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5.0 out of 5 stars Now is a good time to buy a Wii with this great bundle.
It's been four years since the Wii first debuted but if you haven't jumped in on the bandwagon, now is a pretty good time to do so.

In the eyes of the public and industry alike, the Wii is seen as a very accessible gaming machine with games that are easy to pick up and play much like the original Nintendo Entertainment System was back in 1985. To a lot of...
Published on November 8, 2010 by doughffxi

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1.0 out of 5 stars My Grandson received a Wii for his eigth birthday that did not operate
I purchased a Wii for my Grandson's eighth birhday through Amazon.
I have been purchasing items on line from Amazon for many years. I have always received the correct merchandise in a timely manner and been very satisfied.
I purchase through Amazon because your company has always been prestine and honest.
When my Grandson received his birthday gift it did...
Published on August 12, 2011 by Disappointed Customer

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261 of 271 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Now is a good time to buy a Wii with this great bundle., November 8, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
It's been four years since the Wii first debuted but if you haven't jumped in on the bandwagon, now is a pretty good time to do so.

In the eyes of the public and industry alike, the Wii is seen as a very accessible gaming machine with games that are easy to pick up and play much like the original Nintendo Entertainment System was back in 1985. To a lot of gamers, though, they see the system as not having a lot of worthwhile titles to play. People are constantly saying their Wiis are in the closet or collecting dust. They're not lying. I have a lot of close friends who literally have their Wiis boxed up in their closets. The reasons are probably because of the Wii's lack of a unified online infrastructure or it's lowered graphically fidelity in comparison to this current gen's home consoles. But here I am, buying my second Wii.

I consider myself a hardcore but well-rounded gamer. I like playing the Call of Duty and Halo games that everyone else is playing but I love the Marios, Kirbys, Metroids, Zeldas, and just about everything else, too. The motion control of most games is tacked on and extremely gimmicky, but it can still provide for a very fun experience when done correctly. I'm also an extremely retroactive gamer. I love, love, love games of old and that's one of the biggest selling points of the Wii for me. I'm 22 years-old so a lot of these old games I play are first time experiences. The Virtual Console feature of the Wii is a very large library of old games you can download from the Wii's Shop Channel with a straightforward pay-per-title payment structure. You can download games from past Nintendo home consoles from the NES to the Nintendo 64. You can also download games from other non-Nintendo platforms such as the Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx, and even arcade. There are also Wii exclusive downloadable "Wiiware" games and a limited variety of apps such as Netflix so you can stream movies and TV if you're a subscriber to Netflix. So obviously lower quality graphics don't bother me, though, I must admit the maximum resolution that the Wii can output at 480p is rather disappointing, especially as time goes on. It won't bother a lot of people, especially kids, but I game on my PC too at super resolutions so I longingly wait for the day I can play my Nintendo games in HD. The overall reproduction of games in the Virtual Console though is mostly spot on, which is more than I can say for a lot of other retro ports of classics. The Wii can also play Gamecube games by simply inserting the games and plugging in a Gamecube controller. One thing that is a bit disappointing is that not all old games are on the Virtual Console. Nintendo tries to release more when they can but it can be hard for them at times due to licensing royalties and fees, especially when the license holding companies don't exist anymore and multiple parties own the rights.

Anyways, that's my opinion of the Wii in general. Here's some of this product's specifics:

25th Anniversary Wii Bundle

What makes this bundle different than other current Wii bundles is that the system and included remote/nunchuck are Red to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of the NES and Super Mario Bros. I'm guessing because Mario's clothing is mostly red but it's a unique and supposedly limited color for the Wii. The bundle also comes with two games: New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports. The other bundles (Black or White) come with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. You may or may not have already played Wii Sports which has fun pick-up-and-play games such as tennis or bowling. Wii Sports Resort is in the same style but has other games that utilize 1:1 motion such as sword fighting or archery. If you end up getting this bundle I highly recommend still getting Resort as you will get an additional Wii motion Plus attachment with the game. All bundles come with either a Wii motion Plus attachment (which gives the remote more accurate 1:1 detection and is required for some games such as Resort) or has it built in the remote.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This game is in the same "2.5D" style of New Super Mario Bros. for the DS with it's 3D rendered visuals but classic 2D platforming of older Mario games. The games look very similar but the levels are largely different with the added option of 1 to 4 players. I loved the DS version but I thought that playing it with more people would get kind of frustrating. Well, it actually is, but in that kind of crazy, fun kind of way. You can cooperate and compete. Helping each other to make that distant platform or hog all the coins to yourself while throwing your brother or sister into a pit as you make your way to the end of the stage. I asked my family if they wanted to try playing the game with me and they did. The next day I didn't think to ask them again because I was interested in something else I was playing, but they actually asked me. I said no, so they proceeded to playing the game, just three of my family members. Turns out they ended up beating the game without me that night. I was surprised but maybe I shouldn't have been. It's a really great game that recalls what made games so fun and simple 25 years ago. If you don't already have a Wii this is a good bundle simply for this game. It actually reminds of the old system bundles we used to get those years ago.

