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270 of 272 people found the following review helpful
on April 17, 2003
This is my third Weber grill and first ever gas grill. I've been considering a gas grill for more convenience during the week, but didn't want one that took up much room. The Thermos and Coleman portable models that have come out in the last year interested me at first, but really just seemed to be outdoor grillpans/griddles. Then I saw the Q...
The Q is a good looking, stylish grill. Added to that are clever design features (folding trays, ultra-light composite shell), a high quality regulator, and a cast iron cooking grate that weighs more than the rest of the grill. Weber has also designed accessories that add to the functionality of the Q. Out of the box, assembly is a breeze. A useful Owner's Guide and a nice recipe card booklet are provided.
I've cooked one meal so far. The food cooked evenly across the whole surface. Once it was preheated, the medium gas setting was plenty to keep the heat up. I was very impressed with how well it cooked. Also, don't be fooled by the thought of a portable grill being small -- the Q can handle a lot of food. I had 4 sausages and 12 large shrimp on it and there was plenty of room for more.
As a longtime dedicated charcoal guy, I find that gas grilling just doesn't provide the same flavor. But the Q has won me over for quick, clean, and convenient weeknight cooking. The idea of being able to take it on the road adds to the value. It may even prove to be a handy double-burner for weekend barbecues. Thanks, Weber, for another great grill.
(Update: I've now grilled potato planks, chicken breast, pork chops, pizza, polenta, pinwheel skirt steaks, garlic bread, eggplant, mushrooms, and beef skewers. All have turned out pefectly. Can't say enough about the cooking grate and evenness of cooking across the entire surface.)
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168 of 170 people found the following review helpful
on May 21, 2003
I purchased the Weber Q grill about 3 weeks ago. Since then it has been in pretty much daily use. This is my 3rd (4th if you count the Weber charcoal grill handed down through the family since 1969) Weber Grill. A few years ago I purchased a new Weber charcoal grill. Last summer I purchased the Weber Gas and Go portable for the beach, and now the Q grill for use at home and at the beach. The Gas and Go grill is nice and small, but not enough cooking surface, thus the purchase of the Q.
The Q is a perfect hybrid grill. It works great for everyday cooking at home (when I don't feel like starting up the charcoal) and doubles as an awsome beach grill. I can't tell you how great the work surfaces on the side of the grill are. This is an amazing feature on a portable grill. No more leaving grilling accesories in the sand!
The first two uses, the food stuck to the grill a little bit, but now that the grill is "seasoned" I don't have that problem. Be sure to pre-heat the grill (lid closed) for at least 10 min on High, then you can drop the heat down for cooking. So far I have cooked steak, chicken, fish, hot dogs and burgers on the grill. The grill heats evenly, and cooks evenly. It took me a little while to get used to the heat settings. I used to cook only on charcoal. However, working with the grill for a while, everything comes out evenly cooked every time. Grilling time is the same on my full size grill and the Q.
Last weekend was the first beach outing I had 8 hotdogs and 4 burgers going on the grill, with plenty of space on the sides to toast the buns. The group was honestly "amazed" with my portable grill. The electric starter works great at home on the deck, but just in case I recommend bringing a lighter with you to the beach. The wind was just enough to keep the electric starter from lighting the burner. Once started with a lighter the grill stayed lit and perfomed like a champ.
If you plan to use this grill often, invest in the 20-lb Tank adapter hose, and a larger propane tank. To save on size, and still keep the grill portable, I purchased a 10lb external tank. I have used the grill constantly over the past few weeks and still have plenty of gas left for grilling.
By the way, assembly is a breeze the Q grill comes almost fully assembled right out of the box. As I recall, I needed to install the handle on the lid, and the drip tray, that was all.
My next investment will be the rolling cart. While portable, the grill still weighs about 40lbs because of the cast iron cooking grate. One person can carry the grill, but it is probably best carried by two - protect your back :)
