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on June 17, 2011
The Wii MotionPlus came out almost exactly two years ago as an attachment to the old Wii Remote. While the original Wii remote could detect basic movements, the MotionPlus has built-in gyroscopes which can detect rotational movement and more fine movement.

Nowadays for new Wii units, the MotionPlus is built into all new Wii remotes, which are now called "Wii Remote Plus". Just to be clear, there is no functional difference between an old Wii remote with MotionPlus attachment and the new "Wii Remote Plus" other than aesthetics (while the old Wii remote measures 7 1/2 inches with the attachment, the new Wii Remote Plus is six inches, the same size as the old Wii remote). Out of habit, I'll continue to call it MotionPlus throughout this review.

In the last two years, it seems that not many game developers have really taken advantage of the MotionPlus; in fact, to date only three (Wii Sports Resort, FlingSmash, and Red Steel 2) actually require it. For most other games where the MotionPlus is optional, you can hardly notice the difference. A shame, because at its best, the MotionPlus can produce fine motor control that rivals the Playstation Move and the Xbox Kinect. I'm guessing that Wii Play Motion is Nintendo's attempt to get more people to adopt it and thus encourage more developers to develop for it (just as the original Wii Play got many people to purchase a second Wii remote).

Wii Play Motion in many ways feels like a game that should have come out two years ago. It feels more like a collection of games designed to show off the capabilities of the MotionPlus than actual games that you'll take off the shelf and play over and over. Having said that, they do this very, very well. Nintendo's developers have really pushed the envelope of what its controller is capable of and have come up with a set of 12 mini-games which use it in different ways.

As with most Nintendo titles, the games themselves are a ton of fun, and all your Miis are perfectly incorporated throughout the games in lots of fun ways.

Here are the games and my take on them:

1) Cone Zone
This is a game reminiscent of the "present balancing" game Shifty Gifts in Wii Party, where you have to balance your Wii remote to keep ice cream on a cone. Fun to play in a group, but we've seen this before. I'd rate it 3 of 5 for fun.

2) Veggie Garden
This is a version of whack-a-mole where you beat cute little moles into their holes before they steal your fruit. You control your Wii remote like a hammer, and the precision is very, very good. 4 of 5.

3) Skip Skimmer
This is a neat little game where you skip stones across a lake. You first pick a stone you want to skip (as in real life, you look for a round and flat one), and you flick your wrist gently to skip, keeping your wrist angled as flat as possible and the "B" button pressed. As cute little twists, you can pick up rocks with different pictures on it (such as dogs and chickens), and your rock will make those sounds as it skips. 5 of 5.

4) Pose Mii Plus
This game is pretty much the same as Pose Mii in the original Wii Play, with a twist (literally). Your Mii will strike a pose, and you'll rotate your remote and the character in all three dimensions with great precision to match the shape of a "keyhole" in a particular shape. 3 of 5 for fun.

5) Trigger Twist
This is the follow-up to "Shooting Range" from the original Wii Play, but you get much more expansive play; as you move your Wii remote off-screen up and to the left and right, the camera will follow you. As with Wii Play, this game pays homage to the original Duck Hunt, and once again you'll be saving screaming Miis from UFOs. Still a lot of fun, 5 out of 5.

6) Jump Park
In this vertical scroller, you tilt your Mii at a certain angle, and then your Mii will jump off a floor made up of trampolines and jump up at the angle you want. Your goal is to pick up gems and eventually jump your way to a big target. This one takes a little getting used to, and is not the funnest of the games. I'd give it 2 of 5.

7) Teeter Targets
This mini-game really shows off the creativity and imagination of the developers. You hold the Wii remote sideways to control a wooden teeter totter to bounce a wooden ball around the screen. It's a simple game, but the graphics and sounds really evokes an "old school" feel of playing with wood blocks and an old school pinball-type game. 4 of 5.

8) Spooky Search
This game is by far one of the most innovative games I've seen on the Wii, yet the concept is incredibly simple. You start out in a spooky library with a crowd of Miis watching you. Some ghosts fly towards you and "out of your TV". You need to then point your Wii remote all around your room, listening to the sounds that come out of the remote. You'll hear a beeping noise as you get "warmer", and you'll hear an alarm when you've targeted the "ghost". Press B when that happens, point your remote back at the TV, and you'll be able to put the ghost back into a containment unit straight out of "Ghostbusters". Some of the ghosts get feisty, and you'll need to fight it just like you're trying to reel in a fish. I give this one a 5 of 5 for fun, especially when you're playing with others.

9) Wind Runner
In this game, you hold your Wii remote like it's an umbrella handle. Your Mii runs with the umbrella open, and tilts it to either catch the wind to move faster, or to jump up, all in the name of catching gems. The physics on this one is spot-on, but the fun is only 2 of 5, as it takes some getting used to.

10) Treasure Twirl
This one also has great innovative use of the MotionPlus. In it, you lower your Mii as a deep-sea diver by continuously twirling the remote (as if you're unspooling a line). You can swing your Mii left and right as you're descending to pick up oxygen and avoid stringing jellyfish. On the bottom, you'll find treasure chests to pick up. 5 of 5 for fun.

