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VINE VOICEon January 10, 2007
You can go right to the Nintendo website and buy the controllers at the MSRP. It took only 3 days for them to ship mine. Don't pay a bunch extra to these foks trying to take advantage of a "shortage"
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on November 18, 2012
Epic? Does it work? I don't even know. I don't own a Wii system. Bought this as part of a gift. In the picture display, it shows the item in Wii packaging/box. What I received was a control wrapped in thin cushion wrap. How do you give a gift that looks like it's been used. Where is the box packaging? This is misleading advertising.
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on January 21, 2016
Ordered 2 to add to the 2 we already had, both seemed fine when we got it. A little dirty but not cringe worthy. Upon receiving the remotes we put in batteries and tested the sync to the Wii, both synced fine. We didn't really test it or play with it that day, we really should have. About a week later, we played with the remotes and everything seemed fine, when we tried to sync all 4 remotes, the remote orders kept getting out of order. For example, the remote light registered it as the 2nd player but the remote wouldn't work as the 2nd player; in fact the Wii senses it as the 4th player and the remote that is registered as the 4th player (light is in the 4th spot) is acting as the 2nd player. We re-synced a few times and each time it would be different remotes out of sync. Not sure if this was the remotes or the Wii (most likely an issue with the Wii). This was annoying but we lived with it, mid playing we noticed that the A button on one of the 'new' remotes we got doesn't always work. 7/10 pushes would be unresponsive. Due to their return policy, it seemed more work to return it.
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on August 21, 2010
In April 2010 I purchased a new Wii controller from ECOSHOPPING via It was hardly used at all and in July I noticed that it didn't work. I've tried rechargeable and new alkaline batteries and it's just plain dead, no lights, nothing. With shipping, I think this controller was about $27, which was a pretty good deal at the time, but not for lasting only about 4 months of very little use. I recently contacted ECOSHOPPING who finally replied only to say that I should have contacted them within "half a month" of the purchase for them to help, otherwise they would do nothing. Of course, the controller was still working after "half a month". Anyway, my advice to Amazon shoppers is to keep ECOSHOPPING in mind and ask yourself if you want to take the chance spending your hard-earned money on extremely poor quality, but cheap products. I know I won't. Remember, you usually get what you pay for.
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on December 27, 2006
Nintendo has really hit the mark with an innovative and fun approach to video games, and it all begins with this remote. Light, intuitive and keenly motion sensitive, my family has not put down the remote pair we received for Christmas yet! I do worry about the strap issues (it slipped from my grip once already, but no snapping) and battery life is reported to be short, but I already own 6 rechargeable AA's for digital cameras that might have to double as Wii batteries. The remote has worked well in all our titles (Sports, Zelda, Madden, Tony Hawk- our neighbors have Metal Slug, Red Steel and Excite Truck, more on them later). I would like to see a nunchuck bundle though. All our relatives who have played (ages 7 to 70) have found the Wii easy to use, and after only moments of instruction were all gleefully swatting tennis balls and bowling strikes together!
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on December 7, 2012
We aren't willing to pay an extra $20 for the plus version of the remote, and we were worried about recent reviews here complaining about getting fake remotes, but it seems like they're still good quality.

We decided to buy two, and so far they look good. I checked them on various websites about fake remotes. I found two little differences, one was the plastic was a little different in the battery chamber, and the other difference was in the stamp on the end where you hook up the nunchuck. Everything else matched up with the real remote checklists. We've used them for several hours of playing now and seem to work just as well as our other real remotes.

The other difference was the packaging. These remotes just game wrapped in foam with an instruction manual. There was no plastic box like is shown in the picture. It makes me wonder if Nintendo is trying to phase these out so they can make more money on the remote plus, but they ordered a new batch because people are still buying these.

