What happens if you stop taking Alli? Has anyone used the alli diet aid pills successfully and then stopped taking them? Do you gain the weight back? Does the booklet let you know how long to take these or are these for life?
asked by In My Life on March 11, 2008
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what happens when you stop taking Alli?
in a word, nothing. It is not a magic pill, if you take it as directed you will lose weight. By just following the diet plan without the pill you will lose weight. The idea is to form new healthy habits, and maintain a lifestyle that will keep you at a healthy weight. There is so much bad press, and Alli bashing going on, with people who have never taken it before, telling all kinds of horror stories. No I dont work for GSK, but I have lost 80 pounds by taking Alli. Alli was my tool to keep me honest with what I was ingesting. Stay under you alloted fat grams (usually 15-18 grams per meal) and you wont have the "treatment effects" that everyone likes to talk about.
J. Wright answered on May 31, 2008

I used Alli for a few months and lost about 25 lbs. I stopped and haven't gained it back, but I haven't lost any more either. I'm about to start it up again.
Mike Zupan answered on April 25, 2008

i heard that when you take ali all you do is use the bathroom and some people actually had to wear diapers cause they couldnt stop. Is this true?
KAT answered on May 26, 2009
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