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on October 21, 2011
As with the others who have posted here, I would caution anyone considering buying a Whirlpool appliance, based on my experience. 18 months ago I purchased this new, front loading washer. I am a single person, living alone and don't do laundry for anyone else. I wash 2 to 3 very light loads per week (sometimes less), use soft water, etc. About a week ago I noticed a very loud noise coming out of the washer on spin cycle. I called an authorized repair shop and the repairman came by today. He informed me that a bearing was going out and that the repair bill would be $1120.70. He strongly urged me to call the Whirlpool warranty center to see if they would extend the warranty, given the circumstances. I called and--you guessed it--they essentially told me to stick it. To say that I am dissatisfied in an extreme understatement. Based on my experience, I would encourage everyone to select a different manufacturer.
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on September 19, 2011
We Had a set of whirlpool duet for 10 years, was repaired countless times in that time frame. When the washer failed my repairman said to buy a new set instead of fixing. Ironically he wanted me to by another Whirlpool, most likely so he had something to fix in the future. I did however like how the set washed and dried so I purchased this set.

Had a two week wait for my order. The day my set was installed I washed the washer out with Affresh as recommended by the manufacturer. The machine broke, one of the plastic fins inside the machine shattered. I called for a replacement and was told to go ahead and wash, that it would not effect the wash cycle. I did so, since I didn't want to wait yet another 2 weeks, making it a month since I had a functioning machine. The very first load it didn't spin the water out. It was hit or miss whether the spin cycle would work. When it didn't the articles were soaked to the max & couldn't be placed in the dryer for obvious reasons. Had to rewash and pray that it would work. Usually I ended up hanging it out to dry, bare in mind that it weighed 5 pounds or more from the article being saturated, line drying was not possible. I put up with the thinking that this particular washer was a lemon and was getting it's replacement soon.

Two weeks later... The new washer is installed. I show the repair man the beautiful destructive nature of Affresh tablets(developed by Whirlpool to clean front loaders & dishwashers monthly). & I informed him about the spin malfunction.

First wash of the second machine... DIDN'T SPIN! I tried the rinse, drain, spin function and removed the rinse from the cycle so that it would just spin. Was on highest spin cycle, it tumbled around for 25 minutes according to the retarded "sensor". The machine stopped when the sensor said it was wrung out. HAHA! Was amazed how wet it was, as if every cell in the throw blanket had absorbed as much water as possible. It had to weigh at least 10 pounds and no way could be dried in the dryer.

Called Lowes, do not want this brand. Will replace with set of my choosing. They wanted me to call a repair man so the issue could be documented. No, like I want to wait another 2 weeks for a repair man, then 2 more weeks for a replacement. I don't want to have a 3 month saga to get a washer/dryer set that is functioning. It's not like it's a 2 dollar item you can forget about, it's a 2 thousand dollar investment. It's disgusting. I am sure that the manufacture knows about the issue, especially when companies have to replace the defective machines. I believe Lowes is stalling until my exchange time frame has ended. My repair man suggested this brand, I believe so that I would be a continued customer. I will exchange for a brand that he doesn't service.

I checked out as many reviews on this product as I could, one woman is on her 5th replacement. Several others are similar to my experiences.

CONS: Simply put, I HATE this machine.
Doesn't spin. When it does, not to the speed the manufacturer professes.
Wash cycles missing important ones. Such as "spin only" "rinse only"
SENSOR!! The sensor with no sense.
Wash times. Up to 3 hours for a small load of wash, thanks to sensor.
Machine actually has an AFFRESH cycle. Go ahead and destroy that washer drum!
Smells, your clothing will smell as well. Chemical and mildew scent. I realize that monthly a front loader needs washed out (I suggest TIDE washer cleaner, I swear by it) This however smells from the first wash. I was sickened by the smell of my wash cloths when I went to wash my face. YUCK! The smell actually permeated my laundry room and dining room, potent. & keep in mind that everyone will think you stink when you wear your freshly washed clothing from your brand new expensive washing machine, LOVELY!

PROS: Nice end of cycle melody
Classy looking

So I now have a task of looking for yet another set of washer/dryer. Almost 2 months out and 2 grand out of pocket. I found a pair I liked with great reviews from Electrolux. I hope I am not making yet another mistake.

