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on October 3, 2008
for my favorite tv show. Yes, this season was a major departure from the original premise of the show, some people may be put off by how different it is. It's more violent, more disturbing, and much more intense. But it had me on the edge of my seat during almost every episode and I loved the new additions to the cast, specifically Demian Bichir. Mary-Louise Parker was phenomenal, and I loved the direction Andy's (Justin Kirk) character took. There is still humor, but it's much less zany. My one criticism is what they did with Doug - he simply doesn't fit in well outside of Agrestic. But Nancy's progression from small-time dealer to a player in a Mexican drug cartel and its moral implications whose fascinating to watch, and Jenji Kohan turned in a terrific finale, as usual.
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on January 12, 2009
I don't see how anyone can only give this show one star. This season was definitely different, but it was about time they headed off in a new direction. The characters all had a fresh start in season 4 after most of Agrestic burned down. There are some really funny subplots and big surprises along the way. Many times I found myself wondering what the hell Nancy was doing and how could this possibly turn out okay for her in the end? But that only added to the suspense and my enjoyment. My only true criticism was that Conrad and his family were not accounted for. I hope they make a comeback sometime in the future to stir things up!
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on June 14, 2009
Weeds, Season Four.

The catchy theme song we all loved to sing along with while getting excited for the latest episode is gone, replaced by clever logos and an imaginative script. Too imaginative, to say the least. Remember when Nancy was a bad mother who at least tried to do well by her children? When Doug was always comedy gold, Celia was bitchy but loveable, and Shane was innocent? Sadly, those days are over, folks. Never have I seen a cast once so endearing transform into characters I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Thank God for El Andy, who at least retains his charm and seems to be the only character winning over more audience love with time. Nancy Botwin is now officially a horrible person. One of the fascinations of this show was watching her balance that thin line between Suburbia and the Grasslands while juggling single parenthood. She was imperfect; a poor decision maker for sure, but at least she tried to bridge the gap between her growing(ly distant) sons. Her character has now officially all but given up any effort at all at maternal humanity. She goes through so many men that I've lost count and didn't have time to form any sort of attachment with any of those characters except Conrad, who despite all those seasons of subtle romantic build-up, all but disappears from this latest season. When did Doug become a grouchy demanding irritant? Wasn't he everyone's favorite member of Agrestic? By the way, whatever happened to Agrestic? Oh yeah. Up in flames like everything else in the series. Agrestic played such a central role in the series it was a character unto itself. No more. The Botwins now live by the seaside in Ren-Mar where they engage in plenty of acts that are anything but comical. Celia's character was initially written to be the next-door-neighbor, mother, and wife from hell (and the friend you should never double cross). Over the seasons, her character has melted into sheer terror. There is NOTHING funny about locking your ex-husband in a closet and abusing him. I'm pretty darn liberal when it comes to my sense of humor, but a lot of what is being pawned off as comedy is atrocious and completely amoral beyond belief, even for a TV show. I'm actually insulted that some of this is supposed to be laugh-worthy and frankly, disturbed by the implications. I guess the only realistic aspect of this show now is that Shane and Silas would find their way into the drug underworld relatively early in life given their upbringing. Even Guillermo nosedived into scary. This is certainly NOT the season I'd ever want to watch. The entire thing was blanketed in a darkness so thick and storylines so unpleasant I dare not purchase the season and will gladly forget it ever happened if Season Five can resurrect any shred of credibility to its mangled fate. After all that viewing, it appears the show is indeed made of ticky-tacky and like everything else on TV, looks just the same.
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on January 31, 2009
The first time I watched weeds I didnt like it. For some reason I watched another episode and absolutely fell in love with it. I now own seasons 1-3 and have just preordered season 4 (which I have already seen on showtime). The cast is great. I really like Kevin Nealon's character, absolutely hilarious!

If for some reason you are having doubts as to buying this season, believe me, it is as good if not better than the other 3. I would encourage you to start from season 1 (which is also cheap on so you can see all the character development. Season 4 is great on it's own(it was the first season I watched prior to buying 1-3) but watching the other 3 first would make it even better!
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on January 25, 2016
Season 1 came out as pro-Cannabis show, even the extras promoted growing of a special crop of plants. Great cast of people and the music for the opening and closing credits was wonderful and diverse. This continued through much of the next two seasons with all the growing pains of just living, except you had that business of Mom selling pot to save the house/home. The fourth season was a rehash of reefer madness. "Marijuana selling is the gateway drug to all sorts of illicit crime and irresponsibility." The characters that made the show were seen less and less or disappeared altogether and the ones that make you cringe or you wanted to see get capped are there for every episode. Worse, all the characters just get dingier and they lost those great qualities that made them who they are, which by Season 4, they have evolved out of character. This is the last Season I watched and cannot see how they were able to get this aired for another couple of seasons after.
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I really wanted to rate this 3 stars but in all honesty I've got to make it 4 stars. This is because I keep telling myself that this show is stupid and ridiculous and only an idiot would watch it. Then, of course, this idiot is there the following week taking in the newest episode after swearing that the week before was the last time with this show. If I were not now watching the newest season, 5, in exactly the same way, I might be able to make myself believe that season 4 was no good but c'mon, even I'm not that thick.

