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on July 30, 2011
Whirlpool WTW4800XQ Top-Loader Washer

I spent some time reviewing both Consumers Reports and customer reviews from Amazon and the like before purchasing a washer.

I noted a number of complaints about the new, "efficient" washers in general (not specifically Whirlpool):

1. They don't wash as clean
2. They don't rinse properly, leaving detergent residue on clothes
3. They wrinkle clothing during the new (much faster) spin cycle
4. They are noisy and take more time to do a load.

The main problem is that they all use less water than the old "Inefficient" washers, and the water they do use is cooler. Also, they often only "spin rinse" where they spin out the washing water and then spray in some fresh water while still spinning. (This is in place of a proper, old-fashioned rinse, where the clothes are agitated in a tub of fresh water.) All these changes (I won't call them improvements) are in order to save water and, more specifically, to save the energy used to heat the water. In addition, they spin much faster to get out more water so that you subsequently use less energy in the dryer.

Nice in theory, but the washing results often aren't as good.

My solution to this was to look for a washer with the most manual adjustments on it; and I chose to purchase the Whirlpool WTW4800XQ, having first READ THE MANUAL online. I discovered that, for lightly soiled clothes, I can (and do) use the "Casual Regular" cycle, which has a proper rinse instead of the spin rinse. This option also spins at a lower speed, causing less wrinkling. I can also choose my own water level. Thus, I'm basically back to how our old washer worked, with good results.

If I have to use the "Normal Regular" cycle for more-soiled clothes, it will only do a spin-rinse, but I have the option with this washer of adding a second rinse to the cycle in case one won't do.

The Whirlpool won't solve complaint #4, although I don't find it terribly noisy, just different. A "Normal Regular" wash, large load, with additional spin-rinse, took 75 minutes; a "Casual Regular" wash, medium load, took 55 minutes.

All in all, a good, basic washer that I have good control over, and at a very reasonable price: If you don't do dozens of washes a month, you don't need a high-efficiency washer that will cost you many hundreds of dollars more.
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on September 29, 2011

Here is the breakdown.

Large capacity
Gets Clothes clean

*The overly sensitive computer
*The lid lock failure
*Tendency to go out of balance easily
*Holes in clothes
*Hot water valve may melt in time
*Chewed up several items in just a week.
*No hot water. (The machine will automatically add cold water to hot so you get cold or tepid water, not even warm). My hot water in July was 100 degrees. This is barely warm.My water temp is 148 degrees but machine will not allow you to use hot water or even warm water.
*No soak feature
*Not very quiet, makes strong computer noises. Some reviewers say it is like a hack saw. I don't think it is that bad but it is not quiet in a condo environment.
*USLESS 'Technical Dept. (Whirlpool tech dept seems to have no training. You might as well pull a girl off the register at your local market for help.)

I had read there were a few people who had trouble with the lid lock not working correctly. I thought it was just an oddball. I had to return the unit because the lid lock would not allow water into the machine as it kept locking and unlocking. (yes! the water was on!). The first load was fine. The second wash load the lid lock would not stop locking and unlocking after one hour. I'made sure the clothes were evenly balanced in the machine. So'I unplugged the machine and let it rest for 15 minutes. The same process happened again--I let the machine lock and unlock for an hour. I'unplugged it again and let it rest. Tried this several times over 24 hours to no avail. The store I bought the machine from sent a repairman. He did not fix it--the machine just happened to work. When the repairman left I did a load ('this was my third load of wash since I bought the machine) and the same thing happened. It was quite arduous to get my money back.

What is supposed to happen?--The lid lock will lock and unlock until it feels the load is balanced. This is normal. But it is not normal if the machine locks and unlocks for hours. This is what happened to me.

Also when I went to go purchase another washer from another store, the manager said they had a lot of problems with the WTW4800XQ because in time the hot water valve would melt. Yes, according to this manager of the store just 120 degree water out of the tap was enough to deform the hot water valve. He thinks Whirlpool has been trying to remedy this problem. But he could not say for sure if they fixed this error. Whew! I feel I dodged a bullet with this machine

PAY ATTENTION to those people who say that they have a lid lock failure and the machine goes out of balance easily. These are real problems and I encountered them both plus holes in my clothes.

