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on July 23, 2006
Back-to-back, I've read this book and the other one by Dr. John Lee, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre Menopause: Balance Your Hormones And Your Life From Thirty To Fifty." Although the one just mentioned is more pertinent to my age group, and both books cover much of the same ground, I chose to review this book because it seems to be more in-depth. Both books, however, are laden with valuable information for women of any age.

The late Dr. Lee had done his homework even after medical school ended and it showed within both of his books. Everything is explained simply, concisely, thoroughly and in easily understandable terms.

Topics include: biochemistry of the body and synthetic drugs and hormones, mechanisms of the body, glands and functions, the estrogen myth and results of HRT study, female cancers and causes, autoimmune disorders, pros of natural progesterone and details of all relevant hormones, the pharmaceutical community and conventional medicine practices, illness and natural prevention, nutrition and exercise, osteoporosis and bone re-building, vitamins, herbs and minerals, heart disease and strokes, insulin and glucose, thyroid problems, liver health and many, many more that tie everything together so sensibly.

Without the specific label of a holistic doctor, Dr. Lee obviously believed and practiced a more natural way for his patients to live with optimal health and well-being. His books attest to the facts that natural is always best; synthetic drugs will always have side effects because they are foreign substances to our bodies; radical surgery is not always the best answer and menopause is not a to-be-feared disease.
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on January 23, 2006
As one who had a 15-year-long battle with all the "joys" of menopause -- insomnia, hot-flashes, night sweats, brain fog, etc -- I can tell you this book is a Godsend. I finally found someone who could really talk knowledgeably about my problems and give some firm recommendations that were tried and tested in a medical setting and had benefitted hundreds of women in Dr. Lee's own clinical practice. I also found a wonderful treasure trove of information about osteoporosis, often not discussed in connection with menopause, and a condition that is usually treated with estrogen. Dr. Lee gives the reader a full load of good information about the benefits of natural progesterone for bone health. I am profoundly grateful! Get the book! You'll be glad you did!
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on February 20, 2011
This little $8.00 paperback book changed the way I look at the medications I was taking, and now I am approaching menopause with a new, true understanding. I have a natural, over-the-counter bio-identical HRT plan that has quickly worked to make me feel better.

Dr. John Lee's book is much more than your typical clinical info about "what to expect when you feel like a fading old bag slogging through menopause", but it does have a great deal of clinical info. But it's really about ALL of the female-related medical conditions that exist. It's for women of all ages, from those in their 20s to those super-seniors in their 80s and 90s. And it's about how all of us of all ages will benefit from bio-identical progesterone cream. The book talks about natural progesterone's history, clinical studies, usage, and how the medical community continues to prescribe fake chemical/synthesized meds because they can't make money from a natural product than can't be patented. Dr. Lee talks about the soaring rates of osteoporosis, breast cancer, etc., and how these are generally man-made diseases in industrialized countries.

Dr. Lee discusses the following: osteoporosis (see the clinical trials in the book that prove progesterone cream prevents and CURES osteoporosis for women of all ages, even seniors) fibroids, cystic breasts, hair loss related to PCOS/androgenic alopecia and hair loss from "The Change", PMS symptoms, and the incredibly uncomfortable changes peri- and menopausal and post-menopausal women suffer through. Progesterone cream is great for breast cancer patients, those who have had hysterectomies, heart disease, polycystic ovaries (PCOS), endometriosis, vaginitis, migraines, cholesterol issues, and those trying to switch from conventional HRT to a natural regimen. Progesterone cream is not a cure-all, but it definitely helps--significantly--with a huge variety of hormonally-related "female trouble" for women of all ages. Bio-identical progesterone cream is inexpensive, does not require a prescription or a doctor's office visit, it's safe, and it works. So that's why your doctor doesn't tell you about it.

