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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 4, 2009
After years of wanting a Wii, we finally got one! And, of course, like any overly-excited newbie, I couldn't wait to get the new WiiFit (WiiFit Plus). I picked it up at midnight, with the Balance Board. (TIP: if ur buying from brick-and-mortar stores, call ahead, it took me an hour to convince them that it was ok to sell it to me, and it was already 12:30a!) I got home, set it up (took just a few minutes, mostly unwrapping) and played until 5am! I was nearly falling asleep between games, but it was so much fun, I couldn't stop! Now, THAT's a motivator to work out! It even asked if I was a 'NIGHT OWL' and I had the option to keep my "day" 'open' until 3am, for those late-night workout sessions!

Without leaving my 12'x12' living room, I can do: Circus Juggling, Skateboarding, Island Cycling, HulaHooping, Rhythm Parade, Segwaying, & Perfect 10 - these are the ones I like the most right now. My current favorite is the Bulls-Eye game (you flap your arms to 'fly' over water and reach platforms!) It's just awesome! And, it's cool that most of the activities are all on the same island - so you can bike it, run it, walk it, fly it, segway it, float it, bounce it, etc.! I also like that, in most games (not the Bubble one, tho), you don't 'die' if you do it 'wrong'. Nothing's worse than almost getting to the end of a cycling game, and then running into a tree and having to start over - ugh! But, with WiiFit, it's so pleasant, you just maneuver your way back on track! No stress! Yet, I like that u still do collect points - I already have a competition to 'beat' my BF's scores - I even left him a 'note' on the wii to try to beat mine in a couple of games, when he woke up! We haven't tried the 'multiplayer' mode yet.

I LOVE the 'make your own' routine - you pick as many activities as you want, from dozens of Yoga Postures, and Strength Training choices (they even tell you how long the total 'workout' will take, as you make your selections) and then you hit 'start'; and it cycles thru them, one-after-the-other, checking off each one, as you go; and, saving the 'routine' for the future. If you don't need to have that much customization, or if you need more guidance, you can choose from 5 options for a pre-made routine (Lifestyle, Health, Youth, Form, & Combine), or you can click the cute balance board graphic and it creates one for you! The tracking capability is nice, complete with graphs, and a visual calendar which I 'stamp' every day I use the WiiFit. You can even add your daily step count AND activities you do outside of the WiiFit! This appeals to my analytical and visual side! Another option it gives you is that you can choose a food (from a selection of 20 or so), and then make a daily goal to burn as many calories as that food has - I didn't realize sticky rice had so many calories!

It calculates your BMI from your user-entered height and a balance board-measured weight. The weight measurement seemed a little off, as it made both me and my BF about 5-10 lbs lighter than we've been told, from other scales. But, that's A-OK with me! (NOTE: if you use it on carpet, adding the little "carpet feet" will improve accuracy, and potentially, gameplay response). Our weight measurements "normalized" with the little feet added. It seems like it's mostly set up to help you lose weight and burn calories (while improving your balance & posture), however my BF and I have different goals - I'm trying to lose 20 lbs, and he's trying to gain 20 lbs. The Wii did rightfully call him underweight and told him to do strength-training to build muscle. It just laughed at me and told me to 'strap in'! haha - jk!

While it might not be 100% perfect (wish there was no 'dying' in the Balance Bubble or Tightrope game; and in the snowball fight, it'd be nice to have the option to physically move my arm to throw, instead of just pushing 'A' to throw; skateboarding goes thru a long 'training run' every time you play; it would be cool if Super Hula Hoop was more than just Left AND Right circles (like add arms or something); and oh, to be able to enter total calories eaten for the day; etc.), it sure is a LOT of fun and DEFINITELY motivates u to MOVE! The corny but pleasant music, scenery, and challenges are already helping me look forward to getting going in the morning and coming home at night. You earn fit credits, with activities, which then allow you to unlock more advanced activities, giving you a good bit of motivation to keep going - imagine if they gave you 'legal trade' currency coins for working out! Plus, it always fits into my schedule: I can do as little as a *minute* of activity or as much as I want! It's closer than a gym, there's no monthly dues, you can wear whatever you want, it's open at 3am, the smoothies are always organic, and (depending on where u play) there isn't that icky/smelly/sticky/germy/loud atmosphere of a typical gym! Team up with a friend, for a little extra motivation and competition!

