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In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2009 6:56:04 PM PDT
S. Kenealy says:
No am for real, I was completely sober when I wrote this. I'm just looking for help and I don't think this is the antidote for my non existent love life. I was hoping someone on here would give some kind of other alternatives on how to succeed with women, other than this hoax.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2009 7:56:00 PM PDT

If you're just looking to get laid, I can't really help with that. If that's truly your priority then you can always pay for sex.

Mckenzie here shared some great websites which are FREE. They're not layguides but they shed some light on how things work in real life. Having sex less than 10 times in your life is really not something to sweat over- would you rather be unemployed (in this economy) and get the tang?

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2009 9:04:29 PM PDT
A. Tomsho says:
By the sound of it, you're still looking for a magic bullet. Newsflash: there is no one magic secret that is going to end your chronic datelessness. It takes work. And it sounds to me like you're not willing to do that work, you want your situation to be miraculously corrected right now. And nobody can help you when you want to be like that.

So you're making 65k a year. So you're good-looking. Who cares? There are millions of other men out there who can claim the exact same thing. It really doesn't make that much of a difference in the long run. Gabriele D'Annunzio wasn't a particularly handsome guy but women loved him. Lyle Lovett is a gargoyle and he was married to Julia Roberts.

Doesn't help that you're not making a lot of sense. You said you spent 6 months reading Mystery Method instead of getting a college education. What exactly does that mean? Did you drop out, what?

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 24, 2009 7:58:35 PM PDT
S. kenealy says:
Wel,l I have been doing anything to learn. I just didnt have a good experience with the book. I don't expect things to be handed down to me and I just dont know how to improve my sex life. What I meant about the College education, I was frustrated about the book. I spent 6 months reading PUA books, and what I'm saying all that reading I did I could have been reading enough college material to get though a whole semester. Back in November of 2008, My brother was in the same position and we had the same problem. He is 34 and I'm 24. He hadnt had sex in years, and though him and I could learn together, but it just seemed after 6 good months he just got it know he forgot about me and he is having tons of sex. See, thats what I mean it just seems like I dont deserve to have an enjoyible sex life, Am 24 and all my friends are having satisfiable sex lives. I just need some kind of help am just reaching out. Thank you

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 24, 2009 7:59:06 PM PDT
S. Kenealy says:
Wel,l I have been doing anything to learn. I just didnt have a good experience with the book. I don't expect things to be handed down to me and I just dont know how to improve my sex life. What I meant about the College education, I was frustrated about the book. I spent 6 months reading PUA books, and what I'm saying all that reading I did I could have been reading enough college material to get though a whole semester. Back in November of 2008, My brother was in the same position and we had the same problem. He is 34 and I'm 24. He hadnt had sex in years, and though him and I could learn together, but it just seemed after 6 good months he just got it know he forgot about me and he is having tons of sex. See, thats what I mean it just seems like I dont deserve to have an enjoyible sex life, Am 24 and all my friends are having satisfiable sex lives. I just need some kind of help am just reaching out. Thank you

