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Flavor Name: Original Formula|Size: 26-Pound Bag|Change
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on February 13, 2013
I'll start with the long story, but you can skip to the bottom for the quick version... I happen to like listening to stories, and gathering information from reviews, so I suppose I should allow others to do the same with mine!
A little over a year ago we adopted a beautifully chubby (75#), wonderfully sweet, low maintenance (5yrs old and very mellow) pit-bull from our local kennel. She seemed pretty hearty and easy going, so we were in LOVE. One month later, we were still in love, but we were out $2K and giving our pretty girl sub-q fluids twice a day to keep her hydrated while she recovered from a horrible pancreatic attack. Apparently, all of the love (treats) and training (treats) we were giving to her, combined with what we thought was the best food we for our budget and her taste buds (Pedigree), caused her to have an acute attack. According to the vet, this wasn't her first, and every subsequent attack would be worse, eventually causing her constant pain from her organs being "digested." If we notice her starting to exhibit any signs of discomfort, she should get a prilosec and skip a meal or two. After hearing all of that, I did what any loving mother would do, I turned to Google! What I found was very different from what the local high end pet food boutiques told me, and pretty different from the vet-pushed Science Diet that they wanted me to feed her. Protein is NOT the issue, fat is. Dogs need protein, but sometimes they need it in different ways, and dogs with pancreatitis need to never eat anything with a crude fat max of more than 5-7%
We tried different foods, spent money on broken promises, subjected our poor sweet marshmallow to more than one tester tummyache, and finally found this.

The reduced fat, grain-free Wellness has kept us out of the vets office, and showed us the true personality of our adopted dog. Before we learned of her condition, she was always a little "depressed." She was slow-moving, slept often, didn't play very much, and sometimes ignored her food. She's still one of the cuddliest and laziest dogs I know, but she's so much more playful and energetic after we learned how to treat her! She has not lost weight, but for us, that's not why we bought this food. She is a bit leaner, but I think that's because she plays tug every night that she isn't feeling bad! Yes, it is more expensive than the stuff you get at the grocery store, but it has saved us cash and peace of mind with our situation. I know my dog isn't the only one with pancreatitis, and I know that it can be a struggle to find something that works and fits into your lifestyle, while giving your dog what he/she needs.

Ok, so that was a lot, but basically, this food has allowed us to find a way to nourish our dog with real food without compromising her digestive condition. It isn't the food that she loved the most, but she certainly does like it. It has helped her to the point that we can even give her a treat or two every day (sweet potatoes or a piece of dried duck jerky). Try it.
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on August 23, 2013
I recently bought a Toy Yorkie, this will be my third fur baby. I brought her home and slowly switched her over to Royal Canin for Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Within a week her eyes were tearing so bad I was washing her face in the morning and at night.

A few days later she started developing bad constipation and would cry when she had to poo. I took her to the vet and got no help, since they endorse Royal Canin and Eukanuba, breed specific formula's. I got a second, third and fourth opinion and they all recommended switching to a hypoallergenic food/grain free. Been there, done that... It didn't work.

I finally found a holistic vet that recommended Wellness Core because it did not contain Beet Pulp. She stated that beet pulp is used as a filler/stool hardener and is found in most premium brands. It can cause tear staining and other digestive problems. Out of curiosity I headed to my local PetsMart to look at ingredients in all the premium dog foods. Sure enough beet pulp was found in all of them. Out of 20+ varieties of puppy food I only found 3 foods that contained no beet pulp.

I bought a small bag to try for month. Her constipation was gone the first week. The watery eyes totally stopped around the third week. I was terrified I bought a sick puppy, since she was Toy and inherently can have a lot of heath problems. It has been 2 months since I switched her to Core. She is healthy, playful and full of energy. Her silky coat is gorgeous and no longer dry and brittle.

After spending 300+ dollars on vet bills. It was a very hard lesson, learned. I have switched all my dogs over to Core and they all seem to have more energy, clear eyes and a healthy coat.

I am grateful Amazon carries the large bag since it is a huge savings compared to the price at any chain pet store.

I will continue to buy this product and recommend it to any new puppy owners.
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on September 9, 2015
We will not be reordering this food. We've found molded kibble in more than one bag. The dogs won't even eat it because they can smell the mold. Fortunately, the dogs are not ill, so far. If they become ill or show any symptoms, I will be taking legal action against both Amazon and Wellness. Its very disturbing to find such a lack of quality in an item as important as dog food. This brand and type of food is supposed to be "higher end." We've paid the bill for "higher end" but we've not received the quality of product we've become accustomed to. And what a pain in the ass to return! I have yet to find a recall either for this dog food. Mold is extremely toxic to dogs.
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on December 14, 2008
Since switching to Core my dog no longer has any sign of the skin or digestive problems that have plagued him for years!
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on July 20, 2011
Upon researching dog health I was appalled to discover that most dog foods (especially the most popular brands) use grains (as their main ingredients) and fillers. I then found a few lists of "five-star" dog foods, compared them, and chose to give Wellness CORE a try.

