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on May 20, 2012
If you are wondering why you should see this movie, see the title. The movie played to its strengths and showed Chris Evans sans clothing numerous times, with very little shielding you from his more... important bits. Have you seen those abs? Combined with that face? HELLO.

I'm sorry, was I reviewing a movie? I got a little lost there.

A lot of the reviews I read were criticizing What's Your Number for being predictable, which confused me. It's a romantic comedy. Were you expecting Shakespeare? When I settle down for a rom com, I'm not looking to be shocked by the plot. I'm looking to laugh, root for the main characters, want the main characters to get together, drool over the male lead (and drool I definitely did, have you noticed?) as well as identify with the female one. I was able to do all of that, therefore I walked out of the movie theater content and pleased. I have recommended this movie to others and was very, very happy with it, going by that criteria. When I watch a rom com, I'm not looking to have my life changed, I just want to forget about everything for an hour and whatever minutes.

On that note, Chris Evans and Anna Faris were adorable together and did help me forget life for awhile. Faris was, for me, super relatable and flawless. The two had excellent chemistry and carried what could have been a better script. I have bought this movie and plan on squirreling it away for rainy days when I just want to curl up in bed and eat chocolate and appreciate the male form in all its wonder.

Have I mentioned I really like Chris Evans? And his body/face combo? I might be a little biased. I'll stop gushing and go now.
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on December 17, 2011
What's Your Number? is usually compared to Bridesmaids, well it shouldn't. Sure, they star hilarious female actress (Anna Faris & Kristen Wiig), but they shouldn't be compared to each other. What's Your Number? is cheesy and fun, while Bridesmaids is funny, but also has a "serious" tone to it. What's Your Number? is flat-out funny, right-in-your-face predictable, but that's what I expected it to be. I really enjoyed this one and preordered my copy! It's an excellent movie and I could watch it over and over!
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on September 10, 2012
This movie is predictable in the concept, however the thing that makes it very worthwhile to get is you get to see "Captain America" naked. Several times. I was reading the review of another and she mentioned this fact. That is why I got it. He is so dangerously sexy, as stated in the movie,that it is unbelievable. Watching him standing in the hallway of the apartment building and eating an apple with one hand and a towel covering a specific area with the other. He then dabs his mouth with the towel and if it weren't for a strategically placed object there would be nothing left to the imagination. Mine kicked in vividly. Also, watching makes me want to play strip Horse. The way he eats a sandwich is also worth seeing. He is holy crap hot, and droolingly delicious to watch. He also is funny and has a fantastic smile and is comfortable with himself. He is a great actor too. I do go on, but it is nice that us ladies get some amazing male scenery to look at. His body/face combo is the bomb in my book. If you want a great movie see Captain America or The Avengers, this one is for entertaining delicious fantasies.
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on January 12, 2012
As long as you do not start watching this movie expecting Notting Hill, it is a nice romantic comedy, perfectly predictable but entertaining and enjoyable. Chris Evans is a great co-lead, and although I am usually not a fan of Anna Farris, she was actually watchable in this movie. This is a movie that does not take itself too seriously - approach it in the same way and enjoy.
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on December 13, 2012
I went through a few of the reviews here trying to find something about the extended edition blu-ray but they are mostly about the movie itself (I was surprised to see so many hateful reviews too since the romantic comedy genre usually has a loyal following and no one else cares much for it, or at least I thought so) I assume if you just want to watch the movie, you can read the other reviews, but if you already watched it and are thinking about buying the Blu-ray extended edition then this review is for you ;)

I'm not a fan of romantic comedies but I gave this one a shot when it was playing on cable the other night, mainly because I really like Anna Farris, and Chris Evans is not hard to look at (and I was also surprised to see him in this kind of film... Captain America and all). As it turns out I really liked it. Its humor is right up my alley and I really had to laugh in my couch's pillows to not wake everyone up at my house when I was watching it (yes, some parts were THAT funny to me)

I went ahead and bought the blu-ray because I knew I could watch this movie over and over, but especially I wanted to see the extended edition because there were some spots here and there where editing definitely left a void in the plot (in my opinion) so I was very interested to see more flash-backs and more comedy.

I was dissapointed on this extra material for the most part. With the exception of a couple of good flash backs, one "Deep-down-Collin-is-a-sweet-guy" scene, the explanation of how Ally's bridesmaid dress goes from a one-shoulder fru-fru to strapless at the end of the movie, and a few other fillers that I really liked; the included extra footage in some scenes of the extended version makes Ally go from cute-clompsy girl to plain idiot (I don't think anyone would want to relate to a girl like that).

