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44 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on September 20, 2011
-Story continues exactly where WKC left off and it's a trilogy, 3rd one is on the way.
-Improvements on Graphic and voice acting
-More skills for all weapons
-A LOT more weapons and armors since max level is now 80.
-No more X button harass when searching for Ores/bugs/flowers etc. It gives you all the materials at once
-More GR quests and new Monster Bounty quests(these can be harder than final boss)
-Customize Knight for your avatar
-Data import from the 1st one is impressive. Includes all the mats,weapons, armors and georama layout
-Online mode! now up to 6 people in a party with Knight transformation
-Better AI for your companions
-Better AC,MP balance for your skills and combos
-Plenty of challenges towards the end of the game and after you've beaten the story mode. New game+ and you unlock a castle to test your strategy/skills.

-Story mode environment. You get 1 more new town and 2 new initial & final dungeon but everything else is the same. You basically play through the towns & dungeons that you've already beaten on 1st one all over again. This was a huge let down.
-Errands(resident quests These suck, the reward is very good. Mostly, you just go around the world map and talk to different NPCs over and over again, nothing else. Just spend time running for 1hour to complete a few of them. Boring and annoying.
-No online mode for Bounty hunt and Otherworld(to get your avatar knight's equipment) I got excited to pull off something like capcom's Monster hunter online, but found out that it's offline only.
-Same towns and dungeons mean same monsters and same soundtrack...seriously.

I managed to beat the story mode without getting too boring because of new weapons, skills with more level ups and some cool cut scenes. But overall, it felt more like online grinding than an epic story mode.

I clocked in 270hours for the 1st one. Currently grinding and playing I'm at about 60+ hours on this one. There are plenty to do and plenty challenges. Nevertheless WKC saga is still among my favorite PS3 RPG with Demon souls. I give this one 4/5 for more improvements than negatives. Could have been 5/5 if they weren't so lazy to create more maps and dungeons and new monsters. Because it lacks those, Story mode feels like WKC1 with a good patch to fix bugs and better interface. But I know that online is a kick ass time with a friend or two... especially for being free.(no monthly fee)
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on June 13, 2013
While White Knight Chronicles 2 is a fun game, it has its flaws. Such as setting level caps before the final (non-Japanese) level cap of 80, forcing players to run through already explored areas just to pad the game time, and a steep learning curve.
Most of those flaws are forgivable.
Re-exploring areas? It's a good time to level up on the new enemies with higher levels.
The steep learning curve? Expectable for a Japanese RPG.
But what is NOT, and I repeat NOT, acceptable is D3 Publishers and Level 5 saying "eff you" to the rest of the world by focusing only on the Japanese gamers.
Being a veteran from White Knight Chronicles 1, I knew how to deal with disappointments from Level 5, such as the lack of patches. Over the 3 years that the game was out, we only received a handfull of patches, while the Japanese recieved a metric ton of patches. But I was not prepared for D3 and Level 5 to completely abandon the non-Japanese market.
Not only did White Knight Chronicles 2 only receive 1 patch, the guild system was ignored by Level 5, the promised DLC was cancelled for its non-Japnese players, and the game's non-Japanese servers are being shut down on June 18, 2013.
The online multiplayer was KEY to get to the non-Japanese level cap of 80. (Yes, the Japanese also got a bigger level cap and Guild Rank cap while the rest of the world didn't.) You needed other people to help you get your Guild Rank up, a system that only levels up by completing quests quickly and efficiently, but the whole charm from the game was its online community. The game had its own forums--IN THE GAME. People could log on and talk with others in a contained online community, but as of 6/18/13, that online community will cease to exist.
Without the help of others, the game is slow going, completing the same quest numerous times in order to level up your Guild Rank ONCE just to get rid of the level 35 level cap. Leveling up your Guild Rank was hard enough online, but without the multiplayer to help you out, don't expect to get to the level cap of 80 anytime soon.
The bottom line is, White Knight Chronicles 2 is an online game, and, soon, its online capabilities will no longer exist, making the game just an empty shell of its former self.
If you aren't Japanese DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. You're only setting yourself up for disappointment.
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23 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on September 24, 2011
I was a big fan of the original game when it came to the US last year and had been looking forwards to White Knight Chronicles II for a long time now.

Then, about two weeks before it came out, my PS3 died and I lost ALL of my game save files.

So, I was disheartened, and went to purchase a copy of the original again. Until the fellow selling it to me told me that White Knight Chronicles II actually came with a complete copy of the first game, remastered to the new graphics levels.

I was astounded to say the least.

So I brought it home and tore it open and started a new game of White Knight Chronicles I - and let me tell you, the graphical difference is amazing. The texturing and shadows are far deeper and more detailed. The characters are more detailed and animated.

I have yet to get through even the first few missions of the first game, but had to post a review so that people know just how much effort the publishers put into this.

The game is amazing, pure and simple. I love the combat system, the graphics - it is one of the VERY few old school RPG games to have come to the high definition systems. If you're a RPG fan who is on the fence on this one - trust me, get it. It is well worth it and you can invest hundreds of hours, or just enough time to get through the plot.

