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98 of 103 people found the following review helpful
Books on end times prophecy often overextend themselves with specific interpretations and speculation on exact events of the future. David Jeremiah avoids this extreme with solid scholarship mixed with interesting stories and anecdotes. The book does a good job of explaining Daniel's prophecies, along with salient passages from Revelation, Jeremiah and Zechariah, while quoting such diverse modern sources as Nicolaus Sarkozy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Dutch Bishop Muskens of Breda for their perspectives on current events. I have read several of David's books and, IMHO, this is his best to date.

The book's subtitle is, "10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore." Jeremiah devotes a chapter to each of his "clues" as follows:
1. The Israel Connect
2. The Crude Awakening
3. Modern Europe... Ancient Rome
4. Islamic Terrorism
5. Vanished Without a Trace
6. Does America Have a Role in Prophecy?
7. When One Man Rules the World
8. The New Axis of Evil
9. Arming for Armageddon
10. The Return of the King

Jeremiah writes (and interprets Scripture) from the Dallas Seminary dispensational pre-millennial, pre-tribulation rapture viewpoint. I disagree with his projected order of coming events, but admire his accuracy in handling the history of Israel, the development of the oil industry, Islamic Terrorism, and "The New Axis of Evil." Taken as a whole, this book provides a great, broad view of what is occurring now and will be coming in the not-too-distant future.

"What in the World is Going on?" is easy to read, holds attention, and gives a helpful overview of coming events. I believe every Christian ought to be studying this subject at this time in history because we are either on the brink of revival, or rapidly advancing towards the culmination of this phase of earth's existence. I recommend this book to you.
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on December 22, 2008
"What in the world is going on?" is a summary of Dr. David Jeremiah's teaching on biblical prophecy and current events from a dispensational perspective. From all the alliteration and parallel construction, it is obvious that Dr. Jeremiah put together 10 sermons that he preached on this topic and compiled them in book form for this publication. To be completely transparent before I review his work, you need to know that I am a fellow graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and a committed dispensationalist in my view of Scripture and eschatology. With all that in mind, let's talk about Dr. Jeremiah's latest book...

First, let's review what really works in this book. Dr. Jeremiah, because he writes not just from an academic perspective, but a pastoral perspective, is conscious in each chapter to discuss the practical applications of his eschatological views. I agree with Dr. Jeremiah's conviction that biblical prophecy has huge implications for the daily life of the Christian believer, and he does a great job of taking time at the end of each chapter to discuss what his theological views mean for everyday life.

Another positive in this book is Dr. Jeremiah's faith in the truthfulness of Scripture. Even if you disagree with his hermeneutic or his interpretation of modern events in light of biblical prophecy, you leave the book with the strong sense that Dr. Jeremiah believes every word of the Bible to be trustworthy. His strong faith encourages the reader to have a higher view of the Word - always a good mark in my opinion.

With regards to the individual chapters, I felt like his discussion about Israel and his discussion about Islam were the most helpful. The unique place that dispensationalism holds in evangelical theology is related to its view that God is not done with the nation of Israel, but that He will completely fulfill his promises to them when Jesus returns to the earth. Dr. Jeremiah is definitely in that stream of teaching (a lot of the book feels like an updated version of Dr. Walvoord's writings), and he does a good job of helping the reader understand how the nation of Israel fits into end-time prophecies. After the chapter on Israel, the chapter on Islam was the most powerful in my mind - maybe because it contained the most new information to me. The startling detail about the nature of Islamic teaching always makes me pause and pray.

Not everything about the book is a home-run, however. Though I agree with Dr. Jeremiah's theology, his book is a good reminder of the danger of getting too specific in identifying the players, the motives, and the dates of end-time prophecy. Every dispensationalist in the 1940's was sure that Hitler was the Antichrist and that the end was near. Every book about the end-times over the last 20 years has had a section about oil and the impact that the energy markets will have on the end times. Dr. Jeremiah devotes a whole chapter to this topic, and I'm sure when he wrote it in May-June and oil was $140 a barrel, it made total sense to him. Of course, oil is now back to $40 a barrel and his insights don't seem that timely.

