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on May 27, 2010
I just received the Whistler XTR 440 and I am impressed at what you get for the money. The unit itself is easy to operate, and full of features found in much higher priced detectors. Visual alerts are conveyed by a blue-backlit LCD text display whose backlighting is adjustable to a variety of configurations. For example, it can be set to appear briefly during alerts and mode changes and remain off the rest of the time to save battery power. The Whistler XTR-440 runs on three AA rechargeable Ni-MH (nickel metal-hybride) batteries. The batteries (which are included) must be charged for about six hours before you use the unit the first time, and the only way to charge them is with the power cord that's included. I suggest buying an ac-dc adapter so you can charge the unit from an electrical outlet indoors instead of leaving it plugged into the car(cigarette lighter plug) any time it needs a charge. It has an auto shut-off feature which kills the power after a user-adjustable delay, so you won't come back to the car and find the detector down for the count. I'm not getting a lot of "false" alarms either, so far I'm impressed. The XTR-440 offers two filter modes to limit false alarms. These progressively increase its resistance to common sources of falses, particularly the poorly shielded local oscillators of older Cobra radar detectors, which seem to be everywhere. I run my 440 on Filter 1 default and with X band off, since New Jersey and Ohio are the only states where X-band radar continues to be found in any number and I don't live there, and it makes for a quiet ride. Finally, The only real difference between this unit (XTR-440) and the higher priced XTR-540 (about $125-$150) is the 540's built in digital compass, so if you can live without that, save the money and get the XTR-440.
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on July 25, 2012
Who's the joker who gave this a 1 star review? My experience with this item is a 5 star one. Here are my thoughts.

- Scans for so many types of detection - K, X, Ka, VG2, Laser... I've seen them all go off in just a few days. I had no idea there were so many cops around!
- alerts you in order - so the most advanced speed detection system is prioritized over the lower ones.
- Detects signals from cops I can't even see - and I'm on a motorcycle, so I'm taller than cars and can look in all directions. So, basically it's picking up signals from a few blocks away.
- gives you signal strength of radar etc from 1 to 9 - so you know if they're right up your ass or a few blocks away - AMAZING!
- legal :)
- fits to my screen easily with the enclosed suction attachment. Was a bit nervous about it falling off but I've been over some major bumps and so far all good.
-contrary to the 1-star fool the batteries that come with it last a good amount of time, as do my other rechargeable batteries that I use with it. Don't know what he's on about.
- display is bright and easy to see
- flashes an 'all-clear' when the signal goes away.

- errrmmm... racking my brain to think of one... my only addition would be a headphone socket so I didn't have to rely on glancing at the display (bit loud on a motorcycle to always hear the voice - forget it on freeway).

I was a little dubious before I bought this that it would work, but it really does. I tested this on day one by flying past a stationary cop in traffic. Sure enough he starts to follow me. I cruise at the speed limit and within 10 seconds I am alerted the exact moment he switches on his radar gun to track my speed. I ride on. Since I did nothing but obey the the law and speed limits, after a mile or so he gets bored and peels off. System gives the 'all-clear', and away we go. I couldn't ask for more for what I feel is a very reasonable price a just under at hundred bucks. Get one! :)
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on August 2, 2010
First off, I'll say this Radar Detector works admirably. However, for me it was a "must return" item.

The problem was that I could barely get to read the LCD screen on this device during daylight hours. The screen was impossible to read if the sun was high in the sky. The alerts and chirps work fine. It alerted me to the presence of a speed trap on multiple occasions. However, that only does you a little bit of good if you can't make out the words on the screen.

Another pet peeve is the "auto off" alarm. After 60-90 minutes, the unit turns itself off. However, the alert at this time is the loudest and most panicked alarm you'll hear from the device. It seriously scares you. I'd prefer a chirp every 10-15 seconds for a minute or two then an alert as it shuts off. Instead you get an ear piercing high pitched siren like alarm that seriously will startle you ever time.

