Customer Reviews: 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul [Download]
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on May 25, 2011
I haven't been a very devout fan of the series but decided to purchase "American Long Haul" via internet download for $10. The game is pretty cool, lots of trucks to try out and a faily large range of cargo options. Some of the cool features I thought are that you can make money buying and selling used trucks. Overall this game is many hours of fun if you are into the trucking simulator genre and an inexpensive price tag.
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on December 28, 2011
Compared to other 18 Wheels Of Steel games, this one has especially stunning graphic. We are very impressed with the product, especially for the price. There are just a few, minor glitches in it, but that's to be expected with any game and it adds a little bit of fun. Once we got the hang of it, we''ve been cruising down the highway at top speed. The different views make it easy. It is a very versitalle games when you are doing the campoaign. If you have trouble back up, etc. then there's easy, and, if you're feeling a little more adventurous, you can try medium. And if you're INSANE, there's HARD!! It's a awesome game and we are very satisfied. Thank you Amazon!
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on October 30, 2012
This game is pretty much what it advertises to be. A trucking company simulator type driving game. All the major features of driving across North America and hiring other drivers while buying and selling trucks and making company contracts are there.

This is a very easy play, relaxing game that is great enjoyment when you don't want heart pounding extreme action every nano second. There are the occasional bugs and weird spots in the game though.

Most complaints about the game that I have seen are about graphics. Things like the cities are cardboard looking, there are no people walking the streets etc. There is really nothing wrong with the graphics for the game, or the designers graphics decisions when making the game. These remarks seem to be shallow complaints against a mostly good product.

The next biggest complaint I've read is about the quality of the cities themselves. This item has some merit but generally the cities in this game are not supposed to be the main arena. The back drop of cities flows well from the interstate into the city core. They could use a few more businesses in some cities and the inclusion of more major cities and a little more distance between them would be nice. Otherwise the cities function well as transport hubs, which they are.

There are some issues with the game that I haven't read in other reviews that are a little bothersome. The interstate system needed to be designed better. They did a good job of copying the interstate look and feel, but not the actual system. Most interstates across the US are 2 lane roads with an occasional 3rd lane that functions as an entry/exit ramp. 3 lanes are usually only found around major cities. There are some exceptions to this like I-95 between Boston and the middle of Virginia, which is mostly 3 lanes and high traffic all the way down. Key problems with the interstate design are some areas where the main road narrows to one lane and the off ramp continues as two lanes as if it were the main road. There are some interstate crossings where interstates should connect but don't. There is a lack of road signs around the interstate system. While the signs that are in there are good, real looking and 98%-ish or so accurate, there is only one set of signs per junction and they are right on the junction. If your in the wrong lane in heavy traffic going faster than 40 mph you don't have enough time to get in the right lane. They should included a second set of signs further back from the junction to give you time to orientate, plan and execute your moves without bringing traffic to a grinding halt like the real interstate system does.

The main problem I have about the whole game is a few minor control elements. The absolute worst is pressing the brake shifts you into reverse and makes you go faster in reverse. I thought the accelerator is what makes you go faster and the brake stops you? This is really bothersome sitting at traffic lights because if you tap the brake your going to back into the car behind you instead of lock your vehicle in position. When the engine is off pressing either the brake or the accelerator will start the engine. If you hit the brake it will start you in reverse. This was probably programmed as a feature and its an extremely arcade type control function that is very disappointing and doesn't belong on anything claiming to be a simulation.

The other key issue I have is with lights, both on the rig and on the dash. The main lights button is a sequential toggle. Press once lights come on, press again headlights become bright, press again all lights shut off. Every vehicle made has a separate switch for high and low beam on the headlights and cycling them does not turn your lights off. There are also different mode settings for headlights and running lights. I expect that my high/low beams don't turn off my lights, and that I can turn my dash/running lights on without having my headlights on. This is just super basic entry level globally standardized car and truck stuff. There is a light problem on the dash with the parking brake. It only blinks once when the status of the parking brake changes. The light indicator on the external hud has an accurate parking brake light. When in the cab you either have to remember or move your view to look at the parking brake switch. This light is clearly a bug and should be fixed.

