Customer Reviews: White Lightning [VHS]
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on February 7, 2016
A classic! Burt Reynolds in his prime. Love the old hot south feel and dialog. Old school fast cars, moonshine, running from police, finding revenge for his brothers death makes this a true classic and a must for ones library. A 70s keeper!! I now learned what the Southern slang for "Shaky Pudding" means lol
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on January 12, 2014
Was very disapointed .The movie was edited for content & language.If they would have said this on the discription,at least I would know what I was getting.Don't Know if I'LL ever purchase agian without knowing if it's edited & a realease date.Would like the original movie uncut actualy any movie uncut. Mark H.
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on May 15, 2016
White Lightning, 1973 film

Two men are bound and gagged and sitting in a boat. Two men in another boat follow, on shoots the boat so it sinks! A man in prison gets a visitor who tells him the bad news. “Who killed them?” Later Gator attacks a guard, then runs away from the prison farm. He is caught. Can he make a deal to get out? Bobby McCloskey meets Federal agents and learns about “direct evidence”. He is given a speedy car and outruns a Highway Patrol car. Two girls talk to him. He returns home to see his mother. He tells his father of his plans. Gator goes to the Logan County Fair and meets a mechanic. [Does he talk too much?] Payments are in cash, no paper trail. [Carrying untaxed liquor provides jobs in a rural area.]

The Sheriff is warned about a government agent who is snooping around. Gator is chased by a patrol car but escapes! Later he meets the Sheriff’s secretary and acts friendly. One man produces 3,000 gallons a month from his still. Plastic gallon jugs are delivered at a church parking lot. Later they visit a tavern, people talk about events. The next morning Gator swims in a creek. That young woman Lou joins him. The Sheriff is warned about a government agent. Two agents question Gator about results. Later he buys sacks of sugar (the ingredients for moonshine). Lou is questioned about Dude, she talks. The Sheriff is suspicious.

Gator and Dude deliver boxes to a tavern, there is a difference of opinion. Then a delivery goes bad! Gator is captured. But he is able to overpower his guards and escape with Lou. A woman saws off his handcuffs at a home. There is a funeral for Dude. Where is McCloskey? A young woman tells Gator what she knows about his brother. Then he flees after the Sheriff arrives. There is a chase for action. Car crashes do little damage! There is a spectacular car crash. There is another funeral in town.

This is a story of crime and revenge. It could have used a better story (see “Walking Tall” for a better movie). The brand of cars tells of product placement. While driving along dirt roads the cars remain free of dust! Did you notice other discrepancies? This is mildly entertaining, and educational if the events are accurate. While the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement agency in any county, what about the elected County Commissioners?
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on January 13, 2010
This is just like watching the film 30 years ago on the movie of the week. If you buy this DVD, you should know:

"This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit your TV and edited for content"

Surprised me. I've never had a DVD that was cleaned up for TV before. At least they cut out the commercials.

As to the film, it's no masterpiece like "Deliverance." On the other hand, people under 40 probably have no idea what the "cool" "pre-Smokey" Burt Reynolds was like. This should give them a clue.

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on June 7, 2013
I love the old Burt Reynolds movies. This movie predates Smokey and the Bandit but has a similar kind of fun illegal liquor running, car chasing, bad ass Burt kinda fun to it. Jerry Reed is it, who is also in Smokey and The Bandit. They are great together. This movie isn't on a par with Smokey and The Bandit, but it is good fun and a rompin stompin Burt Reynolds movie.
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on December 27, 2013
This a an early Burt Reynolds Flick it is very good at has good story line about a corrupt sheriff, greed and murder. This movie will hold your interest from the first frame to the closing last scenes. Enjoy it you won't be sorry.
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on October 12, 2003
I don't think this movie was edited for its dvd release. I watched it recently, and in my mind I put back in all the swear words that were re-dubbed. NO WAY could this movie have gotten a PG in 1973 if all that swearing had been included. And it was originally PG, not "R" or "PG-13" (which didn't exist in 1973). I'm an old guy, 42, and I saw this back in the day with my parents. I was 12 and we didn't go to R rated flicks as a family. And, as I wrote before, I own the original poster and it says "PG."
I still think the swearing was edited out by the studio just before the movie's theatrical release, to tone it down from an "R" to a more-profitable, family freindly PG. Reynolds had just gotten popular (from Deliverance, talk shows, and posing nude in Ms Magazine) and they wanted to change his new movie from playing only the drive-ins to playing in the family theatres. This kind of last minute fiddling was often done in the old days when movie companies wanted to get a certain rating (and is today, but usually for sex instead of for language).
If anybody out there has seen a version with all the extra swearing kept in, please write me and let me know when and where! And let's get that director's cut out on dvd if it exists!
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on September 20, 2011
I bought this wanting a copy as I watched when it came out in the theaters, the one dvd I picked came went to watch it and it's in the region 2 not region 1 so now I have to return it. Now I have to return it and pay for that to only to get the price of the dvd not postage both ways they knew US is region 1 and they sent region 2? anyone think they will return my postage to this was their fault for not sending the right product I may ask amazon to help if only the dvd price is returned bummer to buy it wont work and have to send it back. So when I did watch it years ago it was a good movie for action. So do not buy form pbshopus they will not work with you or do a change for this dvd to region 1 I was cheated funny how all department store sell only region 1 here in the us and these people can sell anything they want. I may not buy on amazon any more so all these other compnays who sold me the right region dvd's may lose on this also why would I come back here if these people can sell what they want knowing it will not work here. So boycott this place to show them we the buyer have the power of the truth and word.
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This was a great trial run for BURT, and HAL NEEDHAM to work together,paving the way for SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, HOOPER,CANNONBALL, etc. Also the perfect pairing of BURT with JERRY REED. Very sorry to think that pals : JERRY,HAL,DOM DELUISE,CHARLES DURNING, are gone. on feb 11, 2015 BURT will turn 80. My wife LISA and I met BURT, at his museum in Jupiter FL in sept. of 08 or 09. It was right after JERRY had passed, and BURT was recording something at the museum. On a break, he took the time to pose for some pictures, and chat with us. A VERY COOL GUY.
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on October 14, 2007
Saw this as a kid back in the 70's. You know how it is, so many times the movies you loved as a kid just don't stand the test of time. This one does. Ned Beatty makes is career turnning performance in this, forget Deliverance, this is the one which he gets to show charm, menace and is the kind of bad guy that's all about shades of grey. The 1:33 frame is the full frame, any widescreen version is just the same with a matte over it (comparing it to the laserdisc version). This film is what so many movies in the 70's aspired to be: tough, gritty, authentic, etc. Although "Gator", the sequel, is enjoyable on it's own, it lacks the simple, directness of this film. "Gator" is all about making a "Hollywood" style drive in classic, this here's a whole different kettle of fish.
Can't say enough good things about it. If you're idea of a guys DVD is "Die Hard 2", well, you'll be disappointed. But if films like "Rolling Thunder" and "White Line Fever" are what you like? Well then this is the film for you.
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