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74 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on July 2, 2003
I've been a charcoal BBQ guy all my life.
So what business do I have buying this Weber Q gas grill? In a word -- Convenience.
I've owned Weber charcoal grills (still have a Weber Smokey Joe!), and decided that it was time to get a gas grill, and wanting one that I could bring to tailgate parties, I settled on the Weber Q. The other portable grills by other manufacturers are basically silly griddle pans with raised "grill" ribs to put marks on the food.
The Weber Q is a real-man's grill -- it cooks with FIRE. And the cast-iron grill grate is no chrome-plated joke. It's serious business and professional quality. You can tell by the weight, as it weighs a good 25+ lbs.
For now, I'm using it with the 1 lb propane canisters, which I found in the power tools section of the hardware store (I guess these canisters are used for welding/cutting torches). I will definitely invest in the hose adapter so I can use a 20 lb propane tank.
I also bought the rolling cart and the vinyl cover, both excellent purchases and what I would consider basic necessities. The rolling cart is stable, although the wheels are kinda cheap plastic, but it does the job. The vinyl cover is heavy-weight and fits over the grill like a glove.
OK, the taste test. First, a word of warning from experience -- wash the wax coating off the grill before use. This tidbit of info was buried somewhere in the Weber website FAQ. At first, my food tasted a little funny, like gas or oil, and I was reluctant to write this review. But, after a few rounds of grilling, and scraping the grill down with a Weber grill brush, food is tasting great. I've cooked hot dogs, hamburgers, and rib-eye steaks. All came out delicious, evenly cooked, and with perfect grill marks.
Final words -- It's an excellent choice for a portable gas grill. Although I prefer the taste of food cooked over charcoal, when it comes to cooking with gas and for convenience and portability sake, this Weber Q grill is smokin'.
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33 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on July 5, 2004
Living in a small top floor condo, I needed a grill that was small, yet worked well enough to cook a good family-sized meal. So after doing a little research on the internet, and by reading magazines; I settled on the Weber Q Portable Gas Grill.
This grill is very nice for a portable grill. It's got an attractive functional design which allows it to fold up when transporting it, or when its not in use. Although it doesn't generate as much heat as bigger grills, it does have enough power to cook about 5-7 large hamgburgers at once easily. The burner is basically a rectangular metal tube with tiny holes from which the flames emerge from. The burner itself rests below the grill about 7-8inches. This makes a hotspot that is about center, but slightly towards the cover's hinges. Around the center of the grill, there is ample space for indirect cooking, but if you plan on cooking a large pork roast, this still maybe a bit small. Still, for most other things like hamburgers, chicken legs, ribs, and hot dogs; the Weber Q works very well.
As far as taste goes, charcoal is still the best, but I would rather use a good gas grill like this one in favor of its easy clean up. The Weber Q's porcelain/cast iron grill can be easily removed and cleaned with soapy water and some good scrubbing. The drip pan is easily accessible as well as the bottom of the grill itself - where all the ash and drippings collect. This can be easily cleaned with some 409 cleaner and a scrubber. Typically it takes me about 15-20 minutes to clean my Weber Q after I finish using it. And best of all, I can do it all in my small kitchen, without having to go downstairs to the shared water hose.
The Weber Q uses 14.1 ounce Propane gas canisters. These last about 1.5 hours, so I would recommend at least 3 for a weekend bar-b-que. These cansisters can be easily screwed into place, and held by a fitted metal ring. I should point out that the Weber Q is made to work with the 14.1 ounce canisters because this metal ring is sized for them specifically. You could also buy an attachment that allows for the larger, more common propane tank to connect to it, but I think that would cut down on its portability. Also note that these canisters should not be disposed of like other trash. Typically, hardware stores like Orchard Supply are willing to dispose of them for you. In my case, I usually give them my used canisters when I go there to buy more.