For those who aren't familiar with video games, (or who see them as a 'waste' of time) this is a great one to 'start' with. The Wii is my first real game system (other than an old Intellivision, we've had Super Nintendo, Game Cube, & Playstations in the house, but with all those cryptic buttons and 'codes', and my busy schedule, I never bothered with them). However, the Wii was up and running in no time and the 'controls' are very intuitive. I've even had a lot of 'older' people playing and having fun, in short order! The Balance Board was easy to set up, easy to figure out, and is SUPER fun to play with, oh, and I burned a boatload of calories - woo-hoo! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Wii Balance Board AND the WiiFit Plus!

Did another 30 mins this afternoon: tried the Penguin Game and the Flame and the Tightrope - all were lots of fun (keeping the flame still was a little stressful with noisy neighbors!)

My parents just came over and I had them try it out, using the "Trial" mode, so they didn't have to go through the in-depth setup process - my mom really liked the HulaHoop activity and my dad really liked the Bull's Eye activity (where you flap your wings to fly and land on targets!) We had such a great time - it was hilarious to watch each other!! The trial mode is a great feature - it lets you share your WiiFit Plus experience with guests who are not looking to set up a whole profile and get weighed and do balance tests, etc. Of course, there are those 'measurement' options in the Trial mode, if a guest user so chooses, they just won't be able to save their profile.

I rely on reviews here at Amazon, to help me make informed buying choices. I hope this review has helped you in the same manner. If you voted this as helpful, I Thank You!
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on October 11, 2009
Ok, so I'm in my mid 40's, I've broken everything from my neck in 2 places to my ankle in 3 places, my knees were rammed into an engine block at 65mph when I was 25 and haven't been right since, ad in 2 concussions in this lifetime so I don't have the best balance to boot. Then toss in a nice little dose of being peri-menopausal and HATING doing anything outside in the FL Summer, which lasts for 7 months of 90 degree plus weather, and sprinkle that with a tad of depression from NOT being outside which doesn't exactly have you running about the house singling merrily while pushing a vacuum and you have 15 extra lbs that you haven't a CLUE where those little suckers came from ;) ;), and you are flopping and sagging in places you never knew you had to begin with to ad insult to the poundage! Now according to the wii I'm just above normal putting me in the barely overweigh category, but I FEEL overweight and I know I've gotten weaker/un toned and I FEEL it.

I know I needed to and WANTED to get and feel more fit but I HATE gyms, gym rats, the stereo typical gym ANYTHING. I don't want some sleek 20 year old in my face saying "AGAIN, do it AGAIN" I,.e. (you want to look like me, you never ever will..but try, try HARDER) No thanks!
I don't want some guy telling me 'a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips!' either. And tho I think I've seen every late nite infomercial for every get fit contraption there is, and nope, I have not parted ways with my $19.95 yet, nor is their a bow flex in the corner of every room, yet I see many of them for sale in the flyer for $50 bucks HMMMMMMM!

So, for about a year now I've been eyeing the nintendo wii with the wii fit. Here, there, everywhere. Then they drop the price. Hmmmm And then they come out with a wii fit PLUS...HMMMMMM. Ok, so me and my $300 dollars took a chance and parted ways. (for the console plus the balance board and wii fit plus)

I LOVE THIS THING! Not only does it calculate your BMI and weight and all that. (Even has a place for you to put Fido or Fluffy on the "scale" but I've been too selfish to share yet and see what that's all about. ;) IT'S FUN! And don't let the little weeble looking characters fool you, you WILL get a work out. But what's great, is you're actually smiling because it is cute and engaging and you don't feel the pain till after the fact. And you find yourself wanting to...go do some more, too! I've given it a dedicated TV and room so I can just wander in there and do 1 or 2 exercises, or spend an hour. It also tells you how many calories you've burned for each activity and keeps a running tab-it will tell you how long each day you worked out (cumulative) as well as calories burned, (so I can have that moment on the lips without the lifetime on the hips) for each actively as well as for the day. And IT'S CUTE and it's FUN, I cant say that enough. And it may look easy, but ITS NOT.

