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on January 12, 2014
I wrote a rather detailed review about Wii Fit U under this product page: Wii Fit U w/Fit Meter - Wii U. The bundle you see here is identical to that one, except that it includes a Wii Balance Board.

In case you're wondering, the Balance Board included in this bundle is identical to the one bundled with the original Wii Fit in 2007--unlike the Wii Remote Plus and the Wii U itself, there haven't been any upgrades to the Balance Board's technology since then. So if you already have a Balance Board, you'll be better off buying just the Wii Fit U w/Fit Meter - Wii U.

You might want to consider whether to get this bundle or to purchase a used Balance Board separately (they go for as low as $15 at places like Gamestop or Craig's List). Better yet, chances are you have a friend or relative who has one in the basement collecting dust who's willing to give it to you. (Here's a hint: there's a common problem where old Balance Boards appear to be "dead", but there's an easy fix for it. Just Google "Broken Balance Board" and you'll find the solution, which just required a screwdriver).

Now that that's out of the way, here's a summary of my thoughts on Wii Fit U:

As with the original Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, there are several categories of exercise activities:

- Yoga - A set of 18 Yoga poses, where you follow an on-screen trainer's instructions. It's greatly enhanced over the original Wii Fit in that you can view the trainer's body with a 360 degree view to ensure that you're matching it precisely. Furthermore, you have the option of viewing your own video image next to the trainer's using the GamePad camera (it doesn't automatically detect whether you're precisely matching the trainer, but you can eyeball whether you are easily enough). The Yoga poses are traditional ones like "half moon", "downward facing dog", etc. 15 of them are the same as in the original Wii Fit Plus, while 3 are new ones.

- Strength Training - A set of 15 activities to strengthen specific parts of your body, such as lunges, planks, extensions, and so on. Again, you follow a trainer to learn the correct technique, and as with Yoga you can view the trainer from any angle or view your own video image on screen. 12 are the same as in the original Wii Fit, 3 are new ones.

- Aerobics - These are cute games that use your Mii to do various activities to get your cardio going. 11 of the activities are the same as in the original Wii Fit, including Hula Hoop, Rhythm Boxing, and Island Cycling, although most of these activties have been enhanced with new features using the Wii Remote Plus, HD graphics, and "second screen" support on the GamePad. There are 4 new activities, including Puzzle Squash (sort of a first-person, 3D version of Breakout) and Rowing Crew (where you use both the Balance Board and the Wii Remote Plus to simulate rowing). The one gripe I have about aerobics activities is that they're far too short for you to get into a decent cardio heart rate zone, so you have to string together a lot of activities to get any kind of meaningful workout.

- Dance - This is a new category. I expected it to be something like Just Dance, but it's actually more like a step aerobics class with different kinds of music and focus on different parts of your body.

- Balance Games - These are cute games that use your Mii to work on balance and coordination. Returning are 11 old favorites like Rhythm Kung Fu and Bird's Eye Bullseye, which like the Aerobics games have been enhanced for the Wii U. There are 7 new balance games. My favorite by far is one called "Dessert Course", which ingeniously integrates the GamePad and the TV screen; you're a waiter who's trying to balance a bunch of rolling and jiggling desserts on a tray (your GamePad) while delivering it to guests in a crowded restaurant. Another one I love is "Ultimate Obstacle Course", which is an excellent upgrade to the original Obstacle Course (which is also included).

Another thing I like about Wii Fit U is the ability to play many activities on the GamePad, while freeing up the TV for others.

All of this would be an excellent upgrade alone, but the addition of the Wii Fit Meter adds a whole new dimension to the game. The Wii Fit Meter is a smooth, round device that's about 1 3/4" in diameter that you clip onto your belt and wear throughout the day. Like a FitBit or a Nike FuelBand, it tracks your daily activity outside of the game, and is able to detect not just your steps (as a pedometer does), but also your level of exertion and your altitude. The unit also gives you time and temperature, and even displays a little LCD version of your Mii's face.

