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on July 1, 2016
Well worth buying
Simple and straight to the point
Perfect book for debate purposes
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on June 3, 2016
The author, D. M. Murdock, concludes that the gospels were written much later than is commonly believed, well into the second century CE. She says , it is widely believed that the character of Jesus Christ is unique and original, but the fact is that many of the details of his life and virtually all of the sayings can be found in the Old Testament and that the OT served as a blueprint for the NT. She thinks that NT writers used snipits of the OT to create the gospels and details of the life of Jesus

She believes that the gospels are not infallibly inspired and inerrant. She says the authors of the gospels cut and pasted the most germane scriptures that they considered to be characteristics of the coming messiah, weaving them together to create a fictional figure called Jesus the Christ. The writers of the gospels were never eyewitnesses to the events they wrote about and there is NO corroborating contemporary secular or pagan literary or archaeological evidence that substantiates them as being true

The author says scholars can blindly study the scriptures and then explain the phenomenon not as a result of rational, scientific thought but by euphoria and childlike glee at the idea of miracles and magic: blind believers who become giddy with the Supernatural and lose their natural sense. They check their common sense at the door before examining the evidence

She says, why would God need to take birth on Earth as his own son in order to give his life gruesomely as a ransom to himself so that he could remove magically and mystically the sins of his own creatures, which he had created so badly in the first place that he needed to fix them? Further evidence of being contrived.

The KJV Bible, based in part upon the 1536 Tyndale Bible is not what was in the first Christian documents ( William Tyndale was burned at the stake for heresy ) . They were changed, altered and fooled with in order to establish a different agenda than what was first believed. It is so racked with errors and falseties that scholars were forced to reexamine the oldest Greek documents and gospels in an attempt to get a better authenticity. The RSV version was the result of that

She also believes that the devisers of these clever fables have, in fact, established a bizarre and dangerous fairy tale that is setting up the entire world for a decimating holocaust, apocalypse and Armageddon the likes of which we have never seen. The three great Abrahamic religions are now locked in a life or death struggle for survival, each with their fingers on the nuclear launch codes for disaster

The author suggests that rather than being the omnipotent Son of God, Jesus Christ is a manmade literary character devised for a variety of purposes that no longer serve the greater good of humanity. She has laid out a highly credible case for this and her scholarship in this matter is impeccable and amazing. A highly rational and believable book
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on May 17, 2016
I am satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it for those that are interested in the topic.
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WHO WAS JESUS? by D. M. MURDOCH a.k.a. "ACHARYA S" is a typical, penetrating and well-honed book by this masterful scholar. Her tireless efforts to dissect and understand Christianity date back to the mid-1990s (during a time when I was re-entering the field myself after a hiatus of ten years). Her light of scientific truth, cast here on the layers of myth that the New Testament comprises, is a bright exemplary. And she achieves it in well under 300 pages.

Murdoch, a real personal favorite of mine, has done a great deal in the historical field that most people overlook. She fears nothing because she is a spiritual person who clearly sees the rot in spirituality. What is it that Murdoch has really showed us? Let me lay it out clearly.

The blind, stupid acceptance of Jesus as real has cost academia a lot of demerits. I understand people committing the fallacy of claiming a belief and fighting for it when they don't believe it for a second. They want to keep their professorships and tenure. Homely hypocrite philosophers indeed! Murdoch does much to expose all that without attacking anyone.

The proofs to the nonexistence of Jesus may be classed et seqq.:

1) Inaccurate, unstable and mythical structure of the entire New Testament;

2) Total lack of evidence of the existence of any New Testament personage, other than those already commonly known via other sources (such as the priestly Kefa ("Caiaphas") Clan);

3) Lack of basic accuracy in New Testament as to known historical events mentioned in it;

4) Total lack of any third party records of the main players in the New Testament;

5) Resemblance of entire Gospel stories with much older myths and fables (Horus, Isis, Mithras, Hercules);

6) Clumsy plagiarism, esp. the first verse of the Gospel of John lifted from the first verse of the Tao Te Ching. The best example is that of the Jesus character, plainly a bad mixture of earlier myths.

What we really need, and lack:

1) Reliable record of actual contemporary witnesses/relatives of Jesus.

2) Reliable second-hand records of Jesus, his activities or his daily speech.

3) Extraneous records, Jewish and other, especially Roman records.

4) Mention of him or his contemporaries by known, reliable historians proximate to his alleged lifetime. Every important historian who addressed the early movement addresses the followers, never Jesus or the Jewish messiah.

5) Mention of his precise school of thought, education, branch of Judaism or traceable oral tradition about him as a person.

6) Mention of anything theophilosophical that is found in the Gospels, recorded by a reliable third party.

7) Historical or geographical confirmation, in a reliable source, of New Testament stories (places visited, dwellings, inns, travels etc.).--or reliable historical documents in those places, such as Nazareth.

8) Jewish records of the family, employment, social activities, etc., of Jesus/his family.

9) Criminal proceedings, accusations, etc. because these are generally well kept in the Jewish tradition.

10) Civic records, viz., taxes, census, burial/deaths.

The most idiotic counterargument I hear is that there are no individual Jews referenced by name in proper historical sources! Gotta love the bible-proves-itself fallacy. Even worse is this idea that Jesus was Jewish--sickening. In serious ways, Murdoch has brought all this to light. I say we support Murdoch in her quest to establish the truth, issue by issue, as she has been doing.

Not long ago I was viciously proselytized (one Jewish friend later compared it to rape) by a mad-dog Southern Baptist--a kind of deftly hidden vehemence that ultimately ended in a horrible verbal attack. The idea that this man thought he was serving a god of love and compassion seemed the furthest thing from the situation. He saw me as prey, and valuable prey at that. This person was not interested in Christ, love or compassion, let alone the truth. I spent the first half of my life as a theologian and Christian apologist, only to end up with that.

Murdoch is a far more advanced person spiritually than this man I reference--far more importantly, she is a true scholar who holds no briefs or agenda for Christ. Hers is among the common-sense, clear-voiced calls that rational people have long awaited.

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on March 7, 2016
Excellent book, Most helpful by finally bringing home that overlooked piece of history--that nothing much at all is written about the historical character called Jesus Christ--except a few sentences in Josephus--but even that could have been interpolated!
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on November 25, 2015
A very well researched and presented book. Thought provoking but I enjoyed reading every page.
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on August 28, 2015
Interesting book!
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on August 27, 2015
Great book full of information you can look up yourself. A must read if you want to be informed.
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on August 11, 2015
D.M. Murdock aka Acharya S has been panned by all the "Christian" extremists and labeled an atheist right from the beginning,
when she wrote "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Eve Sold"...but she just keeps on coming with logical well thought and supremely researched material, that every time, demonstrates how terribly vacant Christian "history" really is of the truth. "Who Was Jesus" is even better.
Read ALL of her books. You won't regret it.
And I must mention that she is currently in Stage IV of Breast cancer. A kind word or even a donation would be very helpful to her.
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on July 24, 2015
The book was shipped in a timely manner, arrived in the condition advertised, and seller was professional. Will do business again.
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