Now I think any GQ gym rat out there who can do 500 chin ups and runs 5 miles every morning might laugh at it. But if you are just an average person who doesn't want to get out of shape or out of shape person, which are about 90% of us, then its great. Their are a couple more serious sections, Yoga and Weight Training I think, that have more adult looking trainers to guide you, but the rest of the activities are colorful and you are a "weeble". And it lets you know when you are doing great or not so great, and it is not belittling at all, if anything it makes you want to try to do better next time.

My ONLY complaint is I hate have to push "A" 3 times to get to a game I already played and know how to play-now if you push A fast you can skip past the tutorials pretty quickly, but it still annoys me, because I want to PLAY IT AGAIN. But on a good note, you can walk away from it or get off of it without messing everything up.

And as a person who has been beaten up pretty bad (auto wreck, high speed horse wreck/fall) and who has spent WAAAAAYY tooo much of her life in PT (which can be even MORE depressing than a gym), let me say this, THIS is a GREAT rehab tool. If they would have had one of these in the hospital I would have gotten so much better so much faster. I hope PT rehabs/hospitals and even nursing homes will get and use these! My leg isn't right, nor are my knees or my balance for that matter, but, wow, I can see improvement already! And I go to bed happily sore, but look forward to DOING IT AGAIN! :) So even if you have some disability you can still use this! I even cheat when my leg has had enough and can sit on the board and use my tush for some of the games just as well, and I'm still active and moving my upper half! Oh and another helpful hint...don't do it barefoot like on the box, at the very least wear socks and after hurting the bottom of my sensitive footsie, I now wear rubber soled lightweight slippers to give some cushy to the bottom of my boney feet. :) Works GREAT.

The only thing I find a little disturbing is the board says something like "ouch" or "oh" when you step on it. If my scale did that I never would have put on 15lbs LOL!

So what are you waiting for...GO BUY THIS, (and I suggest a bottle of Motrin,and maybe a heating pad, because you'll be having too much fun to notice the pain and soreness till after the fact!) :)
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on October 12, 2009
So, after 5 days playing and getting exercises with my Wii Fit Plus (from now on WFP), I think I am ready to write a review, I will try to make it short but useful as possible. (English is not my native language, you will notice immediately).

First, about me:
I do not go to the gym (have tried but don't get used to), nor do exercises, or run... but I do move around a lot because of my job, I work on the field, so I have to walk a lot, also I do eat consciously, from December 2008 to nowadays I have lost 15 lbs and was decided to not go back.
So I was looking at Wii Fit this summer, and knew about WFP and decided to wait. Meanwhile, I was on the blogs, the forums, online videos, about people experience about this game, and I wanted to get fit and have fun.

Then, I got WFP:
I explored the games, the routines, I was doing my daily body tests, I am true about this and I want to get fit. At the end of the second day with WFP, I felt the lack of exercises in my body, for example the Rhythm Kung Fu, some think this mini game is lame, but my biceps were hurting, probably because of the fast move of the arms forward. The Jack-knife made my abs to shake, I was amazed about how weak I was, when I try to hold a pose and start shaking after 10 seconds, I struggle to keep the poses because I know it is working out my body; I feel it, a start to a better life, so, if you are true about this game, pardon, "Investment", you will feel the work out.

Game play review:
The game fits my needs; I have a wide variety of choosing how and where I want to work out. Example I can choose a category of exercises to work my arms, abs, legs, etc. Also I can combine those to avoid interruption, and the best of all for me, I can select how long I want to work out, 10 minutes, 15, 30... and the game will arrange the exercises to fit that time, in any of Yoga, Yoga & Strength, or Strength only category, and as you do the poses, the game will put a checkmark on it and continue, so you will "carpe diem" that time as much as possible.

