Where do snaps for Chicco Capri go? I can not figure out where to the snaps on the back on the sun visor on the Chicco Capri stroller go. It has to hold the sun visor up since it was doing nothing but falling in my daughters face yesterday.

Also, does anyone have any first hand experience with the separate sun visors or cup holders fitting on the Capri?
[UPDATED] asked by Crissy on August 23, 2010
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The only thing I could figure was that there are 2 black straps that you have to undo and the canopy snaps go there. Of course that leaves the black straps hanging there, but the canopy works! There was no mention of it in the instruction book.
I'd be interested to hear about accessories, too. So far, I'm not too crazy about the stroller!
hlauburn answered on April 16, 2011
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