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Wii Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2008
I'm almost hesitant to write this review because of the fanboys out there. It is really impossible to review Guitar Hero World Tour and not compare it to Rock Band and previous Guitar World games. That's dangerous because there are two camps of fanboys, the "Guitar Hero Rulzorz!!!!!!!1!" fanboys and the "Rock Band Roxxors!!!!!!!!!" fanboys. Right at this moment the internet is their battleground and the empty, pointless insults and flame wars are flying through the internet tubes. It's irrational and it's stupid. Why is it so irrational? Because both games are pretty much pure awesome, but neither is perfect. I'll repeat it again. BOTH GAMES ARE PRETTY MUCH PURE AWESOME, BUT NEITHER IS PERFECT. Please don't hunt me down and poison my dog for saying that.

Most casual and family-fun gamers will have a blast with either Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT) or Rock Band 2 (RB2). Both games cost about the same, many of the songs are available in both games, both games have downloadable content and online play. I seriously don't think a majority of the people that don't classify themselves as "hardcore" are going to notice or even care much about the subtle differences between the two games. If you have the choice, pick the PS3 or XBox 360 versions of games over the Wii versions.

IF YOU ONLY OWN A WII... do not buy choose Rock Band 1 instead of this game. Either buy Guitar Hero World Tour or wait for the more complete Rock Band 2 to hit the scene. Rock Band 1 has so many missing features that it's almost criminal, but Rock Band 2 is supposed to return with more features and will be able to compete with GHWT much butter. I can't compare GHWT to RB2 for the Wii since RB2 isn't out yet, but I don't think you'll be terribly disappointed if you chose GHWT, but I can't promise that.

Now to actually discuss the game itself. What do you get for your $190.00? A lot. The full-band version of the game includes a guitar controller, the 6 piece drum kit, a microphone, and the game. It's a big box and they pack a lot into it. I'm going to review each component individually and then the game itself.

I have a love-hate relationship with video game guitar controllers. I play real live intsruments and these things never feel right for me. GHWT's guitar is no different in that respect, although it has different features.

Guitar Pros:
+ The touch sensor on the neck is neat and innovative. I like it.
+ The whammy bar seems a bit more accessible
+ The strum bar is a bit clickier than the Rock Band guitars but not as stiff as Guitar Hero III (GH3).
+ Wireless.
+ Overall it feels very responsive.

Guitar Cons:
- The fret board buttons seem tougher to press in than RB2 and GH3. More fatigue on the left hand.
- WII ONLY: It requires a Wii Remote. I really don't like that.
- The whammy bar seems to swing down out of reach ocassionally when I'm not paying attention.

All in all, aside from the Wii remote insert requirement, it's a decent controller. The RB2 controllers annoy me because the strum bars are too mushy for my taste, but RB2 controllers have better response for the left hand fret buttons. Either way I think you're making a compromise. Sorry fanboys, no clear winner here.

Ok... they should have just changed the name of the game to Drum Hero. Seriously, the drums feel that good.

Drum Pros:
+ The drum stand is a very solid contsruction. It has good weight and feels well made.
+ The elevated cymbals are just plain awesome. Improves the realism immensely.
+ The pads are a lot quieter than the RB1 and RB2 drum kits.
+ Wireless
+ The pads are pressure sensitive... if you hit harder or softer, the game responds to a degree.
+ The kick pedal feels more responsive than rock band pedals.
+ Velcro has been attached to the bottom of the kick peddle. I didn't notice at first, but what a nice touch....

Drum Cons:
- Crappy, generic sticks, just like RB1 and RB2 pack in. You may want to buy your own.
- The kick pedal feels flimsy. I really have a bad feeling it's going to break on me.
- WII ONLY: The drums require a Wii Remote also. Again, I really don't like that.