About the balance board:
I notice immediately something was not right about my weight according to WFP, so I compared my weight on the balance board to a professional scale (you know, like one of those the doctors have on their office), the scale is calibrated correctly, 1 litter of water is exactly 1 kg, since the weight I get from the pro scale is as I am, with my cloths on (unless I want to weight without cloths, then I will have to weight without cloths on the balance board, that would be the more accurate weight of your body), I chose a cero lb discount (the part where I am asked to select the weight of my cloths), and I did the numbers, and found out and offset of 3 pounds, exactly 3 pounds, my balance board is measuring 3 pounds lower than real weight, and I use the balance board on hard floor, so I do not need the leg extensions.

Other than that, it is very sensitive and does the job... oh! by the way, you will need a yoga mat if you work on hard floor, as some poses requires you to bend on your knees, and if your hands are sweating, or your feet, you will slide off, so get a yoga mat for extra grip and soften bones/floor contact.

So, that's it, my final review, invest on WFP, do not get it just for the games, they do work you out, but I think this game is targeted to do the fit exercises (Yoga and Strength), after your routine, play some mini games to "carpe diem" your daily use of WFP, as those counts too towards your kcal goal (or Cal, with capital C) and time spent.
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2009
After having owned the Wii Fit Plus for two months now, I would like to update my review. The Wii Fit continues to deliver fun to my household. After two months, everyone in my family still jumps onto it almost every day to do a body test, and play a few games. We've also used it as a party game, using the multiplayer to entertain a multi-aged group from a preschooler through adults. I recently read that while the Wii Fit isn't a true workout, its goal isn't that - the goal is to get people off the couch and moving. To that end, it's great and it's appropriate for all ages.

The strength of this title is in its fun mini-games, if you see them as physical games rather than a "workout". If that's what you're looking for, you're going to love it. It's a great way to get the whole family involved in an active activity, one that you can do inside on a rainy day. After all, anything you do standing up burns more calories than sitting down, which is why I have always used my Wii standing up since I bought it. You can use the balance board for other Wii-based fitness titles, so whether you enjoy this game or not, you do get the balance board. Most of my review, however, will be about the game. In brief, the balance board is an amazing piece of technology and I have no criticism of it.

The balance games are lots of fun. I consider myself to have excellent balance - and indeed - I score very high on a single leg balance, but these games are really challenging. It's an interesting idea to play the equivalent of a marble balance game, only you are the marble - or in some cases - the board. Balance Bubble and Obstacle Course are two of my favorite mini-games. Balance Bubble detects shifts in your balance as you guide a delicate bubble down a watercourse without getting popped. Obstacle Course has you running and jumping, almost like a live Super Mario Bros. I am also a yoga enthusiast, and I did feel that the yoga segments led me to have better form through the awareness of my balance. The hula hoop game was far more fun than real hula hoop, where I spend most of my time picking up the hoop again. Another great minigame is Island Cycling, where you cycle through an item picking up flags, trying to find the shortest route. Most of the games engage your mind as well as your body, which is perhaps the reason why we keep coming back to play. Some of the strength workouts were very challenging, such as the pushup and side plank. Overall, the minigames that make up the workouts are a lot of fun.

I definitely can see how this game is appropriate for older adults, as I've heard it recommended for them. There is a focus on safety, and the activities start out very easy. The game will suggest that you get help or lean up against a wall. The workouts are not very long, and they might just be at the right level for a new exerciser who wants to improve their fitness. For someone that works out all the time, these workouts are not that challenging. I did not sweat, for example, as I do with EA Active from time to time. I also found my heart stopped pumping as fast when an activity would end and I'd have to pick the next one. I use other Wii games and exercise videos for my real workout, but that doesn't stop me from spending 5-15 minutes every day with my Wii Fit. I may not be burning a lot of calories, but I've become very competitive with my family members on certain minigames.