EDIT: Both Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii come in cardboard sleeves rather than plastic casing. The bundle still comes with a New Super Mario Bros. Wii manual identical to that of a stand alone game along with identical inserts. Check out if you're interested in printing out a case cover and keep in mind that the stand alone version has a red case.

Some Miscellaneous info:

If you're interested in purchasing games of the Wii Shop channel the pricing structure is as follows:

Commodore 64 500 points

NES 500

Sega Master System 500

TurboGrafx-16 600

TurboGrafx-CD 800

MSX 700

Sega Genesis 800

SNES 800

Neo Geo 900

Nintendo 64 1000

Arcade 500

Each point is essentially 1 cent so 1000 points is $10. You can purchase points directly online in the Shop Channel of the Wii or at retail in a pre-paid card. Just keep in mind that you can only purchase points in increments of 500 and tax is added where applicable.

Some titles I would like to recommend:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Rated E)
Super Mario Galaxy (E)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (E)
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (T)
Wii Sports Resort (E)
Metroid Prime Trilogy (T)
Kirby's Epic Yarn (E)
Muramasa (T)
Boy and his Blob (E)
No More Heroes (M)
No More Heroes 2 (M)
Tatsunoko VS Capcom (T)
Super Smash Bros (T)
Pikmin (E)
Klonoa (E10)
Super Paper Mario (E)
Edit, games since released after review:
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Epic Mickey
Sonic Colors (I love this game!)
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5.0 out of 5 stars No need to wait anymore, November 8, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
I remember back in 2006 when the wii was first released, my brother got one, we were about 17. I played his and had a lot of fun. My now fiance and I have always talked about getting our own wii for our own place, but I said wait, because the price will drop. Sure enough, the price dropped, but I still said wait because Nintendo will be doing something else that's cool, which ended up being the wii remote plus.

Now the wait is over, we got the anniversary wii. I always wanted our wii to be the classic white color, but now that we have the red, I couldn't imagine it being a different color. Wii Sports is classic. I beat New Super Mario on my brother's copy, so now I have a copy of my own. Now after my back story to get this wii, time for the review.

Mario is 25 years old. To celebrate, Nintendo launched a worldwide campaign to celebrate the occasion. The campaign has a bunch of wallpapers, super play videos of the games, interviews, prizes, and of course special video game bundles. The Wii bundle comes with the red wii with a red wii remote plus which has the technology of motion plus built into a standard wii remote, a red nunchuck, all the hookups you need, and 2 games: Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The Wii, remote, and nunchuck has a red glossy red finish. It looks great, but it will leave fingerprints if you can spot them. The wii is just a plain red, no fancy decals like the anniversary DSi Xl or anything. I actually like the lack of decals because the wii more often then not will be tucked somewhere where you can't appreciate the decals, but still appreciate the shiny red finish. The wii remote and the nunchuck have the half finish, the top half is glossy and the bottom half is plastic. Smart move I think, plus you have the red jacket which looks great, and 2 free batteries to get going right away.

The wii is great just as a game console, but the wii can really shine if you give it a broadband internet connection. Doing so will give you access to weather, news, wii shop catalog, online play, Netflix (with a disc or its own channel (if you have an account)), Nintendo Channel, and a lot more. The wii can sell well on its own just for how well the online functions work.

The game that comes with any wii bundle, Wii Sports, is the game that is meant to be played first to show how the wii works and how responsive it is to the characters on the screen. Technically, it is like a beta to the Resort sequel, but it has a sense of classic to it because it is the first game for the console.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is like a sequel to the game on the DS. I think the best way to describe it is if you took all of the side scrolling Mario games plus something new to keep things fresh, you get this game. It's everything you'd expect from a Mario game and a little bit more.

There is one thing that I found was missing which annoyed me but didn't deduct points from me. In Japan, the same wii bundle would have came preloaded with Super Mario Bros. from the Virtual Console with a twist: all ? blocks replace "?" with "25". That did not make it into the bundle here, but the bundle is still a fantastic deal.