Taken as a whole, it feels like the developers for GHWT sat around reading a year's worth of internet complaints about the Rock Band drum kits and decided to make some very good improvements. Rock Band may have done it first, but GHWT is doing it better. The sole exception is the durability of the kick pedal. The kick pedal broke for a lot of people in rock band, and I have a bad feeling that GHWT's kick pedal is slightly less durable. If you are trying to decide between RB2 and GHWT and the drums are your big thing, I think GHWT is the better choice.

I'll be honest, I haven't played much with the microphone on either RB2 or GHWT. I'm having too much fun with the guitars and drums on both games to care much about the vocals. Both systems feel pretty much identical, both have the singer stuck to a wired peripheral. Neither game has any kind of navigation controls which requires the singer to always have a regular controller sitting handy. Someone else probably has a better review of the vocal functions. Trust them, not me.

This is what really counts. No matter how good the peripherals are, if the game you are playing is a poorly programmed piece of junk it won't be any fun.

Guitar Hero Pros:
+ Features, features, features, features. Lot's of features and modes.
+ Every platform (Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360) appears to have all of the features, although Wii has a small storage space problem, but you're allowed to save things to SD card.
+ Did I mention that it is loaded with extra modes and features?
+ Note timing seems to be very solid. The game isn't forgiving, but it doesn't require such delicate precision that harder levels are unplayable.
+ Compared to GH3 the guitar lines feel more natural and less contrived. I was able to play guitar on "hard" right off the bat.
+ The drum lines feel really great and are a blast to play. A truly superior drum experience.
+ The drummer can trigger Super Power Rock Star Glowing mode at any time instead of waiting until preset moments like in Rock Band.
+ Graphics are clean crisp and generally don't get in the way.
+ Notes seem to stand out on the screen better than in Rock Band, and color blind people such as myself should be glad to know that the drums don't have a yellow kick-drum note sitting in a yellow-greenish background while in Rock Star Super Glowing mode.
+ I think hammer-ons work a bit better than in GH3 and RB, but I'm still deciding. They're definitely smoother than GH3, but it may be a matter of preference for how hammer-ons work between RB and GHWT.

Guitar Hero Cons:
- The MY BAND IS ABOUT TO FAIL meter is hard to read, tucked way off to the side, and generally sucks. Rock Band did that way better.
- I still am confused as to whether or not Rock Star Super Glowing Power mode is something everyone shares or builds up individually. Another example of something Rock Band clearly did better, in my opinion.
- I'm not sure why, but the notes in GHWT have the illusion of coming down faster than in RB2, which makes me feel rushed. I may be hallucinating, but I really feel there is a bit of adjustment between the two games.
- Menu navigation seems needlessly more difficult than either GH3 or RB2.
- You have to unlock most of the really cool songs. I hate this. I really, really, really, hate it. I hate it with acid, spiders, and scorpions. I wish music games would quit doing this... locking 70% of music library until you reach some arbitrary achievement is annoying and hurts the party-game atmosphere.
- This game will start some of the worst Rock Band VS Guitar Hero flame wars the internet has ever seen. Forget the hostile divide between McCain VS Obama supporters... these fanboys are out for blood. Some friendships will be ruined by this game. I wish I was kidding.

I've spent hours and hours playing both this game and Rock Band. Honestly, I think Guitar Hero World Tour is the better game when compared to Rock Band 2, BUT ONLY BY A LITTLE BIT. The drums are what do it for me. I'm willing to forgive the terribly designed MY BAND IS ABOUT TO FAIL meter, but that doesn't stop me from complaining about it. I don't like how Rock Star Super Glowing power is implemented as well, but the drummer can initiate it whenever they want, which is nice. When it comes down to it, both games are essentially the same. Go buy a game, grab some friends, and have some fun.

For people who want to draw bitter battle lines over the two games, I'll put it into perspective for you: be glad that you're financially stable enough to purchase a high quality $200 game from your developer of choice. Be glad that both of these companies are trying to one-up each other to provide the best experience out there to their customers. That kind of competition is exactly why both of these games are so spectacular.