It has something for everyone.
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on February 6, 2012
I really love RPGs, and there aren't enough of them on the PS3. WKC I/II both attempt to address that shortfall, but still leave me feeling unfulfilled. Don't misunderstand; I want to like the WKC titles. I really do. And I would, if it wasn't for the battle system. What's wrong with it? It is built in such a way that discourages the player from using all his available power during a battle. Think about it: If you are battling a group of monsters or even just one monster, you don't want to have to wait for another "Action Chip" to become available to you before you can unleash a powerful hit. Or, having finished a gnarly battle, you press onward to find yourself suddenly attacked by the level boss, requiring Leonard to fight. Leonard, having only 2 Action Chips, cannot transform into the White Knight. Yet, without the White Knight, there is no way to beat the boss and the party is defeated one member after another. Should Leonard actually survive long enough to earn the AC's needed to transform, by that point, his mana is certain to be running low, so the White Knight likely will vanish after a single attack, leaving Leonard and his party high and dry.

If the game didn't have the Action Chip mechanism, which doesn't do anything but slow down and hinder the party, it would be a great game worthy of more stars. I wish I could give it more.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 12, 2013
White Knight Chronicles II has so far been an engrossing experience for me. I'm a big fan of Level-5 RPG games such as Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and Dark Cloud -- a big inspiration of this game. As a matter of fact, I was glad to see alot of Dark Cloud elements in this game. Sadly, they leave alot of the better elements.

One thing I'll get out of the way first though, is that WKC2 is a lot like FFXII. A fairly large and adventurous world map, pseudo-MMO feeling, and even a filler character (ironically, the character you create), leave this game feeling alot like Square's title in it's flagship series. As such, it carries alot of it's stigmas, and adds a bit more. For one, the story isn't that very well developed. Many people complain the story starts off in an odd position in the story, which just sounds like spiteful idiocy on their part. The game comes with both WKC1 and 2, therefore there should be no reason for someone to blame the developers for them not playing through the first game first. But the story overall feels cliched to death. The main objective is to save the princess, and our main character, one of the heroes, has fallen in love with her after...looking at her once? He even goes so far as to put his life in danger to protect her, while his childhood friend is lost (with you, thankfully). This alone was enough to show me that this story wasn't going to make as much sense as I hoped it would. Still, the story is fairly ok, leaves few plotholes, and the accompanying voice-acting is surprisingly well done.

On to the gameplay. The first game's slow and tedious combat system was revamped using the second game's system, making for a fuller, faster system overall. Just like FF12, it features an ATB gauge that fills before your character can act. A good design decision was not locking the skills. Unlike many RPGs, you don't have to be a White Mage to use Heal, or be a Barbarian to use an Axe. You can unlock the use of anything as long as you have the skill points to unlock it, again, a really good decision reminiscent of one of the better parts of FF12. The skills you unlock are set to a bar of 7 empty slots for you to use to command. There are 3 rows, and each can contain any skill you want, and you can use it as long as you have the required weapon equipped. The downside of this system is that it does not allow you to change what character you are using on the fly. You have to open the main menu, select the character submenu, and choose which character you want to switch to -- all in real-time. This could have been better designed. Another disappointing but glaring fault is the rehashing of maps and monsters. WKC2 only introduces about 2 new areas and a few new monsters with those areas, which was just pure laziness on the dev's part.

Another part, which I'll step away of detailing in favor of time, is that only the second game offers a full online experience, but this game isn't online-based. Although the online is a big part of the game and adds alot of fun, I see it as just half of an already great game. It's sort of like a Monster Hunter game that has Monster Hunter 2, 3 and Frontier -- 2 and 3 are already great experiences and Frontier is a whole new experience. That said, the online in this game is fairly well designed and even has a similar style to GeoRama from Dark Cloud, so fans of that and MMO questing will love the online in this game.

The music is superb, especially during boss fights adding to the subtle level of epic in journeying across wide open fields or a great divide in the earth. That brings to me to the stunning visuals. It is a MUST to play this game using the HDMI output. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking with overworld models having textures as good as Uncharted 3. No exaggeration there, hands down beautiful scenery with a soundtrack to match, unfortunately also rehashed in WKC2, so not much new sounds to hear or sights to see.

There is alot more I could say, but much has already been said by other critical reviewers already. Overall, if you're a fan of RPG games and can deal with a few cliche'd characters in favor of a 200+ hour adventure spanning 2 (soon to be 3) games, with a creative battle system and breathtaking scenery, and isn't afraid of the daunting scope of this game, then it is definitely worth the price. (I got it for 11 bucks) You'll be shelling out 20 bucks on a great and beautiful homage to retro JRPG's, with quirky characters and a cringe worthy story, but you'll be enjoying it. If JRPG's aren't in your boat, then this game isn't for you.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2013
If you like a great story combined with awe-inspiring graphics and an unbeatable soundtrack then grab this game pronto. I've been playing rpg's since they came out and White Knight Chronicles II is one of the best fits for what I like in a game. Also buy this game new, otherwise you have to pay extra for the online access. Also WKC I is included with the game, and features all of the upgrades they completed for WKC II. You get to build your character from scratch at level 1 in WKC I, and then use that character(equip and skills) once you start WKC II.