And that's certainly a motivating factor on the Wii Fit. You can see your scores stacked up against other people in your family. The game truly involves the whole family. It will ask me why my spouse hasn't been around lately. Plus, you can use the Wii Fit Plus for BabyStats (weighing your baby) and PetStats. We don't have a pet, but I do have an infant. The Wii Fit Plus has really cute "messages" for your baby, like "Don't eat things that are on the floor." I come back every day to compete against myself, in the Body Test, but I also come back to make sure I maintain my top score in Balance Bubble!

The game is certainly cute in that trademark Nintendo way. You are represented by your Mii, and the workouts take out in cute locations. The graphics are not equal to anything you'd see on other game systems or even other games - but they don't have to be. You get the point, and besides, it's quite cheery. For example, the running activity actually takes you on a jog outside on an attractive island. The Kung Fu fighting game takes place in a mountaintop temple.

However, with all these pluses in the Wii Fit Plus, there are some downsides - or at least some people may see them as downsides. The game starts out with a big wake-up call about your weight, but not all users necessarily need to hear it. When I started the game, I was only three months postpartum and was in the process of losing the baby weight at the slow recommended pace, through breastfeeding, diet and exercise. I feel pretty fit and work out a lot. So, having the game tell me "dah dah dah dah - You're Overweight!" was a message I was quite familiar with but not looking to have it rubbed in. You may choose to skip the daily body test, but the game will nag you and then you can be told you're overweight every day. It adjusts the avatar from skinny to fat to demonstrate how you supposedly look (and nevermind your T&A - all the Miis are apple-shaped). Next, I was presented with a balance game that I had never seen before. I didn't quite understand it, so next I hear that my Wii Age is "51", two decades older than I actually am. Then the game suggested that I lower my BMI to 22, when I have always been happy at around 23 and am aiming to get back there. 24 and lower is considered healthy, and that's not even considering that BMI is irrelevant to athletes. So, I'm not a big fan of the negative reinforcement. My best friend was visiting but before we could create her an account to play with us, she had to go through the body test. It actually bummed her out, because like me, she's fit but she also spends much of life dieting and exercising to stay that way. Like many women, she has a complex about her body! I did find out later that you can play the multiplayer Wii with Guest users and not subject your friends to the Body Test. If someone were recovering from an eating disorder, this game's focus on weight alone as a meter of fitness could be a dangerous thing. The plucky little Wii board character that gives you tips and tricks comes across, to me, as condescending. For example, I may have done a five mile run the day before, and not got on my Wii. So, I'll hear a message about how I should work out every day and not skip days. The Wii Fit is a bit self-centered, not realizing that you may have other workout routines that do not involve it! Also, it nudges you about your family members. My best friend came to visit and played on the Wii with me, as I previously mentioned. She lives three hours away, so she hasn't logged in since then - now the Wii asks me every day how G is doing and why she isn't playing!

Ironically, it's not much of a workout so the Wii Fit itself won't be contributing much to my bottom line so to speak. As I said, EA Active and some other exercise videos and fitness activities will do more for that. So that's why I feel it oversteps its bounds in that area. I wish it was just minigames. EA Sports Active could stand to pick up some of these features! I do love Wii Fitness Coach, which can build up to be a really hard workout (i.e. breathing hard, sore the next day from the strength training). I've also heard that Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum is a good game, although I haven't tried it. So of all the wii-based fitness titles, the Wii Fit Plus is probably the least of a workout. However, it's the most like a game, and therefore may keep people's attention better, especially kids.
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on December 18, 2009
I had heard so much about this game that I decided to get it for myself for Christmas. After a few years of too much sitting behind the computer and suffering a number of injuries the pounds have jumped on. So I thought gee maybe I'll use this more than my strider.
I began. First I built my comes the profile. It weighs you and you enter some data and it feeds you your BMI where upon a Bart Simpson knock off goes " You're OBESE". I'm thinking "NO Sh_T Sherlock, why do you think I bought this game?" Then it does a balance test.... " guess _____ is not your forte" comes on the screen. There was a reason I bought this game. Then it calculates my age 77. I repeated the profile. My weight was 3 lbs different than 2 minutes before. There was a different balance game...I'm still obese but I have improved ( How is that possible?)" and now I am 33...congratulations!!! So third time is the charm...still obese yet another weight and now I'm 53....