Be aware that the low-dose 40mg progesterone cream per day that Dr. Lee recommends is not the recommended dosage these days...he passed in 2003, and since then, there has been a lot of new thinking about his approach. Many menopausal women have suffered through years of estrogen dominance and therefore need what is called a "loading dose" to initially compensate for this. This approach means taking 100mg+ progesterone cream per day without a break for 3-4 months, then trying to take a break of 1-2 days per month and slowly work for a 5-7 day break per month. During the months you start trying to take a break, you might try to slowly (by 10mg per day)lower your progesterone cream dose to the physiological doses originally recommended by Dr. Lee...down to 20-60mg per day is what some women strive for. But some women may need more--listen to your body--there are plenty of women who take 100mg or more per day without ever taking a break--and have been doing so for years without receptor site problems. Please check out Wray White's website for her product NatPro and how to manage your menopause and other hormone issues.

BIG NEWSFLASH...Dr. John Lee's family (he passed suddenly in 2003) now makes their own progesterone's called ProgesterAll, and you can buy it at his family website, which can be found by Googling his name or the ProgesterAll name...don't know if I'm allowed to post it here, but here it is anyway:[...]

I wish good fortune to all my beautiful Rosehip Sisters, and hope Dr. John Lee's book and its program helps you embrace Your Change with wisdom and light.

POSTSCRIPTS: *If you have interest in Dr. Christiane Northrup, check out my review of the revised 2006 paperback edition of "The Wisdom of Menopause"...Northrup continues to urge women to eat soy products as a phytoestrogenic assist to their menopausal symptoms, but the phytic acid blocks magnesium and therefore creates a huge nutritional and endocrine depletion problems.

**The Remifemin brand with black cohosh has been used in Europe and the States for over 50 years and it has clinical trials backing up its efficacy. It does NOT cause liver problems, contrary to recent concerns [refer to the Reuters Health article called "Study Finds No Evidence Black Cohosh Damages Liver" written by Amy Norton, and published on Fri Jan 28, 2011].

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on June 22, 2005
When I came across this book, I was totally intimidated by the subject of menopause and hormone replacement therapy; this is no longer the case! Although a little on the technical side, I found this book to be extremely thorough in helping me understand that I do not need to go the route of traditional HRT. I've used the bioidentical progesterone cream since 2002, and at 52 I've only had two (2) incidents of night sweats and hot flashes because I'd slacked off on using the cream. After each incident, I started back using the natural progesterone cream and have had no reoccuring symptoms. In fact, I feel great!
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on September 20, 2015
Well, this book should be read by every woman in America. Younger women should read the sequel about pre-menopause. I am 15 yrs post-menopausal and even though I am a retired RN, did not realize that the funk I have been feeling for quite a while was from estrogen dominance. I had been searching online for "impediments to weight loss" and kept coming across the term "estrogen dominance" so kept reading. Once I read the symptoms and realized I was the poster child for same, I ordered a hormone test kit from Dr. Lee's website. I included cortisol in the saliva test kit because I am a type A person and I figured my cortisol was elevated, which can also impede weight loss. It was no surprise that I had zero progesterone. It was a surprise that my cortisol levels were low at all 4 times/day tested. The doctor at the weight loss place where I go pointed the low cortisol levels out, explained adrenal fatigue to me and recommended an adaptogen called Adreno-Mend. Who knew?
I have been to 3 board certified family practice docs or internists since my uterus had its retirement party. I had a bone density test 5 years ago which indicated osteopenia-the doc said to just take calcium with Vitamin D. It burns me up that none of them ever mentioned bio-identical hormones to me, even though every symptom I have complained of points to hormone imbalance. The fact is, progesterone protects us from breast cancer, uterine cancer, and osteoporosis. In fact, if you don't have progesterone on board, the calcium & vitamin D are largely futile. It burns me up that I had to discover all this on my own. When I took the hormone test results to my own physician (who I like and respect a lot) he gave it a cursory glance and said "This is not mainstream medicine. You do not need hormone therapy. This is a normal part of aging".
So, ladies, if you are like me, having trouble losing weight, having unexplained fluid retention, having itching skin, and fatigued from inability to sleep more than 4 hrs/night, read this book (and order a test kit to document your hormone levels). This all occurs gradually, so you don't realize you feel like crap-you accept it as normal. I'm happy to say that I found a doctor who understands this enough to prescribe bio-identical progesterone for me, and the Adreno-Mend, and to say: You have got to normalize your sleep cycle to overcome the adrenal fatigue. I'm sleeping 7-8 hrs/night now, my skin does not itch, fluid retention is reduced, all the symptoms that I accepted as normal have subsided or disappeared. Don't be ignorant like I was, read this book!
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on September 19, 2007
Women at every stage of life should read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause", "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause" and "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer".