Posted on Oct 24, 2009 8:22:46 PM PDT
S. Kenealy says:
No thats not it at all, I just said that the time I spent reading all these books about PUA, I could have been reading college material and getting college credits.It just seems like it just doesn't work for me no matter what I do. Here's the deal back in November of 2008, my Brother and I had the same problem. He is 34 and am 24. My 34 year old brothers problem was that he had a psycho ex wife and a 2 children he was raising. Well, the ex wife left him for another man, but he got to take care of his children. Well he never dated because the ex wife said she'd take the kids blah blah. So my brother went without sex for 3 years because his kid were the most important things to him. So his ex wife moved and now is free to do anything. He nearly forgot to pick up women, he is as bad as me. Well come last year him and I decided to pick up this neat idea and improve our sex lives. So we read the books and so on... Well slowly after 3 or 4 months I saw a difference he was getting better, but I was still at squre 1. I couldnt believe it I was doing everything. Well as time progessed I was getting more and more evny of my own brother. My brother now just gets alot of women now. Am tired of going to bed everynight alone. My brother completely ditched me. He goes out all the time, always have dates I mean I dont understand. When his kids arent home, his bed always has a different women in it. Seeing he was 34 already I thought I would be harder for him. I havent had any sex in nearly a year and bothers me alot. Am 24 am not going to be young forever, I want to catch up with my sex life. My brother and I were going to do this together, but he completely left me in the dark. My brother has turned down women for the simple fact that he says,"I dont want to make you feel worse". but he has sex with them anyway them anyway behind my back. It bothers me that I sleep in the same house and I can hear him and his partner having sex, and my stupid self just lays on the couch by myself with out any kind of action. I hate it, I hate having to leave the house every weekend whern I know a women is with him. I want a sex life I just dont know how to get one. ALOT of guys think that I get a lot of sex, because am a very handsome guy, I know I am but I dont know what the problem is. I need help and I dont know where to get it. I have thought of just getting rid of my libido so I dont have to worry. I just seems every man my age at 24 has alot of sex, and am just alone. PLease give me useful information ill even pay 3,000 dollars to do the pick up boot camp thing. Another thing it is so bad I cant even watch porno because It makes my jealous of all the actors in it, it seems movies, shows, books, just anything that involves sex i dont even want ot see it because it depresses me

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 24, 2009 8:26:35 PM PDT
A. Tomsho says:
"See, thats what I mean it just seems like I dont deserve to have an enjoyible sex life,"

You don't think maybe it's that attitude that's holding you back? That for every setback you encounter, you fall back on that line about you're just destined to be unloved as an excuse? Your brother got this whole thing to work. What did he do right that you did wrong? I'd bet dollars to donuts that you kept playing the victim card while he took mistakes and learned from them. I don't think he forgot you, he just got tired of the fact that you weren't willing to work the way he was to achieve success. He stopped dealing with you because he realized that he can't help you because you're too attached to your own self-pity.

I hate to be the one to tell you all this, but it needs to be said. You want to get over your involuntary abstinence? Get out there and start talking to people. No excuses. Talk to everybody. Hell, try the Stylelife Challenge if you have to, just bloody do it. I used to be the same way in high school as you are now. It's not healthy and you need to stop.

So... do you think you deserve a healthy, active love life? Just a yes or no will suffice.

Posted on Oct 24, 2009 10:23:03 PM PDT
D. mckenzie says:

Here is something most young guys don't know but should: it is easier, tons easier, to get laid when you are older. There seems to be this notion out there that 18 to 30 is when you are supposed to be running around with multiple girlfriends, and once you are 30+ you are "out of the game" but nearly the exact opposite is true.
Why is this? Because women, even the ones who are looking for casual sex, really like to leave the door open for a serious relationship, and they see this as a better possibility with a 30 something guy than a 20 something guy.
Women don't trust young guys to stick around, primarily because too many young guys think they're supposed to be running around with multiple women. But once a guy reaches that age where he considers himself out of the game and is ready to commit, women will jump over each other to get to him.
So stop freaking out about lack of sex, and stop paying attention to what the media tells you your young male life is supposed to be like. The number of 24 year old guys who get laid regularly is extremely small. And enjoy the porn. That's what it is there for. I see porn as a way to get sex without having to risk yourself with questionable women. I used to be one of those guys running around trying to get all the sex I could, but after a couple of bad ( and even dangerous) experiences, I decided I was better off with the porn for quick sex, and should leave actual sex for people I trusted and wanted to get serious with.
These women your older brother are with are husband shopping. 34 with two kids... sounds like a guy who is ready to settle down. Women love that. He is not doing anything *right* and you are not doing anything *wrong*, he is just in a better position than you are. Don't waste your money on any more books, you just need the knowledge that as you get older, your position with women will improve as they take you more seriously.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2009 4:01:07 AM PDT
S. Kenealy says:
Well Yes I do deserve a sex life, but It just seems so hard to get. Maybe I'am too hard on myself, but it seens it only talks skillful men to get sex. Men trying to get sex must have some kind of skill. A skill that I want to learn. Am glad your being honest with me Tomsho no matter how harsh the truth is. If you were me what would you do? Are you successful yourself? You sound like you are. If you were like me in high school, how did you change it? What really bother me the most is to see ugly men with good looking women.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2009 4:10:25 AM PDT
S. Kenealy says:

You and Tomsho seem to be the most intelligent guys on there, but I didn't really see it that way either. Maybe am just around with alot of people my age that get a lot of sex I don't know. Your philosophy does make sense about sex being more available to older men. I know if I ask anyone for a 24 year old man about having sex on an average twice a year is NOT normal. My 21 year old brother gets alot of sex as well. Never in my life would I have thought I would be typing a very personal problem about my absent sex life on an amazon book review. I do appreciate all you all's help on this. Its so hard to take who's advice on this tho, I like both responses.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2009 12:15:28 PM PDT
A. Tomsho says:
Skillful people can talk their way into or out of anything, yes. But by definition a skill is something that you learn. It's not impenetrable, it just depends on a number of factors including the amount of work you put into it, the quality of the teachers, and consistency. Talent plays a part in it, but not as much as you would think. To quote Woody Allen, "90% of success is showing up."

As for changing myself, I got a wake-up call. My first year of college I suffered a depressive episode that caused my grades to nosedive when I spent two weeks lying in bed and staring at the ceiling because I couldn't feel anything. I only came out of it because a handful of people saw what was happening to me and stepped in to help. That was the turning point. I realized what you have to figure out now.

You are not lonely because everyone else is luckier than you. You are not single because there's something wrong with women. It's all you. Just as I was a friendless hermit in high school because of my own actions, so you have a case of datelessness because of decisions you've made. You have to commit yourself to changing. You need to have a paradigm shift. Forget about just having sex for a minute and think in terms of pure social context.

You deserve supportive friends. You deserve a girlfriend. So how should you act accordingly? Imagine a goal for yourself. Where do you see yourself in five years? Now work backward step by step. When Alexander the Great began his campaign to forge the Pan Hellenic Empire, he imagined what that empire would look like and then worked backward. To conquer the east, he would need to conquer Persia. To conquer Persia he would have to neutralize the Persian navy. To do that he would need to conquer all the port towns and cities that Persia controlled to make their navy useless. To fund the army he would raise over the course of such a campaign he would need to take control of Egypt to use their mineral wealth and stores of grain. He just kept winding it backward. You have to do the same.

So ask yourself what goals you want to accomplish and figure out what decisions you're making, actions you're taking, and behaviors you have that are not helping you. I had to do the same thing in college. I still made mistakes, but I learned from them. You'll make mistakes as well, but if you learn from them you'll come out better for it.

Was that any help?

Posted on Oct 26, 2009 12:14:03 PM PDT
D. mckenzie says:
Here is something else about really young guys - they like to exaggerate about how much sex they are getting. At my high school, it was almost impossible to find a guy who would admit to being a virgin, but in reality, virgins made up north of 90% of the male population. Only two types of young guys get regular sex - very good looking guys with low standards, and guys with serious girlfriends.
There is no such thing as a "normal" amount of sex. If you are single, then not getting any is normal. If you and your woman really like to get it on, then getting it twice a day is normal.
If you take one thing away from this forum it is that there is no formula or skills you have to learn to get women into bed. It doesn't work that way. Guys who get a lot of sex simply go after women that are into them in the first place. See an ugly guy with a hot girl? Be careful on how you judge looks - it is very difficult for straight men to assess the looks of other men. There have been plenty of male actors that I thought were ugly guys and was surprised to find out that a lot of women were into them. Men tend to assume that only prettyboys are good looking, but women judge men rather differently. Assuming you have an average level of social skills ( and if you don't, then check out those two websites) then all you need to do is go for the women that go for guys like you, and you can determine which ones actually like you on that level by seeing if she is taking steps herself to move things forward.

