Customer Reviews: When Love Comes My Way
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on October 8, 2012
Somewhat enjoyable but superficial romance. Tess Wakefield is the heiress to the Wakefield fortune and along with that comes the lumber company her grandfather owned. However, she knows nothing about lumber and plans to sell to its competitor so she can continue to make hats for her millinery shops. Jake Lannigan, the foreman of Wakefield Timber, wants to replant pine trees to give something back instead of stripping the land. Her grandfather had agreed to do this, but died before they could start the project. Jake and Tess have been arguing through letters and he is furious that she won't agree. She travels from Philadelphia to Michigan to sign the papers for the sale when she's involved in a wagon accident along with the new schoolteacher. She survives but the teacher does not. However, when she wakes up, she has no memory and is mistaken for the teacher. Jake suspects that she could be Tess, but he figures her teaching a bunch of unruly children could school this spoiled girl on what the real world's really like and maybe she'll change her mind in the process. And there's always the chance that she really is the teacher.

They both immediately fall for each other but Jake fights it especially as he starts to become more sure that she is Tess Wakefield and not the teacher. He also knows she's engaged, which complicates matters. What happens when her identity is revealed before he can tell her the truth? Can she forgive him? Will they fight for their love?

I usually like Lori Copeland's books but I have to say I was disappointed in this one. The romance seemed shallow. Tess seems very forward for a woman of the time, especially a society woman; she does a lot of throwing herself at Jake, which I didn't like, especially since she's not getting much encouragement from him. There wasn't much to the faith element in the book either, just some mentions of prayer and God. This book was rewritten and expanded from a 1990 book she wrote for a secular publisher and I'd have to say it's not up to par with her usual style. However, if you like light romance, you might enjoy this book.

I was provided a free copy of this book from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.
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on July 10, 2012
Mixed feeling about this book that was in many ways charming.

Tess Wakefield, heir to a timber fortune, loses her memory after an accident and finds her self attractted to the cool and rugged lumberman, Jake Lannigan. Many incidents ensue, but will Jake and Tess be able to handle it when love comes their way?

As I said above I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the setting and the oft-times humorous interactions between the characters, especially the teasing between Andre and Jake, and how the lumbermen reacted to having a woman among their midst! And I loved how determined Tess was to go along with the mix up -- because she didn't remember anything!-- and teach school, not to mention put up with a hoard of ill behaved children, who were far from the cute end of the spectrum!

To some extent I felt that Jake acted completely ungentlmanly and was just not much of a gallant hero, and while his actions may have made sense to him I thought it was rather unfair of him to take out his frustration at Tess on her, because she didn't remember who she was! And something that I really didn't like was how Tess formed the ladies of the community into a society, directing them to manipulate their husbands into building a new schoolhouse. In my opinion the way she went about it was just all wrong.

Overall, as I said above I really wanted to like this book, because there are some great parts, yet there are still some elements that I just get stuck on. One thing that I will note is that this book, though it is the second in a series, it has nothing to do with the last book, so picking it up out of order won't be a problem :) I can't give this book the glowing review that I wanted to, but I did like the interactions between some of the characters, and that everything did eventually get resolved :)

I received this book through a publicity program in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!
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on December 26, 2012
If you want romance as in -a few passionate kisses- then fine, there are some nice scenes like that, but I found that to enjoy those scenes you had to forget the rest of the story. Forget that Jake has been absolutely horrible, mean, snide, and has put her in the worst possible situations he can think of to "get back at her" for something she doesn't even remember she did. I know the author portrays Tess as a ditz but really?! She goes from talking about how horrible Jake is to her to saying he's just so big and hunky she can't possibly look past him to see his kind and helpful friend Andre as a possible candidate. GAG! When she finally does develop a backbone, she uses it to break her promise that she would not stir up trouble in the camp. Two problems with this - why does Jake make such a big deal about making her promise this when there are no large unforeseen consequences that later turn up? Second problem is that she supposedly loves this guy and yet at the drop of a hat she chooses to break her promise to him? Doesn't sound like love to me. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the book.
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on July 25, 2015
When lumber heiress Tess Wakefield travels to upstate Michigan in order to sign over the property rights for Wakefield Timber, she never could have imagined how a tragic wagon accident would change the course of her life. Stranded in a lumber camp with over one hundred men and no recollection of who she was or why she was traveling so far north, Tess accepts the fact that she just might be the school teacher that the camp was so eagerly expecting. But foreman Jake Lannigan has his doubts; her delicate features, strong-willed nature and propensity for hats, leaves Jake with a nagging suspicion that the lovely stranger with amnesia might just be his nemesis, after all. The problem is, just what does he plan to do about it? Certainly, not fall in love.

