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on November 9, 2012
For reasons that I don't understand, fans of the long-running Showtime series "Weeds" are divided, when it comes to the final season. I gave Season Seven of Weeds 5 stars, because I didn't want to admit that the quality had dipped drastically. If S7 were the last, I truly would have been upset. In season eight, Jenji Kohan and crew know from the beginning that it's the last season. It started out as a show primarily about family. So we get more moments with our core characters. We aren't introduced to any new cartoonish bad guys - drug dealers or gangsters. We learn to love the characters that we used to love again.

And as a longtime fan who has been here since the beginning, I think it's the best way they could have ended things. For the first time in years, we get genuine character development, most of the characters redeem themselves, and we're left with a quiet and nuanced series finale that reminded me that there is some hope in the cynical world of "Weeds".

The start of season eight shows our favorite antiheroine Nancy Botwin recovering from a possibly fatal shot to the head. Not one member of her family sheds a tear, and we're reminded how cynical and broken they are. We have yet another new location - fictitious Connecticut suburb Old Sandwich. It's a lot like Agrestic. It's interesting that the show had this big multi-location journey over eight years, to ultimately end up where they began.

After a three-month recovery, Nancy vows to be a better person, after finally realizing that she's been a pretty terrible person. Stevie is back in her life, and she's trying to allow him as much of a normal life as possible. She gets out of the drug game (at least for a while), and gets a legit job, where she is still around drugs, ironically. Silas is still growing and selling pot, while Shane is preparing to be a cop in the NYPD, allowing for a new interesting dynamic between the two. Jill and her daughters have moved in with the family, and Jill almost automatically restarts her sordid romance with Andy. Even a character as despicable as Jill ultimately becomes likable in the end.

The show's characters are grappling with real issues this season. Nancy, who still has a bullet lodged in her head, is wondering why she was given a second chance. She befriends a rabbi who spoke with Andy when Nancy was coma-ridden in the hospital. Andy's also wondering what the point of his life is. They're realizing that death is closer, and they contemplate religion pretty heavily, which is interesting, since religion had always been something to point and laugh at on this show. While events aren't necessarily as exciting as previous seasons may have been, we see all of the Botwins moving forward in their own lives, as they slowly drift apart from one another, into more permanent jobs and lives.

While I don't want to give away too much, there are many other high points of this season. The landmark 100th episode is a return to Agrestic (now called Regrestic), where many old characters are revisited, and old wounds are opened again, and the relationship and unsaid dynamic between Andy and Nancy is finally resolved.

The series finale feels very much like a reunion show, set many years in the future, where many old characters from both Agrestic and Ren Mar show up. The hour-long finale is quiet and nuanced, and not big and exciting like one would think. We see where each character is, and it's interesting to see. The ending is something that satisfied me. It isn't a happily-ever-after ending, but it's not terribly sad either. For someone who has followed this show for years, I couldn't have wanted a better ending. I thought it was beautiful, emotional and redemptive. I'm truly going to miss this show. Forever live the Botwins.
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on February 23, 2013
I just finished watching this season; I watched all the other seasons to right after I ordered this season and it really was helpful. I think this is one show you should start with the first season and work your way through to the end. With that said this had to be my favorite season yet. The humor is wonderful and the actors are the best. Its funny you look at the Botwins and they look like a family. I've grown to love this family. This season once again it is full of surprises. I'm not going to say much and spoil the fun for you. I'm amazed that they could pull this show off on TV but they did and it worked. I loved how they brought back the old theme song and got people caught up with the history of the show. They took a lot of bold chances with this to keep it fresh and once again it worked out nicely. What can I say but I love this show and am thankful that I have the dvds so I can watch it again and again. By the way I have watched all of the seasons multiple times and have picked up a number of different things each time. A one of a kind show and it such a great job on the ending they didn't blow it.
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on March 6, 2013
This is the last season of a great series. No, I won't say that it is the best, but I sure liked it and it wraps things up rather nicely. It was money well spent if you're a fan.
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on January 18, 2013
I have to agree that the final season wasn't quite as outrageous as previous seasons, but I also thought that it was good seeing everything come together and provide some closure - unlike other series finales, e.g., The Sopranos. The overall series has been a pleasure to watch, was extremely well written and very entertaining.
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on March 4, 2013
I rarely find a series that entertains me enough to stick with it for longer than a season or two. Weeds was certainly the exception. I simply couldn't wait to see what Nancy was going to get herself into next. At the end of Season 7 I was REALLY hoping we'd get a season 8. Season 8 provided closure to me for the characters. I particularly liked the last two episodes. It brought the series around full circle with the 5 mainstays of the show. I liked that they advanced time as forward as they did for the very end. Will be looking for more work from these folks!
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on February 9, 2013
Season 8 of weeds is just the final entry in a show that should have ended 5 seasons ago. There is no suspense, nothing interesting. All the excitement of the first few seasons is relegated to the background just so they can still claim the show is about drugs/drug dealing. Everyone pretends like nothing from their past happens, past characters come back for no reason, everything is forgiven and everyone lives happily ever after. Please. If you like pointless melodrama, then this is the perfect season for you.
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on March 6, 2013
I'm glad that I got this season. It was the best season by far. Now my collection is complete an I can watch when whenever I want
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on February 14, 2013
I am almost at a loss of words at how bad this season was. I own every season on bluray and after watching season 8... I have a strong urge to sell every season because now that I know how poorly this series ends, I can't imagine rewatching it. What a sad, sad life for the Botwin family.
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on February 9, 2014
I've been following Weeds since around season 4 (I haven't seen the first three seasons) so while I know a little about life back in Agrestic, my understanding of the characters started later than most viewers. Having said that, I really liked the blend of drama and dark humour and to me, it's a fantastically unique show with some really amazing acting.