This WTW4800XQ got the clothes clean but it did not work consistently and it went out of balance frequently and easily. My new SpeedQueen 432 is a dream of a washer. Read my other review on SpeedQueen 432 to see how amazing this machine is and what you need to be aware of with the new government regulations.
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on June 27, 2012
I combed through all the reviews I could find as to what type of washing machine to buy. I finally settled on this basic top-loader with an agitator as I had found too many complaints with the HE impellers and the front-loaders. I had had excellent results with my last 20 year-old Whirlpool and wanted to stick with this brand. I talked to my washer repair man when my old washer finally broke and he recommended a basic top-loader Whirlpool or Kenmore as his favorites because they have less repairs and are easy to repair if needed and last longer. He definitely didn't like the front-loaders and didn't like the HE top-loaders either. He stated they had more problems with them and they were expensive to fix. The mildew smell was also a problem. A trusted friend who sells appliances in Lowes stated that he has a Whirlpool and would recommend it also. Another sales person I trust also picked Whirlpool as his favorite brand. The machine is simple to operate and my clothes consistently come out clean, untangled and spin drier than my old washer. The lock was a little irritating to me at first because I have a habit of wanting to check to see whether the water level is okay and if I have enough detergent in the machine, but since the clothes are coming out clean, I will trust my new machine. The only drawback is that this machine does not have a soak cycle and you can't just stop the machine in midcycle to let the clothes soak. After 20 minutes, the machine will drain the water - even if you have the lid open. I have overcome this problem buy using a short cycle with my stain remover powder and then putting my whites through a regular cycle afterwards.

I find the machine relatively quiet and has a moderate wash time for a top-loader. I would definitely pick this washer again!
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on January 26, 2012
I don't understand the bad ratings on this product.

It is a cheapie washer. I paid $359 at Lowes.

Yes it is different from the old washer. It clunks and makes noises when you first start the cycle. This is the self balancing feature. Washes fine and no problems so far.

Yes, there is a little hacksaw noise, but not any noisier than any other washer I have had?

Yes, the lid does lock. But you can hit the stop/start button and it opens right up if you forgot to add anything.

So far, so good! I would have given it a 5, but that will only come after 5 years.

To UPDATE my review, I am now 2 years and 3 months in. Still happy with the washer.

Only problem encountered so far? When a large and heavy item is run with smaller and lighter items, it can go out of balance. This is only with VERY large and heavy items which should have been washed alone anyway. This problem would occur with any washer I have ever owned.

Still holding at 4 stars until I hit five years.
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on October 19, 2011
After my WhirlPool WTW4800XQ washer was installed, I did a few
loads and there was a spot about the size of a quarter under the
machine. The next day after using the machine most of the day,
there was a small puddle of brownish oil/water with surrounding
brownish spray under the machine. It appears the washer leaked
water and also a significant amount of oil.

I detected the leak by sliding a white plastic tray top from a
storage container under the machine, but I expect that newspaper
slid under the machine would also work. If I had not done this,
then I probably wouldn't have been aware of this leak, since I
normally don't do a lot of laundry.

Another reviewer described the sound this washer makes as
"eeee eeee eeee eeee" which is pretty accurate. I am not certain
but given other internet reviews, I assume this sound is normal
for this machine. I think the loudness went down as I did more
loads and with higher water levels. After a while I didn't
notice the sound.

I had no problems with the lid lock feature, at least during Fill
and early in the Wash cycle. The lid unlocked quickly every time
I tested it.

I liked the fact that I could just press Start if I used the same
settings as before. There was no need to rotate a dial back to the
same position as the last load.