Each time you start up Wii Fit U, you'll be asked to sync the data (the unit stores up to 2 weeks of data). Once you've done that, you can see some cool graphs that help you visualize the amount of activity you've done by date and hour, as well as your level of exertion and your altitude changes.

There's a feature called "Fit Meter Challenge" where you can apply your Fit Meter data to complete "challenges" from around the world. You can choose walking challenges, such as a stroll through New York City or Tokyo. Each time you open the map, you'll be given the option of getting "credit" for the miles you've put onto your Fit Meter since the last time you synced the data. You'll see your little Mii progressing along the path, with buildings being filled in to the blank map, factoids and photos of the places you're "visiting", and coins "blinging" along the way. Similarly, you can choose altitude challenges; for example, climbing the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty, Mount Fuji, or Mount Everest. It's a nice added incentive to rack up as much activity as you can outside of the game itself.

While the Wii U has been maligned in the media and by the purchasing public (and sadly not unjustified in some cases), Wii Fit U is an excellent example of why I think the future is still bright for Nintendo. Whatever missteps they might have made in their console's hardware design and relationships with third party developers, their first party software development is still second to none. Every single activity and feature in Wii Fit U is polished and substantial ingenuity, is "addictive" enough to make you want to play more (an excellent trait in an exercise game) and is just a pleasure to start up and play. Many of these components alone (the Yoga classes, the Balance Games, the Fit Meter graphs and challenges) would make excellent standalone titles on their own, but they're all bundled together in one very affordable package here. And while there's been a lot of hype about new exergaming features on other systems like Xbox One, bottom line is that the Wii U is still the only video game console that lets you take (and track) your weight, track your offline activity, and play games that are as fun as they are exercise.
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on January 15, 2014
This will be short and to the point. I'm a core gamer who enjoys everything from Zelda to Metroid to Final Fantasy. Normally gamers categorize Wii Fit U as a "casual" game, which is true depending how you look at it. Personally though, Wii Fit U is as hardcore as they come. Allow me to elaborate.

I never workout. I did the P90X for a month but I got bored with it and gave up. That's why I always give up- I get bored. So when they announced Wii Fit U, I thought I'd give it a try and see what it's all about, and I'm SO glad I did! Wii Fit U's greatest strength is the fact Nintendo uses their elite game-making skills to keep you enjoying what you're doing. My first day with the game I jumped right into some balance exercises- fun enough. But afterward I decided to just roll with the flow and choose whatever exercise the game recommended next. I followed with a 30 minute free run, and tallied over 4.1 miles before it was all said and done. You put the Wiimote in your pocket, and the game knows when you're running by movement, and how fast you're running in place. No balance board needed. I ran through parks, over bridges, through towns, even through a light snow. I was sweating and took my shirt off halfway through the run. But you know what? I finished it. I would have NEVER stuck it out running in place for half an hour without Wii Fit U to make it fun and entertaining.

Next I jumped into the luge racing, where you sit on the balance board with your feet extended above the floor, legs parallel to the ground, with your back leaned back slightly. You shift your upper body left and right to shift weight and turn the luge sled, working muscles in your core you never even knew you had lol. After that I jumped into some yoga, which was what I probably should have started out with.

The following day I took my Fit Meter with me to work, came home, and synced my METS with the Gamepad, which revealed all kinds of data about my calories burned, elevation changes, etc... It even recommended activities to help me reach my personal goal of calories burned/target weight.

Wii Fit U also has online Gym Communities, which allow players to see others' workouts and routines. There are elevation challenges like climb Mount Everest, Eiffel Tower, etc, with progress being tracked through elevation changes noted by the Fit Meter every day.

I feel like a creaky old board. This game did a number on me, and I love it for that! I'm telling you, BUY THIS GAME. It's by far the finest and most ingeniously crafted workout experience you will ever encounter in your life. Nuff said.
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on June 4, 2014
I received this game as a gift in April, so after using it for about 2 months I decided to write a review on it. I'll talk about what the game comes with, how effective it is, and if it's worth the money.

