Item Weight 3.2 oz.? Do these really weigh 3.2 oz or is that including packaging?

That's 50% heavier that the Sony TDG-BR250/B model (2.1 oz), which are already heavy on the bridge of my nose. I was interested in these for the higher performance they seem to have, but I'll have to go with the new titanium glasses that weigh 1.2 oz if these are really 3.2 oz.

Unfortunately, Sony doesn't specify the weight of these on their site like they do for the other models, so I don't know whether Amazon's weight is correct.

asked by Cass on June 8, 2012
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I was finally able to confirm with Sony that they are, indeed, 3.2 oz. Crazy.
Cass answered on June 8, 2012

They weigh 1.7 oz
Chozer answered on November 14, 2012
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