My point here is simply to say that our theological beliefs need to be informed by historical awareness. Every generation looks for signs of the times, as they should, but the point I think from Jesus' generalized teachings is that we should be ready all the time, knowing that His return could come at any point. When teachers attempt to identify the countries that will attack Israel and the place that the Antichrist comes from, I believe they are speaking more specifically than the Scriptures. Dr. Jeremiah uses prophecies from Ezekiel and Daniel to speak to end-time players and the sequences of events. The problem with doing that (in my humble opinion) is that we are reading our 21st century worldview into an ancient document (with a 6th century BC worldview). If the end comes tomorrow, Dr. Jeremiah may end up being a genius. But history is full of prophecy readers who were sure they were close to the end, proclaimed it boldly, yet were terribly wrong. Do we want to hang our credibility as Christians on our ability to predict the end-times?

I personally don't. I want to be very humble in my handling of biblical prophecy, and teach it and preach it in light of how many before me have been so wrong. This doesn't mean that we can't have a conviction about what Scripture is teaching; it just means we need to be extremely careful lest we speak with more specificity than the Bible itself.
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on November 25, 2008
Dr. Jeremiah is a pastor, best-selling author, and host of an international television and radio program for Bible-teaching. I'd never heard of him, but his credentials are noteworthy.

In What in the World is Going On?, Dr. Jeremiah does a stunning - almost alarming - job of connecting the dots between Biblical end times prophecy and current events.

Chapters one through four, as well as seven and eight, and most of nine and ten are fantastic.

Chapter one discusses the rebirth of the nation of Israel according to Isaiah's prophecy, "Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such a thing? Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once?" (Isa 66:8) This chapter is not only deep, it's emotional, and it taught me much about an aspect of the end times I thought I understood.

Chapter two discusses oil. I'd never heard oil discussed in the context of the end times, but Dr. Jeremiah helps the reader take a few steps back to display the big picture of tensions in the Middle East.

Chapter three discusses modern Europe. Dreams and visions from Daniel (chapters 2 and 7), as well as John's revelation of the beast with 10 horns, are easily connected to the currently developing European Union.

Chapter four discusses Islamic Terrorism in no uncertain terms. I appreciate that Dr. Jeremiah doesn't shy away from the topic. Rather, he gives a history of Islam and quotes many Muslim or former Muslim scholars and authors.

Chapter seven continues chapter three with a discussion on the emergence of the character known as the Antichrist. Dr. Jeremiah reviews biblical prophecy concerning this man - who he is and what he does - and then demonstrates how easily all that is foretold of such an evil man can be accomplished in our modern world.

Chapter eight discusses biblical prophecy concerning the enemies of Israel. They are named in Old Testament scriptures, but the names of many nations have changed. In this chapter, Dr. Jeremiah demonstrates how the enemies of Israel thousands of years ago are her enemies still today, and how they are currently aligning themselves to perfectly fulfill what is prophesied concerning them.

Chapters nine and ten discuss the war at Armageddon - which is actually a place - and the return of the King of kings. Much of these chapters is enlightening, but the whole of them - along with chapter six - is tainted by chapter five.

Chapter five discusses Dr. Jeremiah's theory about the rapture - the time when Jesus comes back to claim His church. Some believe this will happen before the years of tribulation that will come over the earth, some think after. Dr. Jeremiah and I do not agree, and his interjection of this theory throughout the remained of the book was at first bothersome and eventually discerning.

I took it as an opportunity to clarify my beliefs about the rapture vs. the second coming. Dr. Jeremiah is much better versed in scripture and prophecy than I am, and if I was wrong I wanted to know. After several long afternoons and evenings of comparing notes and sorting through scripture, I'm not swayed at all by his ideas.

More than that, I found several occasions where scripture is quoted in part, and the part neglected may well contradict his theory! I also discovered at least once where scripture was referenced and implicated to say something it very clearly does not say.

Of course there are also several passages that make claims about the rapture or Christs' second coming where no scriptural support is given. I respect that Dr. Jeremiah understood himself to be stating fact and that listing the biblical support for every assertion would surely add considerable length to the project. Still, as one trying to fight herself out of a rock and a hard place, I was looking for those scripture references and they were not given.