11) Flutter Fly
This game also makes innovative use of the Wii Remote Plus. You hold the remote straight up like a fan, and fan some balloons through an obstacle course. This one is a little frustrating at times when you need to point to the screen to shoo off some crows, and you lose control of the fan. Still, it's a pretty innovative game which I give 3 of 5 stars for fun.

12) Star Shuttile
In the game, you control a spaceship to dock with a space station. If you're old enough like me, this is similar to the 1979 arcade game "Lunar Lander", but in glorious three dimensions. As with the dogfight game in Wii Sports Resort, you literally hold and tilt your Wii Remote Plus as if you're holding the spaceship, and you use the A, B, and directional arrows to control six thrusters on your spaceship. This one also takes getting used to but is a solid 4 of 5.

There aren't really too many annoyances with this game. Obviously, the motion sensing issues with so many other Wii games aren't present in this one (This really should be required playing for all future Wii game developers).

I did find annoying the need to play games to unlock new ones--this is annoying when you want to bring the game to a friend's house and just dive into playing.

But happily, all the games are extremely easy to learn and the controls are extremely intuitive to pick up and play. I wouldn't say it's as fun a party game as Wii Sports and Wii Party, but it certainly is a nice change for when you need a break from those games. And of course, it showcases the best of what the Wii MotionPlus / Remote Plus offers.
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I really like the Wii titled games like "Wii Party" and "Wii Sports" so I knew "Wii Play Motion" would also be fun. First off "Wii Play Motion" is a great value as it comes with a black Wii Motion controller as well as the game! There are 12 games to choose from and then within each game are additional levels you can unlock. When you first play the game though there are only five games available that you have to play to unlock the other games, so it is a fun little challenge. After completing each game it will display your time or points, then ranking and if you earned a medal.
Games Available:
* Cone Zone
* Veggie Guardin'
* Skip Skimmer
* Trigger Twist
* Pose Mii Plus
* Jump Park
* Teeter Targets
* Spooky Search
* Wind Runner
* Treasure Twirl
* Flutter Fly
* Star Shuttle
While all the games use similar motions and movements that you are probably already used to and familiar with, the games are still fun and different. My sons love watching me play it, especially Cone Zone because its ice cream! I also never realized how sensitive and different the Wii Motion controller is, different in a good way! Each game is bright, colorful and while they are simple, it is a challenge to unlock new levels and achieve better rankings. My husband and I like to compete on the challenges. You can also play this game with up to four players but it does require the Wii MotionPlus controllers. This is a great game for family time, friendly competition or just to unwind.
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on June 21, 2011
I'm writing this review mostly for details I couldn't find elsewhere.

First - this game is only 4 player on 4 games out of 12 (1/3) so I felt a bit cheated. The rest are all 1 or 2 player.
Whack-a-mole, skip-a-rock, ghostbusters, whirligig. (not real names)
Second - only 4 games available to start, after you play those 4 1 time each you unlock the next 4, after playing those 4 1 time each you unlock the last 4. Each game takes about 3 minutes so in less than 1/2 hr. all are unlocked.
Third - this game is like the fun additional mini-games in WiiFitPlus or Sports Resort more than Wii Play (which I hated and traded-in ASAP). The graphics make a more coherent game (though still just choosing from a screen) than the mishmash styled "Play". Games also have modes and additional levels so the games can vary a bit. I don't recall Play having much if any of this.

Overall the games are familiar but expanded upon in new ways for extra fun. The split screen shooting game adds a new dimension, whack-a-mole has fruit and Miis. the ghostbuster game is unique. If you view it as a $15 quickie multi-player game and a $35 WiimotePlus you'll get your money's worth. (I'm giving away my 4 yr. old grimy white Wiimote and annoying-to-change-the-batteries add-on Plus.)

Disclaimer - I have 2 young sons who will be playing this alot, and their parents with them occasionally.
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There is so much that you can say about the Nintendo Wii, and its influence on gaming for the past 5 years, from the motion of playing with a remote, to balancing with you weight and exercise through Wii Fit, Nintendo showed that it has appealed more to gamers young and old than what Sony & Micrsoft had showcased for the hardcore fans wide over. Now that Sony & Microsoft are trying to do what Nintendo had preveiled on with the Wii, the gaming has left a sour taste into the PS3 & the Kinnect's mouths. As for Nintendo, they are already heading to the next era with the upcoming Wii U, and the Nintendo 3DS. But with all the hype, that doesn't mean that there are some great games to catch and enjoy for the Nintendo Wii. That handles well, with the new Wii Play Motion.

