When did Legos become so expensive? I think Lego is doing some awesome things these days! But how can anyone really afford some of these sets. Enev if you were okay with spending $75 of a lego set, you sure can't buy more than one. I just don't know how families are able to get by these days.
asked by Garu29 on January 7, 2008
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This is a collector's piece. The standard AT-ST you would get for a kid is $20. The expensive Star Wars models are for Star Wars freaks.
Kevin answered on May 10, 2008
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LEGOs have become cheaper. 20-30 year's go the Police and Fire Stations cost $50-$60 and they are the same price today even with inflation.

The difference is that LEGO realizes they can charge more because they don't need to sell the sets to the stores. Before LEGO had it's own website they needed to convince the stores to stock LEGOs, if sets didn't sell a lot stores would get mad. Now-a-days LEGO can sell online and skip that problem. This way they can make special sets with many pieces in them for adults to buy. If you look at the piece count and the price you are getting more for your money with the big sets than with the small sets.
G. Giant answered on January 11, 2008
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It's definitely a rip off. Don't give me the excuses about how the rising cost is linked to oil prices, and don't compare to what the prices were before...I don't care. It's a toy, and it should be priced $5-$40, not $175 for a Lego Imperial All Terrain Scout Transport...that's absurb.
J. Nguyen answered on July 26, 2011
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