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on November 29, 2011
Edmondson and Co. have crafted an action adventure story that leaves the reader spinning frantically to keep up with the twists and turns. While the title is the mystery at the book's core, the thing that drives it is an unrelenting pace set by Edmondson's writing and the brilliant art work of Zonjic.

These guys will both be huge stars, and this is the place to get on board.
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on November 4, 2012
Most Graphic Novels, days and days after you've read them, they make less and less sense. Not so with "Who Is Jake Ellis?" This GN makes more and more sense.

Nathan Edmondson's writing is fun and precise, tough when it needs to be, and always original.

Tonci Zonjic's artwork is beautiful, spare, evocative. He has a way with light and shadow that borders on the magical. He tells the story with as few lines and as little detail as possible, and the result is overpowering.

The best GN I've read in years. A whopping 5 Stars for this creative mystery. A harrowing, rambunctious, taut tale. If it were jewelry, it would be brass knuckles made out of a giant flawless diamond.
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on March 18, 2012
Action heroes need a gimmick if they're to stand out in a crowd. The gimmick that underscores Who Is Jake Ellis? is a guardian angel ... or maybe a ghost ... at any rate, an invisible helper named Jake who is watching over Jon Moore, the action hero. Jake even watches Jon when Jon is getting it on with a woman in bed. That's a little creepy, hey?

Anyway, we don't learn until issue 2 who Jon is, or what his job was before the bad guys (or are they the good guys?) started chasing him. At that point the story has a Jason Bourne feel. Jon knows who he is but he doesn't know why the government did whatever it did to him at "the facility" four years earlier. Or maybe it wasn't the government that did whatever was done. The American government might be chasing him, but someone else might also be seeking his capture. Jon has a lot of questions, poor guy. But like Bourne, he knows better than to turn himself in.

The story has something to do with remote viewing but it's actually quite a bit more original than that. More I cannot say without spoiling it, but I can say that the writing is tight and the plot is smart. I think a longer series might have fleshed out the characters a bit more and the ending could have been stronger, but as an action-suspense story without a lot of depth, Who Is Jake Ellis? is reasonably entertaining.

The artwork is fairly conventional but more than adequate. I particularly like the way the panels are colored. Sometimes entire panels are in a single color that changes from panel to panel. Sometimes a panel is colored in different shades of the same color. Those things usually happen in settings (like a nightclub) where the coloring makes sense. The coloring of graphic art isn't usually something that stands out to me but in this case, I was impressed by it.
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on January 30, 2012
I'm somewhat new to graphic novels - but this one definitely kept my attention going the wole way through. The art is great and the story gives you just enough information to keep you going. That being said I arrived at the end and still had a lot of questions that needed answering. Also, I would have liked a little more depth in some areas. I felt like I was reading part 1 of 5 - things seemed rushed as if the author was running out of space/time. But to my knowledge this is a stand alone book (vol 1 which has parts 1-5) so there are no more parts coming. Overall, it was a great read but it left me wanting more at the end and a little bit throughout with respect to depth.
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on April 7, 2015
Jon Moore is former spy on the run, now working as a mercenary. He has an edge many in his profession don't. That edge is Jake Ellis, a ghost, or possibly a hallucination, who appears only to Jon.

Things are going passably well until some very scary people start chasing them, and it becomes crucial to find out what the government did to Jon four years ago - and who Jake really is. I have such a hard time figuring out what else I can tell you without spoilers!

SO I'll just say that I love Zonjić's art. It's clean, crisp, and a perfect look for this noir conspiracy. Edmondson put together a suspenseful story here and we've been anxiously awaiting the followup volume. It's been delayed so many times, unfortunately it looks like we have a long wait left.
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on October 16, 2012
Mr. Edmondson truly pays attention to every last little detail, in this superbly written action/adventure tale, that will leave you wondering who the heck is Jake Ellis! Is he a guardian angel or simply a figment of Jon's imagination? Also, the artwork is fantastic and fits perfectly with the rest of the story. A must read for action/adventure lovers.
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VINE VOICEon March 3, 2012
WHO IS JAKE ELLIS? opens with what would make a great cinematic moment: Mercenary Jon Moore is in a bad situation, as a business deal is going south, and his associates are about to kill him. Talking to himself the whole time, Jon springs into action, fighting his way free in a blaze of glory. The entire scene is then shown again, this time from Jon's point-of-view, where we meet the titular Jake Ellis, a mysterious figure who may, or may not, be a figment of Jon's imagination, a brilliant, omniscient tactician who watches Jon's back and helps keep him alive. To say any more about this book would risk spoiling too much. I pretty much guessed who Jake was early on, but that doesn't take away from this engaging, brilliantly-told tale in the least. Great fun, and I'll be watching to see what the duo of Edmondson & Zondjic have up their sleeves in the future.
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on May 28, 2012
Jon Moore has an apparently omnipresent friend that nobody else can see. Moore trusts Jake Ellis to be his guardian angel in tight situations, despite not knowing who or what Jake is or how he even met him. The journey to answer these questions is told in "Who is Jake Ellis?"

As fascinating as it may appear, the premise unfortunately falls waste to tired Hollywood clichés.
The opening pages absolutely got me excited and had me wanting to know more about our main character, and of course, figure out who Jake Ellis is. The steam dies off quickly for the writing, although certainly not bad, seemed very generic. Aside from the presence of Jake himself, this book lacks originality as all the scenarios and characters have been previously depicted in a countless number of movies.

Artistically, I personally favor this style for it's simple but communicates so much. The coloring is commendable as well for palettes vary depending on the scene's specific tone, amplifying the somewhat "bland" line art. Visually, there is nothing for me to harp on.

"Who is Jake Ellis?" is not a bad read. Fans of the genre might find something to enjoy in "Who is Jake Ellis?" but I found it to be an ultimately forgettable experience. To equate it to a movie, as it does carry a cinematic vibe, it would be worth a rental. The mystery was attractive enough to pull me entirely through...all the way to the lackluster conclusion. If you can find this in a bargain bin somewhere, you can definitely do worse.

Think Jason Bourne, just not as good.
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on May 14, 2013
There's nothing like a good mystery. Here, the reader and the main characters, are trying to figure out the mystery at the same time. By the books end we do get some answers but the door is definitely left open for more resolution. The art was a bit rough at times but fits the action. The story could have been fleshed out more but the book was very good.
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on October 17, 2012
You dont need to think about it. Just buy this book. You wont regret it.

fantastic adventure story, with some spy drama through in as well. Excellent
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