Customer Reviews: Wii Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift - Super Bundle
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on November 9, 2009
There are 2 groups of people that typically play Guitar Hero: Those who are score obsessed... they are all about mastering the most challenging of songs and having the highest scores on the leaderboards. Then there are those who love having a group of their friends over to play plastic instruments and yell at the top of their lungs for hours on end. For the most part...I fall into the second category.

I have loved every entry in the Rock Band series, and more recently fell in love with Guitar Hero 5. However, these games have failed me in one vital area: the soundtrack for these games is kinda niche. Oftentimes when friends or family would come over for a "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band" party, it would turn into each of them taking turns scrolling through hundreds of alternative, progressive, or heavy metal songs until they find one or two that they know and KINDA LIKE... and since they don't necessarily own a Guitar Hero or Rock Band game, they aren't overly concerned about scores or anything like that...they just want to play music they know and love. That is where Band Hero swoops in to save the day (or at least save my party!!)

Rather than focusing on niche genres of music, Band Hero does the exact opposite... Band Hero's soundtrack is focused on Pop music. The very definition of POP MUSIC is music that is popular... songs that everyone knows and loves. And I have to say, Band Hero delivers. There is some great music on Band Hero. Granted, the setlist on Guitar Hero 5 was more appealing to me personally... but Band Hero's setlist will be a HUGE hit at my next party, which, thanks to Band Hero, will be more of a "Karaoke party that also features all of the cool Guitar Hero elements for those interested" than a "Guitar Hero party". Here are some of my observations about the game:

*The Music - As I mentioned, the game focuses on pop music, with artists ranging from Yellowcard to Hillary Duff to Taylor Swift to No Doubt and so on. There are several "guilty pleasures" songs that, while I wouldn't admit enjoying any other time, will be a HUGE hit when having friends over to play (especially my wife's friends)... like The Spice Girls, Taylor Swift, Joss Stone. There are even classic songs like "Rio" by Duran Duran, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" by Culture Club, and "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas (right?)... and cmon...who can really claim not to love singing any of those songs? Sure, they are really easy to play on guitar/bass/drums for the most part.... but they are fun. Besides, if you want a challenge...check out the SONG IMPORT feature!

*Song Import: For a small fee, you can import 61 songs from Guitar Hero 5, and several of the songs from Guitar Hero Smash Hits and Guitar Hero World Tour. Before importing Guitar Hero 5 (and after importing smash hits and world tour), I already had a total of 140 songs available to play in Band Hero! So, in addition to the pop songs included on the disk, I am also able to include alot of the great and more challenging songs from Guitar Hero 5 (like "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Medicate", and lots of other great stuff!!!)

*Downloadable Content: Like Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero:World Tour, Band Hero includes an in-game music store that allows you to purchase additional songs. Hopefully, this means that, in addition to the more hardcore downloadable songs available for Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero will also be getting downloadable pop music! Also, most (if not all) of the dlc that you purchase for Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero World Tour are AUTOMATICALLY playable in Band Hero! If, however, you want these to be excluded from Band Hero, there is a place in the Options menu that allows dlc to be disabled. With downloadable content and importing the songs from other versions of Guitar Hero, I should have a library of over 200 song available for playing in Band Hero by the end of the week!

*Band Hero = Guitar Hero 5 with more neon lights: Guitar Hero 5 for Wii is a game that any person with a Wii should own. Period. It was the first of the rhythm games to use high-capacity sd cards, effectively adding a hard drive to your Wii. It had AWESOME features like Party Play mode, drop-in and drop-out multiplayer, and the ability change difficulty on the fly. "Beginner" difficulty is also included, which will allow ANYONE to pick up this game and start playing, no matter what skill level. And then there was the AWESOME, Wii-exclusive "Roadie Battle" mode that allowed someone to sit on the sideline with a DS and sabotage other players.... PRICELESS!!! ALL of the features from Guitar Hero 5 are also implemented in Band Hero. That automatically makes Band Hero AWESOME. Period.

I really hope Band Hero sells well. Activision took a great game and made it more marketable. Between DJ Hero, Band Hero, and Guitar Hero 5, there is no longer any excuse for people not to jump in and enjoy rythym gaming. Unless you hate music and hate fun, you should own this game. =) Some parents/players were put off by some of the art style used in the Guitar Hero games (lots of skulls, demons, lightning bolts, and heavy metal)... and those people will be happy to know that the look and feel used in Band Hero is more family friendly...they've replaced those things with neon lights, starbursts, glitter, floodlights... it really feels like "Guitar Hero" meets "The MTV VMA Awards". I really enjoy the game, and hope you will too!!