PROS : Creativity - in the story, character development, graphics, and music.
Novelty - the action chip system is different than anything I've ever seen.
Beauty - the cutscenes are like watching a high-quality anime movie that keep you into the story all game.
- the soundtrack varies for each area, and is good enough to close your eyes and listen to at times.
(Greede merchant quarter especially)
Combat - using your mana and action chips against bosses and groups is challenging at times.
- nice balance of strategy and hack 'n' slash.
- total control of AI combat tactics, initiatives, skills, etc. Can load up to 5(x3) command sets of actions.
Openness - while not truly being an open world environment, it is huge! Tons of areas each with their own
repeatable level-based side quests, solo or multiplayer.
Extras - GeoNet allows you to create and manage your town available for online access!
Errands, bounties, and other side quests allow for generous amounts of extra gameplay and goodies.

CONS : Crafting - I found the crafting system time consuming and tedious, but it is easy to figure out - just save
every piece of equipment you find because you'll need it to make another.
Ai - It would be nice if the Ai was a bit more proactive in some of the tactical options(auto&conserve notably).

If you really enjoy visually and auditorally feasting on your games, then this is a must have for your collection. It rewards players for taking the time to carefully build their skills and equipment while maintaining a scaling, level-appropriate challenge during gameplay. It is a Teen rated game, so you won't find any f-bombs lurking or decapitated heads, etc. The storyline is guided for teens but is still very enjoyable for mature players.

Well worth the $20 I found this new game for, enjoy and goodday!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2013
Still advertise online on the game description when online services already shut down.
Can play offline but will be a long, boring task and some quests can't be done.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2013
This game have the misleading title of White Knight Chronicles II but in reality it's a extended full version of WKC. The game overall is very good and even if the story was not that good it felt like a old PS2 RPG with updated graphics and that was a good thing.

Now the main focus of this game was the online that have a lot of quests and different type of equipment. Most of these quests relied on teamwork and the knowledge of each class.

This game received poor support in the west. Sony and D3P never unlocked all of our quests that are contained on the disc including the Avatar quests (These avatar quests are 10 in total) These quests are the true ending of the game and it's referenced on the To be continued ending of the standard story. Once you complete avatar story a new shop it's available on the map with exclusive items. The other non avatar quests are numerous and contain unreleased equipment.

Sony and D3 Publisher are ending all the online service on June 18 2013. If you're interested on a standard RPG play this game as IMO was better than FFXII but if you want to get the Platinum, stay away from this game as once the online servers gets offline on June 18 it will become VERY Hard to get the Platinum.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2013
white knight Chronicals 2 includes the first which made the game a lot better for me because it woould seem short without it. I love this game but still have the feeling something is missing. it has a good story, good amount of charaters and creatures and different lanscapes. I feel if they had more money behind this and put some more content in the way sidequests and stuff would change the people around you it would be better. Its a typical rpg and i think if they made the guild features like a monster quest online with friends adventure it might gain a totally new aspect of gameplay for many hours. The game feels short and you go through it really fast but at the same time the storyline progression goes slow and it takes a while to get very little done. The really odd thing is the charater you make isnt the main charater and makes me feel like i wasted time customizing one and seems to be just a tag aa long charater witnessing things but not taking actiion talk or doing anything else for the vast vast majority of gameplay i didnt even have him in my fighting party.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2011
I am just less than 10 hours into the game but just want to alert potential gamers about a few stuffs.

This game is a combined version of WKC1 and WKC2. The WKC1 part in this game uses the WKC2 battle system. So don't worry if you are like me who came across many criticisms about the WKC1 battle system. For new gamer, you could choose to start the gameplay from WKC1 or WKC2 (and they assign you to lv 35). You would start the game with a new avatar. And make sure you are really satisfied with the one you created since you use your avatar in online gameplay and for collecting trophies in online quests. And if you later on want to change your avatar appearance, it costs usd 4.99 to purchase a pass on psn to do so (and usd 9.99 for a complete makeover: changing name, appearance and gender). For gamers with completed WKC1 save, the avatar and gamesave could be imported.

Buyer alert: For ppl considering buying used games, please be aware that the game comes with a one time code printed on the back cover of the user manual for accessing the online gameplay(called the Geonet). If you buy a used game, you may have to pay an extra usd 9.99 for the online pass, unless you don't give a damn about the online gameplay. But sadly many trophies can only be unlocked by completing online quests... Just make sure you do the maths before buying used ones.

For the game itself, I am still on the WKC1 part. But the gameplay (which adopts the WKC2 one) is good. Standard JRPG and MMORPG elements. Earns skill points when leveling up and assign them to learn new skills. Characters are able to wield multiple weapons so you could develop your characters freely. In the case of your avatar, you could wield all types of weapons and are provided with the basic version of each weapon to equip with in the beginning. For the first few hours of gameplay, the story and system feel similar and in a good way, having a hint of final fantasy 12 and 9 (pardon me as an ff fanboy).
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