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on August 21, 2009
Having tried any number of wimpy french fry cutters, I finally bit the bullet (premium pricing) and ordered this one.

It is the bomb.

When I opened the box, I was stunned at the durability promised by the quality of the components. The cast iron parts (lever arm, feet and frame) are covered with a nice soft green finish so thick that I can't tell whether it's a really good powder coating or baked enamel. Most important, the cutter heads and their heavy metal frames are strong enough to cut yams with no sign of flexing that might otherwise threaten a broken frame. However, yams may mush up before they will pass through the cutter. I wound up with one yam that yielded only two-inch-long shoestrings, even when I used a series of full-body presses on the armature in trying to force the yam through. Better to use a mandoline and/or a chef's knife for yam fries, I've concluded.

But never fear: potatoes work fine in the Weston, particularly if you've left Russet spuds in a cool dark place for a month or two before cutting. That way, some of their starch will convert into sugars that will make your fries tastier and crisper.

Cutter heads are a snap to change, using three hand turned wing-nuts. The pusher head can be replaced by undoing two large and relatively accessible Phillips-head screws. Another great feature is the availability of important optional accessories, like different size cutter heads and huge suction cups that attach to all four feet for a great grip on granite counter tops. These suckers are even made of a green rubber that matches the color of the frame.

Nobody's perfect, nor is this product. The suction cup feet are attached by poking protruding bolts through the feet of the cutter and screwing on their locknuts. Trouble is, the bolts I got were too short to rise above the holes in the feet. I solved that one by shaving an eighth of an inch disk off of the top of each suction cup using a paring knife, to make the bolt protrude far enough for the nut to "grab."

Other problems were a bit more vexing. The two screws that held the pusher plate to my machine were tightened to the point where the thick lockwashers behind them had totally flattened out. These folks must have gorillas working on their assembly line. It took a brace and bit to loosen the screws to the point where I could remove them and replace the pusher head. Also, proper assembly of the unit called for the use of a couple of wrenches to properly tighten the bolts holding the armature in place.

Big deal. This product is a joy to use, really does work splendidly with spuds up to six inches long, is easy to operate and clean up when done. If you can afford it, accept no substitutes.
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on November 29, 2009
Without going into too many of the boring details...I suddenly found myself researching and shopping for the best French fry cutter that I could afford. Sort of an impulse buy. I bought this machine as a luxury item. From now on, as long as I have a couple of russet potatoes in the house, I can make French fries that rival those of the best fast food restaurants. And here's a kick...One large fries at a world famous fast food place in my area currently costs $1.29 + tax. Also currently in my area I can purchase an entire 10# bag of russet potatoes (russet potatoes are the ones most commonly used for French fries) for $1.39. After all is said and done a 10# bag of potatoes around the equivalent of 20 large fries. You do the math. This baby will cut up 10# of potatoes in less than 5 minutes. I should mention that there is a secret to making those perfect fast food fries. You have to rinse and soak your cut potatoes in ice water and then double fry them to get that perfect texture and taste. Do a search on the web for double fried French fry recipes for more detail. I usually do an entire bag of potatoes at once and freeze the excess on cookie sheets after the first two minute fry. After they are frozen I place them in zip lock bags for easy cooking later on. And of course you can reduce the sodium and season them any way you want or not at all. I have always thought that the fast food fries were way too salty. I could go on and on, like carrot sticks, diced potatoes, diced onions, sweet potato fries, zucchini strips for battering and deep frying, etc, etc... This machine is well built, Saves a huge amount of time and will last a lifetime.
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on November 30, 2009
We have owned several of the lesser quality and lesser cost cutters from Wal_Mart, Target, Outdoor World, etc.... They all worked well for a while but this thing is a brute. All I can say is, BUY IT, you will not be disastifed in any way.
The feet are metal and slide around on the ceramic counter tops. I added some small squares of neopreme to the feet to keep it from scratching the counter tops and to help hold it in place while using it, but other than that very small fault, it is great.
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on December 2, 2011
I have only used this once so far, but I am not totally sold on how good it is. I will say it seems to be very sturdy and very well constructed of quality parts. The one time I used this was not the best experience, though. I was cutting sweet potatoes, which are harder than regular ones so that could have had something to do with it. The suction cup feet are not very useful at all as they do not seem to hold it down if you use very much force at all. I would agree with another poster that this probably needs to be either mounted to a wall vertically (ideally) or at least bolted to a counter, which would definitely not work for most people. While cutting the potatoes it took me considerable force to get through the potato and trying to keep the cutter from coming up at the back end as I pulled the handle was a chore. It did seem to be cutting them OK at first when it didn't require as much force, but as the potato would get more toward the fat center part and needed more force the back would always keep coming up. And there really is no convenient place to hold it with your other hand to keep that from happening. Trying to hold one of the feet is not easy since they obviously did not have that in mind when they designed them.