I would have kept this machine if it didn't leak. All I need is a
basic washing machine but the leak seemed to imply poor
reliability/longevity and this factor is very important to me.
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on April 9, 2012
Just got this a week ago to replace a piece of junk, moldy, expensive, Neptune front loader that should have gone to the scrapyard the day I got it. This machine is a third the price and twice as good. A basic, top loading machine with an agitator in the middle. REAL knobs to adust! Perfect for our small family. Purchased at Best Buy and the price was great, the delivery even better. My wife and I both wanted just a basic machine (like we grew up with). I read some bad reviews on this machine but most looked like people didn't read the instructions or were expecting too much from this basic washer. We have already done a bunch of loads and I am not sure there is a better machine for the money. $408 delivered with the old one haulded away, Sears wanted a hundred extra for that!
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on May 12, 2013
After reading all the bad reviews about this washer, I must conclude that others did not READ the Instructions that came with the unit. (or they got a lemon-unit) I purchased this washer and it's matching gas dryer. I have done many loads with no issues at all. The different noises it makes are no different or louder than the old Admiral it replaced. My hot water is hot, my warm water is warm, and my cold water is cold. My washer lid does NOT lock UNTIL the agitation (wash) cycle light starts, so I can add my soap while the water fills. If I want to stop the washer mid-cycle, I press the button and the washer stops, the lid unlocks and I can throw another item in if I need to. Haven't had any trouble with unbalanced loads, but then again, I know how to sort clothes and load a washing machine properly and not STUFF it to the top like most folks do. Clothes do NOT get clean nor does any machine work properly if overly stuffed. I love the 2nd rinse feature. This washer is an updated version of your basic, simple top loading machine with a standard agitator. My advise is to READ and FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS and one will have a satisfying experience with this machine...or any other appliance one purchases.
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on June 12, 2013
I hate this thing. I have always bought Whirlpool and our repairman recommends them. This one won't spin out a load if it is the least bit off center or heavy. I hate the lid lock. Now, I have to call a repairman because it won't change cycles and it is less than two years old! What we need is a basic washer without the bells and whistles (that don't work). I can't wait until I can get a different washer, this one stinks! Do not buy this!
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on July 3, 2013
For the many years I've been doing laundry, Whirlpool has served us well. Until now. The 4800XQ sounds like it's grinding up a car. It's shockingly noisy, so I called for service and was told "that's normal for modern machines." My next biggest complaint is that there is no way to control the temperature of the water. The serviceman told me that too is normal. The problem is, SOME hot water is dispensed, but it's pure hot water that shrinks whatever it hits. The hot and cold run entirely separately, in alternating spurts, and because the cold runs for longer spurts than the hot, the end result for washing a load, no matter what temperature you have chosen on the panel, is tepid.

My next complaint is that the laundry doesn't get clean. Pillow cases end up smelling of dirty hair when they come out of the washer, just as they smelled of dirty hair when they went into the washer. And the rinse cycle is a joke. What can you expect when the rinse is a few sprays, rather than a tub of water. The booklet says "select cycles default to a spray rinse." I haven't found a cycle that does otherwise. The result is stiff sheets, towels, cotton shirts and jeans. I could use less soap, so the spray rinse would get more of the soap out, but less soap would mean less clean and it already does a really poor job of cleaning anything.

And last but not least, you should hear how it sounds like a bus ran into the house when the thing gets off balance, which it does every time I wash a sheet in it. I've tried doing the sheet alone, and adding other items, but there doesn't seem any way it can handle anything but small loads without getting so off balance it tries to walk across the floor. Then the sheet is tangled into knots. I didn't buy this washer at Amazon, by the way, but Amazon is the Review site I trust.
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on November 8, 2011
My new washer doesn't even fill enough to cover the clothes... so how can they call this thing a "washing machine?" It's truly an expensive laundry basket. Not only do the clothes NOT get washed and rinsed properly, but the agitator beats the Hell out of the clothes. I called Whirlpool's customer service and found the representative belligerent. The machine is going back immediately, and I've lost all faith in the Whirlpool company. If they can engineer and dump a unit such as this on their customers, and then treat them like dirt, there's no end to how they are willing to scam us. NO WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS... EVER!
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