-What it comes with: In this bundle you will get a Wii U balance board, a Wii fit meter, and the game.

-Effectiveness: Right when I turned the game on it has you exercising from the start, from taking your initial body test the game takes your weight, and balance test to calculate a BMI and your Wii Fit age. The game certainly gave me a wake up call, when I saw that the game considered me obese and that I had a Wii Fit age of 35 I knew I had to change something about my health, even though I was upset over the results. I saw my chubby Mii hobble onto the main screen and I went right into my workout.

The workouts are great! There are intensity levels for everyone to choose from and you can pick which areas you want to work on. It even has an option where you can have the Wii U make a workout routine for you depending on how long you want your session to be, and it also shows you how many calories you are losing from the workout that goes into a piggy bank. You can also play with one or two Wii motion plus remotes with certain workouts, and with others you can just use the Wii U pad which is really handy when other people are using the TV. A lot of the games don't even feels like workouts, even though I'll be sweating afterwards. You forget that you are working your body and concentrate on the game which is great for people who have issues with pushing themselves to the limit.

-Wii Fit meter: The fit meter is a lot of fun and I try to wear it everyday to log my steps. It's a very well built pedometer but it also tracks how many calories you burn when you aren't playing the game, so you can use it when you go walking, or when you go out for the day. And when you log onto your game to do a daily routine you can just add that days steps to the Wii U for it to graph your progress. Just remember to upload your steps every day even if you don't play the game so that your steps for that day can be calculated if you want it to be 100% correct with your results.

-So far I've lost about 15 pounds but after 2 weeks of doing Wii Fit U I also started Blogilates to compliment my Wii Fit routine along with cutting out soda, and drinking more water. But besides doing other exercises to compliment, Wii Fit U helped me get off my feet and start to get in shape, and I definitely started to feel more energized after the first week of using this game.

I wouldn't say that you would lose a lot of weight by just doing Wii Fit U, It will help get you in shape and if you just need a small daily routine to keep your activity up this is great alone. But if you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight, I would suggest doing this as a daily start routine and to catalog your progress, and to to use another form of activity to compliment like running, walking, sports, or workout videos like I use. You still need to make modifications to your diet even if it's small changes like cutting back 1 or 3 sodas until you don't need it anymore, drinking more tea, adding more vegetables and less meat, cutting out processed foods, etc. If you stick to you will definitely see progress, and if you start off on just Wii Fit U for the first couple of weeks it won't be as hard to step into a healthy routine and to be more active.

-My verdict: If you are already in shape and you are just looking for something to help touch up this is a good pick. And if you are out of shape or overweight and looking for a good start this is also it! Wii Fit U offers exercises for all levels so it's easy to start off with. And you won't hurt yourself by working out too hard since it gives you a set amount of exercises when you choose what to do. Just be sure that you have two Wii motes along with your game pad since the game requires all three to use every exercise in the game.

-Things to be careful of: I also want to take a second to talk about the calorie count mechanism in the game. When you pick how long of an exercise you want it shows you how many calories you will be burning, and there is also a list to show food items with the caloric number. I think this is a good feature to show perspective, but personally speaking I feel like this could make some people uneasy. It will make them feel like they have to do a huge workout to make sure they can't consume it back when they eat. Which can help cause ED's and influence body negativity. So, even though it's important to know what you are eating, I would be careful with the calorie feature if you feel like you may be easily swayed by it. Even if you did eat those calories back you still worked out your body, just because you eat doesn't mean that your workout is canceled out. One bad day of eating isn't going to make you gain a lot of weight, just like one good workout isn't going to make you lose weight. You have to stay at a mixed level of a good diet and working out. And if you are on a budget like me, swap some foods for others like can veggies to frozen veggies in a bag with no added sauces. Stick towards an achievable goal and you will have success in the end. Good luck!
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on January 13, 2014
In this box you get:

A Wii Balance board. This comes with 4AA batteries, and 4 foot extensions that slip on top of the foot sensors. If you buy the board used, be sure it comes with the extensions; necessary if you're using this on carpet. The instructions are actually for the original Wii; just follow the on screen instructions instead to set up.