So defintely have to take the assessment with a grain of salt.

Next the games. I'm a little slow so it took me a while to figure some of them out. Alot of the games are fun. The obstacle course is great. It gives you a good workout as you ascend the levels. Others are purely frustrating. The balance board seems to respond to right left weight shift fairly well. Back front is another issue. Some of the hip tilting doesn't seem to respond or does so irratically. There is a run and jump game, sometimes the figure jumps when I bend and straighten my knees other times it doesn't. Maybe it takes practice.
At any rate I got so frustrated that I got my numchuck and wii sport, put on the boxing game and knocked the lights out of my opponent.
I would enjoy it more if there was a more positive message like" It takes time to learn, keep trying." or it gave me better instructions. I have to admit it is a bit addictive.
The yoga is fair. You have to keep choosing different poses so there is no flow....I will try the personalized routine soon. It may be better. Many of the strength exercises look like yoga.
Overall it is fun. Don't believe the weight and BMI, take the insults lightly and hope Nintendo will improve future games.

This is an addendum to my previous review. I have now used this game much more.

I have lost a few pounds this week and am getting better at the games and physically stronger.There is definitely an addictive quality to these games.

The major points of the review remain accurate. I did find a way thru the game where you can set up your personal workout. You can combine yoga and strength into the workout. It is a good feature. SOME EXERCISES USE THE BOARD AND OTHERS DON'T. During some of the non-board exercises the instructor is telling me "You are doing great, keep it up." There was no feedback possible and no way to know whether I was doing great or not. I found the same occurance in the Your Shapewith the webcam. During the Yoga the instructor told me I was doing great. I was sitting on the couch.(There are other good features of that system. Fodder for another review.)

I could easily do without my MII crumbling in humiliation when my score is low when I am just learning the game. In some this appears to be "revenge of the Nerds" by the programmers who conjured up these games. I have had innumerable coconuts and vases hit me in the head on my Rhythm Kung Fu screw-ups and turned into a snowball on the ski jump many times either when I took off too late or the board failed to register my take off.( Maybe it is from How to survive a Japanese Game Show)

I continue to wish there was better instruction on some of the games. The skiing balance game tells you to shift weigh and turn the skier. As a lifetime expert skier, I still can't make him consistently turn to the extent to catch all the gates and can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Clearly the board and controller are not as responsive as they could be.

Nonetheless this is first generation software and hardware and hopefully over time it will improve.( And I will improve.) These are great concepts and the possibilities are endless.

Nintendo really please 1.) Get a real certified Yoga Instructor to help you with Yoga.2) Give me accurate feedback and no commentary. You don't have to tell me to remember to brush my teeth before bed when I am working out at night 3.) If you aren't assessing my skill in an exercise, don't tell me I'm doing great.4.) Just give me the score, I don't need you to tell me I'm unbalanced...etc

Other than that many of the games are fun and give a great workout esp in the training plus.. The obstacle course is one of my favorites the advanced level gives an added dimension. The tilt your pelvis numbers games is great to sharpen mind-body integration and is fun as well. (To tilt your pelvis backward you actually have to stand on your toes.)
So buy it, have fun, blow off the insults and realize that it is a work in progress. There are enough games and exercises that there will be something that helps you get fit. It is also great for kids to develop and improve balance, focus and mind-body integration.
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on December 1, 2009
I purchased the Wii specifically for this set (Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board) after reading about a few differently-abled users.