The Jake brake, or engine brake was programmed improperly. You hit the button and it brings your truck to a stop then shuts off, unless you turn it off before it stops you. It slows you down really fast as if you hit the brake pedal. Real Jake's are mechanical features that shut off fuel to half the cylinders in the engine. They kill performance and the extra back pressure on the intake/exhaust of the motor will slow you down a little. Its not instant, and it doesn't turn itself off, and you can still pick up speed by pressing the gas. You will have a lower top speed though.

Some sound effects don't match up or sound effects are missing. This mainly applies to the brake system which is pneumatic (air) powered on every heavy commercial vehicle.

Traffic has some serious problems. Although, there are way too many drivers in the real world that dont know how to use an on ramp either. So in a way it kinda balances out. Generally in towns in cities most traffic flow will be 20 under the posted speed. Traffic crawls around interstate junctions as low as 10mph at times. It will do this in cities too. Then when traffic reaches the open highway it runs 100mph, literally(I clocked it).

Aside from a few minor fixes that need to be in the game, none of them are graphics or eye candy like in many reviews, This is still an excellent product. I have found it really enjoyable and even a bit addictive at times.
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on January 27, 2012
They loaded it on our six year old PC, and it didn't choke it, running XP with 4GB of RAM. They play it often, and though they like to crash into stuff, they also learn that crashes have consequences, including damage and tickets. It's almost like life, so I like it very much.
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on January 25, 2013
It's a good game, but needs some improving. I am a truck driver and this game is a bit out of date. And with log book entries you can either be driving, or in sleeper berth. But, a hired driver can use the entire log book. And, cars like to slam on the brakes for no reason. Just needs to be more realistic. Other wise good game
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on October 29, 2012
After playing this game I have a complete new respect for truck drivers. If you've ever thought about becoming a truck driver I think you would love this game.

Graphics are decent for how old the game is and it is a repetitive game, but driving trucks is repetitive.

If your not sure on whether or not you would like this game there are numerous videos of game play on youtube.
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on November 11, 2012
I tried this simulation on/for a free 60 minute trial and I loved it even though most of the game was spent loading and freezing. But, for the time that I that I did get to play, I enjoyed it a lot. It's just like "Bus Driver" {also by SCS} but more detailed with more trucks and many trailer picks(For example; "Single heavy log", "Excavator", Oversized tube" etc.). This game, in my opinion, is nicely priced too. Even the disc-versoin is nice. I just bought this because i didn't want to wait for shipping.

But it does have limits. During gameplay, if you have on the rear-view mirriors, it slows the game down. All you have to do is turn it off though. This is probably the starter 18 wheels game; for beginners, in my opinion (which is what i am; a beginner :I ). Of the series.

This game is totally worth it and i would reccomend it to anyone. Especially the simulation-likers ;)

95% good 5% okay/bad
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on October 21, 2012
I like the games overall concept, but has some very annoying issues. The negatives first. No instructions, not even a tutorial. You start the game in a parking lot with no direction as to where to get work, controls, nothing. I had to use the internet to find out how to hire drivers, give them work, and what the upgrades mean. This is probably the most annoying for me. The game should have a manual with the download, or at least a link to get one. Second, there are some bugs. Right now my truck is stuck on a median in L.A. Going forward or backward does nothing, the truck just sits there. Only thing to do is is reload from my last save. Also sometimes you hit things that show plenty of clearance. Third is the exit signs make no sense sometimes. Somewhere on I-40 at one interchange( It think it is with I-35) all three signs say I-40. Also the directions are wrong sometimes, and some aren't even marked. Other than that the game is not bad. Just takes a lot of extra effort to figure out how to play, which for a paid game you shouldn't have to. But just have to get in the habit of saving your game often. Had a few lockups so far after dropping off a load before I could save.
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on November 14, 2012
it is really cool but it is a little slow. Has a varity of trucks and designs. Also it has trailers with certian designs and you can buy and sell trucks and trailers. there is no visable damage but there is internal damage. there is also upgrades to the truck that can change the preformance and body apperence.
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on January 30, 2013
Okay first off this game is really fun and teach young kids+ about driving. Traffic, cops day/night cycles, its a fun game with a lot of cool stuff.

I think it's a great learning simulation game for young kids+.
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