Perhaps the only real downside to this grill is that it does not come with a stand. You would be forced to kneel, or sqaut to get to your grill as a result. Weber does make a stand, but it costs another $25-30. So if you want to save yourself from some back pain, definitely get the stand. Of course, this brings the price of the grill to almost $200. And that's somewhat expensive for a portable grill. Still, I do like the ease with which the Weber Q folds up and how portable it is (the stand folds up as well). So if you have little space and want to grill decent amounts of food, I suggest checking this grill out. It's expensive, but it's a very good portable grill.
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38 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on June 20, 2003
I purchased the Weber Q grill for use on a terrace. I previously owned the Weber Gas and Go Grill and although it served it's purpose it is not what I would call a "true" grill. I have used the Q grill 3 times ( I have only owned it for 5 days), but everything I have cooked: chicken on the bone, sausages and boneless skinless chicken breasts turned out perfectly. The meat is increadibly moist and the true cast iron grill makes cooking marks that could put your dishes in Gourmet magazine. This is the ONLY grill to consider right now for use on a small patio, terrace or as a portable companion to one of Weber's larger grills. I researched them all and most of what is out there are nothing more than glorified George Foreman type griddles with legs. I definitely suggest that you use oil when cooking to prevent sticking, at least before the grill is properly seasoned. I mix olive oil into rubs and marinades before coating the meat. I am planning on grilling things I would not have attempted on my previous grill such as lamb, tuna and ribs. I can't wait. Most of the manufacturers have realized there is a market for small and/or portable grills: Coleman, Thermos, etc. but Weber has finally delivered the goods!
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30 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on June 12, 2003
I was very intrigued when I saw the Weber Q grill. Had to have it. I have owned Charcoal and gas Webers in the past. I recently purchased a travel trailer, and had to have a portable for the RV.
Had previously used the "Grill and go" and was not impressed at all. If a man is going to grill, he needs fire down below. The first use of the new Q was on a boys camping trip with my church. Cooked 10 burgers with ease. Grilled 30+ hot dogs with out breaking a sweat. Have 2 camping trips on tap in the next 30 days. Looking forward to some serious food being grilled. Don't waste your time with the 14oz. torch bottles, except for emergencies or space.I purchased a universal adapter for a 20# tank. You get more consistent volume and higher heat. A definite must. Have ordered the cart and duffle bag as well. The Q has impressive space and TRUE big grill character while maintaining portability.
The clean up was easy as well. A piece of foil, shiny side down, and high heat for about 15 minutes does trick after cooking a large volume. Otherwise a grill brush during preheat will take care of debris.
Flat griddles, and "non-stick" closed grates have no place in true fire grills. Seasoned cast iron grates are the way to go.
I look forward to many camp meals being grilled to perfection, for many years to come. "Q" ON!!!
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28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2004
UPDATE (..of my update).
TECH SUPPORT TIP: Dealing with low/no flames at grill start.
This is definitely an entry from the book of "Duh."
OK. I got five Webers. I figure, I "get it." However, this one's twitchy compared to my other gas grills as it concerns the adaptor hose/safety valve hook-up. If using an adaptor for a 20lb. cylinder, crack the valve on the tank extra-slowly! Then, turn on the knob to light extra-slowly. Do this, and this grill will start perfectly and burn like Hades, every time. The safety valve reacts to a marked pressure differential (it restricts flow). One call to Weber Tech Support (after two years of being a dunce) sorted me out: I bought my sister a shiny new Q for her B-day and she had trouble getting it to run right too...