Posted on Oct 26, 2009 5:16:20 PM PDT
A. Tomsho says:
For the sake of devil's advocate, I don't believe for a nanosecond that the burden should always be on the woman to move things forward. I find that to be patently absurd. And I reject the notion that social skills are somehow different from regular skills. And just for good measure, I reject the notion that women only date physically attractive men and that's all there is to it and that ugly guys are actually somehow secretly hot.

To the first point, it's a mutual thing. For each move one person makes, the other reciprocates. If a man is doing all the advancing and the woman isn't reciprocating or offering to up the ante, then it won't end well. Most likely, she's just trying to be polite. If the woman is giving all the signals and the man does nothing at all, then she's going to assume he's either just not into her or he's too inept to pick up the signals. And a woman would rather date a guy who can keep up with her than one she has to teach every step of the way. In other words, waiting for the woman to do everything for you is a chump's game.

To the second point, learning to be more social and better with women is fundamentally no different from learning to play an instrument or speak a foreign language. People are averse to admitting this because they might think it takes the magic out of human interaction. Others just don't want to admit that things are this way because that would mean other people could become more skillful and have power over them. The list of reasons goes on. But the truth is not a democratic process. There's a reason they're called social skills. You need to set goals, practice, develop a values system, solidify a set of fundamentals in your mind, etc. To say that there is some arbitrary cap at which point you can stop learning is like telling me you've discovered the square root of purple.

To the third point, I reject D's assertion that ugly guys like Lyle Lovett are somehow hot because I've progressed beyond such superficial notions. I look at guys who were not what you would consider model handsome (Gabriele D'Annunzio, Lyle Lovett, Clark Gable, Mick Mars, etc.) and think that perhaps it wasn't their looks that attracted women. And given the kind of women they would sleep with or marry it wasn't their money or fame either. So what did they have to offer? Charisma. It's what makes or breaks leaders, and how exactly are women so different that similar principles wouldn't apply to them? Do we as men really think they're so different and alien from us that charisma has no effect on them? Are we really that egocentric and out of touch? Most guys are, yeah. The truth is that strength of personality is far more important in the dating game than pure good looks. After all, there are millions of good-looking guys out there. What makes your pretty face so special?

Posted on Oct 26, 2009 10:10:42 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 26, 2009 10:12:34 PM PDT
S. Kenealy says:
I dont know Mckenzie I think your statics are a little way too far fetched. This is 2009 were most women in high school dont do anything but put out to anything. I was watching Opra the other day and all these little preteen girls and teenage girls are on thier knees in the boys' bathroom trying to be accepted. I mean theres cases everyday you hear a girl performing fellatio on multiple boys on the school bus. (makes me angry) Anyway, what am saying it seems like the customs of this country has no santaty of sex anymore. If your 24 year old male and cannot get laid, especially in this ecomony being the way it is now, because people dont have the money to go out. Sex is the only thing to do. Maybe people do exaggerate about thier sex life, but the guys I know, and wish I can hang with show me mulitple pictures, and text messages on who they are sleeping with, and the people that I know that knoiw these people seen it for them self say stuff like,"Yea, it true there was like 3 chicks that showed up at the party that Mike banged already and screwed me and my friend the other night." And its true, I dont get why. Mckenzie, your advice is so unique and differfent I kinda like it that it completely works againest what am trying to establish. I think your just trying to make me feel better about my situation. You know I have been taking this forum a little bit more seriosuly and taking both y'alls advice, and Its working a little bit I got a number and this girl is interested in me, shes like a 6 out of 10 but its a start. I know it takes skill tho because I have taken women on dates and everytime I did i was too shy to interact with women, and i realized thats what screwed me up the most. I went out with my brother to a get together , and forced my self to be confedent with this girl. I was aggresive, interesting, and used the body language the mystery method told me to use. It worked, but i feel like I could never do that again. She called me and wanted to hang out, and I knew for a fact I coulda easily pursued but I didnt because I didnt pick up the phone, or made too much excuses. My problem is that I can meet them, and flirt. But to fully exicute is the hardest thing for me. For an example to know when I can touch them, feel, and show seductive body language. I just dont know how to move in. Like if a girl that I knows likes me and makes the first move to put her head on my shoulder, I dont know what to do next, my hands get sweaty and I freeze up, and they pick up on that soooo easy, or even when she uses body language that she may be interested I dont know how to do the same. I can talk and flirt, but when it comes to the next step I freak. Well Tomsho you like hands on training like ill show you how its done, Mckenzie is like come on its not that bad your time will come son. Keep this going tho I love you guys

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 27, 2009 6:00:02 AM PDT
A. Tomsho says:
D takes a much more passive approach than I do. I prefer to be more proactive in my goals. But that's neither here nor there.