Also, this thing is not quick to disassemble for cleaning. Potato pieces will get stuck between the blades and in the metal "pusher" plate and about the only way to get them out is with a something pointy like a fork. The pusher plate can only be removed by taking out two screws with a screwdriver. I'm not sure why they didn't go with a wing bolt instead so you could just remove it by hand since it will need to be cleaned after every use. You can remove the blades by hand, though, since they are only held on by three wing nuts. I would say unless you are planning on cutting up a lot of potatoes it may not be worth the effort of cleaning it. Like another review said, I would suggest you cut up a lot at once and then just freeze the ones you don't want.

**UPDATE 12/6/2011** - I decided to change things up a bit for my second use of this. I bought a 20 pound bag of small russet potatoes about palm size (I uploaded a photo). Cutting these was a breeze compared to the large sweet potatoes I used the first time. I cut up the entire bag in just a few mins, kept some out for frying, and froze the rest. I also decided to try cutting some sweet potatoes again. The ones I had the first time were fairly large, so I got small ones this time. They were still a bit harder to cut than the russets, but I got through them fairly quickly all the same. I think if this was actually mounted to a surface the larger potatoes would be fairly easy. So my advice now is if you do not plan to mount it on a counter or wall, then just use small potatoes.

I have increased my rating from 3 to 4 stars. If it was a little easier to disassemble for cleaning and slightly more compact for storage I think it would be a 5 star product.
review image review image
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on August 25, 2010
Suction cup feet are recommended to hold this thing in place while using it, and they run about $16 shipped. Do not order them! They are included with the fry cutter. Apparently this is something new, but I do not believe it's been made common knowledge yet. As for the unit itself, love it. I can cut up a 5 lb bag of potatoes in about 2 minutes, amazing. Yes it takes some arm strength but not that much - if you weigh 75 lbs or are 85 years old you may have issues, most people are going to be able to do it just fine.
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on May 1, 2011
Ok this is the deal. This is a china made french fry press cutter. Its marketed by
a bunch of companies. I like the machine after I fixed,repaired,modified the unit.
Many people have problems bending blades ect... I know why. These are the typical
china made item . good design,but poorly made , however, it could be greater if
they held the tolerances tight. and had quality control. So, how do you fix it?
Well the problem is that the push plate does not line up with the blades. consequently, when you actuate the lever, the push plate will bend the blades.
In order for this thing to work, you must remove the aluminum push plate and
file the little teeth with a file so the push plate will not hit the blades.
Not a huge deal but you you need a vice to hold the plate as you file the teeth.
I also installed a couple of rubber gromlets on the guide rods so that the push
plate will not completely penetrate the blade assembly .Once modified, it works
like a charm. A note about filing the teeth... you want to taper the teeth and make
them pointer. Not sharp but a more radical taper .
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on January 13, 2012
I was excited to see this item's positive reviews and so I bought the item. It certainly looks impressive enough, and it is quite sturdy. It was simple to assemble.
The problem: it just would not cut the potatoes I put through. The ones that I used were not excessively big, and I even cut off the end as suggested to make a flat surface for the blades.
I am assuming that mine had defective blades because despite numerous attempts with great force the potatoes just would not go through the blades.
I am returning the product.
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on December 8, 2011
I purchased this because I have a friend that highly recommended it. She's had no problems with hers and loves it. I don't know if mine was just defective or not but I couldn't push the regular baking potato through and I put all my weight on it. My husband even tried and screws were just popping off it left and right. We ended up returning it.

BTW, This is large, so make sure you have storage space for this before you purchase it.
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on September 12, 2010
Product appears sturdy but the cutting blades bend with the pressure of the potato, rendering the cutter unusable. We tried a second one but it did the same thing. Too bad...
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on May 10, 2010
Bought this "Restaurant Quality Cutter" to cut potatoes for making fresh cut fries. I used Golden Potatoes( Small potatoes with the yellowish skin ) After the 10th potato, 5 of the flimsy blades were all bent up beyond repair. The rest of the machine is heavy duty, but with the blades all bent up, it is no good. I would not purchase this item with the blades being such low quality!!!
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