If you were to buy a white or black wii now, you would get everything mentioned before but Wii Sports Resort instead of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The bundle celebrates the 25th birthday of Mario, that is reason enough for me to consider buying one, especially if you like the color red. Any wii deserves a 5 out of 5, and this bundle is no exception.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best deal on a Wii to date!, November 13, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
My wife and I have wanted a Wii for awhile now and with rumors of price drops and an all powerful "Wii HD" we were holding on to our cash for the latest and greatest. With Nintendo confirming no price drop in the near future and no announcement of a new Wii in sight, this is a great deal.

For $200 you get the latest version of the Wii Remote with true 1-1 motion detection due to the previous Wii motion plus add on being built in for a more ergonomic and hassle free design and the standard nunchuk attachment.
You also get New Super Mario bros. Wii. If you are a old-school Mario Bros. fan then this game is a must own. It is a dream pack-in for a Nintendo console and is great for someone who isn't very interested in the gimmicky motion controls Wii sports demonstrates. Not to say Wii sports isn't tons of fun but the real gold nugget is Mario Bros. Truly a $50 value, "yours free!"

You get the console itself which is unchanged from the previous models. THIS is where my nitpicks come in. I have a 32 inch HDTV and the composite cable that comes with the wii makes anything displayed with any detail a fuzzy, blurry eye-soar. IF you own an HDTV do yourself a favor and buy a cheap component cable. It isn't mandatory but you will notice the blur if you are with-in 10 feet of a HDTV of that size. (Nintendo could have packed that in.) The console and controller has a finish that collects finger prints like crazy it's frustrating when you get it all set up to stand back and see smuges all over the surface of a brand new $200 game console. Those are really my only nitpicks and they are just minor problems that won't effect game play or fun.

I only touched on some basic things in this review but I think you get my point. If you don't have a Wii yet, don't mind the color red, are a fan of mario, and saving money, than this is as good as it gets... for now.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wii Hardware Red Bundle, November 18, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
I bought this Wii bundle yesterday from a local game store. I was attracted to the bright red coloring which is apparently exclusive to this bundle. It was a decent price, $199, which i didn't see as bad given what was included. Now, I'm a pretty big gamer, and know about the Wii, but I've never actually owned one myself, or really even played one all that much; so i was a little apprehensive about buying this. If you share those feelings, don't worry, it really is worth the price tag. The system is easy to set up, and very helpful to adjust to your personal settings. The included game(s) Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. are very entertaining, my family and I played both for hours last night, something we haven't done in years. Overall, I give this five stars as is, and i expect it will only grow better as i buy more games.

Whats Included:
Wii Hardware (Red)
Wii Remote + Nun chuck (Red)
Grip Jacket for Wii Remote (Red)
Wii Sports + New Super Mario Bros.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Colors Makes Gamers Happy!, November 28, 2010
Tommy Skylar (The Great White North) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
Nintendo have been around for so many years and really took gaming to another level with its console and it became the brand of choice for gamers way back in the 80s and 90s.Now things have changed Nintendo is competing against two other forces in the gaming industry,namely Sony and Microsoft who went towards a more "mature" gaming audience.With the buzz about the "current" consoles the XBOX 360 and the PS3,Nintendo had to deliver something unique,something different.With the Wii Nintendo hoped to reach the non-gamer and casual gamer market,which they certainly did so far.The Wii has been a success because it brought something different and was nothing short of a revolution in the gaming world. Fact is, Nintendo forced Sony and Microsoft to adapt (Sony's Playstation Move and Microsoft's Kinect are proofs of that)because it offered a totally different gaming experience.Earlier this year Nintendo released a black version of the Wii(white was the only color previously available) and now they release a new red bundle with an additional game (New Super Mario Bros). This red Wii doesn't really offer anything new but it looks fantastic and would be a great purchase for the gamer you know (or yourself maybe?).

The Wii innovates with its controls as you really make the move,best example would be Wii sports included with the Wii,it makes your gamer at home do some exercises while having some fun.Nintendo Wii can appeal to nearly anyone from the 3 year old kid to the seventy-eight years old grandmother.Its a unique system to say the least that is fun and original as well as full of options for example some games have you play with the nunchuk controller, some without and you play some games with you Wii remote on the side etc. plus you can buy a classic controller as well.

The Live Channel allows you to buy classic games from the NES,SNES,N64 which adds to the experience of the console.Playing a classic game like Super Mario 64 on a the Wii console is great, the controls are better and the games do look better.You have to buy point cards to buy games but its worth the bucks you will spend,the library of games available continues to grow. The points needed to buy each games varies, for instance, a game can be 400 or 1000 points. You can also download channels for games (such as the Mario Kart channel), go on the internet, have the weather channel and much more. It's also nice to create your own Mii(me) an be able to use your video self in some games. You can create tons of Miis based on your family, friends and celebrities which makes creating fun!