It sounds to me like you have the opening set well enough. Always room for improvement of course, but still this is good. Following through is the next hurdle. I'm not going to lie to you, it's a tough one to get through. But it can be done. Indecisiveness is what's killing you. True story: a woman once told me that if she goes on a dinner date with a man, she watches how he orders. If he takes one look through the menu, knows what he wants, and orders without hesitation while being charming and polite to the waiter, she finds that really sexy. Why? Because it communicates a lot of very good things on a subtle level. He's decisive, proactive, confident, gracious, and not prone to second-guessing himself.

Keep that in mind. When a woman is leaning against you, she's giving you a sign. She's made a move, now it's your turn to make one. Take her hand, put your arm around her shoulders, something. It may be hard to read the signs at first, but you'll get used to it as you go on. It's like learning a foreign language and customs. It's alien at first, but becomes more natural as time goes on and you gain more experience. Like I said before, plan things in advance and focus on the stepping stones. Take it one hurdle at a time moving toward a greater goal.

As an aside, you mentioned the guys bragging about their conquests. Here's a little secret. You can talk about sex, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you brag to your friends, "Hey guys Jessica and I had sex last night and it was great," you aren't going to be seeing much of that girl in the future. Most guys never get to do the adventurous, even kinky stuff they think about it (and let's be perfectly honest, everybody has their own little kinks) because they don't set a clear boundary. A woman wants to know that you'll treat her like a lady when the clothes come back on. If she knows that you'll honor the fact that your sex life is between you and her, she'll be much happier and more willing to be daring in the bedroom. So these guys may be talking about all the sex they're having, but that doesn't necessarily make it particularly good sex.

Posted on Oct 27, 2009 2:41:29 PM PDT
D. mckenzie says:

Preeteen girls on Oprah having sex... that's called the media playing into parent's paranoia about having a pregnant teenager on their hands. It's great for ratings. But why do you think you never see segments about preteen boys having sex? Maybe there isn't as much teen sex out there as some would have you think.

When it comes to their sexual conquests, a lot of young guys love to tell fish tales. He can get a hug goodnight, and then he'll tell nine guys the next day that he nailed her... and a lot of guys will believe it hoping to get some from her, too. Guys who brag about how much sex they get almost certainly aren't getting any. Guys who do get regular sex got that way by having enough respect for women to keep their mouths shut about what they do.

Trouble executing when it comes to women... Here is the only piece of advice you'll ever need on this subject: CALM DOWN. When you calm down, you begin thinking clearly, and you can figure out the rest on your own. Social skills are not some super advanced rocket science - I know a lot of people who aren't the smartest, yet are very personable and have excellent social skills. Conversely, they're a lot of smart people who overthink everything and wind up with terrible social skills. If you are constantly worrying about screwing up socially, then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because you will never really be at ease.
Now a girl who likes you puts her head on your sholder. That doesn't mean you're supposed to kick into some super seduction mode. All it means is that physical contact is okay, and it doesn't matter if it happens now or two weeks from now. If you put a bunch of pressure on yourself thinking it's time now for some special move, then I guarantee you will screw it up.

Now to Tomsho's comments...

