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on January 17, 2000
The Human Spirit is resilient and the mind of the child born as Truddi Chase and who became the Troops are pioneers for those who have until recently no voice ... she exposes poignantly the horror, the pain and the marvelous way a mind can protect itself through the creation of many to help cope with the devastation heaped on her by two very deranged people, who called themselves parents. The movie based on the book is Voices Within and does a good job ... but read this book if you or anyone you know is a multiple and/or a survivor of intense and long term abuse. Troops thank you all!
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on January 29, 2000
This book is very gripping and very emotional. You will feel everything as you read The Troop's account of their lives: happiness, terror, revulsion, anger, joy. This is no easy read; the Troop's are hard to follow and the content is so striking. But it gave me a more complete understanding of this disorder, and how we cope with it. It caused me to feel a need for much more help for those who suffer with it, and possibly not just in the field of psychology. I gained a greater insight into my own personality, and while I am not a mutiple, I have been able to recognize several "selves" I created to cope with my own life. I believe every human does this. It is with the multiples, however, that it moves in much deeper levels. I also caught a glimpse of the divine in the Troop's story. I saw the activity of the soul and even the influence of those who have not incarnated. This is a wide, terrifying, exhilarating ride. You will cry with the injustice of what happened to these people, but you will also glow with their ability to survive. I thank each one of them and I send my blessings.
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on December 11, 1998
I have read many books about this subject and this one is the most fascinating I have ever seen. As far as I know, this is the only autobiographal book on this terrible illness. All of the others have been written by the doctor of the patient. the hard cover copy is especially interesting because there are handwriting samples of many of the 92 personalities....yes 92! this case is also unique in that it is the only treated patient whose many personalities were not melded into one surviving personality. This account is written in horrific detail of her abuse by her father. The disorder is always caused by unbearable abuse heaped on a very young child. The formation of multiple personalities is a survival technique employed by the mind. I was very impressed by the author's ability and choice to not merge the personalities and still be able to function...hold a a parent ,etc. The 92 personalities are of many ages, both male and female. They function in the many areas of Trudy' life as befits their capabilities. It has been quite a few years since I read this book but I will never forget it. Altho Trudi is not a professional writer,as far as I know, it is beautifully written. The pocketbook edition lacks the handwriting samples on the cover, which impressed me by their being totally different..The personalities had different abilities, such as driving, tastes in food and drink, smoking and allergies. The allergies being different makes you wonder about their source being phychological rather than physiological...a real mind-boggler for me. I have always suspected that that might be true. Sure could put a different spin finding cures through a different approach. The perpetrator of Trudi's abuse was still alive when this book was published and one of the most enlightening passages in this book was her account of her visiting the cause of her illness. This proved to me that her decision not to merge the personalities had not prevented her being able to function in life. It is an amazing account of tremendous courage. The first multiple personality formed was the reason for the title of this book. In other accounts I've read the multiples still existed but Trudi's first one died, as I understood it. No book I have ever read has shown how much a child can be affected by the treatment of people who are their caretakers..their parents, teachers, relatives etc who are supposed to give them love and aid them when needed. Of course I highly reccommend this book It was written by Truddi Chase..
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on August 7, 2001
As a counsellor, I have encountered two individuals with Multiple Personality Disorder, a traumatic emotional affliction which is a result of a severe traumatic experience in childhood, generally extreme physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. The mind has its own unique built-in defense system which has the potential to create other personalities to help absorb the pain, fear and humiliation.
"When Rabbit Howls" is the story of one such woman whose mind "split" and created 92 different personalities. The book gives the reader a clearer understanding of MPD, its's causes and effects, and explains how individuals with MPD can go on to live productive, fulfilling lives with the help of professional therapy.
For those interested in reading of similar cases of MPD, I also suggest reading, "Becoming One," by Sarah Olson, "Sybil" by Flora Rhets Schreiber, "First Person Plural" by Dr. Cameron West, and "Silencing the Voices. All of these are excellent books and each one is deserving of a five-star rating.
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on August 4, 2001
Truddi Chase has taken a chance (one that has paid off well) in her book "When Rabbit Howls". I personally have to tip my hat to her for examining a traumatical experience that is still kept (sorrowfully) in the back of mainstream society today.
Sad as it may be, too many people still misunderstand Multiple-Personality-Disorder (MPD). It is quite probably the least understood of all of the afflictions that are grouped under the banner of "Depression". Anyone who would stop for a minute and actually look into the number of Depression cases, and MPD in particular, would be shocked to learn the numbers that are medical fact.