This simply written, illuminating story about life in an 1873 Michigan lumber camp, weaves a tale filled with life and love, mistakes and regrets, faith and forgiveness, but finishes strong; vintage Lori Copeland!
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on February 12, 2013
My expectations were high after reading the other reviews but quickly faded after a couple chapters. I did not like authors writing style which leaned precariously close to preachy at times. The characters had possibilities but were underdeveloped and left me not really caring how it ended. I usually enjoy books of this genre and was trying out a new author but I wouldn't purchase another of her books.
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on June 29, 2014
WHEN LOVE COMES MY WAY is not your run-of-the-mill romance. And while some reviewers found that as a negative, I thoroughly enjoyed its unconventional style.

Tess Wakefield has inherited Wakefield Timber from her uncle. Since she knows nothing about the timber industry, her fiancé encourages her to sell it and invest her assets into her own chain of haberdasheries. She has communicated with Jake Lannigan, the foreman of Wakefield Timber, her intentions of selling, but he has not been accommodating or agreeable to her plans. So, Tess sets out to meet with a buyer and the foreman on Wakefield property. Unfortunately, Tess is in a devastating wagon accident. Losing her memory, Tess is convinced she is the new schoolmarm. Though every day is a struggle in the small logging town, Tess is determined to make it work and put her mark on the town.

Jake Lannigan is beyond frustrated with Tess Wakefield, a spoiled socialite who knows nothing about logging. Jake and Tess’ uncle had an agreement to replant the groves they were lumbering. Tess sees replanting as a waste of finances. She refuses to listen to Jake’s suggestions and decides to sell to Sven Templeton, an adversary of Jake’s. When Tess is in a wagon accident and losses her memory, Jake allows her to believe she is the new school teacher, even though he instinctively knows she is Tess Wakefield. Without Tess Wakefield around to sell Wakefield Lumber, Jake figures he still has a chance of seeing his dream of replanting happen. What he didn’t figure on, was falling in love with the beautiful, engaged, heiress.

Tess has more than fallen for the handsome, Jake Lannigan. But she doesn’t understand his resistance in having a relationship with her. She knows he’s attracted to her, but every time they get close, he pulls back. When Tess finally regains her memory, she doesn’t know how she should feel about Jake. He’s lied to her about who she really is. But deep down she knows she’s in love with him and willing to forgive him everything.

A really enjoyed WHEN LOVE COMES MY WAY because of its unconventional characters. When Tess realizes she’s attracted to Jake, she doesn’t hold back. Being quite forward, she isn’t your typical woman of society. She sees what she wants and goes after it. I found that fun and refreshing. Jake as well wasn’t your normal hero. He had his flaws but it didn’t distract from the man you knew him to be. The secondary characters were very well written. Andre and Echo, even Talbot, Tess’ fiancé was genuine and likable. A very fun story with a great ending.
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on February 15, 2014
Reviewed by JoAnne
Book provided by the publisher for review
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book

This is an inspirational historical romance that takes place in the 1870′s that kept my interest from beginning to end although I wasn’t sure at the start that it would. It took about 25 pages before I felt the pull into the storyline and my attention totally captured. Once I got past the scene setting and background information it was an easy read that had all the elements I like – great character and plot development, friends, romance, love, and adventure. There was some sadness and tears but also laugh out loud moments along with several happily ever afters.

Since this was an inspirational story there were references to God along with many prayers to him for various reasons but it enhanced the plot and didn’t detract from it. The descriptions of the logging camp and surrounding areas were so vivid I felt I was there.

Tess wasn’t very likable in the beginning especially when learning about her society life in Philadelphia and desires through her letters to Jake Lannigan, the foreman at the timber company she owned in Michigan. She also wasn’t very endearing on the wagon ride to the camp. Once I got to “know” her, her strengths came out and she wasn’t the air headed socialite I thought she was. She and Jake had immediate chemistry and fought like cats and dogs but they both resisted it until the very end although there were signs of weakening on both sides earlier on. The epilogue gave nice closure, but I would have loved a few more chapters.

I haven’t read books by Copeland before but if this is her caliber of writing with a light hand on the inspirational side I will be adding her to my TBR pile.

Favorite Quote: “It is true, why is it so hard for you to understand why building a new schoolhouse is important to me? I won’t be here forever, but like your dream, I want to leave something for future generations It’s important to me!” She was a dismal failure at teaching, so she had to leave something behind to prove that she’d been there.
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on August 3, 2013
When Love Comes My Way by Lori Copeland

1873 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

A wealthy heroine.
A headstrong lumber camp foreman.
Two worlds collide with the added twist of amnesia.

This historical romance offers an accurate portrayal of lumbering in the late 19th century and a plot that will keep you riveted. Tess Wakefield is in love with the millinery business. When her grandfather's death makes her the owner of a lumber camp, she decides to cash in and open more hat shops in Philadelphia. She sets out for Michigan to close the sale of her lumber camp while her wealthy fiancé awaits her return.

Jake Lannigan has been receiving letters from the new lumber camp owner informing him of her plan to sell to a competitor. She has refused his advice to plant seedlings to replace the felled timber and keep the lumber business viable for future generations. Now that she's coming to Michigan, maybe he can convince her in person to keep the business and plant for the future.