Let me try and explain the physical attraction deal one more time:

There is no universal scale of attractiveness that everybody falls onto, the same way there is no universal scale of tasty vs untasty foods. Everybody has their own personal preferences, everybody has something they like. Some people like hot sauce, others hate it. Is hot sauce a good food, or a bad one? Doesn't matter - what matters is what the person eating it thinks. It works this way for any personal taste, such as how you think other people look. In the minds of some women, Lyle Lovette is sexier than Johnny Depp. To others, Depp is sexier. The only difference is that MORE women think Johnny Depp is sexy. Depp has a bigger pool of women to pick from when he's trying to find a date, but the same principle of finding someone who is into the way you look applies to both men.
Does charisma affect women? Sure it does. Just not sexually. Well, let me be more precise - if she is attracted to you to begin with, then charisma will help things along, but if she is not into you physically, then charisma will have the same effect on her as it will on a straight guy.
People are afraid that those who master social skills will have power over them? Oh, please. You've spent way too much time reading these stupid books and not nearly enough time interacting with actual people in the real world. Having good social skills simply means that you can fit in and befriend most anybody. Yes, there is an arbitrary cap on social skills (that's why normal people learn them so quickly), but the people who write these books don't tell you that because they want you to keep buying newer editions of their books. But thinking you can reach some level where you know so much that you have power over other people? Things don't work like that in the real world. People can pick up on controlling and manipulating personality types pretty quick, and in case you don't know, they react very negatively to it. You can call that yet another reason why people hate pick up artists.
How daring she is in the bedroom is entirely a personality trait on her part and has nothing to do with whether you brag to your friends about it or not. If your kinky sex ideas don't disgust or freak her out, they will happen. If they do, then forget about doing them with her.
What makes my pretty face so special? Well, nothing, really. I just have the sense to go after women who like it, and anyone else who follows this advice will be tons better off.

Posted on Oct 27, 2009 6:00:51 PM PDT
A. Tomsho says:
"You've spent way too much time reading these stupid books and not nearly enough time interacting with actual people in the real world."

That's your response to everything and you have yet to prove it.

You say that there is a glass ceiling to social skills because you don't know what you don't know. You lack the mechanisms to understand what charisma is made of because it's a skill you didn't bother to develop. You quit when you were just starting because that was easier.

Seriously D, you need to stop flapping your jaws and get down to the devil. Young Mr. Kenealy here actually read the book before he passed judgment on it, which is more than you can say for yourself. If anything that actually makes him more equipped to make decisions in this matter than you. Oh yeah, I went there.

Posted on Oct 27, 2009 8:06:05 PM PDT
D. mckenzie says:
And you, as usual, just fall back on accusing everybody who doesn't agree with this stuff of either not having read or not understanding the material. When I think someone doesn't understand something, I break it down for them so they get the concept. You can't do that on this topic because you know I'm right about it.
If any of the stuff these books tell you to go and do actually worked, you would be out there practicing it instead of wasting your time here arguing with me. What difference does it make to you if some guy on the internet thinks this stuff is nonsense? If it works, then it works, and you shouldn't care what I say. If I have not read any of this stuff, then I wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about and you would just leave me here "flapping my jaws" But what I say strikes a nerve with you for a reason.

Posted on Oct 28, 2009 6:17:16 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 28, 2009 7:25:37 AM PDT
A. Tomsho says:
"you would be out there practicing it instead of wasting your time here arguing with me."

Then why are you here? I only continue to talk to you because it amuses me.

Posted on Dec 2, 2009 8:48:49 AM PST
Just sayin' says:
Has anyone figured out that D. mckenzie is a WOMAN. Geeze, you guys.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2009 2:33:26 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 8, 2009 2:34:55 AM PST
Mr. Jason says:

@ Just Sayin': In response to: "Has anyone figured out that D. mckenzie is a WOMAN. Geeze, you guys."

I haven't debated D. McKenzie in almost a year, as you can readily see by looking back at the beginning of the thread. In the time since, it never occurred to me to think of the possibility that D. McKenzie might be a woman. However, if ones thinks of McKenzie as a woman then it explains quite a bit. I originally left the debate because I thought McKenzie wasn't serious. However, while still involved in the discussion, I could never understand McKenzie. A few of the things that perplexed me were the tepidness, the namby-pambyism, the acquiescent outlook, and the irrationality, emotional laden arguments. These are not typically what one of thinks of as masculine qualities. I thought perhaps McKenzie was just a tired old man who never ventured out of the house perhaps for some unknown medical reason. But what never made sense about my mental excuse for McKenzie was if this was true then why would he even care about the effectiveness of pickup techniques?