(Except the Wii version of Rock Band 1...)
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on October 30, 2008
I just want to start off by saying i am not your super hardcore gamer. I believe all systems have their perks and if i could i would own one of everything. Nothing would ever beat the love i have for my Atari though, so if you will you can consider me an Atari fangirl.

I have never played any Guitar Hero games pre GHIII, but i have played it on both Wii and PS3. The only version of Rockband i have played is Xbox, so hopefully that gives you an idea of where the core of my review is coming from and why i will be relating GH4 to Rockband (Xbox) and GHIII (Wii).

DRUMS: I'm gonna start with the drums because lets be honest that is why most of us are getting the entire band kit.
+ Compared to the Xbox version these drums are out of this world.
+ You get 2 cymbols which are connected by a "headphone" jack into the drum board it's self.
+ The cymbols can be raised or lowered to your prefered height
+ The stand for the drums is sturdier and can also be raised and lowered to your liking
+ They have a specific spot and two little "fingers" that flip out from the left and right side of the blue drum that will hold your sticks
+ The kick pedal is much much MUCH better than Rockband (Xbox). You no longer get shin splints from trying to hover your foot. If you rest back far enough on it, you can just let the GIANT spring that is now a part of the pedal hold the weight of your foot. (I'm only a size 8)
+ For those of us who have carpet, there is velcrow on the bottom of the pedal to help hold it in place.
+ Drums are quieter than Rockband (Xbox) and the colored ring around the drum is rubber as well, so for those of us who miss sometimes, no more stick against plastic.
+ Hit sensativity on the drums, there are certain notes where the harder you hit (not as hard as you can) you'll get more points
+ Midi usb cable port in drums to upload things like the patch for some of the drums that are having problems with drum sensativity.

Cons: I know there has to be some flaws right?
- The sticks are cheap and light in weight, but they will work for now.
- While the cymbols are cool, they are more on the louder side of loud when being hit.
- You do have to have a wiimote in the drums, which is fine but that just means i will be going through and charging a lot more batteries.
- After awhile of playing you should check the lock nuts that hold the cymbols down as they tend to get loose.
- Drum sensativity for some is a major issue, which they have released a patch for.
- I don't really care for having to hit both cymbols at the same time for star power because while it's meant to pick up the next note for you as an automatic hit, a lot of the time it doesn't work.

GUITAR: Talk about an awesome invention.
+ The weight is meant to be more "realistic".
+ The look and style
+ The touch pad makes it so you hold down the fret still, but can tap the touch bar instead of strum or slide your finger for the "Weh" sound.
+ Tilt action for star power or star power specific button
+ New style and look of the whammy bar that feels more realistic

Cons: One in every group.
- I hate the crappy guitar strap they give you, it's itchy and i always replace it with a real one
- The strum bar feels more like the Rockband one and has that lose clicking feel and sound (but maybe it's better built inside?)

MIC: Sing your heart out.
+ I have a really child like voice and i've done a few songs and it's worked out okay so far.
+ On one of the screens it also says something about if your voice is low, not to worry it will still work.
+ Has more weight to it for a real feel

Cons: More cons than the others.
- It's not wireless, but it still uses the Wiimote and it's batteries
- It takes a lot of effort to get it to work. It has to be plugged in while the system is off and then turned on, not in the middle of game play. (that was my experience anyway)
- The words that scroll by are so small and i have a flat screen 32in TV and was playing with JUST vocals
- The song choice is great for drums and guitar but i was born in the early 80's and do not know lots of the songs.

Overall the game is great. It has taken the Rockband idea and put it into the quality of GH. There are new features like downloadable content and the studio where you can go in and create your own music. I was not looking forward to this feature because i thought it was going to be a bit too complicated, but just a few minutes in there and i had the basics down and was loving it.