I am wheelchair bound 70% of the time, on a cane 30% of the time after 3 spinal surgeries (I have multiple congenital spinal disorders) and was VERY surprised at how many games I can play! Many of the walking based games can be played just standing there and moving your arms. I've even sat on the board to play the some of the balance based games. When I stand, 60-80% of my weight is supported by my left leg (I basically drag my right one) and the balance games have helped me to regain some of the muscle in my right leg on days when I can stand. I can do 5 of the yoga poses, play about 1/2 of the balance games, and maybe 1/3 of the aerobics games. Strength training is out for me. But the bonus games are a blast...btw, the bubble game can be played sitting down!

Since the board is so low, I've found I can step on and off of it (a big wow for me since I can't even walk un-aided) so that also adds to the games I can play.

Best of is genuinely fun! I find myself playing every day...sometimes twice a day. And I SWEAT! ME! I am sooooo happy to have something I can do that is safe, I can do at home, I can use with a walker if I need, or sit on my bad days and STILL get a good workout.

Even better is that my incredibly in-shape husband can take the SAME GAME, put it on advanced, and be sweating himself in no time!

My favorite is the sitting Zen balance game. You sit on the board, back straight, keeping balanced as a candle slowly burns down with nice background sounds and a truly relaxing atmosphere. It's 2 minutes of peace and balance that I always look forward to at the end of my workout.

I recommend this to ANYONE with disabilities. My 85 yr old home-bound grandmother could find 10 games she could play. And the basic Wii Sports games that come with the Wii are all wheelchair friendly. No board needed and I've played ALL five (boxing, bowling, golf, tennis and baseball) from my chair. I never thought I'd bowl again...what a blast!

In short...if you're disabled, don't write this one off. If you can stand with a walker and move your legs at ALL, you can play lots of games; if you can sit unaided (or maybe rig a backrest) then you can play even more; if you are completely wheelchair bound, I'd stick with the Wii Sports it comes with as all games can be played from your chair.

Have fun...I am!!
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on October 20, 2009
I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I've always been fairly inactive and now that I'm in my mid-40s, it's been starting to cause an overall lack of stamina and back pain and exhaustion from walking short distances (and I'm not even overweight). But after just 2 weeks of Wii Fit Plus (usually 30 -45 minutes per day), I'm really noticing a difference. I'm thrilled!

You can work up a sweat without even noticing because you're having so much fun. The Island Cycling is my favorite (love the Island View Course). It definitely gets your blood pumping. Some of my other favorites include Rhythm Kung Fu, Advanced Step, Hula Hoop, Obstacle Course, Rhythm Parade, Bull's Eye, Jogging and Boxing. There are so many choices that it's hard to imagine anyone not finding something that's fun for them or that suits their needs and goals (unless they're already in great shape).

Some of the activities can be a bit challenging to get the hang of (and it seems that different people have trouble with different things). I'm disastrous at skateboarding, but I'm a "calorie torcher" at obstacle course. My boyfriend's 12-year-old son got quickly frustrated with the obstacle course, but I bet he'd be a natural at skateboarding. You just have to find what works for you. Fortunately there are plenty of choices!

Another fun feature is that you feel like you're working out with your friends and family. As your family members add themselves to the program (and you can also add your pets), they are featured throughout the game. Your regular Wii friends are featured too, but not as prominently. They cheer you on at the finish line, demonstrate the moves, toss you your hula hoops, march in your band, etc., and your pet can run along side you as you cycle. It can be an added little boost to your workout. Wii Fit Plus also keeps track of your best times/scores, so it's fun to be able to challenge your previous records. It always feel great when you beat your previous best.

The yoga is good if you like a more calm, relaxed type of workout. Personally I have a hard time staying away from the more active games, but I'm glad it's there when I want to work on strength.
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on October 22, 2009
I am just using my mom's account to write a review for this, since I do not have an account (I'm only thirteen.)
I was wondering if this game would be fun for me since I'm a kid. After all, I do not want to waste $100. I was expecting it to be boring to do push ups and Yoga; but they were actually really fun. It is surprisingly fun to see if your balance is better day to day and see if you have lost or gained weight. It was really funny to see my dad weigh himself, because his Mii character got fat. It was also really fun to play all the Training Plus, Balance, and Aerobics games. So it is very fun for kids in my opinion.