Zelda Twilight Princess proves to be a best selling game of the Wii along with New Super Mario Bros, Super Smash Brawl, Rayman Raving Rabids, Wario Ware Smooth Moves and a few others. The Wii has great and creative games for everyone which is why it's so popular, it appeals to practically anyone. The games found on the Wii are fun and original games making great use of the controllers. The included Wii Sports is creative and fun and for a game that comes with a console it proves to be a winner,with games like Wii Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Baseball and Bowling that you never get tired of (almost),it's a great party game.New Super Mario will please new and old fans of Mario and is an excellent return to the 2D style of side-scrolling games.For the older gamer seeking more mature games, there are nearly no any mature games(17+)which the PS3 and 360 support,that type of game while not Nintendo's targeted audience is lacking to the Wii.

GRAPHICS:Cannot compare to the PS3 or XBOX 360 at all.The graphics are a little better than the Gamecube to be honest but don't match other consoles and it could be considered a minus if you're big into graphics.The graphics of the Wii are simple but cool,I quite like them actually, but if you're looking for amazing visuals this is not your buy.

The Nintendo Wii is a fun,innovative and easy to get used to.A must-buy for anyone,even if its a second console.Easily the choice for partys and multiplayer gaming.The Wii is not a DVD or a Blu-Ray player and it doesn't have the best graphics but it is surely the console that is the most fun out there yet. This bundle makes it an even better purchase with this nice looking red Wii, the inclusion of Wii Sports as always and a copy of New Super Mario Bros, definitely one of the Wii's best game. 5/5
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5.0 out of 5 stars Mario 25, November 7, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
Hard to believe, it has been 25 years since Nintendo unveiled the classic Super Mario Brothers, and there is no question about the strength Nintendo has made into their classic plumber. Not only has Mario been the most influential video game character of all time, but the gameplay in platform games has been incredibly strong after all these years. Not only did Super Mario Brothers influence platformers, but a quarter-century after its release it still is as popular today, as it was 25 years ago. Nintendo is really celebrating the best of Mario all year long. With the Nintendo Wii, gamers have been falling in love with Mario all over again with Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2, but with New Super Mario Brothers Wii. But for those who've never experienced the Nintendo Wii, a new chance is finally here, and it is definitely hip to be Mario red.

The Wii Hardware Bundle in Red is specialty made to celebrate with Mario for his 25th Anniversary. The system looks absolutely vivid, and includes New Super Mario Brothers Wii, one of NIntendo's guilty pleasures from last year, and the classic Wii Sports which was bundled into the game as well. The system also includes a cute red Wii-mote, which clashes nicely into the system & nunchuck controller. As you play New Super Mario Brothers Wii, you'll encounter a long & winding road filled with villians from goombas, to Bowser's koopa kids including Larry, Ludwig Von Koopa and Iggy Koopa, to the innocent but not so cute Wendy. The grpahics look absolutely amazing, and the control is easy to master, as you try and save Princess Toadstool from the vulgar clutches of Bowser and a even more challenging Mega-sized Bowser whom spits giant fireballs of madness at you.

The system bundle also includes Wii Sports, the first game developed for the system. The game includes 5 classic sports games that you & your friends can take on and try to score your way to victory in bowling, tennis, baseball, one-one-one boxing, and putt your way to a hole-in-one with golf. The game is a party classic sampler which shows how strong it has been since Nintendo unveiled the Wii 4 years ago. The control of Wii SPorts is simple and fun to have with your friends to play around. While Wii Sports isn't much, as was shown with Wii Sports Resort, it still shows how simple it is to play around with the Nintendo Wii.

All in all, while there are so many new gamers trying to seek the Kinnect for the Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation Move for the PS3, they unfortunately haven't been able to really deliver what has honestly came down to it, the games. Of the 3 current systems on the market, I would honestly still choose the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has never stopped revolutionizing the ways we play video games, and they've never even stopped delivering in on the fun. It has just kept on coming. I absolutely recommend the red New Super Mario Brothers Wii Hardware Bundle for anyone whom wants a video game system for the holidays.

New Super Mario Brothers: A-

Wii Sports: B+

Graphics: A

Sound: A-

Control: A-

Fun & Enjoyment: A-

Overall: A
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5.0 out of 5 stars Did your original Wii break? Or, are you late to the Wii party but still want GCN compatibility? Get one of these ASAP!, January 1, 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
This review applies to the other colors/bundles in this line of Wiis that were marketed in I think maybe 2009, 2010, and the first half of 2011 as well... maybe not in 2009. I really don't know, but that's not important.