Wii Play Motion for the Nintendo Wii, is the sequel to the classic Wii Play game which was wildly popular when it came out in 2007. Like Wii Play, Wii Play Motion handles well, and also includes a extra Wii-mote controller. This one includes Wii Motion Plus built right in the controller, a great additon for anyone looking for a extra controller, for anyone who owns Wii Sports Resort. The game includes 12 mini-games that use the control well, like Wind Runner, where you control your Mii in a race to see who gets swept away to the finish line first, and Teeter Targets, where you control a balance beam (like Breakout with a twist,) as you control your ball and break blocks to score points. The graphics look good, and stand out as well as the classic Wii games have shown all this time, and the control is worth its while. Yet, there are a few disadvantages to the game. One of them is that it can be boring playing it alone, but if you're playing it with others than it isn't a bad experience. Second of all, there could've been a bit of online multiplayer action as well, to make it feel more like a full-driven 2.0 version of Wii Play, but that isn't here either.

All in all, despite a few flaws and overlooks, Wii Play Motion is still not a bad title for die hard Nintendo Wii gamers, but honestly could've had a bit more to measure with the fun. If you've loved the original Wii Play, this is not a bad title for your Wii library. I like some of the games on it, but I was just hoping for a little more excitement to enjoy with it. Still, if you loved playing Wii Play or Wii Sports with others at home, than this would be a nice addition to your gaming library.

Graphics: B

Sound: B

Control: B 1/2-

Fun & Enjoyment: C+ for solo play; B- for multiplayer

Overall: B-
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on January 20, 2012
I have been in love with my WII since I purchased it 4 years ago. I currently have about 40 games and play about half of them regularly. WiiPlay Motion is not one of those 20 but I do play it occasionally. I think my biggest issue is that most of the games use too similar motions during play. None of them are terribly active but honestly I might be griping more about the actual WII platform here. After 4 years I am finding the cartoonish graphics and simplicity of play moves boring. At any rate, I did like that this game was bundled with the newer black motion wii-motes. I like that these remotes are shorter and I don't have to connect another piece to my original wii-motes to get the enhanced motion sensor action. Wii Play Motion is worth having in your collection but get it used or free.
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on November 20, 2011
I was highly anticipating the release of this game and was a little disappointed. Some of the games are ok. The Wii Motion remote is great! I love that it seems to be more sensitive in picking up movements. There are 12 games and it seemed going down the list they get less fun.

1. Cone Zone - You stack icecream onto your cone and try to balance it. I found this game pretty fun but very short.
2. Veggie Garden - It's a whack a mole type game. The twist is you can't hit a Mii. This was my favorite game.
3. Skip Skimmer - Rock skipping game. My husband loved this game since he was good at it. I was not. The better you are, the more interesting your rocks get. They play music or have different shapes.
4. Pose Mii - You have to move the remote the way your want your Mii to twist it's body to fit into the shape. It was interesting trying to twist to flip the right way!
5. Trigger Twist - Shooting game. You will shoot UFOs and Ninjas. It was ok, but be sure not to shoot the Mii!
6. Jump Park - Probably my least favorite game. You have to angle the Mii to bounce and collect little gems.
7. Teeter Target - Pong type game. I found it kinda hard actually!
8. Spooky Search - My next least favorite game. You wave the remote around to find a ghost somewhere in the room. It's hard to trap the last one. It gets a little bit annoying.
9. Wind Runner - Your Mii has an umbrella and catches the wind to collect gems. Not that much fun.
10. Treasure Twirl - You must get to the top of the sea with your treasure, but lookout for jellyfish! You really have to be on the same page as your partner. Takes teamwork.
11. Flutter Fly - You have 3 balloons and must navigate through without your balloons getting popped. You have to shoot crows and this makes navigating difficult. Even if you still have 3 balloons and the other person has 1 or 2, if they beat you to the top they win. A little unfair.
12. Star Shuttle - this was the most difficult game. I finally gave up. You have to navigate your shuttle to land by using thrusters. Too much it is too far and too little it's not far enough.

I really hope they come out with more games for this remote that are a little better. Personally I don't think it's worth $50. They should just charge the price for the remote and give you the game free.
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on June 21, 2011
This game is an amazing games with 12 amazing fun games. The games use Wii motion plus perfectly the best use is the ghost hunting game where you search you house for ghost and the wii motion plus can detect where you are 360 angle :D The game is best played with other people and is a great multiplayer game with many games that were built up from Wii Play the original
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I got this for my nephew, and boy does it make a difference in using this remote in comparison to the remote that has the Motion Plus attachment on it. Everything is contained, there is no taking on and off that silly attachment for other games, and this package comes with a few extra games with it so it kept the kid very happy (and busy!).
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on March 9, 2013
Going from the 'plug in' motion plus add-ons to one built in the remote, I can definately say the ones built into the remote are the only way to go, if you want motion plus. It is the same size as the standard remote, and actually works better, than the add-on version.
The games included are pretty basic, but are kind of fun little party games, and give you an idea of the extra capabilities of the motion plus.
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on February 6, 2012
I got this mainly for the Wii-mote, we needed to upgrade to the Motion Plus and the game was just an added bonus. We aren't major fans of the Wii Play original so I didn't have high hopes for this one. I was pleasantly surprised! We love this game. The rounds are quick enough to not be stuck in one game for too long and the games themselves are fun but challenging. The ghost hunting game is a bit complex for my 5 year old to play but we still have fun trying. LOVE the Ninja shooting one. Very pleased and would highly recommend for a family game night.
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