A cardboard GamePad stand. Its flimsy, but it gets the job done. I personally bought the official stand/cradle set as it has rubber pads on the bottom to prevent it from slipping. They go for about $5 now.

A Wii Fit U Meter. This one is actually green/white. Much nicer looking than the stand alone black/grey. There is a red/white version, not yet sold in the states. Its a very accurate pedometer, measuring your steps, calories burned, altitude changes, time/date, and even temperature. The meter is highly integrated into the main game, as it will let you know all you can do with your meter and how to sync up.

The game itself. If you are buying this before February 2014, I recommend using the download version instead. It is free when you sync up your included meter, and has the added convenience of always being ready to go on your Wii U. No disk swapping needed.

Two Wii Remotes and Nunchuks are not included, but are needed for some games. The remotes have to have Motion Plus.

As of the time of writing, the bundle is going for $65, a great deal since you're basically paying $15 more for a new board. As for the disk version, Im probably going to either sell, or trade it in, since the downloaded version is better, in my opinion.
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on September 5, 2014
This little bundle changed my life. I bought the Wii U specifically to be able to work out at home, with the Fit bundle. I got tired of the gym and getting into nature took too long during my work week. Within days, I felt muscle burn and had some minor injuries from overuse...and that was just from 30 minutes of Wii games a day. I did NOT focus on yoga or strength training, I did a lot of the games and my focus was to have fun and gain points. It worked. I ignored the little aches and pains and kept going, every day. After 2 weeks, I saw someone in the forums talking about "Your Shape Fitness 2013". I bought that game for about $10 and did the beginner routines. 3 times a week. Some weeks it's once or twice a week. Still, I do 30 minutes of fun Wii Fit a day. It is now 2.5 months later and my entire body shape has changed, even thought my weight is about the same. I look much better (people tell me and I do see it in the mirror), clothes fit better, I am full of energy and most of all, I am stronger than I've ever been.

Wii U is fun, as easy as you need it to be until you're ready for more, and will positively change your body. It entices me to work out even when I'm not in the mood. I figure that all the money saved in cancelling the gym membership will be paid off in 6 months.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 31, 2014
Let me just begin with saying that this bundle is only necessary if you don't already have a Balance Board or Fit Meter. The Balance Board is exactly the same as the first one released many years ago. No new tech inside it or upgrades. So if you still have your old Wii Balance Board, you do not need to purchase a new one for the Wii U.

The Fit Meter in this bundle is visually different than the stand-alone Fit Meter. It's a more matchy white and green rather than the stand-alone black and silver Fit Meter. I ended up getting one of each so my wife and I are easily able to differentiate between them, since they are each tied to a specific Mii character.

Now that the Wii Fit U digital promotion is over (download the full digital version for free with purchase of stand-alone Fit Meter), this bundle is the new best value. You absolutely can use and play Wii Fit U without the Fit Meter, but you will just be unable to participate in the small segments of the software that utilize Fit Meter data. You can't, however, do anything with the software without the Balance Board. So if you don't already have one, you definitely need to purchase a bundle that includes it.

*Wii Fit U Software*
So as for the actual software, it is fantastic. If you have every played the older Wii Fit, or Wii Fit Plus, you should know what to expect. It's very similar, only with more exercises and activities, including an all new dance mode. That also means, for better or worse, there are a lot of exercises and activities that are identical to the old Wii Fit. But some of them, that's understandable, such as all the returning Yoga poses. Some of the games are just so fun that you would be sad if they didn't return. But the plus side of all of them, new or old, are that they are all finally in HD. The standard definition Wii games always left much to be desired if you're using them on any screen larger than a cereal box.