We bought this because our old white Wii's lens stopped working, and they had JUST released the "family edition" of the Wii, which replaced the previous bundles/systems (as far as Nintendo still manufacturing and selling products, or in this case, not, goes). The family edition is actually a downgraded Wii with a lower price-tag: The point of it from a business perspective is to try to entice anyone who never bought a Wii yet to buy one now before the Wii-U (Nintendo's next upcoming console) takes over (will probably be late 2012 or something, I don't know).

What they removed in the "family edition" of the Wii is all Gamecube software and hardware compatibility, meaning not only can't you use the family edition to play Gamecube games, but you can't even use a Gamecube controller to play Wii games that have an option to use the Gamecube controller.

And less importantly, the ability to place it vertically on a stand that came with all previous Wiis is no longer an option with the family edition. In the marketing, they euphemize that part as something along the lines of "The new design is sleek and similar to the original, but designed to rest flat instead of vertically," which ignores the fact that the original Wiis are capable of both -- You, as the customer / owner of the Wii get to decide, based on your preferences and/or based on the nature of the location you'll be keeping your Wii.

At least, you used to; and you still can, even in brand new condition, IF and only if you specially order one of these discontinued models from an online marketplace such as this one. But whether or not it can stand vertically, as I already implied, isn't that big of a deal. The big deal is the removed Gamecube compatibility.

However, THIS (the product I am reviewing) is not the family edition. These colored, original-Wii models have been discontinued, but you can still buy them in new, unopened condition from many merchants here on I don't know if I'm just saying this a bit too early, but I'm actually a bit surprised that the prices for them aren't outrageously high right now -- I might've expected $350+ or even more (due to what I would expect there to be a sudden spike in demand for Gamecube-compatible Wiis -- I think that spike probably will happen, but just a bit later and/or more slowly than I initially thought, since it may take more people a little bit longer to catch onto this fact), but I got mine for $238ish after tax and all, so $38 more than the original launch price, except this one's red, I think it's a great deal.

As I said, we needed a new Wii to replace our broken one, but need the GCN backwards compatibility. If you never intend to use a Gamecube controller, e.g. if you never plan to play Smash Brothers Brawl using what pretty much everyone agrees is by far the best controller for the game (GCN controller), then go ahead and buy the new, still in stores, family edition for 150 bucks, but if you want the real deal, pick your favorite color and/or bundle, and buy one new (or used if you don't mind getting a used system, if the price drop is worth it to you) of one of these previous models online.

These bundles come with one Wii Motion+ controller (and matching nunchuk) included, so you won't have to buy a Wii Motion+ attachment or controller separately in order to play Motion+ games (at least 1 player that is).

Also, to clear up any potential confusion regarding Motion+: a question I had before I tried it out was "Does the fact that the Motion+ controller is supposed to be more pin-point accurate make, say, Wii Sports golf handle better, like with the putting for instance?"

The answer to that question is unfortunately no. The Wii at any given time, or rather, when playing any particular game, is either using Motion+ mode, or regular old-school mode where the Wiimote's infrared camera bases the cursor's position on where it sees the infrared lights in the sensor bar. (Motion+ doesn't make any use of either those two things, however it requires occasional brief auto-calibration before playing a game.)

There are Wii games that are specifically designed to use the Motion+ controls, and require calibration (which is quick and easy) before they'll work each time you start one of those games; when in a Motion+ enabled game, the sensor bar is not involved at all -- You can cover the Wiimote's infrared camera with your palm and it doesn't make a difference. I don't claim to actually understand the technicalities of how the new Motion+ technology works, but what I can tell you based on the previous thing I said is that rather than working by SEEING the lights on the sensor bar, it works by FEELING in some way or another how the Wiimote is oriented/pointed/etc.

I'm sorry this review got so rambly and digressed to just vaguely related things; it's probably partly because I don't have much to say about this product except what I said in the title of this review.

It's an original model Wii except:

* It's red
* It comes with a red Wiimote+,
* a red nunchuk (and all the rest of the basics of course, cables, manuals, sensor bar etc; SD card not included however, still, though on a somewhat unrelated note, the 3DS's come with an SD card included! Yay!),
* Wii Sports (not resort; that's another bundle), and
* New! Super Mario Bros Wii.

If you prefer one of the other bundles or colors, you should get that, obviously. This is the bundle I most preferred, as red is one of my favorite colors, and Mario is one of my favorite franchises.

