Customer Reviews: Whistler Pro-200W 200 Watt Power Inverter
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on December 20, 2011
Just a quick update I have had this inverter in my semi for 3 years now and it is still going strong, it gets near daily use and has survived having a 700 watt microwave short out and catch fire, all it did was trip the inverters fault protection, a quick reset and it was fine I now have a RV style 600 watt microwave that it powers flawlessly.

I bought this to replace a powerdrive 1500 watt inverter that died after about a month, this one has lasted over 3 months so far and I use it almost daily to run a laptop, document scanner, 700 watt microwave plus several chargers for cell phones, mp3 players, etc. Average draw with the laptop, scanner and microwave going simultaneously is 900 watts, at that load the fan doesn't even kick on which is nice because one of the annoying features the powerdrive was its constantly running (very loud) fans.
I have ran it at @1300 watts output for a minute or so when I had to plug in a high speed drill, it took this abuse without so much as getting warm.
If you are looking for a affordable, reliable ac power supply for a semi or other large truck I cannot recommend this one highly enough, just be sure to buy a wiring kit like the Cobra 4-AWG Heavy-Duty AC Power Inverter Cable Kit sold here at amazon, and a ANL Fuse Holder with a 150 amp ANL fuse, because the inverter comes with no wires at all.


Thought I should mention, when mounting this in your truck it MUST be direct wired to the batteries, if you try and run it through the bus you run the risk of overloading it and causing serious damage to your semis' electronics. Also the shorter the cables from your battery to the inverter are the lower the power drop will be (simply put shorter cables equals more wattage you can safely use)

Also CHECK THE BACK of any microwave you plan to use, the "700 watts" rating on a microwave is its cooking power NOT its power draw, a microwave rated at 700 watts may draw anywhere from 900-1900 watts depending on its quality.

One last thing, if you plan on using this in a non commercial vehicle (IE a regular car or truck) check with a mechanic to make sure your alternator/battery combo can handle this, some cars have just enough power to run their own internal systems and adding this on could overload it and do damage.
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on March 27, 2012
A prime selling point is the internal technology - it's designed to handle high startup loads for longer than most inverters. Note that a common load nowadays - laptops and electronic equipment (which use their own transverters) have a high capacitive load. Power tools usually an inductive load. So you need an inverter that won't trip out while most modern (i.e. non resistive) loads start.

For my wife's van - 3 laptops and a Wii is common. For my truck for various power tools. My trusty 400W would no longer reliably handle the load. Esp at startup without a plug which in first dance.

Don't look for cigarette lighter adapter - it just won't work for 800W. They're common with 400W inverters - but won't reliably supply them either (12-14v x 15 Amps is about 200 watts). And even your cigarette lighter wire is usually undersized (read not for continuous use at fused amperage) So don't ding any high power inverter over cigarette lighter adapters - it's a simple technical requirement.

To handle the load, I'm running new fused power wires from the battery through the firewall to the dash.

Note one trick on running wire - run two 10 gauge wires instead of one large one for each polarity. Just be sure each red/positive is individually fused at the battery and the you can tie them together at the inverter (each wire is self protected - safe - and both together supply needed current). This is a common trick used by HAMs and others. Much easier wire to work with and fuses (up to 40A) are standard automotive fuses and holders.

Here's a link to that wiring trick (or search for "most practical powerpole size for 700 watt inverter")
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on November 4, 2011
While not perfect, this product saved us from the Halloween storm this year. We were without power for 4 days and this inverter provided enough juice to power our refrigerator, the boiler (so that the house didn't get so cold as it was in the 20s some nights), a light, and I even toasted on a small toaster (I disconnected everything else to do this). We tried the microwave and it worked a few times, but then started tripping every time (I am not sure if it was the inverter or the cables we got as one of the terminal was poorly connected and it didn't always have a great connection). We ran it 2-3 hours at a time connected to our car battery with the car running. It seemed to trip from time to time for no reason (usually it had been running the boiler and frig for a few minutes) even though it was only running at 300-400 Watts; I am not sure if it was the car alternator that tripped it by having a voltage spike on the DC side or what, but we had to go reset it about 1-2 times per hour.

Still, this product is a great value - at 71 bucks we paid - for a 1200 Watt inverter and more than paid for itself by saving our food in the frig/freezer plus allowed us to avoid having to go to a hotel. If I had it to do over again, I might consider something slightly larger (1500-1600 Watts) and perhaps even a true sine wave inverter (I realize that a modified sine wave 1500 would be up to twice the price I paid or 6 times for a 1500 Watt true sine wave inverter), but it could be worth it as then I could charge my UPS to run my computers as well (I don't dare do that on a modified sine wave inverter because of all the warning from Whistler that the UPS batteries could overheat and damage it, or to run as my computers either for the same reason), and I could also run my microwave.

