Customer Reviews: Wide Country - The Complete Television Series - 28 Episodes!
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on February 5, 2012
This series is very similar to Route 66 but with two brothers travelling around America with the rodeo circuit.I bought this sight unseen because of Earl Holliman from "Police Woman" fame.This is a good little series that failed to catch on maybe because it was thought to be only about the rodeo or maybe because there was not enough rodeo material shown to please some people.I read somewhere that this was a boring series.It is NOT.Some episodes are not great but what series has a good story every time and there are plenty of guest stars in each episode.I loved this series.Bonus features are interviews with both the stars and the pilot episode introduced by Fred Astaire which sold the series.
Here are some of the more interesting episodes:

The Royce Bennett Story. Rodeo rider with a terminal illness. Guests: Steve Forrest and Billy Mumy
Journey Down A Dusty Road
Who Killed Eddie Gannon
What are Friends For.[ A really funny episode]
Our Ernie Kills People. Andy [Andrew Pine] is attacked with a lug-wrench and may lose an eye. My Favourite episode!
Tears on a Painted Smile
My Candle Burns at Both Ends. Mitch [Earl Holliman] falls in love but tragedy strikes.Guest: The beautiful Laura Devon.
Step Over the Sky. An old man goes after the horse which maimed him and ended his career. Guest Victor Jory
A Cry from the Mountain
Don't Cry for Johnny Devlin. Mitch [Earl Holliman] is challenged by an old friend to keep riding ever more dangerous brahma bulls until tragedy strikes
Speckle Bird. A horse is injured and has to be put down.But a little girl refuses to give up and seeks help to save the horse
The Judas Goat. Guest Eddie Albert
The Lucky Punch. Guest Bruce Yarnell. The song Aura Lee which was popular during the Civil War is sung here.Later the words would be changed and it would be a big hit for Elvis Presley as Love Me Tender.
The Care and Handling of Tigers.Series Finale.A small boy is ostracised because his father is about to shut down the only mill that would put the town out of business.
If you liked Route 66 you will like this .
Thanks, Timeless Media Group for releasing this DVD.
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on May 4, 2014
Frank Telford produced this 28-episode rodeo drama for Universal's TV arm Revue Studios. The directors include Alan Crosland Jr., Ted Post and, surprisingly, John Brahm. The scripts--including several by Alan Le May--are consistently intelligent if talky (this is a 50-minute drama, not action, series in spite of the rodeo setting).

The guest "stars" include Ray Danton, Peggy McCay, James Caan, Victor Jory, Diane Ladd, Jerome Cowan, Ray Walston, Dan Duryea, Irene Hervey, Coleen Gray and Edgar Buchanan. (The Danton-McCay episode is really outstanding and is the highlight of the series.) Slim Pickens is a recurring semiregular and contributed the concept for one very solid script featuring Forrest Tucker.

Earl Holliman carries the show with viewer-friendly star power. He is Idahoan Mitch Guthrie, Korean War vet and now 10 years later an all-around champion (three times running) in roughstock events on the Southwestern circuit. Mitch's chaperone is callow but smart younger bro Andy (Andrew Prine) who is baccalaureate-bound but dabbles in rodeo to cover tuition fees. They are a cute pair, bickering amiably like a long-married couple. Mitch is overly inclined to be a do-gooder, but the scripts regularly save him from overt sermonizing. And rangy young Andy with his spaniel eyes makes a perfect reactor/straight man to Mitch's odd moments of rodeo raunchiness (to his credit, Mitch enjoys his beers and cigarettes). Both actors are perfectly cast and very convincing in their roles. Holliman's straw hat, dorky but rakish in 1962, has the "taco crease" that has become iconic down the decades and is still favored by West Texas cowboys.

The intercut stock rodeo footage has minor documentary value--this is literally your grandfather's rodeo--and the outdoors footage is mostly confined to Revue's familiar allotment on the Universal backlot. The 16mm b/w prints have not been remastered but come up well after 50+ years in the vault and are free of splices, scratches and skips. The current price is a steal, the packaging sturdy for the eight enjoyable discs.
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on March 28, 2013
I recently bought this dvd set and am very happy with it. If you grew up watching TV in the early 60s then you will probably enjoy this series. Lots of guest stars and character actors from that era plus classic cars and locations.