Like Rockband it gives you lots of options to create your own person, band name and band symbol. There are so many choices of items and things that i feel overwhelmed with them at times and i spent about 2 hours last night just creating my person and her drumset and it felt like no time had passed at all.

I think if you are into having a good time either just you, some friends or at a party this is a must have game. From what i've heard about Rockband Wii version, GH4 is the better way to go for features and fun. It's a solid game and i don't think you'll be dissapointed. I find it hard to believe that i have given other games 5 star reviews when this game just surpasses them all in fun. I would have given it a 10 star review if i could have.
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on October 27, 2008
I bought the game the very first day because we have wanted rock band ever since we played it on the xbox. Yet, I'm a wii person.

This version has TONS of good songs. Nice variety too. Also, the drums are way better because of the symbols.

My boyfriend is a drummer so he was able to do songs on hard right away because it was close enough to a real drum set. But something we noticed is it feels like you have to slam down on them with the provided sticks. We pulled out a heavier pair of his, and it instantly became more fun. Compared to a normal set of sticks, those feel like balsa wood, or bamboo.

We are very happy we held out, even though we didn't know a different version would be arriving. I would highly suggest getting it.
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on November 13, 2008
When determining which "band kit" to purchase, I, like everyone else, searched endless reviews online comparing Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour. I finally decided on GHWT and made my purchase. The game was great at first, although the drums are too technical to just have friends come over and play if they aren't used to them. Having drummed in the past though, I thought they were great. Unfortunately, after six days the red snare drum pad failed to work any longer (and after looking online, this appeared to be a relatively common problem). I immediately called Red Octane and they told me to mail it in and they'd have a replacement within in two to three weeks. Completely inconvenient and a waste of time, but I had no other choice. Of course, I then find out that it costs $68.00 to mail back the drums only - which does not get reimbursed to you by Red Octane or Activision. Thus, in order to get a working version of GHWT, it will now cost me almost $250! In other words, I highly recommend NOT buying GHWT. I've read of others who have the same issue, so obviously it's not just a fluke. Good luck to you in your search out there. I'm heading over to Rock Band.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 12, 2008
Let me start of by saying that I was a huge fan of Guitar Hero III for the Wii. However, having friends over to play became a pain because we all had to take turns with the one guitar. So when I saw that there would be a band kit in the next version, I couldn't wait to get it.
As soon as I setup the band kit, I noticed some of the drum pads didn't respond unless I whacked the crap out of them. A quick trip to Red Octane's support website showed that they were aware of this issue and would send out a free MIDI-to-USB cable that could be used to increase the sensitivity of the drums. A week later the cable arrived and to my dismay I found that the computer had to be in the same room as the game (and the software was not compatible with my Macbook). So I dragged my desktop computer out to the living room and adjusted the sensitivity of the drums with the software while watching the response in the game. A big hassle, but it was a lot better than packing up the entire game and trying to return it. Also better than trying to do a warranty exchange with Red Octane (which requires that YOU pay shipping).
Everything worked great for a week, until I noticed that the guitar was "double strumming" at random times during play. Then a few days later, it was missing random notes. To verify it wasn't my guitar-playing ability, I got out my old Guitar Hero III guitar and it did not exhibit any of these symptoms. I checked out the official game forums at Guitar Hero's website and noted that many other players had the same problem with their guitars, but only after a week or two of gameplay.
This was the last straw. Out of the my entire kit, only the microphone functioned as it should. I promptly disassembled the instruments, spent an hour trying to fit everything in the box, and returned the game to the store (where they were not at all surprised to see me walking in with the Guitar Hero band kit). I'll be waiting for the Wii release of Rock Band now. At least they will cover the cost of shipping should something malfunction.
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on November 17, 2008
I was very excited to receive this game as a gift. I had never played Rockband, so this would be my first experience with the drum and the microphone for a gaming system. I really enjoyed Guitar Hero - III: Legends of Rock so I thought that this would be great. Unfortunately, due to problems with the hardware, it did not meet expectations. The songs are great and would be so much fun to play if the hardware worked.