I certainly don't presume to accuse Dr. Jeremiah of deliberately deceiving his audience. It may have been in many of these cases that he didn't see the necessity in explaining pieces of his theory in greater detail, or that he believed some truth was easily understood that perhaps was not. It may also simply be that doctrine long held has a way of turning our eyes from scriptural contradictions.

That said, I believe his teaching on the rapture to be dangerously erroneous.

In all, however, What in the World is Going On? is an entertaining, insightful, and very valuable read. For the weight of its subject, Dr. Jeremiah pens an easy read. I would highly recommend it to anyone - Christian or no - with the addendum that you look up the scriptures he references as you go, and after you've read it, we get together for coffee and a discussion of the rapture.
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49 of 58 people found the following review helpful
This book by Dr David Jeremiah [one of the best Biblical teachers we have] is a familiar tour through prophecy including Israel's role in the world, oil crisis, evil regimes, coming AntiChrist, America's role in prophecy and other Endtime themes. Jeremiah's teaching style is always fresh and engaging. This is a mainstream evangelical approach with some risks taken along the way [he takes a personal stand on Islamic issue]. A primer for beginners or the curious, a great book for those who love Dr Jeremiah's ministry and a resource book for those seeking current information. David Jeremiah has a rare ability to communicate and engage the listener, and this book is an example. For those looking for more edgy treatment of same, see Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future.
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on November 23, 2008
Ever wonder about the end times? How does it relate to our world today? Dr. David Jeremiah answers these questions and more.

There is much confusion on The Rapture of the Church. I admit I was baffled. This book puts things in a clear perspective. Yes, there are troubles in our world.

How does Israel play a role and why should we care? This important topic is addressed. As Americans, we've been extremely blessed. Being an alley to Israel is part of that equation.

Knowing that we are in the end times, how should we respond? Dr. David Jeremiah makes it perfectly clear that we are to watch for Him but not put our lives on hold. We have a purpose on this earth. We are to work for Him until the day comes. Keep working. Keeping watching.

People who kill in the name of God are not beyond God's grace. It's easy to think they are doomed to hell. But are they? No, they are not. Have you ever thought to pray for them rather than condemn them?

Yes, the time is coming that the Antichrist will rule the world (or so it seems). Christians have a choice. They can opt out and believe in the One and be spared from the horrors that will come. Sound harsh? Not at all. Read this book. Be inspired. Be prepared. Prepared to spend eternity with Jesus.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2008
What in the World is Going On? 10 Prophetic Clues You Can Not Afford to Ignore, is an overview of Dr. Jeremiah's take on what the Scriptures foretell about the end times. It's written a very accessible style (which is good for a book in this area of study), though I had a little difficulty in determining the author's intended audience. I appreciated the fact that at the close of every chapter, Dr. Jeremiah essentially tells the reader, "Now is the time for salvation!" and presents the message of repentance and salvation. However, often his writing style seems to lean toward that of a church "insider" - someone who is familiar with the words and phrases that all good church folks should know. Fortunately he's very clear in what he means.

Dr. Jeremiah obviously has studied the subject matter for years, and he puts quite a lot of info into these pages that is the result of those studies - from the Scriptures and a massive amount of external contemporary and historical writings. I actually felt that the book should have probably been a bit longer in order for him to better support some of his conclusions from Scripture.

Having read The Late, Great Planet Earth some years ago (Hal Lindsey is quoted several times in Dr. Jeremiah's book), I got some similar sensations while reading What in the World... The first half of the book was well-supported by Scripture, but when conjecture began on the specific identities of countries that will unite to attack Israel, for instance, I was not sold on the fact that the conclusions were completely supportable. This is an example of where the book should have been longer in order for these kinds of things to be truly justified - I wondered if there were other "clues" that were not shared for the sake of brevity.

While I wouldn't come right out and directly dispute some of the book's specific claims by saying, for instance, "The European Union will not be the beast with 10 horns referred to in Daniel," I feel that such direct statements put Dr. Jeremiah in danger of a "boy who cried wolf" scenario, and that drawing many of the conclusions within the book and treating them as fact is something to approach cautiously. Many of the predictions in the final chapters are supported by predictions in the middle chapters (and by the later chapters they were essentially treated as fact rather than predictions), some of which I felt could have been better substantiated.

