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on April 22, 2010
I got this product when I bought Monster Hunter Tri.
I already had a Classic Controller that I purchased when it was first released.

I have used the Classic Controller to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl since a few months after that game was released. I'm still good at using the Gamecube Controller, but I wanted to start using the new controllers so that I wouldn't have to hunt for Wavebirds when they stopped being produced.

This controller addressed all of my concerns with the original design.

While playing using the original Classic Controller, my left hand would rotate around the analog stick slightly. This would not usually be detrimental until it had shifted enough that pressing a direction would register as a diagonal. For example, trying to press Up-B to recover while my hand was rotated downward caused me to press Over-B which would cause a suicide and a wasted stock.

With the new Classic Controller Pro, my hand stays anchored in place and I notice less mistakes during critical matches.

Another issue with the old Classic Controller was the R and L buttons being analog. This was the same issue that Gamecube Controllers have where a slight press doesn't register as a shield unless the button is completely pressed in. This is an issue specific to Brawl as Melee supported slight indentation.

However, with the new Classic Controller Pro, L and R are now digital like the rest of the buttons. This lets them be used like Super Nintendo Controller shoulder buttons or like Gamecube Controllers that have had their shoulder button springs removed.

It's worth getting just for that.

Also, the analog sticks are farther apart, which makes it so that Thumb Clash (Thumbs colliding during gameplay) is no longer an issue. It was rarely an issue to begin with, but the thought is nice.

As for Monster Hunter Tri?
The zR and zL buttons are barely used in this game, so if you already have a Classic Controller the Classic Controller Pro is only worth the upgrade if you have $20 you want to blow. Otherwise the old controller will work perfectly for you.

All things considered, I don't regret buying this controller at all and would do it again if I lost or damaged this one.

UPDATE 8/03/2011
I've had this controller for over a year and it still functions as good as when it was new. No problems to report.
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on March 15, 2011
I bought this product so that my wife and I could both play old Nintendo games together.

I had already purchased a Classic Controller when I first bought the Wii. It looks more like the class NES controller with rounded edges and analog sticks. Wii Classic Controller That controller is a bit unwieldy for guys with large hands as the analog sticks are too close together.

This controller is much easier to use for me. The analog sticks are snappier and spaced better then the old controller I have. The controller fits my hands better and feels more like a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller - both of which I am more comfortable using. The L & R buttons on the top of the controller are digital, which means less mistakes for me playing games. With the other controller, these buttons were analog, meaning I had to make sure they were entire depressed in order to ensure the action on the screen occurred.

This controller works well with all of the old Mario games that we have downloaded as well as with the Mario Kart games we purchased. I'm very pleased with this product and will be buying a second to replace the original classic controller.

I'm giving this product 4/5 stars as it could be made out of a less slick material. Even though the PS3 controller is smooth, it does not slip when my hand gets a little sweaty. The material on this controller means if I'm playing for a long session, I need to wipe it down with my shirt or something else once in a while.
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on June 27, 2010
I've been cursed with big hands. One modern invention that's driven me crazy is the cell phone. Constantly getting smaller. Then came along the Wii classic controller. I bought two of them to play Mario Kart 64. My hand would cramp up after a few minutes. I bought these plastic clip on expander with bigger grips. This helped but was still a little too small. Then as if someone had read my mind someone built this new controller. I ordered them in a hurry. I can now play Mario Kart 64 cramp free. If you are also cursed with big man hands and enjoy playing some of the classics on Wii. I strongly recommend this controller. Plus the top buttons are all digital. A nice improvement over the spring ones on the first classic controller.
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on September 21, 2010
The Classic Controller Pro builds on the minimalist design of the original Classic Controller, which was itself an amalgamation of the snes and n64 controllers, to offer a more modern feel that's better suited to games outside of the Virtual Console library. Overall, the redesign is a big success and makes the original Classic Controller obsolete, but it's not quite perfect still.

The controller may feel "cheap" in the hands of some due to the surprisingly light weight, but this is due solely to the lack of motors for rumble; I've disassembled the pro and the build quality and components are the same as any other Nintendo controller.

The grips are the largest and most ergonomically shaped Nintendo has ever used and are similar to the Xbox 360 in terms of comfort, although the pro grips are somewhat less thick. The oversize Z buttons are very comfortable and have been stacked, Sony style, to improve accessibility, a welcome improvement that unfortunately never sees any use as the L and R buttons are considered the default triggers by most games. The face buttons are somewhat widely spaced and protrude from the controller more than past Nintendo pads, springing back more quickly with a clicky and definite feel that resembles a mouse.