First, the drums started having problems. I ordered the MIDI-USB kit from activision to try to fix it, and it didn't really do the trick. Then I noticed that I was having problems with the guitar. It would register extra strums or sometimes not work at all. I found that I was able to strum up, but not down (which is a major problem).

Therefore, I had to return the game. I learned my lesson. Do not buy a new game with new hardware on release day. Let them work out the kinks. I think that I could have sent the hardware back to Red Octane, but you have to pay the shipping costs and likely would not get anything back for a month. I looked around I'm not the only one with this problem. I'd wait and make Red Octane fix their stuff.
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on December 26, 2008
Bought a brand new package from Target on 11/28 for my 5 year old twins. They really, really wanted this game, and SANTA got it for them. It was their "big" gift, so there was no fallback for the Man in the Red Suit...

Xmas day arrives, we set it up....and the drums don't work at all. So I got online, and found that this was not an uncommon problem. However, had the drums actually worked, the chances were very good that one or both of the cymbals would not be registering hits correctly, or would simply stop working after a few hours. Do a little searching on the GH drum kit, and I think you'll find that this has been a KNOWN PROBLEM since the product was first released.

Now here's the punchline: Activision has taken a hard line against actually standing behind their own product. Many people have been turned away by Activision - told to call the company that manufactures the drums (called RedOctane). And - are you sitting down?- RedOctane will glady replace the defective drums...but YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING the defective under-warranty product to them.

Never in my life have I heard of such nonsense.

A company worth anything would Fedex a working set to you, and have you send the defective unit back. But let's be honet - a REAL company would have a Quality Assurance department that would catch major things like defective drum kits before they left the factory. My opinion? RedOctane and probably Activision knew there was a very high failure rate on these drum units, but didn't care. The more important thing was to get them out the door in time for Christmas, customer be damned.

Nevermind the two 5-year olds who cried Christmas morning because Santa gave them a broken toy.

I am going to go back to Target tomorrow and HOPE they take this game back. If I am told I need to return it to the manufacturer, there's gonna be heck to pay. At this point, all I want is store credit.

$189 plus tax for a game broken right out of the box. If this were an isolated incident, and the company stood behind it, it would be understandable. But when they admit it's a widespread problem, but will only fix it AT MY EXPENSE, it's unforgivable. There is one fewer Activision customer in the world.

So go ahead, roll the dice, and pray you get a working unit. But make sure you do a little Google search regarding the defects first.

