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on April 7, 2013
Judith and Jim brilliantly detail not only what took Whitney Houston down but what has the potential to take all of us down - our unwitting allegiances to the past.
I'm always amazed by the one-star reviewers... "psycho babble crap." Really? I think this book is genius. Most people just cannot
hack the truth. Whitney's demise was gruesome. You can also see this in Marilyn Monroe (victim of sexual abuse and incest), James Dean (sexuality issues
and recklessness), Elvis (drug addiction), etc. If you trace the backgrounds of stars (or anyone) who comes undone in an untimely manner, it is
always the result of an unresolved conflict from the past. Always. Reviewer included. I am healing from a bout with cancer -
and I can tell you exactly what brought it on - unresolved emotional issues. Most people simply cannot go there and take responsibility for what they
are creating in their life. It's not always pretty and the truth can hurt - before it sets you FREE. Judith and Jim are talented writers, thorough researchers
and compassionate explorers of the human psyche and soul. Their objective in writing this book is to help others. To say they are profiting off the death
of a star is absurd... I think Whitney's handlers, drug dealers, and many others profited at her expense. Where was the person who said, "You are going
to rehab or no next album?" Money first and people last is a lousy way to live. I applaud Judith and Jim for having the courage to write this book - because
fans put their stars on unrealistic pedestals; it is rough to face that Whitney was gorgeous and had a stunning voice but hated herself to the point of
suicide, unconscious and unwitting as it may have been. If you are suffering in your life, I recommend using this book as a primer and workbook to unearth
the difficulties in your own life and make peace with the past. Your health and your life LITERALLY depend upon it. Mark my word - in another 15 to 20 years -
science will prove what any common-sense owning person already knows - you are mind, body and spirit. They either work in harmony... or you suffer.
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on December 7, 2012
To have looked at the beautiful, multi-talented "golden girl" Whitney Houston I could never have imagined the demons she was fighting in order to sing, survive, and thrive. On the surface she looked as if she had it all, but underneath she was so tormented and torn, sabotaging her every move because of her divided cultural and career loyalties. Drs. Sherven and Sniechowski have done an exquisite psychological autopsy on her and her life to reveal how Houston self-destructed because she could not reconcile her having a foot in both the black and white worlds but never feeling she belonged in either. If only she had sought help, she could still be with us today, caressing our ears with her wonderful voice. This book is also a heads up and guide for others who are grappling with similar identity issues. But you don't have to be a star to experience the tortures she did. I heartily recommend this book to anyone having any difficulty with identity problems, mixed loyalties, and a fear of succeeding. I also recommend this to the general reading public because it is a real eye-opener about what hell life in the spotlight can be like without psychological support and help.
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VINE VOICEon April 6, 2013
I never could understand why someone like Whitney Houston, Judy Garland, Heath Ledger, and other "superstars" could be reduced to such overindulgent "junkies" to put it bluntly, except to say that "money doesn't mean everything." I knew they struggled with their demons like us "regular" folks do, but it wasn't until I read "What Really Killed Whitney Houston" did I begin to see that it's not even that simple. Those messages we get as babies and children that help form our motivations and character from our earliest, stick with us and guide our behavior until we die -- unless we realize that and take steps to be free of them (if they are bad messages causing negative, self-destructive behavior). I bought this book hoping to figure out the mystery of why Whitney Houston was how she was, and I came away with some insight into my own childhood messages that guide some of my behaviors to this day. I want to go further with these psychologists and see if I can figure out how to break some of the strongholds of my past that I need to leave back there!
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on December 15, 2012
What an amazing insight into not only Whitney's life, but also what happened behind the scenes. I have always heard the expression `you have to leave home', but now with Judith and Jim's expert awareness, it all becomes clearer and what `leaving home' really means.
The knowledge and ways to look at ones life in this book is something that can apply to anyone willing to look behind the façade. After reading the book many things in my own life became clearer with this unique lens.
This is one those few books that becomes more rich each time you read as the depth of awareness will continue to open for yourself.
