unconsciously happier because the muscles make you happy. Uncle Bill, who exerted a strange influence over me, was a Marilu Henner type of person, though a bit larger and younger. Henner advises those of us who are not healthy to think about auditioning for the role of a healthy person. How would you walk if you were healthy? What would your hair look like? How would you prepare for this role? And if you can do it for even a day, you can "act" your way into fitness. But, you will say, I'm not an actor. Nonsense, scoffs Henner, we all of us act every day.

Think of your health as a business, she says. She has written all of her books while acting in other projects, for the energy that fuels the one fuels the other too, through an odd cross pollination of good ideas. My Uncle Bill was like that too, he thought nothing of installing knotty pine walls into a basement while dictating his response to Plato's Symposium into one of those old fashioned reel to reel recorders. And always dressed impeccably, like Marilu Henner--none of those vinyl workout outfits for her, because they promote dehydration.
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on May 18, 2013
I am enjoying her spin on how she has done things to make her life easier. While I read allot, I hope I can remember some of it to use in my life. That is my goal. Used books do not just mean old news
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on April 29, 2008
I very much enjoyed this book. Marilu speaks to you as a friend. She asks the questions that a friend would who really wants you to succeed in getting your act together. There are current references to her work on Trump's show. She speaks of what each person asked for in terms of food and other comfort items. Reading it you know why she and Carol Alt are so thin and have such great skin.
This book is at the top of my book pile these days with frequent references to it.
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on April 8, 2008
This is not just another self-help or diet book. From the moment I opened this book and began reading it was clear this is a hit - Marilu Henner is sharing ideas and offering help to anyone who needs to rediscover who they are and what they want from life, and gives you the tools and steps to get there. I can recommend this book to anyone who wants to kickstart and re-energize their life and learn to live fully and in the present.
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on September 20, 2012
Another nice realistic advice book from Henner. Worth the read, also good for dipping into and out of now and again. Wear Your Life Well: Use What You Have to Get What You Want
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on January 5, 2010
Frankly, the book is a shallow and eclectic collection of different ideas. The ideas are neither fresh nor original... nor presented originally. Well, it's difficult to come up with new things when it comes to living well: eat well, de-stress, exercise, develop quality relationships, don't sabotage yourself, blah blah blah.
I know all these things already!!!

The only value that the book would give me would be a step-by step plan so I wouldn't have to spend time drafting my menus, exercise programs or meditation sessions. Well, the author meant to provide such a plan, but it was made in haphazard way. The meals were just listed with no consideration for caloric intake and nutritional balance; the exercises were listed without any system.

I paid 5 dollars for this book on sale at B&N and regret it. I felt I was used by this actress-turned-into-a-so-so-writer. Even the local used book store owner wasn't interested in buying it from me :), so I sent it to the recycling bin. My advice - save these 20 dollars and buy a couple of issues of Women's Health magazine. They have better information and better programs and all based on latest research. They have advice on relations and stress too. Or any other women's magazine, really.
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on April 8, 2008
This book is TRULY life changing! I began reading in the store and couldn't put it down. On the way home I was sneaking peeks at traffic lights. It doesn't matter what page you open to, there is something there that will resonate and tell you how to be the best version of YOURSELF. This is what I had hoped it would be. I've read all of Marilu's books and loved them but this one has new information that will really make you think.

I'd love to thank Marilu for helping me with all of my 2008 shopping!! I'll be giving this book as gifts to all the people I love. There is something in here for everyone.

I'm anxious to delve in some more. Trust me---this is a great read !!
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