And be VERY careful if you want to order this online. The chances of being able to return it will be slim to none.
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on October 31, 2008
History: I have GH3 and RB1 (Wii), and have been pretty happy with both. I do think the RB guitar is better than the GH one because they are more substantial in your hand and give off ALOT less noise by them selves. At first, I thought the RB drums were very loud, but getting the drum pads helped about 50%. (apt. dweller). Now having bought the new GH:WT I was hoping for new improvements to make playing the next gen even better. But alas, not to be. Firstly the guitar: The amount of noise the strummer makes is awful, you get a click & the plastic touching plastic sound (2 sounds) on every note played. If 2 are playing it makes quite a racket all its own. The new sliderbar is very cool and you can use it to strum the notes, but it will make your finger hurt from tapping out all the notes. You also really have to tilt up guitar for powerup to register making you miss notes to rock out. They added a powerup bar, but its not in a spot where you can just hit it w/out missing a note or 2. The guitar is better than the original one, and feels better in your hands, but I think the RBs are WAY quieter and the buttons are less apt to cause finger fatigue because they press with less resistance. ( However, ALL guitars RB&GH need to figure out the whammy bars tendancy to point to the floor when playing (I use scotch tape to hold it horizontal). Lastly, the GH fret buttons are spaced apart, making it harder to roll your pinky to orange. Now the drums: Booo!!!! 1st 0ff, they are very very loud!!! It honestly sounds like you are whacking 3lb country crock butter tubs! The cymbal pads have their own sound, kind of a dulled thud of rubber being hit with a very cheap stick of lightweight wood. This is not so bad, but maybe there will be pads in the future. ( I did put my RB pads on the GH kit,'and it made 0% difference). The pedal is good, except there is no place to store it on the kit like RB so I put some velcro on the crossbar to hang the pedal when stored. I never had any breakage problems with RBs pedal, as others have reported, and this pedal seems as good as the RB one. The different note pads are spaced apart more than RBs so its easier to miss when jamming along at full speed. ( DANGER!! I have hit the drumstick holder tab and broken it off, hitting myself in the forehead with the broken off piece and now have a cut there. (wear safety goggles?) thank god it didnt hit my eye. Bad design! Lastly, the control buttons are black on black w/black markings so its hard to see in a dim room to press pause or use menu to nav the game. (I hope I dont whack the Wiimote as thats kind of in line of fire too.) The mic is just like any other,so no report needed there. The overall game is very good and is WAY faster to load than RB. The music maker seems very time intensive, but good art takes its time to create! The Mii jam part is OK, but seems kind of childish and would be fun if you are really bored with playing the regular game. Making a ROCKGOD to look like yourself is nice, and you can make a logo for your band that goes on backgrounds and shirts. It needs to be said that there are some drum kits (mine=yellow pad) need some kind of update to adjust sensitivity that redoctane will provide if you contact them w/ sensitivity issues. However, you have to have a PC to do this (I dont) and hope I do not have to return gameset,drumset,or yellowpad to fix bug. As far as the noisy controller issues being annoying, you could just turn up the stereo to drown out all the clacking/buttertub sound, but the cut scene volume between songs is so upped (twice as bad as tv commercials loudness) that being an apt. dweller is NOT recommended. I wont say the songlist is better because that is a personal choice, but Im happy with all the tracklists for RB & GH (except Aerosmith, That should have been 29.99) I havent dlc'ed so I cant comment to that, but I hope to do it in the future. So, GH:WT is pretty much the same as RB with noisy contollers and extra features that make it recommendable. Just hope the bad design (breakable parts & Wiimote location, drum issues) will be fixable and lead to months of enjoyment before the next installment comes out. And come on lets get compatability w/each others games as I now have 5 guitars. 2 drumsets and 3 mics.(I use my Boogie mic). With RB2 on the way, Im gonna need a second bedroom or a storage unit to keep all the instruments in!!!!!! KEEP ON ROCKIN!
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on January 23, 2009
I usually don't make reviews, but I thought that all the reviews so far for this product didn't fairly address some of the concerns that people have about the drums and with Rock Band 2 compatibility. I will try to touch upon a few things about many aspects of the game, but many other reviewers have gone into far more detail than I will here.

Initial Drum Issues: I bought World Tour the day it came out. I think Guitar Hero 3 (GH3) is a great game, so I was really excited for World Tour. I was one of the unlucky people that happened to receive a defective drum set, but was able to get a new main drum pad (all 5 pads and cymbals minus the stand and kick pedal) for free in 3 days through the Activision Customer Support page (for more on this you can see my post on the forum entitled "returning defective drums to red octane GHWT Wii"). Now that I have my new drum kit, the drums have been working flawlessly.

The Game: Overall, I think it is a good game. I feel a bit unsatisfied with the song selection because I compare the songs to GH3, which is probably a little unfair. I do enjoy the fact that there is a wide song selection so no matter who is playing (young or old) there is probably a song that they have heard of and/or like. In my group of friends, I have found that whoever has to sing has a hrad time finding many songs that they know the words to. True, the game gives you the lyrics, but the font is so annoyingly small that it is hard to read and most people don't want to be that close to the tv screen.

