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I have 5 Portable AC units. 1 Edgestar 12K BTU, 1 Honeywell 8K BTU, 1 Honeywell 10K BTU, 1 LG 10K BTU and this Whynter 14K BTU. This is my first Dual hose Portable AC and I have to say that it is a better design than the Single hose.

For those that live in places with very moderate climates like Los Angeles where an AC is only needed a month in a year for high 90s temps, a portable AC is perfect. It can be installed in minutes and produce cold air very quickly. You will need a slightly higher BTU unit than a Window type for the same size area, but since the AC is indoors it is not exposed to the direct heat of the sun, unlike a Window type AC. And when you are done, you just take down the hose and put the AC in the Shed. If I lived in an area where it is hot for more than 2 months, I would definitely use a Central Air Conditioner.

Now here are my thoughts on this particular unit:

1. More efficient - Dual hose does not exhaust out the already cooled indoor air to cool the compressor. Pay to cool only the rooms that are being used. One hose is used for drawing outside air to cool the compressor then blows it out the exhaust hose.
2. Very cold - Recirculates cold air.
3. Does not create negative pressure so it does not draw hot outside air into the room.
4. Cools my 550 square foot living room.
5. Effective room heater.
6. Quieter compared to other Portable Acs.
7. Looks beautiful.

1. It does not have an Ambient temperature display. It only displays the Set Temperature.

This is the best Portable AC I have ever tried. It is the most efficient, quiet and coldest portable AC.


1. This unit has a 5 degree buffer from the set temperature. Once the indoor temperature goes within 5 degrees of the SET TEMPERATURE, the AC will go into something like energy saving mode. The Compressor starts turning off just to keep the temperature within 5 degrees of the set temperature.

2. You have to turn this on before the room temperature goes above the SET temperature or else the AC will use up more power and have a very difficult time lowering it to your set temperature. To give you an example of an efficient way to use this:

I looked at the weather for today and it says it will hit the high 90s. I want the temperature inside the living room to be 77 degrees maximum. I checked the indoor temperature and it is already 76. So, I will turn on the AC and set the thermostat at 72 degrees so that it will not let the temp go higher than 77.

3. Since I have been using and installing Portable Acs for more than a decade, I have found the most efficient way to install the AC.

The exhaust hose could be venting 130 Degree heat. The hose can get very hot and overwhelm any AC. Just a tip, wrap the exhaust hoses with Reflectix Insulation and Tape. Try to double or triple wrap the hose so that there is no heat escaping into the room. If you do not insulate the exhaust hose, this will be very inefficient and not be very cold. It would be the same as plugging a Window type AC and putting the unit on top of your dining table and expecting it to cool the room. The part of any AC that generates heat, has to be vented outside and isolated from the inside of the house. The hoses that come with any portable AC is thin and flexible. You need to insulate it and the whole window adapter. You should not feel any outside heat or air coming into the house from the window or hose. I strongly recommend you also buy the items below for ANY portable AC installation.

Reflectix DW1202504 Spiral Duct Wrap

Reflectix FT21024 2" x 30' Reflective Insulation Tape

******UPDATE October 23, 2014******
This is the second summer that I have used this Whynter Dual Hose and it has been great. It has not let me down. I have since bought another Dual Hose 14K Whynter and that too has helped us survive one of the hottest summer in LA on record. The only maintenance I do is wash the filter once a month and drain the water at the end of summer. This model is still very highly recommended.
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on May 9, 2012
I live in San Jose, California and we tend to have a few periods of warm weather (90 degrees and above). I purchased this unit to replace the other AC I had in my living room/kitchen area. This AC is put together very well (I'm girl challenged when it comes to DIY projects). In the past I had AC's where the hoses didn't fit right and here comes the duct tape. This one I didn't need to use any duct tape! Everything fit it perfectly, you can tug and pull on the hoses and their not coming out of their socket. My window size is larger than normal so I had to purchase the extended window kit, which I found on Amazon. The AC has a nice sleek look, kinda looks like a computer server :)