Admittedly it is much more expensive than the popular commercial brand we had been using but,"according to the web site of one of the most popular brands of dog food sold in the U.S., the feeding instructions tell you that a thirty pound dog would need to eat around three cups of food per day. The cost of this pet food breaks down to being about $.67 per cup. So that means Fido would eat $2.01 worth of dog food each day according to the recommended feeding instructions on the label.

But on the other hand, from a web site of a high end, all human grade ingredients, all U.S. ingredients dog food -- the feeding instructions tell you that a thirty pound dog would need to eat around 1 ½ cups of food per day. The cost of this food is about $1.16 per cup. This food seems to be about twice as expensive as the popular brand. However, according to the recommended feeding amount, Fido would eat $1.74 worth of dog food each day. That's a savings of $.27 per day to feed your dog a high quality, human grade ingredients, no risky imports dog food." 

It's true! My dogs eat half of what they used to and their bowel movements have also decreased by half. (I read that because the good foods contain the true nutritional needs of a dog as opposed to the bad foods that are relatively low in delivering their nutritional needs that dogs would "go" less frequently by feeding them a good food. This is because dogs would expel the unneeded grains and fillers in the bad food more often). I walk and feed my dogs in the morning and in the evening and both dogs would "go" 2-4 times between both walks and both meals. Now my 60 lb pit mix "goes" just once daily and my 20 lb terrier/lab mix "goes" just twice.

I also read that bad foods contributed to a dogs allergies and bloating. My pit mix would have these huge disgusting "eye boogers" all day long no matter how often I'd wipe his face and my terrier mix had these dark (his coat is a sandy color) tear stains from his constantly watering eyes. Not anymore! The "eye boogies" have disappeared and the tear stains are gone! Although I never noticed any bloating in my little dog I did notice that my muscular pit mix had a "fat" stomach. Needless to say that is gone as well!

Lastly, I noticed that both dogs have been shedding less and that their coats are so much softer and shinier. What pleasant surprises! Having a skeptical demeanor it's actually VERY surprising to me that there have been so many benefits to purchasing a quality food. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase! Thumbs up Wellness Core!
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on August 14, 2010
My dog and foster dogs have done well on this food. It is the best priced quality grain free food there is to my knowledge. Amazon's price beats my local stores (including Petco when you factor in the sales tax I pay when I buy in the store). As an Amazon prime customer I was thrilled to see this included in free 2 day shipping- absolutely can't beat this deal!
Amazon shipped it in a cardboard box about the same size as the bag and it arrived with the box looking quite the worse for wear. Since Wellness comes in a Mylar bag the bag itself was fine and I was home so brought it right in. If you were not going to be home when this was delivered and your deliveries are left outside I would be concerned about other animals getting to it. Even with the Mylar bag my dog can rip into this in no time flat and racoons and rats (I live next to a wooded area!) love dog food! Probably not a big deal mid-day but just something to consider. I would not buy food that ships in a paper bag from Amazon- at least not a larger bag (>15lbs) but that is just my experience/opinion. I am thrilled that amazon offers this and would order again from them but will make sure I am home when it is to be delivered.
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on June 8, 2013
My poor dog has allergies. Chicken, lamb, beef , and of course grains all have allergens that bother him greatly. I was recommended to try a fish based food that was grain free. This was one of the few brands that was truly ocean meat based. Most all the others that label their food as salmon or another fish have chicken listed as the second ingredient. This food does not have anything other than fish and vegetables. My pup has been happy and healthy since. Bonus: he absolutely LOVES his food!
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on March 24, 2015
This food has been a lifesaver for us...literally!

My husband and I have 2 large dogs who were both rescued from bad situations. We thought we were doing a good thing by feeding Taste of the Wild (more natural, better ingredients, etc.) but BOTH girls ended up with pancreatitis within a few months of each other. Apparently this was not the first bout for either, nor would it be their last.

We spent an insane amount of money on both girls getting I.V fluids, medication and prescription Science Diet. However, I looked at the ingredient list and it is GROSS! I couldn't believe the vet was basically pushing expensive McDonalds nastiness (for dogs) on us. As soon as they were both recovered, I knew I wanted to find something more natural, high quality and would help prevent another pancreatitis attack. Every single source pointed me towards Wellness Core grain free low fat. Is it more expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes- every single penny! Our girls have been eating it for over a year now and no more pancreatitis issues, they have dropped a bit of weight and have more energy. So glad we found this! If your dog has stomach/pancreas issues you should definitely consider this food- it made a world of difference to us!
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on November 18, 2013
I've been feeding this to my miniature pinscher for about 6 months now. His coat is shiny, I've noticed that his eyes are less leaky and he doesn't seem to be suffering as many allergy symptoms as he used to. He loves the food and always finished his bowl. I recommend this dog food.
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on May 9, 2013
We really like this product, but Amazon Subscribe and Save is horrible!!! We too have had multiple bags arrive with cuts in them. The last bag arrived open and all taped up horribly!! I am canceling my subscription, and will pay the extra money to buy at the pet store to ensure I have a safe, fresh, UNOPENED bag of dog food! I would discourage anyone from buying this item from Amazon. (And I usually LOVE Amazon :( ).
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