The analog sticks are further apart and fall under the thumb at a more comfortable angle thanks to the the new grips. The sticks are by all appearances the same as those used in the Classic Controller and Nunchuk, which have heavier resistance than Microsoft or Sony's and feel somewhat imprecise and inconsistent in their movement. The sticks work well for simple movements, like running at full tilt, but under-perform for precise tasks like aiming in a FPS. The cap of the stick is a comfortable rubber material and has a single outer ring, which cleverly keeps your thumb from sliding off without obstructing contact with the surface like the concentric rings of previous Nintendo sticks did.

As far as compatibility goes, there's really nothing this controller can't do a reasonably good job with. Being based off the SNES controller, it's obviously a natural choice for retro games, but it also feels very competent for N64 and Wii titles as well. It even works fairly well for PC games and emulators, provided you're willing to buy an adapter. The only real criticisms to make are that the analog sticks are not the very best the industry has to offer and the lack of rumble or wireless make the Pro feel like it's not quite a full fledged gamepad. Regardless, at the price it's offered at and with the quality it delivers, I find it hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with this controller.
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on November 14, 2012
This review is for the Black Wii Classic Controller Pro. The controller plugs in to the bottom of a Wii Remote (like the Nunchuk), and is comfortable to hold. The buttons and analog sticks are within comfortable reach and are easy to press and control. It is also quite durable and light; there isn't much to it. The only option I would've liked to see in this controller is vibration feedback.

I use this for Wii racing games, but it can also be used with games from the Wii Shop Channel. Specifically, Nintendo 64 games like Ocarina of Time, and Super Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. I would recommend this to anyone owning a Wii system, it is a great alternative to using the Wii Remote.
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on September 29, 2011
I bought two of these to play Mario Kart 64 with, and while they are OK, I should have just gotten more GCN controllers. I like the design of plugging into the Wiimote, as they are still basically wireless, but they don't have yet another set of batteries to put in when going to play. However, they aren't fully ergonomic like the Gamecube controllers, and the analog sticks, while highly accurate, are too sensitive compared to GCN or N64 analog sticks. The experience isn't quite the same as playing on the actual N64. The button configurations are also a little strange, we kept hitting the wrong buttons. MK64 and Super MK also use opposite button configurations, which doesn't really help things.
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on September 13, 2011
For the few games that only use the Classic Controller and not the Gamecube controller like Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, this controller is excellent purchase. It is the combination of the two of my favorite controllers ever created, the Nintendo Gamecube controller and the Playstation Dualshock controller. That doesn't mean it brings the best of both worlds however, but for the most part it is a resounding success.

- Symmetrical dual analog sticks allow the D-Pad to be on the side it needs to be for navigating menus and playing retro games
- Four shoulder buttons
- Grip improves on the Gamecube controller's already ergonomic shape. Extremely comfortable.
- Wire is on the top, not the bottom like the original Classic Controller
- Analog sticks are spaced farther apart than on the original Classic Controller

- Drains the Wii Remote's batteries while still inconveniencing you with wires
- No triggers (Gamecube controller's triggers are still my favorite triggers to this day)
- Analog sticks have 8-directional base like the Gamecube controller, annoying for 3rd person RPGs.
- No rumble
- The top R and L buttons are difficult not comfortable to press, like the Gamecube or Xbox 360 controllers
- I really liked the Gamecube controller's four face buttons desgin. It's a shame they opted for the more traditional diamond layout but it makes sense for the retro games that the original Classic Controller was designed for.

Overall this is definitely one of the most comfortable controllers I've ever had. I really hope that with the Wii U they rerelease this controller with Bluetooth, rechargable batteries, rumble, triggers, and circular analog sticks. At that point it would definitely become my favorite controller of all time.
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on January 27, 2012
I love the feel of this controller so much. The D Pad is quality Nintendo all the way and not that cheap junk you get with imitations. I highly recommend you buy this with a MayFlash Wii Controller to USB adaptor (search for it on Amazon) and this turns into the best PC Controller you'll ever have.
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on September 4, 2013
Honestly you are better off with a wireless GC controller, as this is wired. I have no idea what "near wireless freedom" is supposed to be as it either is wireless or it isn't.

Aside from that part it's not bad like the original classic which the wire got in the way, this seems a little better but these days using a wired controller is an outdated deal.

I picked it up for $10 so won't complain but prefer a real wireless controller.
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on November 10, 2013
A must-have for players who experience cramping in their thumbs when playing games like Mario Kart 64 with the regular classic controller. It's basically just a regular classic controller with handles, but those handles make all the difference. It is also the closest substitute to the Gamecube controller, a big plus for those with a Wii U playing Wii games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Mario Kart Wii.

Warning: This is NOT a direct substitute for the Wii U Pro Controller, which looks similar but has Wii U-exclusive features. Not all Wii U games may work with the Classic controller, which was only designed with the Wii and Wii Virtual Console in mind.
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