I turned the AC on and it was a breath of fresh air. Within 40 minutes my whole living room and kitchen were cool, at about 74 degrees when it was about 85 degrees outside. Amazing! My other AC unit would only slightly cool the living room and the heat/exhaust coming from the back end of the unit would sometimes interfere with the cooling capabilities of the machine. Not this one! The back side of it isn't extremely hot to the touch and same with the hoses, meaning the machine is running very efficiently. I even had the oven on and it didn't phase this machine. I actually had to turn it the fan lower because I started to get cold.

Others mentioned that it is noisy. I didn't notice the sound too much, but then again the sound of a fan is soothing to me.

The manufacturer did a fantastic job of packaging this machine and UPS did a great job of ensuring the product got safely to my house. The unit is heavy, but it has wheels and glides easily around my hardwood floors. I'm a very happy customer! I would definitely recommend this AC to anyone.
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on September 6, 2010
I have a home office in an attic that's sun-baked in the summer and drafty in the winter, and this powerful heater/air conditioner can quickly bring the space to a comfortable temperature year-round.

Unfortunately, the unit is quite loud. The AC fan (which runs continuously even when the compressor is off) is so loud I have to turn it off when making a phone call. And the heater (which turns off completely when not in a heating cycle) makes such a jarring noise when it comes on that I jump out of my seat every time. Since the AC noise is more constant, it wouldn't be a problem if it were further from my desk, but if I had this in a bedroom there's no way I'd be able to sleep with that heater noise. (Update: after using this for a year, I rarely notice the sound of the heater turning on in my office setting, but I still have to turn it off to use the telephone.)

Also, despite the unit being marketed as not needing a water tank or drain for air conditioning, it does occasionally leak water onto the floor. Placing a cookie sheet or an improvised aluminum foil pan underneath is an easy solution, but it took me a while to notice what was happening.

Despite these concerns, I'd buy the same unit again due to its environmental features. The dual-hose design makes it more efficient, and the coolant doesn't harm the ozone layer. Unless the noise would be a problem in your situation, I'd recommend it.
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on August 15, 2012
I got this in the mail after doing research for a week straight. I think I know everything there is to know about every type of AC out there. I bought a new house with no AC and its been 90+ since we moved in. AC was priority #1 which is why I spent so long researching. 4-5 hours a day reading anything any everying related.

The issue I have is my whole first floor is one open layout with 25ft vaulted ceilings. 15x25 living room attached to a 15x15 kitchen with a WIDE opening between the two so the AC Had to do both of those rooms and the Height I thought would be a problem given the ceilings were soooo high. Add those two plus a little walkway and open stair case and were talking about 1200 sq ft plus the high ceilings.

Soooo.. I got it in the mail last night and waited 4 hours to plug in as the manual says you should do incase the shipped put it on its side. If they handle it wrong and you plus it right in you will damage the product for good. Setup pipes vertically and used carboard to jimmy rig the extra length I didnt have in the window kit.Ill fix this permanently later. Read the manual and turned it on... Disappointment ... I felt the temp coming out and the speed and thought there was NO way this was going to cool this whole area.

Cleaned up the boxes and said to my wife this thing gets one chance over night. If it doesnt work I am returning it the next day. It was on for two hours while I cleaned up and ate dinner and felt no change so I was really expecting it to now work. I locked up the house. closed all the doors , windows, any thing that would seal the room as much as possible and went up stairs to bed. Again couldnt be more disappointed and upset at this point thinking im an idiot and should have listened to negative reviews.