Truddi Chase takes the reader along a roller-coaster ride that examines the creation and development of MPD. While there are as many different methods and reasons as to why this happens as there are people afflicted, Truddi examines this in such exquisite detail that is so realistic that it actually holds some fright for the reader. Fright in the manner of thoroughly explaining what goes on in the mind of someone suffering from this, and how it develops from something that too many people believe are events that aren't so terrible.
Mental illness in any form is a tragic thing for anyone to go through. At times, it is hard to determine on whom it is worse - the person suffering, or the person living and dealing with the sufferer. The best way to cope with either situation is to understand the affliction, and this is precisely what Truddi does here. She presents it in a manner that can be understood and appreciated. This is one book that I would recommend everyone read at least once so that at least some basic understanding of this disease can be made, without any of the conclusions that many (unfortunately so) reach when this subject is brought to bear.
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on November 16, 2009
I think the book gave me a new perspective on Dissociative Identity Disorder, however it can be a little tough to read and follow as it is written by Truddi Chase herself. In all honesty, I would have much preferred a professional writer to handle this, but I understand the reasoning behind Ms. Chase writing it herself. It can just be a bit confusing to read as it is written from the third-person objective and many passages are written about scenes that occurred when Truddi was not present, making one wonder how much input or writing her psychologist would have had to do himself.

Also, it can be a bit triggering for anyone who has had abuse. The passages and content discussed are very intimate and honest and those who have endured what Truddi has might struggle after reading it. I would definitely recommend reading it as there is still so much stigma and skepticism surrounding D.I.D. and it's worth taking the time to see it from the perspective of someone who has lived with it.
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on April 8, 2000
When Rabbit Howls is the most powerful emotional awakening I have ever experienced. I recalled many things from my own childhood and old emotions welled up inside me. Never before has a book come to life and wrapped itself around me as this one has. When Rabbit Howls snapped me to attention and awoke all of my senses. I could barely wait to visit the Troops every night when I left my world for theirs, in between the two covers of book. Now that I have finished reading the book, I realize that the Troops live on and there is more to their lives. At this very moment, I wonder what they are doing. The Troops have given me strength to face each new day and I have a better understanding of who I am. My heart is heavy with sorrow for the actual core self of the Troops, a little sleeping angel. This is, without a doubt, the saddest life story I have ever heard about. It's as though the book came to life and I, the reader, became very much a part of what was going on. I wish I knew how the troops are doing today and "Stanley". I never gave it much thought before about people having other selves to live for them because of a sleeping or dead core self. It all makes perfect sense to me now and it explains why I talk to myself sometimes..... I just want to give Truddi Chase and the Troops big hugs! I can not describe to you, the energy I felt, as I read each and every account of the Troops lives. This is one book that I believe everyone should read, there is something in it for everyone, including the outsider. Please let it be known that Truddi Chase and the Troops have accomplished what they have set out to do, they have helped me, a sexually/physically abused self. They will ALWAYS be in my daily thoughts.
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on April 2, 2012
I am fascinated with DID and so I read this book after Billy Milligans. If you are looking for something with a third party perscpective you wont find it here. The book was written by Truddi's "toops" which in itself is spectacular. I took the book at face value, and thought over all it was interesting. Some individuals who have DID are more functional then others and man of the personalities serve functions, (work, cook, socialize, protect)so not everyones story is the same.
Overall it give you a different perspective of what DID is like.
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on November 22, 2011
A friend of mine passed Sybil my way and it kept me reading non-stop. This book is similar in the MPD aspect but the story is definately unique. I enjoyed how you read the book throught different eyes and opinions but was looking for a little more punch. Is it wrong to want more details, no matter how awful they are? The book spent a lot of time telling her story without actually 'telling' it. While it kept me coming back for more (I read it on my lunch break, while waiting in line, ect) I was dissapointed the book didnt give more exact past history. I realize since her past was horrific how awful that may sound, but its the truth.
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on July 30, 2006
Read this as a teenager after my mother read it. The book was amazing, I couldn't seem to put it down. It was incredible what this woman went through. However, if you are a survivor of abuse it can be triggering at times and disturbing for anyone. The abuse is discribed explicitly in some cases and with such details you can tend to hold onto it and internalize the childs pain. Be careful - otherwise it was a great read.
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