The software also makes good use of the Wii U gamepad. One new feature is that every day you do your "body check", it will take your photo. So over time, you can see all your hundreds of photos and it helps you see the long-term progress of your workouts (assuming you use it enough to make a difference). There are also many activities that use the gamepad's tilt sensor to create mind and body games where you need to tilt the gamepad one way while balancing on the balance board another way. It creates another dimension of difficulty that requires greater concentration. Other activities use the gamepad in a gimmicky (pointless) way, such as having you blow into the microphone to inflate a bubble. I feel like that kind of gimmick is better left to DS games since I can't see any fitness benefit in lightly blowing air at a controller.

As usual, you can see how many calories you burn each workout, create custom routines, choose from various sets of pre-defined workouts, set fitness goals over time, select between a male or female trainer, watch the size of your Mii get fatter or skinnier over time, and many of the other familiar features. The main selling point for me on the software itself is that it's basically the same great formula from the past, but in HD and with several new exercises.

*The Fit Meter*
I actually really love the Fit Meter. It is a basic digital pedometer with the standard features (steps taken, calories burned, temperature, METs, graph of activity over time, altitude), but integration with the Wii U software helps give it much more purpose than your typical pedometer. It has an infrared sensor that communicates with your Wii U gamepad. So each day you use the software, you can sync up your Fit Meter activity. You don't have to do this every day though, as the Fit Meter can store many days worth of data on it. How this helps me, is the goal I set on the software (lose 5 pounds in a month) gets transferred to the Fit Meter. Then it saves your goal on the meter (650 calories burned per day) and helps me pace myself each day to make sure I meet that goal. I typically need about 5000 steps on the meter per day to reach that goal, so looking at it periodically encourages me to walk more than I otherwise normally would. I work a 9-5 desk job that always works against me being active. The Fit Meter has helped motivate me to use my lunch hour to get some well needed walking rather than just sitting and eating. Then, at the end of the day, I get in some running time on my treadmill and sync up my data back to the software. This is where you can visually see your work pay off, because you can select various courses for your Mii to run through. For example, I select the Sydney course, and each mile you walk/run in real life transfers to the course your Mii is running on. After 13 miles, I finish the course and can move on to another one. There is a similar feature for altitude. If you do a lot of stairs exercise, you can see great progress on altitude courses such as traversing to the top of the Eiffel Tower. A really fun way to keep you engaged in your activity.

*The Balance Board*
As I previously mentioned, this is the exact same hardware that was originally released years ago. Nothing new here, although that doesn't mean it isn't great. It has been dependable and accurate in tracking my weight and for detecting my balancing in all four corners throughout every exercise. One thing you need to be careful about though is having this on a carpet. If it isn't on a hard surface, the rug or carpet below it will pick up a lot of resistance and drastically undercut your actual weight, making it not very useful. But other than that, it works perfectly and can be a lot of fun, especially in the balancing games like the trampoline or skiing games.

This bundle is a great deal, and if you actually use it to its fullest extent, I really think it can help you get in better shape. If nothing else, it at least helps give you a realistic image of where you are fitness-wise, since it will allow you to track your level of activity and weight over time. The only negatives I can really think of about it are that you can't use the balance board on a carpet, and some of the activities are a little *too* slow. Push-ups, for example, are hard for me to do just because I get too impatient waiting for the game to tell me to go up and down once every 5 seconds, rather than just knocking out all 30 push-ups in 30 seconds. But there are plenty of other exercises that are certainly challenging (like the 10 minute jogging) that you can choose if you want something more fast-paced. Even if you just buy this for the games instead of the workouts, you will be able to find plenty of entertainment in. Mostly, I just wanted an expanded Wii Fit in HD, which is exactly what I got. Definitely happy with my purchase.
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on October 9, 2015
At the beginning of 2014 I went from 285 lbs to 235 lbs in three months just from working out on the Wii fit u program(of course, I was taking it pretty serious and did hour and a half workouts everyday, plus eating healthier) but my point is that this thing works. Personally I think gyms are painfully boring (staring at a wall or watching a TV show) but Nintendo got this down to an art. They were able to help me get my self back into shape by using a simple balance board for my workouts(all simple stuff, no weird workouts) and combining it with your own personal trainer(s) to help motivate you while you're being entertained and keeping track of your progress during your workouts(I must admit too, the boxing workout was an excellent stress reliever). I will always have a Wii balance board for as long as they exist and I know i will always be satisfied with my body and my efforts for a better life. I now weigh 195 lbs, I'm 6"1, and I'm buying another Wii fit balance board because my previous one got lost during my travels, and after those first three months I just kept a 5-4 day a week working schedule. And yes, because of my weight loss success, I some how began to meet extremely beautiful women and began working in my dream career. Thank you Nintendo and please never stop creating Wii fit! ....and when you visit those extremely beautiful women, don't forget to bring home your balance board!
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on January 11, 2014
I picked up this bundle (game, balance board, and fitmeter) this morning. I'm familiar with the original Wii Fit from my cousin but this new version is blowing me away. First of all, it adds some great new features. With the Wii U's gamepad, you easily select and move through the menus. Also, some of the games use the second screen to increase the fun. One cool feature of the gamepad is that it uses its camera to display your movements up on the TV. This is so you can see if your form matches the Wii Fit U trainer.

