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on April 28, 2014
I bought my Wii 1-2 years after launch, which is around six years ago at this point. I SPECIFICALLY had the problem of a dirty lens, which causes the Wii to have a single, SPECIFIC problem: it can no longer play dual-layer disc games, a category which includes the very popular Super Smash Bros Brawl. Chances are, if you're reading this review right now, it's because your Wii will no longer play that game. I knew that the Wii had a dirty, NOT DAMAGED, lens because it still played all Gamecube and single-layer Wii games just fine. I bought this product, used it as directed, and voila, my Wii is working like new.

A couple of things that you MUST consider before purchasing this item:

1) If your Wii CANNOT read ANY games at all, chances are that your lenses is OUTRIGHT DAMAGED, not merely dirty. There are too many misguided reviews that do not make this distinction. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT REPAIR A DAMAGED LENS, PERIOD. If your Wii cannot read ANY games, it means you need to replace your lens, which in turns means you are better off replacing it due to the comparable cost. I would STRONGLY suggest either upgrading to the Wii U, which is fully backwards-compatible with all Wii games and accessories AND upscales them to 1080P, or purchasing a new Wii Mini. If you rely on your Wii for Gamecube backwards compatibility, however, please note that the Wii Mini and NEWER model Wiis (the ones bundled with Mario Kart Wii and newer) DO NOT have this capability anymore. My suggestion would then be to purchase a separate used Gamecube for those needs, as you can find that system for a low price these days. If you purchase a used Wii, please be aware that this problem is nigh inevitable to happen to you again at some point. Please consider #2.

2) Wiis are notorious for having dirty lenses because of the design of the system. The disc slot is always open and exposed, meaning that, even if you are meticulous with your discs, dust and dirt can still get trapped in the disc drive easily. Furthermore, the Wii does not read CD or DVD formats AT ALL, which means that ANY disc cleaner OTHER than this product will NOT work. Typical disc cleaners have a disc with built-in brushes that you "play" as either a CD or DVD. If you try to run those products in your Wii, the disc will never be "read," which means that it will never spin enough times to actually work.

3) I tried Youtube-guided DIY methods first, like taking a CD you don't want anymore and taping a microfiber cloth to it. None of these methods worked for me. This official product worked on the very first try. YMMV.

4) This product is technically discontinued by the manufacturer, so you are paying a premium price. At this point, you can only buy it off resellers for around $20. The official Nintendo store lists the item as out of stock, probably for good. Because of this, you must ensure that you only have a DIRTY and not DAMAGED lens using the descriptions outlined. Paying $20 and expecting something to fix your broken lens is a waste and you might as well put that money towards purchasing a new unit.

5) This product includes six total pads, one attached to the paddle and five refills. The instructions say that you can continue to use a pad until it is visibly dirty, so it isn't like you only get six tries and that's it. The Wii lens does seem to be very sensitive, as after using it I detected a SINGLE HAIR that had to be removed and nothing else. That single hair stopped the Wii from being able to read dual-layer discs.

6) The pad is aligned to the paddle in a very specific location and includes a nub that you lay the pad over. That nub is actually what sticks out of the paddle to clean the lens, with the aid of the pad and applied alcohol solution. It seems like a very low-tech solution due to the design of the Wii itself, but trust me when I say that it would be almost impossible to replicate the exact placement of the cleaning pad without the actual product.

7) Even though it only comes with six pads, what is really valuable is having the paddle and the placement of the nub. You can easily find DIY replacements once you run out of pads and alcohol.

8) This kit DOES NOT work on the Wii U. That system has its own method of cleaning the lens. And yes, that system doesn't read CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays either.

I hope I have given you the relative information and cleared up some misconceptions that are out there. Please feel free to respond, as I know many of you folks are awesome parents trying to fix your Wiis for your kids. Thanks for reading!
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on February 24, 2011
As my 11 year old son came in the living room a week ago, face falling to the floor, he declares that the Wii is "broken". He just received a new game for Christmas and has been playing it happily since. I am usually pretty good at troubleshooting things so after a few mintues I see that it's a disc read error. The Wii is not reading any of our discs. Fortunately, with some patience I can get the Wii to recognize the disc after inserting and ejecting it multiple times, but obviously, this will not do. ( Eleven year olds do not have the patience to perform this action as needed, and I don't have the time to do this on a regular basis)

On Nintendo's site they offer up the advice of cleaning the lens on the Wii before offering to generously set up a pick up to fix your Wii for a small fortune (that as a single mom I can't fork out). In Nintendo's style they say that the only lens cleaning kit you can use is the one they make because, like all other products that are not Nintendo, they will ruin the Wii, destroy your lawn, and end the world (I have an Energizer Wii remote charger that works....please don't tell them). However, in this case....They are correct. And don't let anyone tell you different.

I thought that like any other lens on any other machine you should be able to just clean it. So did the folks at 3 of the stores I went to that did not carry the Nintendo Lens Cleaning Kit. Use anything they said. You can't. Leave it to Nintendo to come up with something so bizarre looking that no one on the planet would even bother duplicating it for bootleg purposes. Fortunately, it's cheap.

AND IT WORKS!!! It's weird to use. And I really thought it was going to be some gimmick before I shipped off the hard drive, but behold.......The discs are being read, the boy is happy, and Mom is free to write this review and get laundry done and complain that he's playing Nintendo too much.

