What is the best Bluetooth Headset for use in a convertible? My wife cannot hear when speaking in the convertible with the roof down due to interference with wind. Any suggestions?
asked by Eagle Vision on June 3, 2009
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the jawbone prime is the ONLY headset thus far that has been able to eliminate wind noise. i own the jawbone 2 with noise assasin (tm). before i bought it i did some research to find out what's so special about noise assasin. well there's a sensor on the earpiece that touches your face. it matches the vibration from your jawbone to the sound in the air using alogorithms. by doing this it can pull your voice into the microphone and block out EVERYTHING else. now of course there are limitations, like very loud music and what not. but normal background noise is non existent.

last week i did a test while i was in a basketball gym. i called my voicemail and recorded about 10 seconds with noise assasin on, then turned it off...WOW! all those basketballs dribbling and echoes and the constant "buzz" was COMPLETELY blocked! i was astonished. i had done some tests around my house before, but this was really blew me away, and it was because of the difference with it on & off. oh, by the way it picked up my voice loud and clear. i didn't have to speak louder than normal or anything. and if you pull the sensor off of your face your voice will get muffled with the rest of the ambient noise. this lets you know that it is not a gimmick, but an integral part to the noise assasin.

i got one phone call while i was in the gym and in the middle of the conversation i turned off the noise assasin and the dude was like what the %$*@ happened?!?! he was talking when i turned it off and he stopped mid sentence because it was such and extreme change. i told him what i had did and he was like wow i gotta get one of those!

but they, along with EVERY other bluetooth with noise cancellation, admittedly had no answer for wind noise...until now

jawbone prime features noise assasin 2.0. it blocks higher decibal levels and they have figured out how to eliminate wind noise as well as the interference it causes. they use the aforementioned sensor to help out. with wind interference your highs can be heard in the microphone, but your lows are covered. so they use the sensor to "feel" your lows and the microphone to hear your highs, then matches them back together for a seamless sound. now they admit it won't work in every situation, and for that it will give you a beeping signal that lets you know that you may not have been heard due to wind interference.

so i think with the convertible it can handle street driving, but it may not be able to handle highway driving.
Albert Lewis answered on June 15, 2009
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What about Plantronics Voyager Pro ?
Ingez answered on June 19, 2009
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Albert: lol, you sound a little angry, you should calm down...

Zatulovsky: The voyagor pro is widely touted as the best for sound quality on both incoming and outgoing calls. the only problem is that it's a less attractive option than most other BT headsets (cnet has reviews on both of the aforementioned + a few others here: http://reviews.cnet.com/best-bluetooth-headsets/). personally, i'd get the plantronics if it weren't so ugly; right now, i may get a cheap BT to tide me over until something comes out on the market that combines the quality of the plantronics pro with the aesthetics of the jawbone


oh yes, and in case it wasn't clear from my post, the plantronics EASILY surpassed the jawbone in terms of noise cancellation effectiveness.
Bill Jimson answered on September 13, 2009
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I think the headset you're looking for has arrived: Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset. It uses the same dual-mic technology as the voyager pro with and the form factor of the 925. Unfortunately, this is by far the priciest headset of the bunch.
J. Wong answered on October 15, 2009
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hard to find them, but throat mics are the best for noise cancellation. It's what the military uses, as well as police and tactical forces. You can hear a person talking over weapons fire, wind, engine noise, loud music... The only noise it picks up is the vibration from your larynx. Downsides. Most military grade throat mikes are not Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not a secure means of connectivity and can be scrambled or intercepted. There were a couple companies that used to make them bluetooth for handsfree while driving, but there wasn't a large consumer market for them. The only company I know of that still makes them is Samson Telecom. They run about $168. You can get much less expensive ones that jack into your phone.
Mark H. Miller answered on August 27, 2012
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Did you not pay attention to anything I said about the jawbone prime? There is no bluetooth earpiece out that blocks wind interference except the jawbone, bottom line. You can do the research yourself.
Albert Lewis answered on June 29, 2009
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