I recommend this machine to any and all who would like to spend endless amounts of time on customer service calls, awaiting service repairmen, and having a new machine delivered bi-weekly. If this is your thing then by all means go ahead and purchase this POS!
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on February 18, 2013
This washer was installed by the builder in a new home purchased 15 months ago. It has had moderate use in a three person household. The entire motor and rear bearings need replacing. The highly reputable service company that came out said the repairs would basically buy us two new machines at this point and so we should just get rid of it and buy a new washer. When I called Whirlpool they said it was three months beyond the 1 year warranty and so they would not cover any of the parts. Terrible product and company. I will never purchase another Whirlpool product.
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on August 2, 2011
We will not buy another Whirlpool, ever. Do yourself a favor and search the internet. Whirlpool frontloaders are falling a part everywhere. Lasted 3 years exactly and died. Cost as much to fix as replace.
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on March 3, 2013
Those that leave a good reviews are reviewing after just getting the items. I have has mine for 2 years. Dryer already had major repair while in warranty and now washer needs repair for bearings and it will cost more than I paid for the washer.

Quality is terrible and no one will fix it.
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on March 4, 2012
Washer worked fine for a while. Then it started periodically stopping mid-wash. Then that increased in frequency. Now it's doing it multiple times per load. Choose your favorite search engine, search for "Whirlpool F11" and then run, run away from the Duet. (I'm running away from all Whirlpool appliances.)
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on February 27, 2012
Every washing machine has a drain pump tramp that is designed to catch stuff and keep you from clogging the drain hose. It will eventually clog, your washer will refuse to drain, and you'll have to empty this trap yourself. Especially if you have something happen like say, a bath mat explodes in the washing machine...

On lower-end models from Whirlpool cleaning the drain pump trap isn't an issue at all. There's a little kick panel that you unbolt, you pull the drain pump trap plug, clean it out, replace, and clean washer cycle... On other brands there's a little door in front you pull open, and unscrew said drain trap. On this model and the WFW95HEX version you have to remove the entire front panel to access this plug. That's not the bad part...

The bad part starts when you have the 140 lb matching dryer stacked on top of the washer. You see, to remove the front panel you have to remove the rubber bushing between the door and front panel. But even before you do that you need to remove the control panel. However, before you can remove the control panel you must remove the lid...

Which brings us to the problem. Unstacking a 140 lb dryer from the washing machine, in order to remove the lid, control panel, and bushing so that you can remove the front panel just to clean a drain trap...

WTF were you thinking Whirlpool?

Other than that this thing works great, I've had zero issues with it, and it get clothing pretty darn clean.
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on February 8, 2012
Our washer failed to spin from the day we got it. Regardless of the size of the load, the amount of detergent or the cycle setting, the machine gets hung up indefinitely in a mode where the washer says it is "sensing." Whirlpool has sent service technicians to our home three times so far but the problem remains. I've requested that the defective unit be returned, but they say the warranty only covers repair. The situation is absurd. I though I bought a washer, but it turns out all I bought was a contract that allows repeated service calls. We've had the machine for weeks and still have not run a load.
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on September 2, 2013
Whirlpool Duet has an engineering flaw. It does not expel all of the water. The remaining water sits, becomes stale, and causes mold and an awful smell. I have tried everything. Whirlpool suggests leaving the door open, not letting the laundry sit, Affresh, bleach, opening and cleaning the internal drain hose, and no matter how much effort the smell returns. Who ever heard of a new washing machine smelling? I tell everyone about this product flaw to beware.
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on April 3, 2011
I owned several Whirlpool washers in the past. All 3 ended with machine breaking down, leaking, door not closing. Ironically, they all happened shortly after the 1 year warranty expires. It was almost as if Whirlpool quality engineers designed the system to fail after 1 year, so they could sell newer machines.

This unit was no different. It started leaking exactly 2 days after 1 year anniversary. Water leaked from the front door, which also happened to my previous Whirlpool front loader washer. Calling Maytag (number on Whirlpool production manual, so I assume Maytag bought Whirlpool) on the weekend will get you a generic "office is closed" message. Wait time to get a technician visit is about 4 weeks. It would take another month or two for them to order repair parts. If the repair did not fix the problem, you just spent $400+ with a still broken machine.

Search for "Whirlpool Duet Door Leak" on Google, and read some of the other customers experience. Then make your decision if you want to buy a Whirlpool washer.

I am willing to give LG a try on the next washer purchase.
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