Woke up this morning and opened my door which is 25 feet up looking down on the living room and a gust of 60-65 degree air hit me in the face... I was shocked it cooled that high up with no other fans helping. Walked down stairs and my place was freezing when it was 85 when I went to bed. Not only that but not one drop of water in the tank so it evaporated it all. Now overnight the temps cooled which helped and the sun will wreak havoc today so I too the intake hose and unhooked it so it would be pulling in cold air from inside the house and cooling it rather than cooling the hot air outside and making it work over time. When I get home today I think the place will be nice and cool even after the sun came out because the house is sealed up and the unit is pulling 65 degreed air from inside the house and spitting it out freezing cold into an already conditioned room. Had I left the intake out I think it wouldn't cool as well during the day pulling 95 degree air.

Long story short, be patient and let the unit catch up with itself and the temps. Dont judge it.My room couldn't have been any worse for this thing to cool and it did its job like a champ. Also use the intake hose properly. Its not ALWAYS good to have it pull air from outside. Sometimes you can optimize the performance by adjusting what air the unit conditions. Right now its pulling inside air but when I go home and sun goes goes and temps get better out side ill put the intake hose back on . Hope this helps.

Im going to try and post a photo of my living room from the bedroom 25 ft up so buyers can see what this thing was capable of.
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on September 24, 2011
This has been a very hot summer and I was going to be scared to look at the next electric I was very surprised it only went up $30.00 and this cooler was ran from 7am to 9pm every day! Rated up to 500 sf but it hold it own in keeping a larger area fairly cool, upper 70's but a lot better then the 110+ out side and the 90+ was the coolest that the swamp cooler could do during the day in my elderly fathers home. Very easy to operate as my father does not do electronics or computers very well. There will be a extra bonus now that this has a heater on it for the winter will be able to get rid of the small costly space heaters that he likes to use. This is a great buy for your money.
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on December 1, 2011
Whynter Customer Service is Exceptional! Our first night's support question is SOLVED!!!!

Received our ARC-14SH very quickly from seller!

When using our brand new Whynter ARC14SH Air Conditioner / Heater in heat mode on our first cold night, when our upstairs furnace was not working (old pre-1890's house). We ran it in heat mode at 77 degree setting and after 6-7 hrs the unit shut itself off, displayed "Stop" with a red light on above power button, blinking and beeping steadily. I wasn't sure what the error meant, and had not checked the water tank. So I emailed Whynter support.

They emailed me back in 5 minutes(!!!) and asked me to check if the water tank was full, which it was. After I emptied it, the unit ran good as new. Now it's again pumping out a lot of warm air like a champ!

Whynter's informative, timely service is exceptional. That was our first night using the unit, so I was not sure what the "STOP" error/ red light / beeping meant, and I had not had to empty the water yet. My one recommendation is that Whynter update their manual to add a new line to their troubleshooting table, to explain what the "water full" error "looks like". The manual pages didn't explain what to expect.

I'm sure glad that I had done my homework before buying this unit online at AMAZON! I was very confident that this would be an easy fix.

I hope that this helps other people who run across this expected, simple condition when they first use the unit for either heating or cooling.

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on April 24, 2012
This is a great product. I installed this at the mothers home. It is cooling a little over 500sq ft. It is doing a great job. I have seen other reviews stating that this product is loud. I found that not to be the case at all. It is very quiet. I purched this one due to the fact that it has the heater function as well. This is a great product...
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on June 20, 2012
Delivery as promised. Well packaged. Installation fairly simple. Item is heavy 81 lbs. not easy to move to second floor. I'm using it in an upstairs room that's approximately 25' X 15' with a 7' ceiling. Outside temp last few days was 95F. Inside with AC running 75F and very comfortable.

HOWEVER the manual notes heater will not work when temperature is less than 45F. I confirmed this with manufacturer. This (45F)is the outside temperature. If you are buying this unit as an A/C and heater "DON'T". You need the heater to work when the temp falls below 45F. DUH! Now - I haven't used the heater yet, but I'm just reporting on what the manual and manufacturer indicate.