JustSayin' you are keen observer. On reviewing the thread I see where you based your conclusion. She makes comments like "self absorbed, needy guys whose personalities stink like last week's egg salad" on a post dated December 28th of last year. What heterosexual guy would compare a personality to something like egg salad? Comments like this were baked in estrogen the whole time. McKenzie might rebuttal with some spill that I am masochistic or prejudice. But, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck then it is probably a duck. McKenzie is probably a woman.

Want more proof? Read how McKenzie always writes about men in the 3rd person or indirectly. It's never "us guys" it's always "those guys." McKenzie has never, to my knowledge, been inclusive while using pronouns because she by nature cannot be inclusive with men.

And don't be fooled by when she talks about sex with women. No, I don't think she is a lesbian. Rather she has been pretending to be a heterosexual man the whole time -a fairly lousy one at that. Notice how she fantasies and romanticizes the thought of being in love versus how she views sex. Case in point, more from the December 28th post: "After talking my way into several one night stands ( and being surprised at how easy it was), it occurred to me that I was the one actually being used, and I also knew that if she wasn't into me physically from the get go it wouldn't have happened at all."

@ Anyone who has in the past year taken advice from McKenzie: You are taking male pickup advice from the worst possible source - a women who is probably bitter and deranged from a failed relationship. She feels used and neglected and wishes to lash out and destroy anything male or symbolizing masculinity - especially man's innate ability and desire to find a companion and reproduce (sometimes with one and the same person). So, this leaves us with this question - who are you going to take advice from? Are you going to take it from Mystery, who has a verifiable successful track record of picking up women? Or are you going to take it from McKenzie, who gets thrills by using the anonymity of sitting behind a keyboard to imitate a male relationship guru?

@ McKenzie: People like you are the worst on the internet or for that matter - anywhere. You have had a good laugh the whole time at our expense. You give the trite, rogue, useless relationship advice of "be yourself" (Dec 28th post). But hypocritically you have been lying about your gender the whole time. Where do you get the audacity to tell someone else to be genuine when you yourself are nothing more than hemp smoke and carnival mirrors?

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2009 10:46:28 AM PST
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Mackovich says:
"The only guys who are 'helped' by PUA are self absorbed, needy guys whose personalities stink like last week's egg salad."
^^^^Common sense: there are tens upon millions of men out there. Some are alike. Others are different and in some cases unique. The statement above is a generalization. Using a generalization to describe millions of men is cool if you are God, have the ablility to read minds, or if you think you're a genius. I had my own special needs. In my case, before PUA guru's became popular and caught fire, I had plenty of game in clubs. I didn't need a tutorial. Now that I quit clubbin' and have transitioned over into day gaming, I need all the tuts I can get my hands on :)

Posted on Dec 8, 2009 8:33:10 PM PST
D. mckenzie says:
Heh, heh, heh, heh. This has just gotten completely insane.

Anyone who challenges these guys must be a female - yes, a woman, the enemy, and her advice must never be taken. And these guys wonder why they suck when it comes to dealing with women. Pick up artists would not bristle at charges of misogyny if they were not dead on correct.

As for me, I'm a guy who gets a lot of female attention, sometimes wanted and sometimes not so wanted, so it has given me a lot of insight into how women, especially the attractive ones who are constantly hit on themselves, look at love and sex.

For my views on other men: I break guys into four categories when it comes to dating: Popular nice guys, popular jerks, not so popular nice guys, and not so popular jerks.

Popular nice guys do great with women - they go after women that have similar interests and move in the same social circles. Usually, popular nice guys will hook up with popular nice girls.

Popular jerks also do well with women, but they usually get women who are shallow and like them primarily for the reasons that they are popular, that is, their good looks, money or fame.

Not so popular nice guys also do well with women - like the popular nice guys, they go after women they move in the same social circles as and share similar interests with. You will never see a guy in this category chasing after a supermodel - he will look at a girl like that and think he's got noting in common with her.