Here is a summary of a few of the games:


+Rythym Parade: One of my favorites, in it you step in place to the beat and swing the Wii Remote in accordance to the scrolling Icons.
+Rythym Kung Fu: An awesome game where you swing the Wii Remote and kick to the beat.
+Skate Boarding Arena: You put the balance board on its side and lean to the left and right to turn. A little hard to get the hang of, though.


+Deep Breathng: You just stand still while breathing.
+Cobra: Really fun, and it gives you a nice stretch.
+Standing Knee: This one is one of my favorite yoga exercises because it is easier to keep your balance.


+Push Up and Side Plank: This one is pretty easy to get a score of 100 on, but pretty tiring if you do 20 Reps.
+Push Up Challenge: You can work up to 100 reps of push ups in this. You challenge the trainer and if you beat him, it is quite rewarding, especially it you beat him on the 100 reps. There are also challenge modes for the Jacknife and the Plank.


+Basic Step: This one is kind of hard to get used to, but really fun.
+Basic Run: In this you put the Wii Remote in your pocket and run in place. It is kind of annoying if your pocket is roomie, which makes the Wii Remote jiggle around, which messes up your run.


+Ski Slalom: Pretty hard to get used to and not my favorite.

In conclusion, is this game right for anyone? I cannot say that. But I can say I like it.
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Okay, by now, everyone and her mother owns this game. It is great for getting in shape. I love how it keeps track of my weight the how it graphs my progress. I like the little test it gives us before each session, though results on those tests seem to vary widely from day to day. (My Wii Fit age can be anywhere from 30 to 40.)

There are four areas we can work on: yoga, strength training, cardio and balance games. Though the cardio is included, I feel the focus of this product is in strengthening the core muscles. For someone like me, who is neither athletic nor in shape, these exercises are not easy. My neighbor's co-worker actually injured herself so badly doing the Wii Fit, that she ended up in the hospital! So, a message for the unfit: go slow.

The difficulty levels in Wii Fit increase gradually. The more Wii exercises I do, the more exercises are unlocked and I then have the choice of doing longer sessions.


Holding those poses is not easy. Keeping the dot in the perfect spot is even harder. One of the problems with holding the dot still is that I am not always be able to see the dot from whatever position I have myself twisted into.


I found my heart beating hard after doing some of these, harder than it beat after cardio, so it can be an intense workout. Be prepared to be sore!


Jogging can get a little boring. I can't run faster than my little guide.

I'd get a littte frustrated with step sometimes, because I'd step, but the step wouldn't register. It's more about stepping with the beat in that game. They do let us step while watching tv, which I like; but it's not a hard workout.

The hula hooping is fun, at first. As I hula hoop, the friends throw hula hoops at me to catch, but after awhile, they stop throwing hula hoops at me for me to catch and I just have to hula hoop. I get bored just hula hooping without anything else to do.

Boxing can be fun, but I found out quickly that the jabbing motion doesn't register well. I have to "hit like a girl" for it to work. It would be fun if it was a true boxing game rather than the choreographed boxing game, but maybe that would turn off some women.


I have never been athletic, so balance is not easy for me. I have a very hard time with balance games, but balance games are the most enjoyable part of Wii Fit.


Wii Fit is a great way to motivate the couch potatoes like me. My core muscles need work and this is a great help. I recommend Wii Fit for anyone like me.

For those who need cardio, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. It's not very good at focusing on that, the workout is not great (I'm not breathing very hard, and that's a bad sign because I'm very out of shape) and you might easily get bored.
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on February 16, 2010
I HATE to exercise. I love to lose weight and love to eat, so for some reason need to exercise to balance everything out. I love that I can let it pick out my routines and all I have to do is follow them. Seriously, who would have guessed that you could hit people with snowballs and work on your abs. Double bonus in my book. Would strongly recommend this to anyone that hates to exercise but loves to have fun. PS. I am not a big video game lover either.
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