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on January 17, 2011
I returned this machine after four days of really trying to get it to actually clean my laundry. My comments are not a slam towards Whirlpool but the concept of washing is too little of water. The clothes do not move around (top to bottom) like a normal high water agitator. The clothes on the bottom stay there and beat really beat up by the almost non-existent agitator while the clothes on top get no action at all.

The rinsing is terrible and you end up with soap and dirt still in the clothes. I know this because after a load finished, I ran it again without adding any soap and I saw a soap film on the top of the water left over from the first run. And I did use the 'high efficiency' (HE) soap which has very little suds as recommended in the manual. PS, it costs more! And isn't it convenient that if there aren't any suds, you would be hard pressed to discover that the rinsing does not do well. Forget it if you have pets. There is not enough water to float away any hair or lint. You will have to trust your dryer to get all that out.

You can use the 'bulky' cycle setting to raise the water somewhat and also add a second rinse cycle but guess what........ you are no longer 'green' and saving water or energy! In addition, with all the extra settings to try and get the clothes actually clean, the time to do one load is stupid slow.

Bottom line is that you DO need water to clean your laundry. I ended up with a tried and true, 'select my own water level' machine with a double action agitator. Now I get clean clothes every time, quickly and with a machine that costs less!

Do the math!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 8, 2011
This washing machine was the biggest waste of money. It does not provide enough water to even completely cover the clothes. My nice black slacks come out of this washer covered in white soap spots...I use the HE detergent as directed. Those same black slacks came out with the hem ripped twice. The Cabrio wraps clothes around and twists them very tightly. I supposed if you bought a brand new pair of jeans and wanted the "destroyed" look then this washer is for you. I would give 0 stars if I could. Oh yeah...I almost forgot. I like to hang up most of my "good" clothes rather than risk shrinkage in the dryer. All of my clothes are so wrinkled after the beating they take in this washer. I have never seen clothes so wrinkled in my life. Before I purchased this washer last year I read the reviews and they seemed good. I wish now that I had waited a little while longer for more reviews and saved myself a whole lot of misery.

If you find my review useful please let me know and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below and I will answer them as quickly as possible. Thank you for checking out my review. :)
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on April 22, 2011
whirlpool cabrio washer wtw5500xw0

My 1st observation was that It did not get my clothes clean at all, I have tried additives, HE Tide, Borax, Oxyclean, spray n wash and still clothes are stained and dingy. It does not wash all the clothes, leaves areas of clothes dry, it tangles the sheets into big knots. Bulky items cause the machine to unbalance frequently, I am 60 yrs old and 5'2" - (I can't really reach the bottom of the tub) how am I supposed to pull up this soggy mess and untangle it????? I have no choice and now my back is killing me. You should absolutely not buy this machine - particularly if you are under 5'5 and over 50 years old. it should have an ADA warning!!!! Even after two washes the clothes are not clean.

When I called Whirpool about the problem Alex (CSR) ask what I expect them to do? I said they should recall the product and take them back, Alex called it "Buyer's remorse" I called it "Manufacture deception".
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on September 21, 2011
If I could give this a "0" stars, I would. It's hard to pick the most infuriating feature of this product, so here they all are:

I am all for eco-responsibility, but Whirlpool has taken this too far in order to get its "energy star" rating. The Cabrio doesn't get your clothes clean, and therefore, doesn't perform its only function.

The temperature settings are all wrong: "tap cold" --whatever that is--is cold. "Cold" is cold. "Cool" is cold, "Warm" is cold. "Hot" is hot. So either you boil your clothes or you wash everything in cold.

I find is really annoying to have a machine 'sense' how dirty my clothes are. The machine controls the water level, the temperature, and the 'oomph' of the wash and rinse cycles. With this washer you have no real control--Whirlpool has made all the choices for you. You have no choice about the rinse temperature you want, and if you want to choose another option, such as "soak" or "rinse and spin," you can only do that with cold water. You can't choose to wash your 'delicates' in 'warm' water, only in--you guessed it--cold.

The cool, sleek new profile is curved on the top, instead of flat, which means that if your dryer is next to the washer, you can't fold clothes and place them on top of the washer: they slide off. What was Whirlpool thinking? Don't buy this unless you have a separate folding table in your laundry room.

Whirlpool wants me to periodically 'clean' this thing with a product called "affresh" which is advertised prominently on the front of the washer.

Last but not least, you aren't allowed to just quickly throw one more thing into the load--a forgotten sock, for instance: you pause the thing and wait for 45 seconds while it makes up its mind to unlock itself before you're permitted to open the lid. I don't have time for this.

Cabrio has an extra rinse feature, and a 'clean boost' feature--whatever that is--and also an 'eco-boost' feature--whatever that is. None of these is explained well in the literature that comes with the product, so I believe these features are antagonists: eco-boost probably means colder water with a shorter wash-and-rinse, and less oomph in the wash and spin cycles.