WITWIGO: TPCYCNATI (just wanted to try an acronym), while an interesting read, is a work that I would recommend reading in tandem with a personal Scripture study of end-times prophecy rather than using it as a de facto guide to upcoming events. As I'd caution regarding the LaHaye (whom Jeremiah quotes regularly) /Jenkins Left Behind fiction series, be very, very careful not to put this book on par with Scripture.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
This is just an excellent read, especially for Christians. However, even a non-believer would find it difficult to argue with the facts of history coming together in this work.
Many books of Bible Prophesy are difficult to read and even more difficult to understand. This is not the case with Dr. Jeremiah's efforts.
People seem to have a feeling of dread of the 'end times' but it is just the opposite. These times should be a time of great expectation for the eternal life with Christ as he has promised.
Current events play a large part in this book and undeniably is a call for Christians to prepare themselves for their reward.
This is not the time for complacency or rest but the time to work with all the strength we have to guide others to Christ.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
"What In The World Is Going On" by David Jeremiah concerns the end-times (Rapture, Tribulation, Jesus Christ's 2nd Coming, Antichrist, etc.). While some reviewers may have some valid points about some of Jeremiah's conclusions, there is no doubt that the Bible is very clear that some day Jesus Christ will return.

Some of the important points Jeremiah covers include:

1. The importance of oil in the world economy and how oil will figure in end times.
2. Why most nations hate Israel and several want to see it wiped off the world map.
3. Islamic terrorism and how radical Islam is a growing threat (to Jeremiah's credit, he does not label all Muslims as radicals).
4. The rapture and what will happen.
5. The role of America in future prophecy (this ought to wake up American Christians!).
6. The antichrist - characteristics and what he will probably do once in power.
7. Final battles and ultimate return of Jesus Christ.

The book is a great read and flows freely. I really appreciated Jeremiah's ultimate goal of the book - to wake up Christians from their stupor and realize the necessity of living in such a way to prepare themselves for Jesus' return and to tell others the Good News of Jesus Christ so that others may know Him and be spared the Tribulation.

All in all, a great read, regardless of your conclusions and interpretations of end times prophecy.

Highly recommended!
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on November 21, 2008
In this pivotal book by Dr. David Jeremiah concerning what would be considered by most of the world as the top "10 prophetic clues you cannon afford to ignore". This is not just a Christian book, but one that all diversity groups speak about. What In The World IS Going On? and how long has it been happening right under our noses?

Answers to questions such as are we moving into a New World Order, North American Union, Transcontinental Union with the European Union are answered. What countries really make up the army that comes against Israel--and why will Israel still stand? What is the biblical timetables for this battle. There is much talk today that Israel or the US should fire upon Iran soon. On the other hand, Iran says it is going annihilate the US and Israel; wipe both off the face of the earth. Many believe it is now and that brings us to the end of times.

Dr. Jeremiah gives amazing facts and information crossing the lines of:

* Domestic
* International
* Political
* Historical
* Christian
* Islamic
* Industry
* Trade - not just oil but all commerce changes
* National Security - moving closer to NAU and NWO
* Keys to National Collapse

He then speaks directly to what most people want to know--WHO is the Anti-Christ? Many have been called this despot over the decades, but none have come to pass-yet. Who is on the radar of scholars and prophetic interpreters? There are some surprising documentation in What In the World Is Going On?

Dr. Jeremiah puts the information in an easy to read format. Each chapter speaking to a specific topic. A must read for those who are curious, and those who want information.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 12, 2008
Dr. Jeremiah has done an outstanding job of summarizing the main End Times biblical prophecies and combines them into today's current events. While much has been written by many on what the Bible really says about the End Times, this book succintly summarizes the main points combining them with world-wide current events to suggest to the reader that we are likely nearing the end of the age. This is clearly not intended to be an exhaustive study. I highly recommend this work for all who desire to find a clear presentation of the general End Times scenario. For those wishing to dig further into the topic, the bibliography included in the Notes section will at least get you well started. Enjoy !!!!!!!!
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