- T - L - ; - D - R - - V - E - R - S - I - O - N -

So TL;DR version (nutshell version):

If you care about either playing Gamecube games and/or using a Gamecube controller for certain games, get one of these discontinued models like this red bundle here.
If you couldn't care less about ever using anything Gamecube-related with your Wii, then just get the family edition, because it's cheaper, and it's currently new in stores as well. I personally prefer the real deal though, but it's up to you.

Despite lacking a lot of information (I mean.. what is there to say really?), I do hope that this review was helpful to someone at least slightly, and I apologize for the length of it. Off I go now.
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5.0 out of 5 stars what else is there to say... It's NINTENDO!!!, November 22, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
i was one to be excited about the wii since i first heard about it. sure, i was bummed that it wouldn't be the graphic powerhouse that the xbox360 and ps3 have become, however nintendo has taken a completely different approach to this generation of consoles. nintendo has always been a company that wants to do their own thing, to set new and exciting gaming experiences, and the wii is no exception. nintendo has always been a company that revolutionizes how we play games, and after they succeed, the competition will follow suit. look at sony, coming out with the playstation move, and they ragged on nintendo about their ideas. nintendo is one of the most profitable companies in the gaming industry, they create games in their image. they take pride in their work, and it shows when we play a nintendo developed game. the red wii is a great concept, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the NES. the console looks great, and it has new super mario bros wii packaged in it. finally, a nintendo console that ships with a mario game. history is repeating itself with this release.

in all, even though the wii isn't a graphical powerhouse like the ps3/xbox360, it is still an amazing console. nintendo puts more focus into the games, rather than the graphics. they create, fun family games, and we see the occasional mature title here and there too. what this system lacks in graphics, it makes up in gameplay. for those who haven't really played a wii, and still says it's not your thing, give it a shot. pick up mario galaxy, or zelda, mario kart or donkey kong country returns, you will not be disappointed. this console is well worth the purchase!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesomely Cool!!!, May 27, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
I LOVE this thing!!! It's beautiful to look at, exceedingly fun to play and easy to set up. It only comes with one controller and nunchuck so I had to buy 3 more of each. I couldn't find genuine Wii controllers and nunchucks in red so I had to settle for 1 black and 2 white each. No big deal though since it helps to keep it clear who's controller is who's. We've had it since Christmas of 2010 and am just now writing this review. So, I've had some time to play with it. Just the games it comes with are great fun, and there is a plethora of other games to buy. I like the Sports Wii golf game the best. The kids could play Mario all day and I bought "Wipe Out" and "A Boy and His Blob" as extras. Those games are o.k. but Mario is our favorite. Best to use rechargeable batteries in the controllers since it will go through your AA's pretty fast.

Just lately connected it to Netflix - OH MY GAWD!!! What a wonderful thing! Movies and shows download via your wireless router and it's just great! It keeps us entertained and informed (news, internet, etc...) and it's everything and I could have hoped for. I was hoping I could connect a wireless keyboard to it but you can't do it that way. You have to connect the keyboard via a cable which I haven't done yet but will eventually. I don't surf the internet much using the Wii but might would if I could just easily type in the web addresses. To use the controller is a S-L-O-W process and highly prone to mistake making since that directional thingy inside the controllers is always bouncing around and buzzing and throwing the arrows off the letters on the screen.

I'm not going to get into the technical aspects of it, the other reviews have covered all of that very well. I'll just say that you DON'T have to have a degree in computer science to install it. It does take a little trial and error since you probably will have questions the owner's manual doesn't cover. It took a while to get Netflix going since I had to run back and forth between the Wii console and my desktop upstairs but it finally loaded and you get one month FREE on Netflix - can't beat that! Then it's only $7.99/month and they keep adding more movies and shows depending on what you've already watched. Not everything you might want to see is available but a boatload of stuff is.

This whole thing is really a lot of fun - it's almost too good to be true. I can't help but expect something to go terribly wrong............but I certainly hope not!
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5.0 out of 5 stars My 1st Gaming Console in almost 30 years - A Classic Gamers Journey, February 9, 2011
ITBeast "ITBeast" (The Greater Los Angeles Area, Ca.) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Wii Hardware Bundle - Red (Video Game)
My First Video Game Console was almost 30 years ago; it still seems not that long however when I got my very 1st one. It was Christmas Day in 1981, I was 11 years old. My Brother and I received from under our Christmas tree from Santa Clause the item both me and brother had been dreaming about for well over a year, an Atari VCS (Video Computer System, now just called the Atari 2600). With the initial 11 game cartridges we got with it we played that game system all day long until we were to physically impaired to play with it anymore that day. Up to this point the Atari 2600 had ruled the Video Game Roost for well over 4 years and when me and my brother had received the game console it was to be its last year as number#1. Even with its poor arcade ports and original Video Game releases (Pac-Man and E.T. anyone) it was still fun to play with and I still have a working Atari 2600 game unit and I believe 80 game cartridges for it that operate perfectly.