Somewhere between the last railroad station and the logging operation, the wagon carrying Tess Wakefield and the new school teacher for the lumber camp overturns, spilling them in a river. One dies. One survives. Since no one knows either woman by sight and no identifying information can be salvaged, most assume that the survivor of the accident is the teacher and the unrecovered body belongs to Tess. Then winter sets in.

Lori Copeland has mastered the art of conflict between main characters, descriptions that send chills down your spine in sub-zero weather, and secondary characters that are sharply drawn. This north woods story will carry you briefly to Philadelphia and back again, landing on the final page of happily-ever-after.

About Lori Copeland
From the back cover of the book: "Lori Copeland is the author of more than 90 titles, both historical and contemporary fiction. With more than 3 million copies of her books in print, she has developed a loyal following among her rapidly growing fan base in the inspirational market. Lori lives in the beautiful Ozarks with her husband, Lance, and their three children and five grandchildren."

When Love Comes My Way
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on December 21, 2014
WHEN COMES MY WAY is a lumber camp story, set in Michigan, but it is totally different than the others. Tess Wakefield is a strong-willed individual, whether she is an unsuspecting teacher or an heiress and the camp is set on its ears.

I loved this story all the way through to the end and then the ending ruined it for me. I won’t go into the details how or why, but I closed the book disappointed. It took the book from a 5 star book to a 4 star book, so it is still a positive review.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this book – If you like historical romances set in the timber lands of Michigan, starring big brawny heroes, you should pick up WHEN LOVE COMES MY WAY.
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on August 7, 2012

Timber heiress Tess Wakefield may have called the logging camps of Michigan's Upper Peninsula home when she was a young child but she is now a city girl, firmly entrenched in Philadelphia society. When her grandfather dies and leaves the timber business to her, Tess briefly considers keeping it but her fiancé (who has been her guardian since she was eleven and upon whom she has relied for financial advice for most of her life) recommends selling. The timber business, according to reports, is in decline and Tess can use the money to fund her dream of opening a string of hat shops. She makes arrangements to sell to a rival company and, in an uncharacteristic burst of independence, travels alone by train to Michigan to sign the papers that will seal the deal.

Jake "Big Say" Lannigan loves the timber business and can't imagine doing anything else. As foreman of Wakefield Timber, he enjoyed a close relationship with the owner, a man who shared Jake's love of the ruggedly beautiful forests of Michigan's UP and supported his dream of restoring the land with a tree planting program. Unfortunately, Rutherford Wakefield died before they could put the re-planting program into effect and now Jake's faced with Wakefield's spoiled granddaughter who is on her way to Michigan and set upon selling the entire business to the most ruthless man in the area. Jobs will be lost and forests will be devastated if he can't convince Tess Wakefield to change her mind before it's too late.

On the last leg of her trip, Tess boards a wagon along with Fedelia Yardley and two loggers. Miss Yardley, a woman close to Tess in age, is on her way to the Wakefield camp to be the new school teacher and is expected. Tess is not. When an accident tosses the wagon into icy, rushing waters, Tess is the only one of the two women who survives but when she awakens with amnesia, everyone believes her to be Miss Yardley. Everyone, that is, except Jake. As he spends time with "Fedelia," Jake begins to notice things about her that lead him to believe she might be the woman with whom he's been corresponding since her grandfather's death. He has a choice: tell her what he thinks or use the long winter ahead to show her why Wakefield Timber is special, give her the opportunity to get to know the people she employs and win her over to his side in his quest to restore the forests they clear cut for future generations. But when push comes to shove, will he be able to go against his conscience? And when desire turns to love, will he keep his silence or listen to his heart and risk losing all by telling Tess what he believes to be the truth?

I enjoyed this book so much! First, it's set in my home state of Michigan and Copeland does an excellent job of capturing the beauty, danger and history of the unique Upper Peninsula and the people who call it home. Her descriptions are so vivid that I quickly lost myself in them; remembering the bone-chilling cold of the harsh winters, easily imagining the spartan conditions of the logging camps, feeling the heart-wrenching fear when someone is injured in a logging accident, smelling the freshness of the pine forests and hearing the joyful laughter and voices raised in song as friends race across snow-covered, moonlit fields in horse-drawn sleighs. But, as much as I enjoyed the backdrop of this book, it's the characters that bring it to life. Tess and Jake are at the center; two good but stubborn people who butt heads at every turn, set off enough sparks to start a forest fire and couldn't be more perfect for one another. The banter between them is a delight! Surrounding them is a memorable cast of secondary characters who all add flavor, humor and added depths to the story in their own ways. Especially noteworthy are André, a gentle French giant who is Jake's right hand man, Echo, a downtrodden young woman trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage and Tess's fiancé Talbot Wellington-Kent, a good man who truly does want what's best for Tess.

This is my first Lori Copeland book but it won't be my last. A beautifully written love story filled with humor, emotion and memorable characters, When Love Comes My Way is a book I highly recommend.

~PJ Ausdenmore
The Romance Dish
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