I'll keep it for the AC but I'm disappointed about the heater. Also, vendor and manufacturer very responsive to questions. Answers received in one day or less. Remote didn't work and they said they would replace it.
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VINE VOICEon October 13, 2012
In late July we moved from long term housesitting with central air to a house that did not. Now this new place had a lot of space, was on a larger plot of land, and had many advantages.

It was an older home, built in the 1940s originally and added on since, making it a ranch style home, with a living area at one end, and a nice office at the other. The office used to be an enclosed porch that they, a long while back, enclosed some more, but not at all what would be standard workmanship for today. The windows are almost all louvered in the house. There are high ceiling throughout, in every room but the office.

It's a great house, just not a great house in hot weather because there's just no good way of cooling this place down. We're not the owners so can't do the kind of insulation additions that would be needed. There was a smaller window air conditioner in the bedroom, but that was it.

Moving in late July meant, of course, that we were moving at the beginning of the hottest time of year.

I had a dissertation to finish writing before September. I needed to work in the office. I got this.

Well, set up was extremely easy. Got all the tape and packaging off, plugged in the hoses, put the vent panel over the window. It didn't fit all that well, but of course windows are all made differently so making it fit for a particular window is to be expected. When I put it in, it was already hot, so I used a liberal amount of duct tape (white) to seal it in on both sides.

Turned it on. It started working. Pumped out a lot of cold air after a few minutes. Was wonderful to stand in front of.

The trouble was that this room was a hotbox. The relatively low ceilings and all day direct sun made it crazy hot. There's no insulation. The louvered windows leak air like sieves. The Whynter shoots the air straight up, to cool the room not a particular spot. But, the room cooling effect wasn't working--it was the room not the Whynter. The room was definitely cooler with the unit on than off, even on 100+ degree days. But it only got about 10 degrees colder, and when it's crazy hot outside, the room is trying to heat up to a fair bit more than the outside temp, so the Whynter had a lot of work to do, and it wasn't able to pull it off.

I got a Model 50 Premium Unbreakable Air Deflector, got it taped on (packing tape works and is mostly invisible), and got the air pointed right at me. Made all the difference. I could happily keep working no matter how hot it got outside or in the rest of the room.

Found the window unit in the bedroom not cooling that room. It just wasn't strong enough for the rooms lack of insulation and high sloped roof. The room was, however, sealed well, so I put this Whytner in there, so that my wife and baby could have cool days while I was off to work.

That's where this really proved itself. It kept the room in the upper 70s and low 80s even though it was about 100 degrees outside (and 104 in our living room. So much stronger and more powerful in every way.

I live in California where the heat tends to be dry, so I've never had to mess around with the water pan. And while other reviews suggest that the heater isn't worth it, it really never gets all that cold here in California, so this is the perfect kind of heater for here, strong enough to heat up a room when the morning temps can get into the 40s or 50s (only very occasionally dipping down into the 30s).

I'm exceedingly pleased by this, by it's versatility, ease of use, and portability. Moving it from one room to another is a snap (though I'm a big, strongish guy so picking it up in a few spots is easy for me).

My one complaint is that the manufacturer attachments are really, surprisingly expensive. Much cheaper to build and fashion to size using basic materials and tools.
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on March 8, 2013
We have a small indoor garden that needs temperature control during weather spikes. The item arrived very well packaged, overkill in my opinion but better safe than sorry. We have a LG portable unit which still works but wasn't able to handle the entire area. Decided to use this Whynter portable as a backup but was very happy with it's performance that it's sine taken over as the primary unit.

The dual hose is great for keeping the pressure in the area constant and the heater option has also come in quite useful as well. The hose exhaust kit looks intimidating at first but took me less than 10 mins to put in place. The light on the display can be bright in the dark, but is small enough to just tape over.

What I particularly like is the ability to reach desired temperature fast and ability to keep that temperature. It's a good sized unit but certainly has the performance to match. I'm more than satisfied with most of the product at this point.
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