I'm already wearing the fitmeter which has calculated my steps, altitude, and calories burned. It was easy to sync to the game and import all my data into graph form. I created a profile for my mom and she is hooked and already asking for a fitmeter (which can be picked up separately).

If you're looking for a way to be active and have fun at it--this game is right for you. You'll like the new features if you have the old one or (like me) it's a great way to be introduced to the Wii Fit series.
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on February 26, 2016
This package was cheaper than just buying Wii Fit U in a regular store!

This balance board is great. It came with everything you need, including the little extra feet for using the balance board on thick carpet, which we do. The weight measurements are accurate, and it does pretty much everything you expect it to do.

The game is an updated version of Wii Fit. There are more activities and bonuses, like dancing and customizable outfits, that make it more fun than its predecessor. The hula-hooping games will probably always be my favorite. If you don't have motion plus wii remotes, be advised that you won't be able to play most of the newer minigames, because they require motion plus technology. The old games are still functional, though, and you can do what you did in Wii Fit.

The Fitmeter is basically a fancy pedometer. In addition to steps, it tracks altitude and attempts to guess your energy expenditure for the day. My husband uses it, and I can't really say whether or not it is accurate. I'm too sedentary for it to do me any good!
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on February 16, 2016
This game is a fantastic way for out-of-shape people to get into the habit of exercising. I especially love the "My Routine" feature. It allows you to set up your own list of activities so you don't have to pick them out individually every time like you did in the first Wii Fit.

You can put your pets' info in it and then they'll stand next to you and show up during some exercises. It's cute. It does cats, dogs, and babies (which are also, pets, right? lol), but I have no dogs or babies to put in the game.

The entire dance section of exercises is really fun, and gets you moving pretty well. It involves stepping on and off the balance board (or just stepping in place), and also using your hands with two Wii Motion Plus remotes. I highly recommend it. Hula hooping in the aerobics section also works pretty well for burning calories if you get into it.

Pretty much all of the yoga is really difficult for out-of-shape people. The strength section is fairly self-explanatory.

Most of the balance games aren't really much exercise at all, but they do legitimately help out your balance. My husband previously had REALLY bad balance. He couldn't even stand on one leg. Now that he's been playing Wii Fit U every day for about a week, he's able to do all the easier one-leg exercises with no problem.

Even if I ever graduate on to more intense, normal-people exercise (I plan on real life hula hooping whenever I can actually keep the hoop up), Wii Fit U is a great way to track your weight/BMI. You can also input your waist measurement to track that too. I think it would still be a fun way to warm up for non-digital exercise too.

I know I'll be enjoying the benefits of this game for years to come. Even if I don't keep using it for exercise that long, it takes credit for getting me into the habit of exercising at all. And I think I'll be enjoying the benefits of a fitter husband too. ;)
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