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on October 20, 2008
"When Panic Attacks" is mainly a collection of case studies that demonstrate different ways to identify and conquer various sources of anxiety. I have never read David Burns's book "Feeling Good," which is mentioned several times in this 3-CD set, but from reading other reviews, some case studies and ideas from that book may be repeated here.

Disc 1 discusses the cognitive model for combating anxiety. In this model it is explained that you feel the way you think, that anxiety stems from distorted, illogical thoughts, and when you change the way you think, you can change the way you feel. One technique used in the case studies, is to keep asking one's self that, if a certain anxiety-provoking event occurs, what would happen? The point in this technique is to get to the source of the anxiety. Another technique used is the exposure model where one submerges one's self in the activity or experience that causes anxiety.

I found it humorous how so many of the case studies involved the higher echelon of society (I guess people who could afford therapy). A highly-successful attorney suffers from constant worry he might eventually lose a case. A biology teacher and 5-time Teacher of the Year is afraid of becoming a father, especially after attacking a burrito (yes, you read that right). Then there is a hunk who can't get a date because he is self-conscious about his body odor. On disc 2, we hear about a top student pilot who is afraid his friends will look down on him if he doesn't ace his exams. There is the woman who once suffered from panic attacks who ends up writing a novel. Even David Burns had to overcome his fear of blood when he was a medical student.

Disc 2 was my favorite because of the case study where a woman who suffered from panic attacks agreed to have an attack induced by Dr. Burns so he could observe her and convince her she was not in a life-threatening situation. I enjoyed listening to this story and have skipped to that track (#4) many times. This disc explains self-defeating beliefs, the downward arrow technique which is similar to the "what if?" method, shame-attacking exercises, the acceptance paradox, and cognitive flooding (visualizing your worst fears). It also covers obsessive compulsive disorders but I didn't think this part was very helpful. Basically, it says to just resist the urge and it will eventually go away. Somehow, I think it is probably a little more difficult than that.

Disc 3 gives more examples of obsessive compulsive disorders and cognitive flooding. It also introduces the idea of feared fantasy, where an imaginary critic (sometimes created through role-playing) rips you apart and your job is to defend yourself. Another case study considers a shy person helped by practicing smiling and saying "hello." The putting it all together summary takes on the case of a woman who has everything but becomes obsessed with a perceived scar on her nose. Every technique discussed on the CDs was used to help this lady. The lady in this case actually made me more mad than anything and I thought an appropriate treatment for her was a good butt-kicking. I usually skip this case study.

While this CD-set will not directly cover every listener's problem, it will give techniques and examples that can be used on many sources of anxiety. I enjoy listening to this CD-set and hearing the different stories. It has become part of my regular rotation of anxiety CDs I listen to when I need a little help getting through some bouts of anxiety. I recommend it.
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on January 6, 2008
This CD set received great reviews, which led me to purchase it----but I discovered it mainly contains peoples' "stories" and basic information. I have been there and done that; I'm not a panic disorder "newbie", I know I'm not alone, I know the symptoms, etc. If you want more involved information regarding actual TREATMENTS, they advise you to purchase the book. The problem is, some people are wired to learn by LISTENING rather than having to sit down with a book and I feel short-changed.
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on September 29, 2007
I suffer from anxiety attacks every once in a while and fear every now and then of having one. I went to therapy for it...but this Audio help me understand MENTALLY how to control and help stop it. It really did make me feel better to know that I can stop it and showed me HOW. Gave me peace of mind. I recommend the AUDIO.
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on January 12, 2007
David Burns, psychiatrist and author of best selling book "Feeling Good," once again writes a book that is easy to understand, and fascinating to read. This can help you with anxiety. The CD is a summary of the book. Burns addresses many causes of anxiety, and shows ways of reducing them, using Cognitive Therapy. If you don't like to read, but have anxiety, try the CD, and you might even decide to read the book.
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on January 3, 2007
Excellent audio cd/self help. Everyday listening and as needed, to get you back on track in life. I love to hear positive and motivating ways to steer through the curves of life's highway.
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on December 17, 2007
Not always we have the time to sit down and start working on a new project. Not always we can concentrate good enough to have food for thought right out of the box. This CD of the well known Dr. David Burns does a good job to introduce to some ideas how to deal with cognitive therapy and to the point, to help you get the way of thinking in many situations where our mind thinks wrong and have missleading atitudes.

Well read, good enough examples/stories of how CBT and way of thinking, and some rules of this kind of (well thought out) therapy works.

I dont think that from this CD package (of 3) you can know every situation how to deal with, but enough good to get you gasoline until getting to the gas station.

By listening to it a few times in my driving time I picked up alot of clues.. and from there I picked up a book on CBT ..only after I listened to the CDs of this package I was able to read the book more fluently knowing many of the concepts. This CD tells you interesting enough situatons in the form of (real?) stories to get your attention into the learning curve easily.
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on April 5, 2015
I was very disappointed with this cd set. All it is is 3 cds telling other peoples stories. Didnt help one bit.
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on May 23, 2013
I brought this for my friend who has social anxiety issues and listened to it myself also. To me the narrator was very dry. Maybe it was just the topic? It really didn't engage me but I hope it "may" help my friend.
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on May 30, 2014
This is an interesting CD. It is NOT someone reading the book though. I did not find the book on CD. The book is amazing and very helpful in sorting out faulty thinking for yourself.
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on June 14, 2013
This book is great and anyone who worries at all or has any types of fear should read it!! It will change your life for the better!
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