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on January 29, 2011
These are real people doing the best that they can with the money that they have in some incredibly nasty conditions against some really nasty people. For all of those reviewers that say "don't see this", all that I can say is that is an ideologically driven answer.

This is a documentary, not an action drama movie. The filming is fantastic, the behind the scenes gives you all of the information that you need. And both sides of the conflict are presented as far as they are capable of doing.

As far as the crew and their "incompetence", remember again that these are real people, not actors, no scenes are rehearsed and these are not Navy Seals with a million dollars of training, operating a billion dollars of high-tech equipment. Most of them have real jobs the other 9 or 10 months of the year, from all walks of life and paid nothing. They have a driven sense of what is morally right that most of us would abandon after a few days.

Well worth the time to see the entire series.
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on December 26, 2012
and by far the only "reality" series worth watching. Season 3 is notable as this one contains the Pete Bethune - Ady Gil debacle, the worst disaster in Sea Shepherd history so far. Bethune, a slightly demented New Zealander, convinces Captain Watson to use his racing speedboat, the Ady Gil, in the campaign. The Gil seems like it was made for rough water speedboat drag-racing. It was not, however, particularly suitable for harassing whalers, as had a low fuel capacity and was difficult to see out of. As a result, the Gil ran out of gas in the middle of the whaling fleet and was promptly rammed by one of the whaling ships, resulting in its loss. Bethune later boards the whaling ship to present its captain with a bill, is taken off to Japan, imprisoned by their police state legal system as a "terrorist", and finally released for time-served on a plea bargain. The series ends with a bizarre homecoming for Bethune by his long-suffering family complete with a whale-shaped cake and -- well, you've got to see it. No one could have written such an odd piece of fiction. The whole affair is now in the courts over who is responsible for paying the cost of the 1.5 million dollar Gil.
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on April 15, 2011
What a fantastic real reality show! These group of people really inspire you to become proactive in this cause .. Save the whales is for the oceans what clean air is for the survival for the human race. The courage and perseverance of Paul Watson and his teams is so inspiring! watching this is better than any suspense or action movie.... fantastic!
Michelle Brungot
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on November 17, 2010
I watched most of season 3 and I have to say that although I strongly disagree with the Japanese policy of hunting whales for "science" I just love the amateurish antics of the Sea Sheperd crews! As a former military member, to stop what is going on will not happen using good intentions, potato guns and stink bombs. It looks like a bunch of teenagers out on daddy's boat harrassing a rich guy on his yacht! I did love the Ady Gil ship and was sad to see it sink and yes I agree the Japanese captain deliberately rammed it (Do you think old Pete Bethune felt like JFK in PT 109??) but when you engage in battle, especially on the sea, you never go in with the tanks on empty!!
I got so many laughs out of watching them try to launch the RIB's my stomach hurt. All that aside, the camera work and the detail that AP goes into telling the story is amazing. Top notch work. They realistically portray how difficult the Sea Sheperds work really is. Under-funded, under-equipped, and definitely under-trained/prepared they still go forward and try their best to stop, or at least slow, the harvesting of whales.
I recommend this DVD set for both the camera work and to expose what is happening through a loophole in international law. Japan should immediately stop this senseless slaughter and to do so will take multiple governments involvement, not Operation Petticoat to do so.
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on September 8, 2010
This season is the best one yet.

I stumbled upon season 1 by chance. Did not give it much thought. After 2 episodes into the 1st season, I was a convert. The Sea Shepherd have to work within their boundaries with their ailing ship. But what lacks in their old vessel makes up well in their passion and love for the cause. Paul Watson is crazy ( in a good way ). He perfectly fits the personality of captain. Season 1 and 2 were pretty good. The Season 2 did not end on a good note, not atleast for me.

Season 3 brings in new crew and Pete B. I won't reveal the details but he stole the show in my opinion. Also, in Season 3 they are well matched and well prepared. Loved the show. Their drive and passion is just over and above. This season of Whale wars is highly recommended. "The world is a Vampire" ( for all you season 1 and 2 fans ). Can't wait for season 4.
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on September 14, 2013
I have really enjoyed every season of Whale Wars! I wish everyone would sit down and watch it! We need to stop killing our oceans! We treat them like the world's toilet and it's horrible to see! Like Paul says "If we kill our oceans, we kill ourselves"!
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on April 2, 2013
I think this is a very interesting show and it definitely makes me think twice about how we treat the wildlife of the ocean. Too bad they can't make whaling illegal everywhere. I think whales are such wonderful creatures.
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on August 21, 2010
I have just purchased this DVD series via . I had watched Whale Wars Seasons 1 & 2 and am looking forward with much enthusiasm to watching the latest.
Through these eye-opening series, I come to understand that the world must at all cost conserve the whales...the gentle giants of the Southern Ocean which are being hunted mercilessly by the Japanese...! I salute Captain Paul Watson and his team of most courageous souls for endeavouring to save the whales and run into very difficult situation with the Japanese whalers who are hell-bent on giving these whale-crusaders a hard time. But Captain Paul and his team persevered to ensure the safety of the whales under relentless being hunted...! Particularly in this Third Season, the unscrupulous whalers sank the anti-whaling boat and arbitrarily against world opinion abducted the New Zealand operator and forcefully took him back to Japan. He was, according to media reports, abused, insulted and threatened and forced to admit his "guilt" which was nothing more serious than to make a citizen arrest on the wild captain of the Japanese whaling vessel and protest against the killing of whales in an ocean sanctuary...! After months of incarceration in a Japanese jail, this folk hero was let go. I as a whale lover salute him and Captain Watson and his gutsy folks...i.e. keep the wars going to ensure the survival of the humpback whale species...May the blessing of God go with all of you in your next season to prevent the whales from being wantonly hunted...Cheers...!
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on December 29, 2010
The first 8 episodes are like the Coyote & Road Runner cartoon. The Sea Shepherds play the coyote because everything seems to blow up in their face. Their problems range from an engine quitting because a fuel valve is closed to losing one of their small boats. They later find the boat stuck on rocks next to an island but destroy the propeller on rocks while getting it loose. The last 5 episodes are almost a different program because the Sea Shepherds finally take advantage of having two ships and evidently stop the whaling for two straight weeks. During this time they shoot glass jars full of red paint to graffiti over the word "RESEARCH" that is painted on the side of a whaling ship.

One must admire the passion and determination of the Sea Shepherds. At the same time, one must wonder what they are thinking when one the ships is receiving the full force of a whaling ship water cannon and some guy opens the door to the bridge allowing water in. The Sea Shepherds consider this a war (as implied by the title) yet display righteous indignation when the whalers fight back.

If you oppose whaling then skip the first eight episodes.

The biggest disappointment was 3 DVD set does not include the account of Pete's experience in Japan after he boards the security ship.
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on June 2, 2011
'Whale Wars' is not merely an exciting documentary series. It is a video catalog of history in the making. Those who haven't seen it, shall soon be a minority.
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