The Instruments: Now that my drums are fixed, I think they are great. However, I state this opinion not ever having played with Rock Band drums. The new guitar is great, and some people like how there is a star power button. My hands are too small to take advantage of the button. The touch pad buttons are a cool addition, but I don't use them as much as the game allows for because I find it hard to switch my fingers from the fret buttons to the touch pad buttons. I do use them to cheat during really hard parts when I just slide my fingers back and forth instead of touching each individual button. So far, the mic has help up fine, but it doesn't get used that much because usually only 2 people are playing at a time and the font is hard to read.

Compatibility with Rock Band 2 (RB2): I bought World Tour because I already have guitars from GH3, and these are compatible with World Tour. I was a little envious that RB2 seemed to have more downloadable content (DLC) that World Tour, but I was OK with losing that and not having to buy all new instruments. A few days before RB2 for the Wii came out, I found out that the Wii RB2 instruments are compatible with World Tour. I bought the game only version of RB2 and the World Tour drums and guitar are compatible with RB2. The GH3 guitar also works with RB2. World Tour drums have 5 pads and RB2 has 4 pads. It takes a little getting used to the difference, but it ends up being fine. The orange cymbal and one of the middle drum pads of the World Tour drums will register as the same color in the RB2 game; that's the only difference. I have only played RB2 a few times, but I find myself liking the song selection better in RB2. The drum trainer is really great in RB2 because you can learn drum parts, from simple to complex, in a variety of genre styles that also allows you to slowly increase the tempo of the drum parts. I feel like I am really learning how to play the drums (I say this as a non-musician with no formal training of any kind, so if this is not true, please forgive my ignorance).

Overall: I like having a full band experience for World Tour. I am a little disappointed in song selection, because there aren't as many songs that I really like playing as much as in GH3. However, the game still allows many hours of fun alone or with friends. Personally (ignoring any strong preference about the drums or guitars themselves), if you are deciding between RB2 and World Tour for the Wii only, I would suggest World Tour because of the compatibility with RB2. All the websites that I have read say that the RB2 instruments are not compatible with World Tour, so if you want both games, it is cheaper to buy the World Tour Band Kit and buy the RB2 game only.
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on January 5, 2009
Last Christmas ('07) we purchased the Wii gaming system for our children, after owning the Nintendo Gamecube for several years. The "family friendly" games that seem to specifically target the Nintendo platforms, have kept us away from the more graphically sophisticated SPS and XBox systems.

That said, this review focuses soley on THIS game (Guitar Hero World Tour), for THIS system (Nintendo Wii).

We had owned Guitar Hero III for quite a while and had always loved it. It's one downside was the lack of multiplayer ability. With six of us in the family.....two adults with four children ranging in ages from 6 to 17......we try and look for as many multiple player games, with child friendly themes, as possible. As we see it, video games have taken the place of the more traditional board games in this day and age.
With Guitar Hero World Tour, I view this as a positive.

Four players at once can join in on the fun, and what makes it all the better, is the ability to to vary the difficulty setting of each instrument depending on the talents of the individual "musicians". So when our six year old son wants to play guitar along with his fourteen year old sister playing drums, he can set his level at beginner while hers is at advanced. The rest of us can work our way in somewhere in the middle.

While nights at the kitchen table playing Clue as a family will always hold a dear place in my heart, rockin' out in the family room to Bon Jovi's, Livin On a Prayer is right up there.

With so many available songs, it isn't hard to find a bunch that everyone enjoys jamming together on.

I would recomend purchasing a second guitar to anyone who is joining the Guitar Hero craze for the first time, but if you own a previous version, you'll be happy to know that the original guitar works with this game as well.

As the parent of teens, I also appreciate the fact that it's at least one reason for my kids to consider invitig friends over to our house on occassion, so that I might keep a closer eye on them.

All of this said, be sure to monitor and decide how age appropriate each song is. Remember, it's still rock and roll.

Two big thumbs up, from an aging rocker, and father of four!
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