Just a note about the dvds themselves. I was happy with the picture and sound quality. The 8 dvds are not numbered. The episodes are arranged in the order they aired. However the extras are not printed on the dvd. I had to actually play each dvd until I found the one with the extras on it. It is the last dvd with the episode "Yanqui, Go home! on it. This disc has the pilot episode and the interviews with Earl Holliman and Andrew Prine.

I bought this thru Amazon from one of it's associate sellers at a very reasonable price. Less than half the $41 dollars Amazon charges. The set was new and unopened.

Very happy with my purchase.
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on October 1, 2011
While I obviously can't review this set since it hasn't been released yet, I hope Timeless Video does a better job than so many of their other releases of old TV series. (See Amazon reviews on any other Timeless releases on DVD, with the exception of The Virginian which they have done a good job on.)
As for the series itself, it is interesting how series with the same basic plot are released the same year and usually last the same amount of time. This show ran on NBC Thursday nights, it concerned rodeo rider Earl Holliman who travels the rodeo circuit with his younger brother, Andrew Prine. I watched it although I have no specific memories of specific episodes. The same year this series premiered on NBC, 1962, another rodeo show debuted on ABC: Stoney Burke with Jack Lord and a great supporting cast including Warren Oates and Bruce Dern. Both these rodeo series lasted 1 year and were cancelled. It is interesting how often we see this: The Munsters and The Addams Family, both premiered on CBS and ABC in 1964, and both lasted 2 seasons and were cancelled. Two serious Doctor series, Dr Kildare and Ben Casey, premiered in 1962 on NBC and ABC, and both left the air in 1966. It was the same with Marcus Welby, MD and Medical Center, which premiered in 1970 on ABC and CBS, both lasting 7 years until cancellation. I can go on and on about this phenomenon, but I won't any further.
In conclusion, what little memory I have of Wide Country was that it was a good series (Why else would I have watched it? I only hope that Timeless Video does it justice.
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on December 18, 2011
This was a great series. As Mr. Holliman says in the included interview it was a "Route 66 follows the rodeo circuit". The stories were well written and the guest stars were superb. TimeLess Video does a great job of putting this classic series on DVD.
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on April 5, 2014
This was a very great series it is just to bad it wasn't renewed for another season. The show was kind of like Route 66 only on the Rodeo circuit. This series had great actors who were the guest stars many of them are no longer with us anymore. This show is a classic and will long be remembered. For the price you can't go wrong it is something you will watch again and again.
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on September 12, 2012
I had never heard about this series until this year and was mostly interested when I read that it was similar in style to Route 66. And it is... great drama, great scripts, and great acting by the two sars. Really, its like discovering an unknown fifth season of Route 66 after all these years. And although the package mentions that it consists of 28 episodes there are really 29, as it includes the episode in the Alcoa Theatre show, which acts as pilot to the series.
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on July 7, 2014
This was a terrific series. Earl Holliman is excellent in the lead role - Mitch Guthrie. Andrew Prine plays his younger brother, Andrew, and does a wonderful job. It's not a series strictly about the rodeo circuit. It's a series about brothers traveling the rodeo circuit together and the ups and downs of that life. There are some great story lines and some very good guest stars.
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on May 9, 2013
I don't remember this series back in those days,but back then you only had 3 channels ta pick from. I enjoy rodeo movies is why I was attracted to this series. I haven't seen all of it yet, but what i have seen I really enjoyed watching.
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on September 23, 2015
This early 60's black and white television series features two very likable main characters. The series features great dramatic stories and excellent acting from all involved. Each episode featured a cast of guest actors. Though the setting takes place in and around the rodeo circuit, the style of this series is a lot like that of 'Route 66.' So, I'd say that if you enjoyed that'll likely enjjoy this one also!
It's a shame that this series only lasted for one season...because it was a well-made, quality drama series!
Many times, as is the case with this series, the competition on other networks contributed to the early cancellation of many great tv shows.
I wouldn't classify this as an action/adventure series. This is a DRAMA series...that happens to have a rodeo theme.
I have enjoyed taking a step back in time with this DVD set and I highly recommend it to fans of classic television!
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