In an era before the latest studies, Dr. Lee was advising against artificial progesterone and the combination tablets that are made of Premarin with artificial progesterone for relief of menopause symptoms. These are not bio-identical and now they have once and for all been proven dangerous in the highly publicized studies.

The late Dr. Lee had nothing whatever to sell except some very important information. You make the best decisions when you have the most competent information.

Dr. Lee's outstanding main contribution was in making known the uses and significant benefits of natural progesterone cream, information you probably will NOT hear from your doctor, since this extremely beneficial natural cream happens to be available over-the-counter without prescription. You can begin benefitting from this cream, available in most health food stores, as early as your 20's or as late as your 90's but as there are many imitation products, you need Dr. Lee's book(s) to guide you correctly.

Unlike the synthetic prescribed "progestins," (fake progesterone), this cream is bio-identical, having the same chemistry as progesterone made by the body. It is derived from plants and is applied on the skin, being well-absorbed.

It is a wonderful supplement with many benefits, the most important of which regards our skeletal structure. For women, bone is automatically and continually lost very rapidly starting around age 50, leading to osteoporosis. This causes many problems such as "dowager's hump", but worse, a fractured hip or spine can be an extremely serious injury.

The progesterone has been well-proven by Dr. Lee to actually REBUILD BONE in carefully documented studies over many years and in the premenopause and menopause books Dr. Lee supplies all of the details as to how this works and why there is nothing comparable available that works as well to prevent osteoporosis. Before you fall for any of the TV-advertised (one stars Sally Field) "bone building" medications, please invest a much smaller sum in Dr. Lee's pre-menopause and menopause books that discuss such harmful and ineffective products.

Dr. Lee's books are thorough and medically detailed, they are not simplistic reading. Please don't let that put you off. If you are a woman, you need this information.

(Also excellent are the books "Menopause Without Medicine" by Linda Ojeda and "Smart Medicine for Menopause" plus every book written by Sandra Cabot, M.D.).
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on January 15, 2007
This is one of the most informative books I've ever read - this book can save lives and help families. This book will save your mom, sister, daughter, aunt, neigbor or friend - this should be shouted from the street corners - Amazing insight! Most ob/gyns have only 2 hours of hormone training thru their entire studies in school - this gives you amazing information that really makes sense! Just WOW!
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on September 2, 2011
If you are contemplating a hysterectomy or using synthetic hormones... Read this Book! It is full of information that every woman needs to be made aware of. I realized that I was estrogen dominant and corrected the problem myself after reading this book. My gynecologist had prescribed a higher dose of estrogen after hearing my symptoms. This was the opposite of what my body needed. I wish I read this before having a total hysterectomy. I don't have that opportunity but YOU do!
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on July 27, 2005
In this book I found all the information I needed to help me get the perfect HRT for my needs. There I found the explanation for all the problems I had due to lack of hormones and wrong replacent therapy. It is all there, in a simple but at the same time precise and scientifically correct way. An I also discovered how dangerous it is to deliver to a doctor all the responsibility when it comes to choose the correct HRT.
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on October 6, 2009
I was losing my hair, which is thin to begin with, but I was starting to go bald! In reading this book I learned that I had too much testosterone in my system due to not enough progesterone and too much estrogen, which was causing me to lose my hair like a man does. I did what Dr. Lee said to do, supplemented with the natural progesterone cream from the health food store and within three months my head was itching as my hair was growing back. In five months my hair was totally back to normal! Additionally, I am now sleeping through the night again and no longer feel depressed. I started my 77 year old mother on it as she had the same balding pattern and her hair grew back in three months! She was amazed just like I was. If you are nearing menopause or in menopause you really need to read this book.
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