This is a bizarre season. We leave suburbia for good with the usual cast of characters and take up residence near the Mexican border. So Nancy now is living much more like an outlaw and no more like a soccer mom. Nancy becomes involved with a Mexican drug lord and is as over her head as she was when she was involved with the rogue DEA agent. I have never really understood why Nancy had to go into dealing drugs as her employment when she found herself stranded in suburbia as a widowed soccer mom in season one but 4 seasons in, I've given up trying to understand any logic or reason to the characters in this show.

Coming as no surprise is the character who has grown and grown with each season is her brother-in-law Andy (Justin Kirk). I say this is no surprise because the two people on the show with substantial success in other (deeper) work are Kirk and Parker herself. Kirk was the main character on both stage and screen for ANGELS IN AMERICA. Parker also had a big part in ANGELS IN AMERICA. That show walked off with just about all the Emmys the year it came out. It was the poetic masterpiece about America in the time of AIDS.

Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) remains the most witchy, caustic, non-mom, non-wife, non-worker in the show. If everyone seems to fall in love with Nancy, they fall in hate with Celia. She is the Nancy antidote.

Shane as the bright kid who has to grow up in this bizarre environment, remains strong on the show. As usual, he seems more like the parent to Nancy than the child.

The other, usual characters from prior seasons seem more peripheral this time around. They seem to be just along for the ride and it might be better to just jettison them all together.

I've always liked Parker, Kirk and Perkins as actors. I viewed all their other work as more substantive than this but there must be some reason I keep watching this show. Maybe it is just that I like seeing three very talented actors from stage and screen slugging it out in one outrageous situation after another week after week.

Visit my blog with link given on my profile page here or use this phonetically given URL (livingasseniors dot blogspot dot com). Friday's entry will always be weekend entertainment recs from my 5 star Amazon reviews in film, tv, books and music. These are very heavy on buried treasures and hidden gems. My blogspot is published on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
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on July 4, 2015
I wonder how many other guys fell in love with Mary Louise Parker's character in this long running series? Hilarious situations, inspired characters, and an involving/evolving story arc that leaves you wanting to see what happens next at the end of each episode. Everything a good TV series should be.
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on September 21, 2015
I enjoyed this entire series and purchased all seasons in its entirety. I preferred the first few seasons to the latter but the entire series was enjoyable overall, including season 4. You simply cannot not watch them all.
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on August 15, 2009
I enjoyed the first three seasons of 'Weeds' and I found the beginning of the fourth season relatively engaging, Albert Brooks helped. But the show went off the track as the season went on. I have no problem with dark material, 'The Wire' and 'Deadwood' and 'Dexter' I find brilliant in their own ways. But this season of 'Weeds' turned into shallow melodrama where the writers either ran out of ideas or were suffering personal anger issues that they decided to channel through their characters. Almost every character became a hollowed out version of their former selves. And don't tell me this is some sort of social realism, it was mostly just absurd. I felt angry with the creators and writers of this show by the end as they had taken an interesting show and debased it so horribly. I honestly don't know how so many people can give this season decent reviews? Either intelligence is being lost or maybe shallow spectacle is overtaking substance in culture, certainly in this season of 'Weeds'. Maybe I value some depth to characters more than others. Try and find much of any human heart or compassion in anyone this season, outside of aspects of Andy? This season of 'Weeds' suffers in contrast with shows like 'Mad Men' and 'Dexter' that handle 'darkness' and social commentary with much more subtley, nuance and insight. But that would be giving Weeds Season 4 too much credit.
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on April 30, 2014
Someone at Amazon apparently thinks its customers are stupid. I have bought hundreds of dollars in DVDs from Amazon in the last year and never returned one. This is the second time I am returning Weeds Season 4 because disc 3 stops in exactly the same place in exactly the same episode at exactly the same time. The packaging for the replacement DVD was shrink wrapped upon receipt, but the seals on the box were broken open. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. This Amazon DVD vendor simply rewrapped the DVD set and shipped it back to me again. Surprise--it is still defective.
I don't recommend buying DVDs from Amazon any longer when my friends ask me.
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