My 2nd Video Game Console came the following year again on Christmas Day in 1982; Santa had brought us another gaming system. My brother and I had seen a demo of another Video Game Console that had literally blew our minds. The Graphics of this Game Console were almost identical to its arcade counterparts and far superior to the Atari 2600 (The Atari 2600 used a modified 8-bit processor of the MOS6502 called the 6507; which had fewer pins and, as a result, could address only 8 KB of memory). The Game Console was the Colecovision and the game we had seen that day was Donkey Kong. This was the 1st 8-bit Video Game System ever released that it's Video Game ports along with games designed for the console had the almost arcade quality to it (The ColecoVision used a Zilog Z80A 8 bit processor witch did not have that constraints that the Atari 2600's processor had). For the 1st time it caused direct competition to the Atari's 2600 console and destroyed it's fledging Successor the Atari 5200. It was very much in demand that year and the 1st part of the next. Even by today's standards the games for it still emulate the Arcade Game Consoles of that time period almost perfectly. As with the Atari 2600, I still have a working Colecovision Console and about 45 Games for it.

That following year, unbeknownst to me, the Video Game Crash of 1983 (Also sometimes referred as the Video Game Crash of 1984) had come to pass. Largely in part because of Atari and all the cheaply made game cartridges that they had produced and flooded the gaming market with; along with a bunch of small time 3rd party Vendors that was by this time cranking out the poorley made games worse than Atari itself. With the exception of Activision and Imagic, witch had actually produced quality games for the Atari 2600 console. Near the end Atari itself had finally starting producing quality gaming merchandise at this point, But as the saying goes "To Little, To Late". This unfortunately effectively ended all the 2nd generation game systems of the time including the Colecovision until the Nintendo NES was released in the US in 1985 starting the 3rd Generation Game Consoles and reviving the Video Gaming Industry.

Present Time:

Christmas was once again comming around, The Time was now right to buy a Video Game Console for the family (and 28 years later my 3rd), the final 2 contestants that my family had narrowed down to was the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. While the Sony PS3 is by all rights just as good as the Wii and technically slightly better in a few areas the 2 major areas is why we ended up going with Wii...

1 - The current Sony PS3 Move console (Sony's new emulation of the Nintendo Wii's motion controls) was $399 for the initial Game Console Hardware, Not including the almost $70 to $90 a pop for the games, or extra controls. The Higher maintenance cost was one of our Major obstacles for the Sony PS3.
2 - The Games for the Sony PS3 are mainly more centralized for the hardcore Gamer; we wanted a well rounded family console that offered games in all categories and age including an emphasis Physical Fitness.

What comes with the Wii Game Console (This applies to the Red Console Only):

- The Wii Console
- 1 Wii Remote w/built in motion plus and knun chuk
- 1 set of Nintendo Wii RCA Video-Audio Cables
- 2 pack-in games (Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Wii)
- Nintendo Wii Console Instruction Manuel

Recommended additional equipment (Unfortunately sold separately)

- Additional Wii Remote w/built in motion plus and knun chuk
- Nintendo Wii HD Component cables for the full 480p HD
- Wii Remote Battery Pack and Charger for each Wii Remote (They do finish normal AA batteries rather quickly)
- SD Flash Card for additional Memory, the max size is 32gb (Wii Console only has 512mb built-in)

There is additional equipment you can buy, but it is not necessary at this point and can be gotten later. This will be more than enough to get the full fun for now.

Game Play:

Never thought I say this, coming from the 2nd generation video gaming era but I'm having an awesome time playing the Wii console. At 1st glance the controls look complicated but are not, I was able to master the controls (Of course my kids mastered it faster). It actually works better to play most of the Wii games in a standing position and play into the games. However, there still those Wii games and GameCube Games (Yes if you did not know the Wii is backward compatible with The Nintendo GameCube) that you can still play traditionally Indian style or in your recliner.