I would recommend this for someone that can't afford a larger one or a pure sine wave inverter. I would not go much larger because we are running from the car because if you are consistently drawing over 1000 Watts (about 100 amps on the DC side) and your car alternator does not have more capacity (most cars have under 100 amp capacity in their alternators) you will wreck the battery and, worse, even the alternator. We lucked out that our minivan has a 130 amp alternator so I could run it for extended periods without being worried that I was destroying the battery or the alternator.
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on June 28, 2011
I am really surprised that there are no reviews for this great power inverter, I have seen it in Radioshack some time ago for 39.99$ and almost bought it there. Amazon offered much better price so I went for it. I have used it once in the camping trip last week and it performed great, we used it to power up the laptop computer and the drop light with 20Wat neon light in the tent. It is surprisingly well made for 20 bucks, solid aluminum convenient size casing, fan is quiet and it comes on and off intermittently as needed, it gives you a signal if your battery is getting low so you not drain it completely.I would reccomend this nice piece of equipment for a friend. I have no I idea how long it will last but for now it made my wife and kids happy :)
Thanks For Reading.
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on December 1, 2011
I use this power inverter to power a laptop, webcam, and video camera while storm chasing. The only problem I have is the USB slot. It will not keep up with a smart phone, at least with everything powered up and charging. I fixed that issue by adding a small extension cord.

Really this inverter works pretty good. Keep in mind you're getting what you pay for. If it's cheap, don't have overly high expectations for a product to last 20 years. Mine is used and abused as it sits in the floor of my car. Passengers kick and step on it all the time and it continues to function.

All in all I thinks it's worth the purchase.....
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on July 6, 2013
This power inverter is awesome. So, you are reading this waiting to find out what that one thing's the stupid fuses. Whistler decided it was a good idea to put them on the inside of the inverter instead of making it easy to replace them on the outside of it. But wait it gets better. They are soldered in which makes it a PITA to replace. The reviews say they don't blow easily, unless you are an idiot and hook the pos and neg up backwards. Then you deserve to spend the time to re-solder new fuses in. But seriously this is an outstanding inverter. I have already used it a bunch of times using drills, sanders, and a dremel in the first week of getting it. Other websites give a description saying it comes with 6 foot cables but thats combining both which are really 3 feet each (pos and neg). The terminals are on the wimpy side but who cares, this thing kicks butt. I wish it came with a digital display that shows the watts, volts, amps, etc like the larger units have. Its a perfect size and has the tabs on the base to mount it to whatever tickles your fancy. Don't expect it to come with the cigarette attachment thingy. Its too big and will blow your vehicle cigarette outlet fuses. Most people assume the mid size inverters come with it. They don't. Get over it. Just use the alligator clamps and throw it on your battery or be a man and hard wire it into your rig. Buy it right now.

Edit...I just used this inverter to power a small George Foreman Grill! The cables got a little warm so keep an eye on them. Mmmmmm grilled cheese sandwich!!! What else can I run on this thing?!
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on July 15, 2011
This inverter provides a "Modified sine wave," not a true sine wave (if you hook this up to an oscilloscope, the waveform will be boxy instead of smooth). This isn't advertised on Amazon's page, nor on other websites. It is in the user manual. Some applications may be very finicky, so do some research on your particular device before you buy.

Also in the manual was that this inverter will automatically shut off if the load is too much. It will source more than 200 watts for 10 seconds for start up applications (e.g. motors). The manual said it will draw <.7 Amps when turned on with no load, so your best bet is to turn it off when you're not using it.

I used this to charge my MacBook Pro without any problems, and used the USB charger to charge my iPod touch. Overall if you're in the market for a power inverter, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one.
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on October 19, 2011
Bought this to replace an old 1200 watt unit that died.
The new Whistler works great. A nice feature is the automatic fans that only come on when needed which make it completely quiet unless under a heavy load.
The battery voltage/watt lead meter is nice too!
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on October 2, 2013
I have lived off-grid for about 15 years and had many inverters. Tried the pure sine waves and they were to sensitive and kept kicking off to fast. This Whistler 1200W is just the right size to run my small fridge, lights, laptop and other gadgets and is less sensitive. The fans are thermostatically controlled and only run when it gets hot so less power consumption. very well built but the posts should have been bigger and heavier. I still give a 5 as it has had no problems in 3 months of everyday 24/7 use.
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on July 7, 2011
I bought this with two things in mind. The required power availability to charge/operate both my laptop and smartphone and noise level of the fan. My laptop is not a new, power-hungry machine, but it's no slouch either. It's required wattage is 85 Watts for charging, and operating. The smart phone is being charged/operated by the USB port from the laptop so I suspect that the USB ports are included in the allotted 85 Watts.
The noise level is quieter than I expected and only turns on due to a temperature sensor, I presume. A little music on the radio and you'll never notice the fan.
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