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196 of 212 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2012
I found the product I got to be way better than the reviews indicated. The main reason seems to be software updates. You should really ignore any complaints you read about the device from 2010, and a lot of them from 2011. The physical hardware is just a basic drive with a processor and a network connection. What makes a difference is the software - both on the drive, and the mybooklive website/iphone apps. Most of the complaints I was worried about turned out to have been fixed in the latest software. For example: A review complained about iTunes media sharing being broken by the latest iTunes update - I had no problem doing iTunes media sharing with the latest iTunes. A review complained about the Mio-net connectivity - This device no longer uses Mio-net.

The mybooklive website lets you map your home mybook live drive as a network drive from any computer away from home. Its like at work where you have a network drive, but this is your home drive. You do have to keep in mind the data speeds are limited by the speed of your home internet connection. I also use the iphone apps. They have some cool features like caching built in. So when I pull down some pictures, they get stored on my iphone so that looking at them multiple times is quick. And the cache has a configurable limit.

Setup is super easy. With almost no configuration I got iTunes media streaming, sharing of videos and pictures on my PS3, mapping this as a network drive to a relative's computer, and mapping this drive to computers in my house. Consolidating data to a central spot is something everyone wants to do, and there are a lot of network drives out there. But the sofware that comes with this device that makes everything so easy is what really makes the difference.

One last note - you will need to backup this drive. As a single drive it is vulnerable. A super cool feature is that this drive actually has software to back itself up. You tell it a computer on your network to use (any computer it can see works, you don't need a special kind), and it will perform the backup to that computer. This means your data, as well as all the permissions you setup on the drive. So it might be a good idea to buy a cheap extra drive that you will use as a backup to your backup.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
68 of 75 people found the following review helpful
on January 7, 2011
The lack of a USB port is not an issue if you want to direct-connect this WD drive to a computer.
For this WD drive, you simply connect a normal ethernet cable -- e.g. the one provided in the box -- from the NAS to your CPU.
I move files around easily once my laptop recognizes "MYBOOKLIVE"
You'll need a 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet network adapter on your computer to max out the transfer rate; otherwise, a 10/100 network adapter tops out at 11 MB/s.

Other NAS drives require a specially wired "crossover" ethernet cable to connect them directly to a computer (rather than a normal/straight-through ethernet cable).
The same way that a crossover cable direct-connects 2 computers, it can be used with a network drive because a NAS drive has its own IP identity.
A crossover ethernet cable can be purchased for less than $5 at a computer store.

I discovered that this WD NAS drive has an "auto-crossover" feature that senses a computer, so it automatically direct-connects.
Actually, I discovered that this WD NAS drive can use both a normal ethernet cable and a crossover cable, and I discovered that I should probably upgrade my computer with a Gigabit ethernet adapter. :-)
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)

I am glad you are happy with the My Book Live. One quick correction to your great suggestion regarding connecting the My Book Live to a computer. You can use any standard Ethernet cable (Cat5 or greater). You do not need a crossover cable as the My Book Live will create an auto crossover connection automatically.

WD Branded Products Team
37 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on January 19, 2011
Size: 1 TBVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using this for a couple months now before I reviewed it to truly give it time to disappoint me or screw something up. This being someone who has dealt with many backup and storage devices through the years, and not fully happy with any of them, and some of them I still curse today. This is my first experience of security and confidence with a storage drive.

The major appeal here is the networking ability. I have an iMac, PC netbook XP, PC laptop Windows 7, Nokia tablet Linux, Tivo and Playstation 3, just to name a few. All of which I can connect to this device in wireless form, and setup is easy. Know your IP address and your WEP password, and other login info you might use, and you're in. Completely secure on your own network, and not a WiFi situation where anyone can jump in.

To have all these units working together was near impossible before. One might pair well with another, but not the next etc. Or I might need a CD, USB dongle or data card etc. This does away with all of that. Works perfectly with Apple's Time Machine, and do weird when there are no wires involved. (Extra USB port available.. woohoo!) I can even stream iTunes music on my Logitech Squeezebox, or all computers, and even my Tivo if I wanted to. I have been finding more things I can do with this unit as time goes on. I have the 1TB, and kinda wish I got the 2TB or higher. Still, stores and backs up everything I have, but with a larger drive, the feeling of having endless video at hand is very appealing. But even if I got another, there is no reason to stop using this. It's wireless. You can add as much as you want!
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2010
I've had the My Book Live 2TB for about 2 weeks now and it is working well for what I need.

I use it to:
1) Store pictures.
2) Store videos.
3) Store backups for 3 pc's.

I like that I can specify the permissions on individual shares.
For example, I can give one person full access, two people read access, and everyone else no access to a share.