PS: The new version has a thermometer. Great addition.
When I replace my old Weber Genesis 1000, I'm going to get the new Q-300. Weber has really achieved something with the Q design. I'm a TOTAL believer.
Still love the performance. However, I note the burner is a little touchy. It often does not light completely on its own. I have to scratch at the top of it with a grill brush to get it going. This is annoying


I bought the "Q" two weeks ago. There was a discount on Amazon and free shipping. I wanted the Q for camping. I also wanted a second gas grilling surface for the backyard to manage overflow or separate temperatures. I own a few Webers now: Genesis 1000 LX upgraded with stainless parts and now with porcelain coated cast iron ('97), Smokey Mountain Bullet Smoker ('01), Go Anywhere Gas Grill ('99).

Rating of Weber "Q"
+ Grilling area is *big* for a portable
+ Nice browning and control
+ High "Coolness" factor for toy/gadget freaks
+ Good accessories are available (E.g., stand, cover and tools)
+ Easy to set up and operate
+ Q cards are cute

-0- No thermometer supplied- a port and a thermometer would be nice.

- Supplied documentation lacks detail. Weber can add information about cooking estimates for more foods here - or they can publish more on their Web site about using the Q.
- The left top-edge got stained from heat and smoke, and it would not clean up (True, Real Men have dirty grills).
- Box arrived damaged, and there was a small scratch inside the lid. No big matter.
-Tiny patches of scratches on the outside of the top cover became visible after repeated cooking after underlying aluminum began to tarnish.

Two-Week "Test Drive" Results:

Summary: The beauty is in the *heavy* porcelain grill and the open flames. Really nice engineering here. The performance is wonderful. Food looks and tastes sensational! Shelves and accessories add to the convenience. NICE TOY.

Marinated salmon: A grill *full* of goopy salmon filets soaked in oily marinade did not flare up too badly. The skin eventually stuck to the grill, burned a bit and came off the fish (As it usually does). However, cooking control was great. A hearty grilled taste was added, and attractive grill marks were etched into the flesh on both sides. The Q-card estimate for suggested heat setting and cooking time was spot-on. The meal was a hit.

Store-bought Italian sausages: Put three packages (!) on at once Med/Med-Low. Split the sausages down the middle after 8 minutes (It prevents steaming. It improves the grilled effect, however, it does risk drying). Covered the entire grill with split segments and did not suffer a fatal flare-up. Browning and grilled flavor were really first-rate. Segments were juicy enough after 20 minutes. The Q card was vague, but the suggestion I chose for temperature and time worked OK. (I used "brats"). The meal was a hit.

Tri-Tip Steaks: Covered the grill in all-natural beef. Cooked the feast at Medium setting, turning the meat every 2-3 minutes. Cooked for 16-17 minutes, total. The results were fabulous. Got an amazing aroma, nice grill marks, and a good level-of-medium/medium rare doneness.

Burgers: Covered the grill in Coleman frozen burgers. Cooked them on a click-less-than -Medium for 8-9 minutes. Got a fantastic aroma, excellent grill marks and fine color. Got an acceptable level of moisture for safely cooked meat.

Hot Dogs: Covered the grill in dogs. Cooked them on Medium heat turning every 2-3 minutes. Got them to split nicely and the skin to be a little browned. First-rate results! Another hit.
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26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on April 19, 2005
My burner finally gave out in my Sunbeam grill that I have had for about 8 years. I couldn't find a replacement burner and after thinking it over, I decided to look for another grill. I am by no means a grilling expert!

My wife, 4-year old daughter, and I are starting to get into camping, and I also tailgate almost every weekend in the fall with my parents and a bunch of friends. So, a good-size portable grill is something that I was definitely looking into.

I first looked at the Thermos Grill to Go. I saw some people tailgaiting with it last year, and they seemed to like it. It looked very nice and seemed to be easy to take with you wherever. I really have nothing negative to say about the Grill to Go because I have never personally used one; however, as many others on here have mentioned, it is a griddle. After looking at all of the recommendations on here for the Weber Q, I decided to get one. I definitely like the open flame of the Q!

I usually do not purchase large items on Amazon, so I went to Home Depot last night and bought the Q and the cart. It was the same price as buying on here except of course I had to pay tax. I don't mind that so much because I didn't have to wait a couple of weeks before it was shipped. Also, I didn't have to worry about handles, etc. being broken during transit.

I put the cart and Q together last night - if you could call it that! It wasn't hard and didn't take long to assemble (about 10 minutes)! The cart is very sturdy, and it folds back up just as easily as it is to make it upright! Like many others, I highly reccommmend the cart because it makes the Q like a regular grill. The Q fits nicely and easily into the cart. It is also easy to transport the Q while on the cart whether the cart is upright or folded.