My review scores:

Gameplay: 10/10
Difficulty: 8/10 (Anyone from grandma to seasoned hardcore guitar hero veterans can get loads of value out of this game)
Presentation: 9/10
Lasting Value: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10
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on December 6, 2009
I actually bought this for the Wii because it comes with the updated drum set. Beware if you are getting the other platforms because, at least initially, you will get the same set that was shipped with World Tour. When I set out to get it, I really didn't expect much from the set list because Hillary Duff is not really my thing, just wanted an extra guitar and the updated drums. I set it up to make sure everything was in working order and to test out the drum set. The drums work flawlessly and are 100 times improved over the Word Tour set that sometimes never work.

But, here's why I really came to write this review. I have a 6 year old daughter who heard the music playing and came out immediately as if Taylor Swift was the Pied Piper. I promptly handed her the guitar and showed her how to make a character. She went for the rocker and outfitted her in all pink of course. I set her up on the beginner level, which consists of just strumming at the right time with no color coding. She picked it up right away and thus a star was born. We worked through all of her favorites; Hillary Duff, everything by Taylor Swift, Evanescence, a little Janet and the Jackson 5 and a few others and she was hooked. I backed her up on drums and she was hitting 90-95% consistently. This repackaged Guitar Hero 5 is a stroke of genius if marketed appropriately. My daughter did not want to go to sleep. She never showed any interest in previous versions of Guitar Hero and she has been around others playing it; but this one has a hold of her like crack. I think I told her; "ok, last one", at least 10 times before I resorted to "ok really this time, last one".

Band Hero fits a niche that was previously unexplored; I think any child 4 to 12, boy or girl would enjoy this, and teenage girls will really like the look and feel of Band Hero. Basically, anyone who picks up the plastic guitar and starts tapping their foot to a recognizable song will be instantly hooked. This is a very enthusiastic thumbs up for Band Hero and a thumbs up to Taylor Swift for getting involved in this project. She's laughing all the way to the bank, and yes, the set ships with a microphone no one will ever have to share with Kanye!
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on December 14, 2009
Great GH Game Sequel

First of all, sorry for my English, but I¡¦ll do my best¡K besides that, there are several ways you can review this game¡K

I don¡¦t really like most of the songs included in this game but I knew it before I bought it so I don¡¦t really have any problem about that. I own almost all of the previews GH games so I have plenty music to play with, but if you really like pop music then you will like the songs more than I do.

Party Play: I really like this game mode specially when playing with friends who are not as good enough to finish a song in quickplay mode.

Quickplay: Nothing too much different to what you get in GH5, you have the option to play with online players, the problem is that I never get someone online. There is a way that is supposed to be ¡§easier¡¨ to play online but you have to register other Wii console number in you Wii contacs in order to use this feature.

Career: The same as GH5, I personally prefer the career mode in World Tour, I don¡¦t know why neversoft changed this but guess most of the people like it.

You can play using your Miis, I have played this mode a couple of times, its fun is you just want to play whatever you want because you ¡§create¡¨ your song as you play.

As all GH music studios, this is really challenging, the easiest instrument to record something are the drums as they are the most realistic instrument, but guitar and bass you have use some color combinations in order to get the notes you want¡K if don¡¦t really have anything to do and have plenty of time to waist, then this is for you º

The guitar is the same as you get when buying GH5 (guitar bundle), really nice looking guitar, and the most important works perfect.
Nothing important to say about microphone¡K it works fine, the only problem could be you singing skills
The big difference are drums. If you compare the drums included in BH with GHWT drums, you will notice that the new ones are more quiet when you hit the instrument, so you don¡¦t have to turn the volume to max in order to hear the music and not only your drumming. Also, you can ¡§attach¡¨ you kick pedal to the drum¡¦s frame you it will not move while playing.

If you have played Guitar Hero and you like it, then Band Hero will not be the exception. If you like rock more than pop, then you will be disappointed with the songs included in this game, but I really bought this bundle in order to get the new version of drums and they are what I expected.
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on April 12, 2010
I've played Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour for PS3, and now this Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5 for my Wii. Rock Band 2 is still my favorite because of the way the screen looks and stuff, but Band Hero comes in a close 2nd. All the games are fun, Guitar Hero has more metal songs than I like and Band Hero is more for the Pop fan because it has tons of songs by Taylor Swift, Hillary Duff, Jackson 5, etc. I would say Band Hero is the best family version out of all of them just because of the song list and the menus and stuff. It is in no means just a pop video game because it has some other harder songs on there as well, just not as hard as RB2 and Guitar Hero does. That is why I like this one the best. You can also get cool items if you do really good on a song. I got a 100 percent on the Song 2 by Blur I think and I got a new drum set or something and it had 8 stars instead of 5 and it lit all up. It was cool. Overall this is a great game set, and for the price you can get the full set at, this is the best way to go. The drums have 2 cymbals and 3 drums which is awesome because the Rock Band Drums only have 4 drums no cymbals. It is also so much cheaper than those versions too, so it is common sense to get this bundle. And then buy the other games seperate because they will work with these instruments. The only bad thing about this game is that it can get addicting so you have to watch out. Good luck and take care!
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on June 27, 2010
Great value for the price. We got a guitar, drum set (with drumsticks), microphone, and game. The only problem was that we had only 2 controllers and you need one controller for each instrument. I wish it came with another guitar so we could play with 4 players. I am very happy with the set. It works well with rockband 2 and lego rockband. We don't play the band hero as much as the Lego rockband. I would recommend it to families with kids who are watching their budget since it is about half the price of the rockband package. Remember to calibrate your instruments before playing you will have a much better experience if you do, we didn't at first and were very frustrated but once we fixed that problem we have had lots of fun.
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on December 5, 2009
The Baby Boomers will enjoy this more than the previous Guitar Hero or Rock Band as it has much more of "our" music. And lots of today's too! Also great because one person can drop out of a song and not mess it up for the rest of the players...And changing difficulty is so need to go back to the menu each time. And we LOVED making up our characters which took almost an entire evening, everyone laughing and having fun.
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on July 27, 2010
So you think you plop down $160 on Amazon to play Band Hero with your new Wii, right?