Also, if I set my username/password on the My Book Live the same as the PC username/password then I don't have to log into the My Book Live separately. This has worked for my 3 PC's that have XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

I give it 5 stars, but that doesn't consider the following two things, which I don't do:
- Using the backup software.
- Accessing it from the internet.

I'm just not using those features and not rating them.

The web dashboard for controlling the drive is functional, but a little slow (at least for me).
It's not often you need it though.

With this I was able to replace an old xp pc, monitor, keyboard, mouse and three external firewire drives. I regained a lot of space and can access my files faster.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2012
I wanted this for 2 purposes. 1) more room for pictures and videos and 2)for the Cloud.

Obviously #1 is completed with the 3 TB of storage space.

2) The Cloud works great and was very easy to set up for me as a user and down loaded the WD app was easy as well. If you are viewing more than pictures, make sure to down load the 'WD 2go' as this will allow you to view Pictures, Videos (and possibly files - just have not done this yet) I downloaded WD Photos as well. This just brings up pictures and did not bring up my videos.

The only minor trouble I had was setting up another user to share. It just took me awhile to navigate back to the 'home' page (this is the IP address of the hard drive' to set this up. Make sure to save that in your favorites.

Perfect for what I am looking for and still trying to play around with this. Next to figure out is separating my public files and private files.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 2, 2012
I bought a WD My Book Live 3 tb drive about a week ago from Amazon and started the installation process last night. After unsuccessfully messing with drive for over an hour I was starting to consider ways that I could set it on fire. I then called tech support, anticipating that they would simply blame Microsoft and tell me that it was MS's fault. I was sure wrong about that.

The WD Tech first asked me what I wanted to do with the drive. I told her and after remotely logging in to my computer she got busy...reconfiguring my system so that the My Book Live would work. I wish I could tell you what she did but it was clearly over my head.

Everything is now working perfectly and I couldn't have done it without WD Tech Support. This is the first review I have ever posted and I'm doing so because this was the best Tech Support I have ever experienced.

I transferred ITunes to the WD drive last night and this morning I can access my music over the web and even from my IPhone. How cool is that!

I even sent an email to the Tech Support supervisor to tell her how happy I was with Tech Support. Disney World trains their employees on how to turn disasters into celebrations. I believe Disney calls them "magic moments". It would appear that Western Digital is using this play from the Disney playbook because I was frustrated that the drive would not work, and a little while later I thought the drive was the best invention since the telephone.

Thanks Western Digital!
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on March 28, 2011
After going through several computer hard drive replacements over the years, I was finally fed up with losing my important files and decided to do something about it. I read tons of reviews on the internet about various products. Although Mybooklive has its share of bad reviews, they amount to the least in percentage when compared to other similar products. So, it was with reservation that I purchased it. All our PCs are running Windows XP, and I have had it for over 1 month now, without any problems I read in the reviews. So a big relief there. The kids, my wife and I all work off our laptops via wireless. Mybooklive was very easy to install to my D-link wireless router located in the cold basement, which should really keep it cool. I didn't use the automated backup program that comes with the drive to backup all the laptops. I'm only using it as a shared network drive, and have been mannually copying files to it. I only installed the setup software on 1 computer. After the quick installation, all other computers were able to see the drive even without installing the software. I have an EPSON wireless printer on the network that comes with a SD card reading slot for printing photos directly from a camera's SD card. Prior to installing the drive, I had left a 4GB SD card in the slot, which I can access wirelessly and actually use it as a poor man's network storage device (Free 4GB SD card - Thank you Micro Center!). With Mybooklive, I now have 2 network storage devices. I'm always on the cautious side of internet security, so I did not enable the FTP function that comes with Mybooklive. But I did sign up for the free Mionet service and downloaded the free i-pad/pod app that allows you to view photos and videos stored in Mybooklive remotely over the internet. Have to say, it's a pretty cool function. The file transfer speed on my wireless N router is fast enough for HD video. The i-tune function is not as straight forward as I thought. I thought Mybooklive would sync with my i-tune directly and I would be able play media files directly off it. But as I found out, to do that, I would have to located all my media files in my PC first, and then copy them to Mybooklive, and only after that would my i-tune link up with it. Although just an extra few steps, which is not too bad at all, it's just I still havn't found the time to do it yet, with work, kids and all. Overall, I'm very happy with the product and highly recommend it.
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on August 4, 2011
From a geek's perspective, this MyBook Live is great. I had mine up and running in a few minutes, and I was SSH'ed in and digging through the innards a few minutes after that!