It is probably not the fix for every disc read error that comes over a Wii players screen, but it DEFINITELY worth trying before you ship the Wii out for repairs. Gunk does build up in there (No smoking in the house but we do have one dog)....and with more then one cleaning pad, you get many passes at fixing the issue. And it makes you a superhero, if for that one moment before your child's eyes glaze over to the next Wii game.
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on May 24, 2009
After a year and a half w/o any problems with my Wii console, I started getting "An error has occurred. Press the Eject button and remove the disc..." errors. These got more and more frequent until I was getting them a couple times an hour. (This usually happened while I was playing Mario Kart Wii online, so I was losing hundreds of VR points each time I got the error!) There was no visible damage to the game disc and cleaning the disc did not help. I was pretty much ready to either send in the Wii console for repairs or else buy a new Wii console when I came across this Wii Lens Cleaning Kit while searching online.

After using the cleaning kit, I have not gotten a single "Press the Eject button and remove the disc..." error. It's been about a month and half so far with no errors.

The cleaning kit is pretty simple. It consists of a plastic paddle with an attached cleaning pad. You put 2-3 drops of the supplied cleaning fluid on the pad, then insert the paddle into the Wii's disc slot. You wiggle the handle 10-20 times to clean the lens. Press the Eject button to remove the paddle, and you're done. The kit comes with an 8ml bottle of cleaning fluid and 5 adhesive replacement pads for when the current pad gets too dirty to use again.

Spending $10 on a cleaning kit was definitely better than sending in the Wii for repairs or buying a new Wii.
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VINE VOICEon June 20, 2010
After reading some of the reviews for the lens cleaning kit I was hopeful that using it would fix our Wii which is not reading discs. After following the instructions, we tried a few games to see if the Wii would work but instead of telling us it could not read the disc it now says system error. So I guess we will have to get our Wii repaired or get a new one. So, if you order this in hopes of fixing the read disc error, be prepared that it might not!
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on January 13, 2014
Okay, maybe not the day, but it certainly saved me from tossing my Wii in the garbage!
I went to three electronic stores after getting the dreaded "disc error" message on my Wii and talked to multiple sales people in each store (including the Best Buy "gaming expert", where I purchased my Wii) . I was told: A) there was no such thing as a "Wii Cleaning Kit" (uh, duh...then why would the instruction manual tell you to use one?); B) that any DVD disc cleaner would work, if a dirty lens was the problem; and finally (when the DVD disc cleaner I purchased didn't work and I returned it); C) if the DVD disc cleaner didn't work that I had a defective Wii and would need to either send it in for repairs, or purchase a new one. Oh, and that they would be happy to show me the newer models...hmmmm.
I was all set to send my dead Wii to electronic heaven, when I thought of checking Amazon for the illusive "Wii Lens Cleaning Kit"...sure am glad I did. Got my $18.99 miracle-in-a-box, followed the instructions and TADA!!...a resurrected Wii. Now I'm happy, the grandkids are happy and grampa's doing the jig cuz he's doesn't have to shell out $$$ for a new Wii.
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on October 15, 2012
I ordered this cleaning kit to help solve a disc read error problem I was having with my Wii. Sadly after using the entire kit and cleaning my Wii ten times it still did not solve my problem.

I would like to note that replacing the laser (which I would not say was easy, but costs about the same as the cleaning kit) did work.
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on July 24, 2011
Purchased this after a few of my son'd brand new games did not work. I heard that this might be due to a dirty lens. Scanned the new and found this item. Purchased it because it was a Nintendo Product.

Shipping and order was quick and well done on Amazon

Followed the instructions and it appeared to work. The pad looked dirty so I assumed it was clean and fixed. Then the same error happened for my kids game again.

Talked to a guy at Game Stop. He said that Nintendo pulled the cleaners because they did not clean the whole lens. The only way to clean it right is to contact Nintendo and send the box in for a professional cleaning..

Not a happy camper on this note, but should have been a little suspicious when I could only find these cleaners online.

It was quicker to just buy a new Wii...
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on September 22, 2013
We purchased this product because our Super Smash Bros. game suddenly stopped working. The Wii Cleaning Kit was recommended and it worked beautifully. I highly recommend it! We also received it very quickly.
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on March 1, 2014
When I used this to clean the Wii, it came out with lots of dirt on the cleaning pad so I know it cleaned the gunk off the lens. I live in an area where we get lots of dust from severe blowing winds that forces dirt dust into the homes, also we burn a wood stove and so there is a bit of stuff in the air from that. I have had my Wii for at least 5 years and had never cleaned it, mainly because I did not know there was a cleaning kit out there. I recently was having problems with disc read error messages and found this product and decided to try it. I am very happy with the results. So far since cleaning the lens I have not had any more error messages.
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on January 22, 2014
The WII is situated in an environment that also contains a heavy smoker as well... Soooo Super Smash Bros Brawl would not work because the of the film of residue on the lens from cigarette smoke... An attempt to make a homemade disk cleaning device was a utter failure... But this nifty little gadget did the trick in 15 seconds we were playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. Highly recommended to clean of that laser!!! Oh and by the way it comes with enough pads to keep that laser lens clean for many years to come..


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