Wrong. In fact, you are paying for empty drums, empty guitar, and a microphone that does not work without a wii controller. Yep, you just spent almost as much as you paid for the Wii for something that DOES NOT WORK WITH A NEW WII.

You must purchase separate Wii remotes for each player who's playing despite the fact that the microphone is not even wireless. This is an insane price to pay and I really had no idea that the game was set up like this, as I had played the PS3 version, in which the instruments plug and play (gee, imagine that -- you buy a pricey set for your game system and it works out of the box).

What's more, even when you do plunk down another $30 for each remote, it is a hassle getting these things in and out of the guitar and drums. You've got to press buttons on the Wii remote sometimes, on the guitar or drums other times: It is all just so confusing. I'm not an old lady, but this is just not intuitive.

On the plus side, it really is fun once you spend half an hour putting the Wii remotes inside your instruments.
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on December 28, 2009
This is definitely a game for the entire family.

The best features of Band Hero Wii for kids is the Party Play mode, where kids cannot be booed off the stage. They can play songs and keep on enjoying the fun of playing with you. Also the Mii Freestyle option allows you to import your Mii's and jam to a variety of styles to your own beat. The graphics are more kids friendly but the gameplay is awesome. This is definitely the best band play thus far. No other game allows you to have two adults, like our family, play on medium while the two children can play on easy and we keep rolling with the tunes. You can create your own playlist on Party Play mode and play for hours.

The drums are definitely an upgrade from previous Guitar Hero versions, as they feel much more study and the bar for the kick pedal keeps it stationary. The guitar and microphone seem to be the same as other Guitar Hero games.

I would definitely recommend Band Hero. The playlist is great for everyone. You have Kung Fu Fighting and YMCA that the kids love and Paralyzer alternative-style songs for the adults. Add favorites like I heard it through the grapevine and others and you have a game that is truly for everyone.

5 Star Review
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on December 27, 2009
I bought both Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5 for the holidays. My family really enjoyed the variety of songs on Band Hero (my parents are old skool so they really liked the older songs like Kung Fu Fighting). The kids really liked the Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 songs because they are more familiar with them. For people who've never played a game like this, the beginner mode is perfect; for those with experience, jumping right into medium or higher is more appropriate. I would be careful with young children (under 11 years old) since some of the songs have mildly suggestive lyrics or relatively inoffensive swear words. Other than that, the instruments (especially the drum set) are much better (more durable) than the previous kits from Guitar Hero World Tour and the Rock Band series. Additionally, these instruments also work with Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5, Rock Band 2, The Beatles: Rock Band, and LEGO Rock Band. The only drawback I could find was the Wii Remote requirement for each of the instruments (the Rock Band instruments do not each need a Wii Remote). All in all a great investment!
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on December 29, 2009
I got the stand alone software for my DD for Christmas 2009, hoping against hope it would work with RB2. It does. Except not all features do - I think the one we can't access is Mii Freestyle. Not much of a loss, but I think if Activision claims compatibility with RB or RB2, then ALL parts of the game should work.

One SUPER ANNOYING thing is the editing of the songs. In American Pie, by Don McLean, they've removed the word "whisky." They just completely skip over it. Seriously?! The line SHOULD be, "Them good ol' boys were drinking whisky and rye, singing this'll be the day that I die." "Whisky" has been removed, but "rye" was left. Like rye isn't an alcohol too? Idiots. Believe me, it's *annoying* especially considering how many times that line is sung. And if anyone feels this might be appropriate based on the 10 & up rating, I would direct you to the "Rock Stars" on the screen, as well as the ones you can create. Sex sells, apparently. But you can't know about drinking.

The songs are great, for people who like the genre - we do. I'd give it 5 stars if not for the above 2 issues.
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