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on January 16, 2014
Even though I did not know it I had been looking for the self-help nuggets that are in "What Really Killed Whitney Houston" for decades as I read more self-help books over the years than I can count. I stumbled upon “Whitney” through Linkedin by following Judith Sherven, PhD & Jim Sniechowski as I chose to follow more and more Influencers. Their posts intrigued me so I Googled them and as I read about them I came across several links talking about “Whitney”.
As I read what others had to say and what they had to say on their website [...] I knew I had to read it. They spoke of unconscious loyalties, a term I had never heard and yet it intrigued me as I had followed the advice from the hundreds of self-help books I had devoured seeking the freedom to live my life instead of just surviving.
I read it cover to cover in three hours over a Saturday and a Sunday. As I read it I felt a cleansing of my soul however the best was yet to come. The next day, Monday, December 30, 2013 my wife and I went to Zoo Lights. It was comfortable for me but cold for her so she was all bundled up and could not take pictures. I have always hated pictures. I love my wife deeply so I took her phone to take one picture, before the night was over I had taken 128 pictures and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was as if I was seeing the decorations and lights though the eyes of a little child. I truly enjoyed them and taking the pictures. We went out to eat afterward and I found myself enjoying the food. I had always ate to eat.
This transformation has continued in every phase of my life. I am enjoying the smells of food, the taste of the foods that I had just ate to survive. I have enjoyed movies and music for the first time in my life and everyone is asking what happened to you.
Now I must explain, I had already written volumes about my childhood, detailing everything that I could remember. Some memories had been so painful that my wife cried as I shared them with her. Some were clearly my memories. Others could have come from over hearing my parents or from them sharing stories. Whatever the case I had laid the foundation before I read "What Really Killed Whitney Houston". Everyone should read “Whitney”. It will help your relationship with your spouse and your children. It will help you deal with your past. It will help you become a better manager and a better employee. It will {as you do as they suggest in the book and in their Free 20 page Unconscious-Loyalties-Expose'} free you to be the best you possible and therefore all of your relationships.
Tom Hughes
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on October 8, 2014
I believe Whitney was lost. I dont know if I believe her death was an accident. I mean you leave drugged dunk alone in a bathtub with so many people around. I fault her for not living as an example fir her daughter. I think the people she loved were part of her problem.
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on May 26, 2013
We read books about superstars because we want to gain insight into who they are. We read books about psychology often because we want to gain insight into ourselves. This book is a perfect blend of both. It masterfully weaves information about our unconscious minds in clear, easily understood language with the story of Whitney Houston's life. By learning about Whitney Houston we learn about ourselves.
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on February 18, 2013
Pulling the blanket off "preachment and scripture", paying lip-service to a God none of the Houstons seem to have a personal relationship with, this treatment of what really killed Whitney is truth unleashed. I have always found it disconcerting to watch videos of Whitney accepting awards while twitching her nose and thanking her parents, as the authors have noted, instead of the fans who appreciated her music, accepted her unconditionally, and who groomed her for the success she merited (Clive Davis). Knowing that her family contributed to her demise (her brothers introducing her to drugs and supplying her with them) and did nothing to save her from ultimately destroying her voice and killing herself, this book sheds a tremendous spotlight on others in the industry, who like Whitney, have unchecked allegiances and forbidden loyalties that will keep them in an isolated hell until they are no more. This book is an initial treatment of something that goes beyond the hearsay of family, friends and relatives who will live with personal convictions linking them to this superstar's demise. It is a welcome body of analysis that provides her fans with concrete answers.
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on November 4, 2014
Very insightful, very interesting to learn about your unconsious mind and how it influences the decisions that you make on a daily basis, It provides insight into how troubled Whitney Houston really was and how she struggled internally. As I read the book, it took me back to several interviews that I saw of Whitney and how she now sounds almost robotic in how she praised God but in the end she was unable to gather and maintain the strength that she so desparately needed by worshiping the God that she constantly praised.
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on January 25, 2014
This book confirmed what I has suspected was the basis for Whitney's downfall. Sad, but very plausible conclusion to her tragic death. The one fault I found with the book is that the author's tend to state, re-state and that re-state again, over and over, the same reasons for why she couldn't hang on to her fame and live up to the star title she was given. It got really annoying after a while, and then no real discussion regarding their theory was really developed or discussed an any detail. Yet and still, an interesting read.
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