I plan to unload this thing at the earliest possible opportunity--as soon as I can afford a different machine. Thank God I held onto my dryer instead of buying the companion to the washer.
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on June 24, 2011
This washer disappoints. I have done laundry for 20 years in numerous homes - I've probably used ten different washing machines and I thought they were all the same. I HATE this one. I was excited to save time, energy, and water. First, I didn't realize that this washer does not allow you to SOAK. There is no way to override the cycles and fill your tub with water to soak stains. I'm finding it nearly impossible to get stains out now. It spins the quality right out of your clothes, leaving everything extremely wrinkled and stretched. When I called customer service about this, they told me I was supposed to be seperating everything into very specific load types...which kind of defeats the purpose of having a big tub. I am doing MORE loads than with my previous washer! (and if you get the matching dryer, it does NOT take the same amount of time as promised. In fact, I'm often having to run the dry cycle twice - and yes, it's installed properly.) If you are short, DO NOT purchase this machine as you will not be able to reach the bottom of the tub. I'm finding I have to set the extra rinse and/or wash things more than once, because clothes come out smelling dirty or not having the HE soap rinsed out completely. I am only using the LOW spin cycle otherwise the clothes are beat up - again defeating the purpose of a green machine, since it takes more to dry in the dryer. It's impossible to hang dry clothes out of this machine, unless you want to iron every item. When I talked to customer service, they basically said tough luck and that as the consumer "I should have done more research." Um, maybe you just shouldn't have built the piece of junk. NOT GREEN. Not worth the $$$.
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on January 13, 2012
WHIRLPOOL=GARBAGE. I purchased a whirlpool cabrio washing machine in in September 2010. During the first year i had NUMEROUS PROBLEMS with the spin cycle. I had 2 service calls done covered under warranty during this time which they both re-calibrated the computer and said it was fixed. After the year warranty was up, this problem got worse and the machine is now useless. Whirlpool will not do anything to help and basically said "tough luck". Customer service and corporate are NASTY and of NO HELP. I will never buy Whirlpool again, and I urge all of you reading this to do the same, their products are LOW QUALITY and customer service USELESS, they DO NOT stand behind their product!
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on July 9, 2012
I purchased a Cabrio WTW5500XW0 a year and 2 months ago. It is 2 months out of warranty and stopped working. We had a repair technician (not from whirlpool) come out to look at it and he said the damage was caused by a factory defect. This particular model is known for having a loose nut on the drive pulley. Apparently this is a known issue, but whirlpool will not own up to it. I called whirlpool to see if they would cover the cost of repairs but since I didn't buy an extended warranty they will not. They also said they have no known issues with this model. The technician showed me the whirlpool documentation of this known problem. I will never buy another whirlpool product again.
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on February 25, 2011
I've had this washer for 6 months and while I haven't had to deal with breakdowns and service calls like the other reviewers, I would have to agree that this washer simply doesn't get clothes very clean or even rinse out all the soap. In order to get better results, you need to use the heavy duty cycle set to heavy soil or just re-do the load -- meaning you use more water and electricity and it takes twice as long! Not very HE.

Also, my washer has gone into "cycle confusion" several times.. skipping the spin cycle or starting the wash cycle over and over and over again until I intervene. The chimes are also annoying.. chimes when you turn it on, chimes when you set any of the options, and chimes when the cycle is done. That's great if you like all that, but I a Chime Off option would be nice.

I'm not sure if it's that front loader technology doesn't translate well as a top loader or if Whirlpool simply didn't put out a good product. I should have stuck with a dependable agitating model. Seeing as how users have had multiple repair problems, if this thing breaks down on me, I'm just going to replace it and it won't be with another Cabrio.
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on September 20, 2012
I shopped for a washer for several months (a couple of years ago)before settling on the Whirlpool Cabrio after reading some good reviews and the sales pitch about how well it does with large loads of clothes. If you live in town on city/county water and need to pinch pennies on your water bill this is your washer....just as long as you don't need clean clothes. I tried to wash 7 pairs of jeans and just for fun pulled the pockets out on the last pair just to check the "wonderful cleaning action". Boy was I surprised when the top pair of jeans NEVER got pulled down into the water. The waist/seat area of the jeans only got wet because of the water running into the washer. The water levels on this thing are pathetic. Here's a clue takes water to wash clothes. We shouldn't have to tell this someone who has been in business as long as you. I really wish I had taken this thing back. If you don't put many clothes in at a time and set the wash to heavy duty to run more water in, it just does OK. I can live with it and the reduced/multiple loads, but really wish I had seen more negative reviews before purchasing this rather expensive machine. The water saver feature may be attractive to some but for those who want clean clothes...CABRIO WASHER SHOPPERS BEWARE!!
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on September 19, 2012
This machine is horrible. Around a year after purchase I noticed the spin cycle was not working properly. From there the machine would only wash (agitate)intermittently, and at this point it will not wash at all. I called whirlpool and I was a month past my one-year warranty so they will not help me without an extended warranty. I am a full-time working single mom; not only do I not have the money to repair the machine, I have very little time to get to the laundrymat. I am disgusted at how many people were ripped off when trusting in the Whirlpool name. Never again, and I'm telling everyone I know.
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