The gag reel was extremely short for a comedy, I was expecting waaaaaay more laughs and mess-ups, but it was cute to see people from the cast and crew answering the "what's your number?" question.

I predict I'll watch this movie whenever a rainy day comes around but I think I'll stick with the theatrical version.
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on June 14, 2012
Heroine in bed with guy she's in a nowhere relationship with. Said heroine quietly simmering over peer's upcoming nuptials. She takes notice of her life and does a reevaluation. Lots of potty humor. I'm going to give the makers of "What's Your Number" the benefit of the doubt because it was released months after "Bridesmaids". But it makes you think whether these are coincidences or conventions of the genre. Regardless, I enjoyed the film immensely. In fairness Anna Faris' Ally is a different character type than Kristen Wiig's Annie. Whereas Ally is bubbly Annie was more neurotic. There is also undeniable chemistry between Faris and Chris Evans. My wife said Faris was married to Evans in real life but she wasn't sure. I have no recall of this film being in theatres but my wife said it was for a moment. I don't know if the "Bridesmaids" factor had an effect on it's lackluster showing at the box office but "What's Your Number" deserves to be judged on it's own merits.
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on June 13, 2012
It's definitely a fun little flick, especially if you're a fan of Evans or Faris. Evans definitely steals the show, and I have a hard time believing that I would have even remotely enjoyed it had he not been in it.

It's an extremely unrealistic movie though (though really, which romantic comedies are?), so you'll probably have to suspend your disbelief to enjoy it. I doubt much will stick with you after the movie's over either. I watched it about 3-ish weeks ago, and I'm struggling to remember the smaller beats of the flick.

It's worth at least a rental.
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WHAT'S YOU NUMBER? is a flimsy bit of fluff based on the novel '20 Times A Lady' by Karen Bosnak and transformed for the screen by Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden. It is a very light comedy that has some observations about today's dating/quasi-relationship scene, but those impressions are a bit too true to be funny, so it is best to just concentrate on the film as a diversion of the kick back, put feet up, and giggle along with it genre.

Ally Darling (!) (Anna Faris) has a history of having many ex-boy connections who turned out to be losers. Reading an article that offers number amounts for judging sexual encounters (Ally has exceeded the norm) she freaks and believes that she can't find THE good guy. Deciding to reevaluate her ex-encounters searching for Mr Right, she decides to look up all of her exs to see if any of them have changed for the better. Finding this task daunting she turns to her apartment neighbor Colin Shea (Chris Evans), a would-be musician who sleeps with women every night and sneaks out the morning after to avoid relating to them, to act as her detective. The rest is a contrived series of ups and downs of the manhunt that has few qualified candidates. And the end is predictable.

For once Anna Faris has snagged a role that shows her talent (and fingernails-on-the-blackboard voice) and she looks terrific. But the biggest treat in the film is Chris Evans appearing in the buff often enough to keep the movie on: not only does he enjoy his Adonis body but he seems happy allowing it to buff up an otherwise routine comedy part. There is another attraction in the wings - Oliver Jackson-Cohen - who seems to have a future in film. Tuck in the always reliable Blythe Danner and Ed Begley, Jr and this is a cast worth an evening's outing. But the treat on top of the confection is the eye candy generously shared by Chris Evans. Grady Harp, February 12
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on November 24, 2015
The movie disc itself works fine. It's the "digital copy" that's upsetting. After copying this movie over multiple times on my Android device, it does not play. And after being given the runaround by Fox Digital, there is no resolution as to why it won't work. They simply tell you "sorry, there's nothing we can do" after making you jump through hoops to send them a ton of information. So if you're purchasing this in hopes of having a digital copy as well, you will be very disappointed. My mistake was not looking for "ultraviolet" instead.
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on June 4, 2015
I have to start by saying this is a typical romantic comedy and has little redeeming value other than it makes me laugh and I love the love story between Ally and Collin. This is not a movie that was ever destined to win awards but I love it anyway. I found it funny to see Ally's exes and her interaction with Collin. I liked how their relationship started as friendship and grew naturally from their with both being themselves with no expectations of more. Plus Chris Evans is just nice to look at (a bonus to being a good actor) and this movie takes full advantage of that.
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