What's to like:
1) Simple to setup and use
2) Decent read and write performance over a correctly configured Gigabit network ( I see 50-60MB/s sustained average read and write speeds)
3) SSH Access! Reasonably powerful Debian-based SoC makes it easy to run your own Web, DNS, VPN, etc servers if you should desire.
- WD tells you it will "void your warranty" to modify the OS in their best lawyer voices, but even they admit that a Reset to Factory Defaults wipes out any trace of modifications.
4) OSX Lion Time Machine: Nearly all NAS vendors were caught off guard by the changes in Lion which broke Time Machine. They were all held hostage by the makers of "netatalk", a formerly Open Source software vendor who demanded money from the NAS vendors for a fix. WD had a fix out within 2 weeks of the release of Lion, so far it's been stable and reliable. Great job to them.

Fairly minor complaints:
1) Twonky Media server 5 on-board is fairly outdated and buggy. I get a lot of "Corrupted Data" errors when streaming movies to my PS3, whereas PS3MediaServer and others are 100% reliable. I hear newer versions of Twonky are much better about this.
2) All your customizations are lost when you perform a Firmware upgrade. I can live with this, frankly. Backup your customizations and disable auto-upgrading.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2015
I was concerned reading the reviews on this product... how can there be so many 5 star and 1 star ratings?? Oh, I know... buyers might not understand what this is. I read one review where someone complained they could only access via their network! No kidding, the name of the product is NAS. Network accessible Storage! Others complain the speed is slow when accessing their files from the Internet. No kidding people... maybe the internet connection you were using was SLOW. If your have an older 100mb network ITS YOUR NETWORK THATS SLOW! 100mb network = about 10MB/second at best. If your copying files from your wireless device MAYBE YOUR WIRELESS IS SLOW.

This is my second one I purchased as the first one is now almost full. Disk space is disk space..... but the software that comes with this device makes it perfect for me as BOTH a backup device and a file server.

Here is a tip for anyone interested..... I use it to back up my digital media collection of home movies, pictures, mp3's etc from multiple PC's.....if one of my PC's ever crashes, I have a copy of that data. The bonus is that I share out that backup copy and now the backup data is used as my media server for all my devices! Such as my Smart TV, WDTV media player, MINIX Neo media player with XBMC, Windows Media Center, my smart phone or whatever.

I'm in IT for 30 years and handled 1000's of different components and software... it's nice to open this up, plug it in get it 100% functional in 5 minutes without having to look at any documentation... the terminology used is perfectly in line with industry standards. If it's confusing for you, then you shouldn't be buying this type of equipment.

Performs very well.... On my Gigabit network, the Read speeds are good ranging 70-90 Mbytes/second for large file copies to my PC's ( depending on the PC) Write speeds not as fast... get about 30-40 Mbytes/second for large file copies. Obviously there are devices that would outperform this, but were talking $200 or less for this device.

For me the best features are...
- easy setup - great features - low price
- fast Read speeds
- has a sleep mode so 100% quiet when in sleep mode
- quiet hum when it is operational ... no significant clicking when accessing data!
- Looks great.. It does look like a book on my bookshelf
- Green LED is not overpowering like on some devices ..sounds goofy but some LED's light up the room
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 7, 2013
I bought this book live to store mainly my HD movie-collection, and also music and photos. It was a lot of different kind reviews regarding this NAS and I was hesitating a little for a while. I researched people's reviews on advantages and disadvantages of this product through internet, some people had some issues, but finally I decided to buy it as the price also was very low for that time (I bought it on Cyber-Monday). I am writing this review a bit later because I wanted to find out everything I could about this NAS. MBL was very easy to install. I wanted to watch movies from MBL on my Samsung TV. As I knew, it was an old version of Twonky installed on MBL and my Samsung TV could not read MKV files, which are supported by the newer versions of Twonky. That's what I've done with it: I updated the firmware on MBL as it proposed to me, and I also found on the Twonky forum the step-by-step instruction how to update Twonky 5.1.9 to 7.0.9, and did it. Here is the link for the step-by step instruction: [...]
After the update, the problem with Samsung TV was solved and I could watch MKV files on TV, but MBL could not go on sleeping mode. It was caused by the setting on the TWONKY GUI. "YOURIP:9000/#advanced", the re-scan internal was set to -1 as default. This means Twonky is always checking for new content. I changed this setting to zero and after adding new content, I re-scan for new files manually, but you can change this figure (-1) to any other - according to your wish, if you just want the re-scan content automatically to be done.
Hope the review will be helpful, because I dedicated my time to it; I also was helped by the others' reviews. Conclusion: In my opinion, MBL is a very good NAS. It totally responds to my requirements. The only thing is, it needs some set-up. And after the Twonky update, it needs a new license key, which costs about $ 20. Now I have a trial version and it works perfectly. I'm going to buy a license soon.
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