Not so popular jerks do terribly with women. These guys want to date the same bunch of women that popular nice guys and popular jerks date, but they completely lack the looks, income, or even sunny personalities needed to attract such women. Being the only group that does poorly with women, these guys make up the vast bulk of male daters, and these are the guys who sit around all day reading pick up books and exchanging idiotic dating advice online.

Get yourself out of that last category, and you have just dramatically improved your odds of success. Most wannabe pick up artists land squarely in the not so popular jerk category, and as a result experience nothing but frustration with women.

The dating world is an odd place - it is filled with men, who don't understand and can't relate at all to women, and women who have serious trust issues when it comes to men. These two groups, as you can imagine, don't get along. I set out initially to try and understand it all from the female point of view, and I have learned a ton in the process. Once you have learned how to see things from the female perspective, it is much easier to see how you are screwing things up.

I also admit now that being yourself, for a lot of guys, isn't good advice, because if you are a jerk, then being yourself will not help. The problem with books like mystery's is that they teach you to be an even bigger jerk. The only difference with pick up advice is that you get to feel better about yourself after you fail with women - you get to be a cocky failure instead of a pathetic failure.

One more thing: dating, love and sex, for women especially, are emotional, not intellectual issues. Trying to understand these things from a strictly intellectual point of view is like trying to learn how to paint using a series of math equations - you are going to get it wrong pretty much every time. Goes back to what I said about men not understanding or being able to relate to women: guys, especially smart guys, have a bad habit of looking at all of this from a strictly intellectual point of view, and I'm certainly guilty of this myself.

Posted on Dec 9, 2009 1:02:01 PM PST
D. mckenzie says:
I've been researching this stuff for some time, and the thing I found most vexing was how so much of this stuff, especially the really popular stuff that gets a T.V. show made from it, advises that being a jerk will help you do better with women. That to me just flew against basic common sense - every time I've acted like a jerk in the past around women, things have gone poorly. Every guy I've seen with a serious girlfriend is actually nice to her, so what is the deal with all this advice telling you to be a jerk? Now I understand what is going on with pick up advice: the guys writing this stuff and their followers are themselves jerks. That's why women don't like them, that is why they can't get dates, and that is why they give each other so much worthless dating advice.

The category of "not so popular jerks" is the only place where you are going to find large numbers of lonely men looking for advice with women, and the really popular stuff like the mystery method tells these guys exactly what they want to hear - they can continue being jerks and still land women.

Popular jerks figure out after a while that their jerk behavior doesn't get them very far, and it is better to be nice to women. It's the not so popular jerks who need to get a clue.

Now I'm not saying that all single guys are in the not so popular jerk category: sometimes guys in the other categories are just unlucky. But if you think the stuff in mystery's book is a valid way to treat people, then you fall squarely into the jerk category, and that is why women don't like you.

Posted on Dec 11, 2009 3:21:38 PM PST
A. Tomsho says:
"Anyone who challenges these guys must be a female - yes, a woman, the enemy, and her advice must never be taken. And these guys wonder why they suck when it comes to dealing with women. Pick up artists would not bristle at charges of misogyny if they were not dead on correct."

And here D demonstrates his prowess at rhetorical track and field in the Long Jump to Conclusions event. Saying I'm a misogynist because I don't like being called one is no different than saying I'm a racist because I get annoyed when some idiot compares me to Hitler.

D's 4 categories are stupid because he seems to think that life is like a 1980's rom-com. There are a lot of guys out there who are nice and not popular with women. The reason being that they're TOO nice. They mean well, but they sabotage themselves by acting clingy and weird without realizing it. D has no category for that because he never thought of it and lacks the self-awareness to consider it or the open mind to even entertain the possibility. He also thinks that the "popular jerks" eventually learn their lesson and this is as inevitable as the tides. He's wrong of course. Most people never change.

What I find so funny about the whole thing is that he still doesn't know anything about what's in these books, but still pretends to know what's in them anyway. God, I love being smarter than other people.

"I've been researching this stuff for some time,"

No you haven't.
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