[Contains some spoilers below]

Season 8 does unfold slowly when compared with the gripping and fast-paced season 7 and the characters, while still entertaining and compelling, aren't as funny as they used to be. I remember laughing a lot less this season than previous ones and it seems that the creative energy is slowly drying up as we move through the first two or three episodes. Unfortunately for me, I never really liked Nancy's sister as a character, so her more prominent place in Seasons 7 and 8 left me feeling a little frustrated but she does, in the end, become more tolerable and perhaps even slightly likable.

Into episodes 4 and 5, the season picks up a little bit and things get more light-hearted but there's always that sense that the end is near and the writers are stuck for where to take the characters. Probably the highlight of the season is episode 11 when Nancy, Andy and Silas return to Agrestic (now Regrestic) in an attempt to re-hash old business opportunities and rekindle old sparks. The sad news is that everything in the episode feels rushed and stale so while dragging it out would have been a very bad idea indeed, more interesting dialogue between the characters would have made this episode shine brighter.

Then comes the season finale (in the form of a one hour double-episode) where we take a leap into the future to see where the characters have ended up. I can see why they chose to wrap up the series as a whole rather than just the season as it stands. I thought that doing a whole hour-long episode devoted to the future of the Botwins and their various friends and allies was a brilliant way to end the series. The writing for this episode (as expected) was obviously the best it can be as Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, by tradition, leads out the season. My problem doesn't stem from the acting, the story or the lack of quality writing - it stems from disappointment in exactly where the characters end up. I won't say much but I will say that it isn't the ending I would have written for Nancy. I still felt sympathetic towards her after all these years and I would have liked things to have ended a little more happily for her. The strange conundrum here is that while I'm not thrilled with the way things turned out, I appreciate that what happens as a result of the way things have turned out is absolutely realistic and that's probably the best way to handle characters which seem very real to most of us.

As others have said and I will echo, I will miss the Botwins very much so. The series was truly one of the best out there and was a little piece of genius in my book even if the last season wasn't its best. I am always disappointed somehow with season finales because I never feel like the writers do a good job of handling the nostalgia, the sadness and the progress of a final episode. I must say though that as a whole, the final episode of Weeds is well-written and handled as it should have been apart from the slight disappointment I spoke about earlier.

Anyone who is a fan of the series should of course get the final season: to complete your collection, to revel in nostalgia and to pay respect to the show itself, the writers, the actors, crew and all those involved. It was a bit of a mediocre season overall but we needed closure for these characters and that is exactly what we get in the eighth and final season of Weeds.
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on March 17, 2014
I was so sad to learn this was the last season kicking it with Nancy. I all around liked this series and will continue to watch it during the winter months.
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