Assembly for the Q itself was no big deal either. All of my handles, etc. were fine right out of the box. Everything was stored inside the Q. The shelves folded out, and I had to lift the grate up to get to the handles and hinges to the lid and the control knob. It comes with 2 drip pans (which should last for a long time) that fit in a tray that slides under the grill. You only need a phillips head screwdriver to screw the handles to the lid.

I have not purchased the 14.1 ounce propane bottles and may not unless I decide to take those camping instead of my 20# tank. I can easily fit the bigger tank in my SUV while going camping and not sure if I should spend extra for the smaller bottles. Instead of spending over $20 for the Weber 4' hose attachment, I got a similar one at Wal Mart for $14 that worked great!

I used the Q the first time tonight by grilling boneless chicken breasts on it. This was the best chicken that I have ever done! It was juicy and tasty even without BBQ sauce on it! My wife and daughter really enjoyed it also.

After use, I used our Scunci Steamer to clean the inside of the grill and the grate. It didn't take long at all.

All in all, I am very happy with the Q and plan to use it a whole lot more than I was using the Sunbeam. I cannot wait to take it camping and tailgating!
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on May 19, 2005
This is the right grill to have as the backup to the full size Weber kettle grill when it's raining or (where I live) snowing. It is easy to assemble and easy to clean. It folds up so you can tuck it away on a garage shelf.

This is not a great primary grill because it just doesn't get all that hot. It generates 12,000 BTUs or about as much heat as the big burner on your kitchen range. By comparison, the Weber kettle grill, packed with hardwood charcoal can generate 120,000 BTUs, or as much heat as you can get out of a flaming gallon of unleaded.

The Q is ideal for hamburgers or fish, and when it's raining outside.
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18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on August 23, 2009
I've had this grill for over two years with occasional bad results due to low heat sometimes, it would even blow out in the wind. Turns out you have to turn the gas on at the tank for one minute before you turn the gas on the grill and ignite it. [...]

My LP gas grill won't get hotter than 250 to 300 F, even with all burners on high. Why?


Since 1995 all regulators (the part that attaches to the gas tank to regulate the flow of gas) have included a safety device that restricts the flow of gas in the event of a gas leak. This safety device can be inadvertently activated in two ways, putting the grill into what is commonly called "bypass". The first way for the device to be activated is to leave one or more burner control knobs in the "ON" position when the LP cylinder valve is opened. The second is not to wait long enough to "start" the grill after opening the LP cylinder valve. The safety device in the regulator is activated each time that the LP cylinder valve is opened. The device resets itself when the gas pressure equalizes between the closed burner control valve and the regulator, through the hose. If a burner control knob is turned on before the gas pressure can equalize, the device will remain in "bypass". The length of time necessary to wait to "start" the grill after turning on the LP cylinder valve is dependent on the length of the hose and outside air temperature. It is always good practice to wait a few seconds after opening the LP cylinder valve before turning on the burner control knob to start the grill.

Keep in mind that the safety device reacts to a gas leak. If a grill is in bypass the gas connections and hose should be tested for leaks with a soap and water solution.

If the grill is in bypass, after checking for gas leaks do the following to get the grill out of bypass:

Weber Q 100 and 200 series with an adapter hose and the Q 300 series.

* Close the LP tank valve
* Turn all burner control knobs to the OFF position
* Open the grill lid
* Turn the tank valve until it is completely open
* Wait at least 1 minute
* Turn the burner control knob to Hi/Start
* Press the igniter to light the burner
* Turn any remaining burner control knobs to High
* The grill should preheat to 500-550 degrees in 10-15 minutes.


Weber should have done more to tell you about this, it's not mentioned on the quick start directions located on the grill. Per the owners manual, I've taken the grill apart, cleaned it in case a spider made a nest in the gas tube. I've returned half empty propane tanks thinking they were spent. Turns out it was this regulator. Otherwise, this grill is awesome.
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