We'll update here if something goes wrong with them.
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on February 7, 2010
I bought this product as an extra remote after getting my wii about a year ago. I have hardly used this remote at all, as I lived by myself until recently and just used the original one all the time. Now that I live with my boyfriend, we tried to fire up the old wii and guess what? The extra remote doesn't work. It won't even turn on. It won't work with the rechargeable batteries or with regular batteries. I found it incredibly strange that the other remote had been through the same down and storage time and still works perfectly so I compared them and noticed that the font of the A button and the shape of the home icon on the home button very very subtly different. I google faked wii remote and have found images and articles showing me exactly the cheap counterfeit remote with the same issues that I had. Amazon says they get them from official nintendo suppliers but they are being lied to and we are getting screwed. I'm very unhappy with Amazon on this one, especially because I am a prime member and buy from amazon for anything I need.
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on December 22, 2014
Yes, it comes in plain packaging, but that didn't seem to affect it's quality. We have an older Wii and had bought one of the newer, lesser brands that would not connect. I had to send it back. This is an actual Wii mote and works for your older model. Worth the extra money.
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VINE VOICEon December 21, 2006
The Wii remote has already proven a success for Nintendo. It truly adds to the gameplay of a game. This remote can be used as a sword (Red Steel, Zelda) a gun (Red Steel, Call of Duty 3) or even just using the motion sensor to imitate motions is good enough (Wii Sports, Madden NFL 2007). The remote itself cretes a more interactive feel for the game. Imagine, if you will, that your character's action on screen depends upon your very own. In other words, this isn't button mashing, this is real interface. Nintendo scores here.

The remote takes two AA batteries in order for you to get the ball rolling. In games, it serves as your form of play. On the Wii menu it serves as your pointer. Almost like a mouse to a PC. You'll be able to click on things, shop and start up Wii channels all from this remote. Also, while in the middle of a game, the remote can be used to return to the Wii Menu at any time by simply pressing the home key. The buttons, as well as the trigger are all quick and responsive.

Aside from the motion sensor, there is more glitter and gold to the Wii remote. For starters, it actually does work with some virtual console games. For NES, Turbo Grafx-16 and Sega Genesis the Wii Remote actually does work to play these games. While it makes more sense to use a Gamecube Controller or buy a Classic Controller for virtual download, it's nice that you are able to use the remote to play some of the more basic games. It can't be used for SNES or Nintendo 64 at all, though.

When purchasing a Wii Remote, you may also want to consider getting a nunchuck attachment as well. Most games work using the Wii remote and nunchuck. There aren't that many out there that require just the remote. So you'll always want a nunchuck as well, which attaches to the base of the wii remote. Additional Wii remotes are also a must for multiplayer. This does ramp up the price, however, as additional Nunchucks are twenty more dollars you'll have to spend. In addition, buying a classic controller (which also attaches into the base of the wii remote) for the virtual console also costs an additional twenty dollars. It can be costly, but for the additonal multiplayer aspect it can indeed be a good investment.

Perhaps the only thing that keeps the Wii Remote down is that for any avid or hardcore gamer, the battery life doesn't last long. The batteries die out quite fast. The default batteries that come with the remote die out in less than a week, and replacement batteries don't last long either. It's far better to buy rechargable batteries for your Wii remote than it is to keep running to the store and buying batteries over and over. Also, when playing, there's no warning that your batteries are low during gameplay. You'll know when they've died of course, but it'd be nice to have a warning.

It's a great controller, and as usual it's best to buy from Nintendo rather than third party controllers. It can be costly if you figure in the nunchuck and/or virtual controller, and it drains batteries fast, but it's still a good controller.

The Good

+Changing the way we play games

+Alert and responsive controls

+Navigation through menus is really easy

+Attachments are easy to connect

The Bad

-Nunchuck is sold separately, and it's needed for many games... I've no problem buying the classic controller separately, but it's strange that Nintendo wouldn't sell the remote and nunchuck in a bundle

-Drains battery life fast, but this can be remedied with rechargable batteries.

Happy gaming!
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on June 23, 2011
We bought three of these remote controllers for our Wii because having just one was not enough for our family to be able to play. We were tired of having to pass the sole controller to the next person. These controllers worked just fine.
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