Console Features:

- WI-FI LAN Network Ready: The Wii has a built-in WiFi Network Card that will support encryption up to WPA2 Personal Only (I ended up having to bring my Wireless Network encryption settings down a notch so the Wii could connect into my existing Network). Depending on your Wireless Network Settings you may need to take this into consideration, for most people this may not even be an issue.
- Backwards Compatible with Nintendo GameCube Games: The Wii is fully backwards compatible with any of Nintendo's previous game console. However, you will need a GameCube controller in order to play them. The Wii supports up to 4 GameCube controllers including the GameCube Memory stick for any saved games.
- 512mb built-in system memory, can be expanded by adding an SD Flash Card (Up to 32gb): I would heavily recommend buying the SD Flash Card upon buying your game system (Even if it's a 4 or 8gb size card), The Built-in System Memory will fill up fast and when you start buying those virtual games, you will definitely want that separate from your system memory. I ended up just biting the bullet and buying the 32gb Flash Card, It was around $50.
- Mii Characters: You can make your own Virtual Characters for yourself that can be played with most of the Wii Sports games called Mii's. The can also be shared across the internet.
- The Wii Virtual Store: You can download games from Nintendo's previous games consoles (Going all the way back to the NES) by buying points using your Credit Card. For Disaster recovery and space availability I would insure you download directly to your SD Flash Card and Not the Wii's System Memory.
*** PLEASE NOTE: there is a catch that you need to be aware of (Please read the next section under "What the Wii will not do")***.
- Wii Channels: Will display the weather and current news via the Wii menu
- Netflix: Your Wii console can now stream any available movie through your TV via the Wii using the Netflix service (You have to sign up for a Netflix account, for basic streaming its about $9 a month).

What the Wii does not do:

- As I am sure you by now know that the Wii will only display up to 480p HD natively by using the Wii Component Cables. Nor will the Wii plug into a HDMI port natively either. However, there are now 3rd party converters out there that can upscale the picture to 720p and make it possible to plug into a HDMI plug port as well. There are also 3rd party cables available that will plug Wii component cables into HDMI plugs.
- The Wii will not plug into your Home Entertainment/Theatre amplifier natively either. However, this can be circumvented as well (I did).
- The Wii will only play GameCube formatted Mini-DVD optical discs and Wii formatted DVD optical Discs. The Wii will not play Normal DVD Discs (Movie Media or Data) and does not Support Blu-Ray Discs period.
- Does not have Cat5/6 Built-in LAN NIC (Network Interface Card): While this can still be done by buying the USB add-on, it is a real pain to find plus you end up having to pay an extra 20-30 dollars. It would have made my Network setup easier and not have to bring down my Network encryption Level.
- Any of your purchased Virtual Console/WiiWare games CANNOT be transfered to a new replacement Wii (Or even a duplicate Wii within your house) on your own (Even if you copied/backed them up on a SD Flash Card separate from the system memory). Nintendo purposely encrypts/tie's in your WiiWare games to the Wii Console you purchased/downloaded them on. Your Wii has to be damaged and Nintendo requests that in order for a transfer to a new Wii to take place you have to send in the broken unit and it has to be under warranty. If you're not covered under a warranty you're out of luck (unless you pay an authorized Nintendo reseller to fix it). So to sum it up, you might end up paying to re download them to a replacement or duplicate Wii console.

Technical Review:

- Only displays in either 480i or 480p, As long as you buy the Wii component cables and use a HDTV you still get a great picture with vibrant colors. Plus, as mentioned earlier you can buy a 3rd party converter to upscale the picture to 720p if you really need to.
- Has 5.1 Stereo Surround Sound that is awesome when playing any of the games. For the full experience insure you plug into your Home Entertainment/Theatre system, while you cannot do it natively it can be done.
- The Wii Remotes (especially the ones with the Motion plus Sensors) work awesome and seriously increases the game play.

Technical Flaw:

- The Wii's Media Rom is not properly shielded to prevent magnetic interference from the Rom while in use and will affect other devices if you place the Wii near them during game play(I.E. TV's, Computers, DVD Players, etc...). In my case it affected the Video Card on my MediaCenter PC. I ended up just moving the Wii to somewhere it would not affect the other equipment.


If you're doing a Basic Setup (Just plugging the console into your TV and setting the Wi-Fi to no or little encryption) you should have it up in no time. However more complicated the entertainment center can increase the chance of more time in the setup.

Either way when you have completed setting the system up insure you 1st update the system firmware (See the instruction manual for further guidance). This will insure whatever bugs the system had while sitting in the box will not be your problem when you go to use it.


I would highly recommend this game system to anyone, there are literally hundreds to Thousands of games to choose from (Including the GameCube catalog). However I may put more of an emphasis on the Family model over the straight Gamer personality for this particular Video Game Console System.
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