So, I was not happy. Unit works well enough for a bargain unit under $100, however the poor screen quality made it a poor choice.
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on August 30, 2012
I finally decided to purchase a radar detector after receiving many speeding tickets over the years. After looking at many different models, I chose this one for it's high rating and affordable price. I wanted to wait a while to review the product to make sure it was a fair review. I've had it for about a month and a half and so far it has been wonderful. The very first day it saved me from a speed trap where the cop was hidden behind some large bushes. It has consistently alerted me when there is a radar detector in use. It came with all the required parts (dc plug and suction cup mount) so it was ready to use without purchasing additional parts. My only regret is that I didn't buy this sooner!
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on June 17, 2010
Detection is mediocre; that's par for the course for Whistler. Don't believe reviews that say that its detection range is on par with Passport. It's not. It's adequate, but not as good as a $500 detector. You get what you pay for.

The battery life is TERRIBLE. Try 45 minutes (!) of battery life compared to 8 hours with the 540. Sad, just sad. Both detectors feature illegible displays when put against daylight. "Periscope" LEDs do nothing to alert you, although max volume is fair enough when listening to music at relatively soft level.
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on February 29, 2012
Very pleased with this unit. Red display is very easy to read in day and night. Unit alarms when it should. Would recommend to others.
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on July 7, 2010
Let me start out by saying that this unit has performed admirably at detecting radar, as did my prior Whistler unit.My primary reason for purchasing this unit was the battery feature. The stated 15 hour battery life was the main selling point.Unfortunately I am not getting 1/3 of this battery life despite using the recommended power saver settings.For this reason I could not recommend this detector.Save your money and go for a battery free Whistler Radar Detector
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on August 25, 2012
Seemed to work great, would detect radar with more than enough time to slow down, about the same range as my old Passport. Didn't seem to have any more false alarms than my Passport, in fact there were a couple spots on my daily commute where the Passport would false, but the Whistler would remain silent. This was using the Highway mode on both. They don't use Laser around here luckily, so I can't comment on that.

Batteries seemed to be good for about 5 hours before they would read 25% left. That was good enough to last the week for my dailt commute to work, but if it sat unused for 2 days after re-charging, it would drop to 75% without ever being turned on, dropping the life to about 3 hours. Not great for any trips, don't forget the cord, or some spare batteries. I had planned to replace the cheap chinese batteries with better quality rechargeables to see if that would extend battery life.

Got in the car yesterday and turned it on, it goes through the entire test sequence, and then says "NO BATT" and shuts itself off. How can it turn on if there are no batteries? I tried charging it overnight, even tried a different set of batteries. Same results.

JR is paying return shipping to exchange it, so I will try another. Hopefully it has a longer life span. I can highly recommend JR music world, great service.

UPDATE 9/11/2012: I received the replacement from J&R a couple of days ago. The batteries that came with this one are garbage, and will only run the unit for about an hour before the charge runs out. I have tried regular alkalines (DO NOT charge these!) and it shows 50% battery life after 8 hours. I have some Eneloops on order to fix the low battery life. Just a warning that if you do buy this unit, plan on replacing the batteries right out of the box.
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on May 20, 2012
Like the different filters to tune out traffic sensing radar. Seems pretty sensitive to real radar from cop cars. The vg2 went off a few times already. You have to keep in mind that when vg2 is detected the local oscillator In the detector shuts down for 30 seconds to avoid detection by the cops. So even though it shuts down of corse u know there are cops around. It's a keeper.
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on July 30, 2013
Just did a 700 mi trip and found this one to be a reliable unit if you travel mostly interstate and incidental highway avg population.

Unit detected all incl laser, but don't be a renegade. Trveled interstates at 75mph with no adversity for 659 miles drove with traffic flow. Detected all bands.

Last part of trip two lane and picked up pulse and ka bands.

Good value for the money!
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