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Wow. I'm somewhat disappointingly surprised. I never would've expected Wii Play to have a total rating of 3 1/2 out of 5. I thought it was a fun game. What's wrong here? Well, I could only go so far as to explain how exciting this game actually is compared to what everyone else is trying to say.

So, Wii Play is, well, a minigame collection. It's no Mario Party, where there's a bunch of them after a turn in a board game. It's no WarioWare, where there is minigame after minigame, and each would be 5 seconds. It is its own minigame collection, with a nice amount to choose from.

==Find Mii==
A game where you find a certain Mii or a number of the same Mii under a time limit. It is merely just clicking on the Mii(s) to win. Yet, I found it so darn addicting. I could go on forever, but anyone is bound to mess up sometime, clicking on the wrong Miis and having their time limit drop. It's amusing to watch the Miis go up and down escalators, watch a race, float in space, run, and swim in some levels.

==Shooting Range==
You knew this one would be coming: Using the Wii Remote as a gun is ingenious, and we were all waiting for a title to utilize that. Shooting Range actually resembles NES classic Duck Hunt, except you are shooting targets, soda cans, and UFOs instead. Like Duck Hunt, it's incredibly fun. Although it's short (It spans just a few levels, containing one of the above objects to shoot in each), I would always come and play this one.

==Table Tennis==
This one is rather flawed. Instead of being an average game of table tennis, it's a rally that you must keep up with the CPU as you hit the ball back and forth. It all ends after you miss the ball once. Playing with a friend IS an average game of table tennis, however, and it just leaves me with a question: Why wasn't single player mode like this?

==Laser Hockey==
Ooh yes! Laser Hockey is a flashy neon Pong with an AWESOME techno beat. Definitely a fabulous play here.

==Pose Mii==
In this one, you simply change the pose of your Mii (Which you move around with the Wii Remote) to match the poses of the silhouette of said Mii that's shown in bubbles. Move the Mii into the bubbles to pop them. Like most games in Wii Play, the premise becomes extremely addicting.

This is why I said MOST games in Wii Play are addicting. Billiards isn't what I'd call an addicting arcade-style game. As the title implies, this is a simulation of that game that you find in arcades or places like Carolina Ale House. It works pretty well into a Wii game, actually. You must not be clumsy, though, as the game requires you to move the Wii Remote in a rather precise way.

You're gonna have lots of fun with this one while it lasts. Charge has your Mii ride a rampaging cow running over scarecrows in its path! You can tilt the Wii Remote forward to make the cow move even faster!

Not the average fishing simulation, this game has you catch cardboard fish that are somehow alive. It's not as hard as it may sound. You just have to leave the hook in the water for a bit, and the fish will peck at it. Then when one fully snags the hook, now's your chance to yank it out! Once again, it's a fun game.

This one is arguably one of the best this collection has to offer. You move a tank around the environment, and you must destroy all enemy tanks to move on. The challenge is being able to conquer all kinds of tanks that may stand in your way, as well as to seeing how far you can go.

Overall, most of these games are certainly fun and addicting arcade-style games that will keep you at it for quite a while. It's nice to be able to play with a friend in all of those games, too. Thankfully, this collection isn't that pricey, so you can practically jump right into the fun!
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on December 13, 2008
The standalone game is good, however it is lacking in a few aspects.I played all the mini games through to collect the gold medals, but in reality the only 2 I kept coming back to were the 9-ball game and the Tank Game. The life of this game is only extended when playing with another person for a short while before it gets a bit boring. To me, this game seemed more like a tech demo than an actually game. I recommend getting it, but not the standalone version. Get the version with a wii-mote because then it'd be like picking this up for about $10.
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on November 7, 2011
This set of games was just perfect for our 4 and 5 year olds who are just getting used to working with the remote and playing games on the Wii. No jarring graphics or overly disturbing scenes. These are all plain simple games that everyone would enjoy. The graphics are not the best as one would expect from today's technology, but that's a minor issue. We are loving this game!
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on December 6, 2009
They play it often all but the pool. Matching, shooting and tank game are my four year old son's favorite. He can play completely on his own, but usually his sister joins him. My 6 year old daughter likes it a little less than my son, but any time she has friends sleep over she and her friends usually put this in and have a blast. Even my one year old started playing now the shooting and cow racing game. My husband and I both enjoy it, also.

+ still one of the most played here after one year
+ not much reading, so young kids can play unassisted
+ the entire family can play
- 2 at a time
- only one game that's a bit physical (the cow race-> jumping, though could just move remote up and down quickly)
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on September 18, 2008
The ping pong game is very addicting!
The cow racing game and shooting game are great when 2 people are playing.
Too bad this game doesn't have a 4 player mode.
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on June 4, 2008
Basically, this game is a more polished version of various Wii demos.

The games are somewhat fun---though they will probably be more fun for kids than for adults. But, the games themselves aren't exactly classics, just little things to pass the time.

As party games---in 2 player modes---the games are a bit more fun, but Wii Play isn't a superb party game.

If you need an extra controller, the Wii Play with Remote is a good buy. If you want to add a new game for you Wii, this won't be incredibly entertaining, though it will be cute.
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on March 15, 2010
This is basically a series of exercises to practice using the Wii remote. If you've played another game, then you don't need this one.
I could see spending a few plays on a couple of the mini-games here, like the billiards or tanks games, but no more. I bought the Wii Play
version bundled with a Wii remote. That way it was just a few dollars more than just buying a remote. I don't see any reason to buy this
otherwise. Of course, other opinions may vary.
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on October 12, 2010
This is a fun game to have for 2 reasons: The spot me and the throwback to Duck Hunt. You don't actually shoot ducks anymore (that wouldn't be PC) but you do get to shoot cans, spaceships, and clay pigeons. The Spot me game is fun and incorporates your Miis into the mix. I've played with 2 players. I'm not sure if you can support a 4 player game with it but I'm sure it would be fun if you could.
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on February 27, 2012
If you have a younger child, this is perfect. I know that it's supposed to show you how to point the remote, but for a young child, this is a perfect game. My son loves the tanks and fishing the most. There are a lot of little game on there. It was a good buy for my little guy! :)
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on May 23, 2010
This is what the Wii is all about. Its not about the graphics. It is back 2 basics. Its a matter of making games fun again. It makes you want to play again and again.
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